Fast Income Generator Review: [Quick Cash, My Ass!]

Hi, and welcome to my honest and unbiased review of Fast Income Generator!

According to its creator (whoever they are), it’s the quickest growing ‘work from home’ opportunity using Amazon – making you $1,000s/month.

But unfortunately, this so-called product throws up so many red flags, it’s unreal!

To learn the ins and outs of it and also discover why it’s useless junk that won’t work for a buck from the offset, continue reading…

At a Quick Glance

Fast Income Generator Scam Review
Name: Fast Income Generator (FIG).

Owner: Undisclosed.

Website: Numerous domains.

Cost: $47 + hidden Upsells.

My Score: 1/10.


  • A great example of trash to steer clear of


  • Sales page leads you astray with a “pipe dream”
  • Owner remains anonymous
  • Member testimonials are fake
  • The product doesn’t work for $
  • Comes with upsells
  • It’s a rehashed scam


If you wanna get started in the world of affiliate marketing, then do yourself a favour and avoid Fast Income Generator like the London plague.

Not only is the wool pulled over your eyes by a sales page trying to convince you that Peter Pan fairy-tales do exist on the web.

But to actually earn a full-time living as an Amazon affiliate requires MUCH more than some ‘Done-For-You’ website that you get from FIG.

In fact, you get little to no training on HOW to even turn your cookie-cutter website into a money-making machine.

So the only thing happening behind the scenes of this product is the creator getting richer and richer from fooling vulnerable newbies just like YOU.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended.

Sick of BS scams, but searching for a legitimate way of earning a full-time income from affiliate marketing as a beginner?

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What is Fast Income Generator All About, You Say?

Apparently, Fast Income Generator is an easy-peasy way of raking in $500 from Amazon on a daily basis from only 2 – 5 hours of work every week.

And then follows all the typical bullsh*t of FIG being some “secret” method that anyone and their grandma can tap into without any experience…

Blah, blah, blah.

Tell me, if this is such an easy-as-pie life-changing opportunity, then why isn’t every man and his dog making an absolute fortune online?

Why are many folks still complaining about their life-sucking jobs and being constantly broke, etc?

In all honesty, FIG is nothing but a “get-rich-quick” scheme designed to lead you astray so the sleazeball creator can stuff his or her pockets.

I know this for a fact.

Because A: I fell for this type of crap for years during my earlier affiliate marketing days.

And B: I’ve already exposed this FIG scam on numerous occasions because it’s a rehash of:

Amazon Cash Websites

Amazon Cash Websites Scammy Page.

So don’t be fooled by FIG or any of its ugly sisters, or you you’ll find yourself feeling disappointed and out-of-pocket.


How Does Fast Income Generator Actually Work, Huh?

You’re led to believe that you’re gonna get some magical ‘Done-For-You’ website cranking you out $1,000s without lifting a finger.

And the way you’re meant to earn a fortune is by promoting Amazon products on your site and earning affiliate commissions.

The great news is that you absolutely can make money from Amazon (which you can learn to do over at First-Time Internet Marketing Profits)

BUT unfortunately, FIG is flawed, and here’s why…

Well, for starters, you need to apply to become an affiliate of the Amazon Associates program.

But to be approved, you must build your own website from scratch and publish a number of high-quality blog posts to show Amazon you’re serious.

Unfortunately, FIG provides you with a basic duplicate website with little to no content.

Meaning, your affiliate application will be denied.

And secondly, don’t expect Google to rank and send organic traffic to your cookie-cutter website either.

Because it lacks value, in terms of content.

Which means the only way to drive traffic is by spamming social media and splashing out on paid traffic methods.

Sadly, spamming comes with consequences, and paid traffic comes with big monetary risks as well – especially if you’re a clueless newbie.

But for the scammer’s own best interests, he or she won’t tell you those truths from the offset.

So FIG basically screws you over.


Still not convinced that the product is to be kept at arm’s length?

Check out more red flags thrown up by FIG…


#1: Who on Earth is Behind it?

Unfortunately, nobody actually knows who put together FIG.

Because he or she fails to step into the light and reveal their identity.

But why, you ask?

For the simple fact that they absolutely KNOW just how crappy their non-money-making product really is.

So by hiding like a shameless coward, allows them to continuously dupe vulnerable folks like you with more rehashed versions of FIG.


#2: Member Testimonials Are a Crock of Sh*t

Apparently, members’ of FIG are really raking in the dough with their magical websites without breaking into a sweat.

For example, average people just like this guy.
Money Sucking Websites Testimonial From a Man Making 5 Figures
But in truth, they are just a bunch of actors hired from who are payed by a scammer to lie through their teeth.

Black Man Selling Spokesperson Services on Fiverr


If people really are easily and quickly making mega money from FIG, then where are all the genuine testimonials at, huh?

If this isn’t sufficient proof that FIG doesn’t work, then I don’t know what is.


#3: Fake News… Read All About It!

If you pay close attention to the FIG sales page, it resembles that of a news article to make the opportunity seem more genuine.

But by no means is it a real news article because the whole thing’s as fake as a Barbie doll.

Because, for starters, it’s just a one-page article containing links that lead to nowhere but the same sales page itself.

And secondly, even the social media icons also redirect you to the FIG product.

So the entire page is set up as a desperate attempt for the scammer to grab hold of your hard-earned bucks.

These are the main sales pitch warnings that my scam radar detected.

But to learn more about the red flags raised by scammy products, in general, then read my review of Work At Home Secrets & Scams by John Crestani.

Where he exposes all the dirty tactics that are designed to lure you in and leave you high and dry.


Final Conclusion: Is Fast Income Generator a Scam?

Big Cartoon Thumbs DownHmm, let me see…

First of all, the Fast Income Generator sales pitch is totally deceptive – leading you astray with get-rich-quick BS and other lies.

If all the hype is true, then why hasn’t everyone rushed to buy this product and become well-off financially by now?


And secondly, the product itself is nothing to shout home about.

Because you won’t get approved by Amazon, and the website won’t generate you free traffic without having effective and in-depth training beforehand (which you won’t get).

But even if it did get traffic, there are no Amazon products for you to make money from anyway, since you won’t be approved as an affiliate.

Which means your site will just be a blank canvas with no value to offer anyone lol.

So, YES, FIG is definitely a scam to avoid like a game of dodgeball, in my opinion.

“So where do I go from here”, you ask?

Your perfect solution awaits…


Here’s How to “Really” Build a Money-Making Website…

Unfortunately, sleazeballs (like the one behind FIG) will tell you any cock-and-bull story to get their hands on YOUR hard-earned cash.

So if any money-making product seems far too good to be true…

RUN away as fast as Forrest Gump!

In order to really earn a full-time living from affiliate marketing, you must build a website and produce tons of high-quality content.

Because only then will Google rank your content and send loads of free organic traffic (potential customers) your direction.

So if you want tools, step-by-step training & 24/7 support for building a lucrative WordPress blog (like the one you’re looking at)…

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Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or thoughts on FIG? Please hop on the conversation below…


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