60 Second Traffic Review: [Really, in Just ONE Minute?!]

Welcome to my brutally honest review of 60 Second Traffic!

Unlike all those biased WarriorPlus “affiliate” reviews seeking a quick and easy buck, I’ll be sharing the true ins and outs of this system.

So let’s not beat about the bush, continue reading to find out if the system really will start driving targeted traffic to your affiliate offer(s) in just 60 seconds…

At a Quick Glance

60 Second Traffic Review
Name: 60 Second Traffic (60ST for short)

Owner: Bryan Winters.

Website: 60secondtraffic.com.

Cost: Free or $18.95 for the Pro upgrade.

My Score: 2/10.


  • Join for free
  • Pro upgrade has a 7-day money back guarantee


  • Hyped up sales pitch
  • Revolves around spamming Facebook groups
  • It’s an ineffective system (proven in my review)
  • Where are the member success testimonies? (There’s only Bryan’s word to go by)


60 Second Traffic is a “patent pending app” that sends you 100s of free daily visitors/leads/buyers to your links on autopilot, apparently.

Sorry for being a Negative Nancy…

But I tried the system (as a free member) and it does nothing of the sort…

All you do is “SPAM” various Facebook groups with other 60ST members ads/links – hoping that they’ll return the favour for your own affiliate offer(s).

In all my years of affiliate marketing, this is the absolute WORST strategy you can involve yourself in (for reasons I’ll share pretty soon).

Overall, I think Bryan himself and his launch jacking affiliate crew are the ONLY ones raking it in with this system.

Final Verdict: Legit (But Not Recommended).

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What is 60 Second Traffic All About, You Say?

I actually stumbled across 60 Second Traffic through Erik Cagi’s ‘Incognito Money‘ YouTube channel (I wish I hadn’t now though lol).

But as the name suggests, 60ST is designed to generate visitors to any of your website/affiliate links very quickly.

According to Bryan Winters (the guy also behind CB Money Vine and MoolaVine), his 60ST system brings you 100s of free daily clicks on autopilot.

More specifically, it can generate you 150+ leads and buyers to any link in 60 seconds a pop, over and over again.

But if this system really delivers what’s promised on the tin – easily making all your dreams come true as an affiliate marketer…

Then why does he give “FREE” access to it and only charge you a drop-in-the-ocean price of 20 bucks to upgrade as a Pro member?


Looking through the 60ST sales page, Bryan seems great at pitching his own income proof to you, but never the proof of his members results.

Which is often the case with these WarriorPlus product vendors.

They’re pretty damn good at selling you on the sizzle (hype), but never the actual steak.

Because if you knew how the system truly operated, you’d probably run for the hills.


Which brings me to the next part…


How 60 Second Traffic Works Behind The Stage Curtains

Winters claims that his system works in 3 simple steps:

  1. Grab the app
  2. Post your link for free & fast traffic
  3. Chillax & collect affiliate commissions

Pfft… If only!

Here’s how it REALLY works in brief detail:

First of all, you’ll set up your account and watch a 13-minute walk through video of how the whole system works.

Secondly, you pick at least 3 ‘money-making’ Facebook groups to join from the huge list recommended by Winters.

Thirdly, you’ll copy and share a random 60ST member’s ad (with link) in those FB groups.

And finally, you post your own ad inside 60ST for other members to share in the FB groups that they’ve joined.
60 Second Traffic Members Dashboard
And then BOOM!…

Nothing happens LOL.

Here are the stats from 2 of my own ads I posted inside 60ST.
Ad Stats
After letting things simmer for a few days, members only shared my ads 4 times in FB groups.

My ads/links generated ZERO clicks and sales.


So much for the “150+ buyers in 60 seconds” (as promised by Winters), eh?


3 Reasons Why The 60ST System is Flawed…

The first major downside to the system is that you’re encouraged to spam Facebook groups on a daily basis with member ads.

If you’re familiar with Facebook groups (especially in the ‘Home Biz’ niche), doesn’t every man and his dog continually post crap that goes ignored by most folks?

So how on earth will every member receive 100s of daily hits to their links if there’s little to no FB engagement from others?

Furthermore, being a spammy marketer won’t exactly do your reputation any good on FB either.

In fact, FB can restrict your profile if you’re seen joining and posting in too many groups too quickly.

Secondly, the system can be easily “gamed”.

Meaning that members can share your ads within FB groups and quickly remove those posts – pretending they’ve done the tasks.

And thirdly, numerous members use raw affiliate links within their ads.

So if you try to share said ads in groups, FB will just disallow your posts. Which may also raise red flags – putting your profile at risk.

So taking all 3 facts into consideration…

Do you still think 60ST is worth your time and effort?

I’ll answer for you…



How Much Does 60 Second Traffic Cost?

The great thing about the system is that you can get in at the ground level for free.

There’s also the Pro upgrade membership that costs roughly $19 (at the time of writing).

Which is comes with extra bells and whistles for gaining more exposure of your ads.

But if the free version of the system fails to live up to the creator’s bold statements…

They why the heck should you chuck your hard-earned cash at the guy?


Final Conclusion: Is 60 Second Traffic a Scam?

The good news is that 60 Second Traffic is actually a legitimate system in itself.

But the bad news is that there are multiple downsides to it (the main one being that it DOESN’T work).

Actually, tell a lie, it does work…

But only for Bryan Winters and his unethical WarriorPlus affiliate clan who convince you that the system is the best thing since sliced bread…

When it’s actually far from it.

So don’t waste your time and money, you’ll only be disappointed.

If you want a much better alternative for creating a lucrative affiliate marketing empire from scratch…

A platform that offers you your own websites, tools, step-by-step training & 24/7 support from a huge community of internet marketers…

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Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any thoughts or questions to share on 60ST? Please chime into the conversation below…


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