Commission Academy Review: [BEST $0 Option In 2023?]

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Congratulations on reaching my impartial and updated 2023 review of the Commission Academy!

According to its creator, Dale, his training is touted as “the best free affiliate marketing course.”

But can it truly compete with other leading affiliate business training platforms in today’s landscape, all while being free of charge?

Or is it merely a facade designed to deceive newcomers like yourself?

You’ll find all the honest answers you’re seeking right here in this review, so stay tuned!…

Commission Academy Overview

commission academy

Product: Commission Academy.

Creator & mentor: Dale.

Cost: Free + expenses.

Who’s it For?: Mainly affiliate marketing beginners.

My Score: 8/10.


  • 100% free to join (no credit card needed)
  • Solid (+ regularly updated) step-by-step newbie-friendly video training
  • Member discussion threads under videos (Dale & Simon also chime in to lend a hand)
  • Heaps of free high-quality resource recommendations
  • Private support from ME (if you join via this review) + a HUGE 2+ million member community
  • Live weekly hangouts via the private YouTube channel
  • Dale’s a successful Super Affiliates (he really knows his stuff!)
  • Also, Commission Academy’s affiliate program allows you to earn multiple streams of income with various affiliate offers as your referrals go through the free training & take action (if that’s your chosen niche)
  • Affiliate marketing’s a proven kick-ass Biz model for earning a sustainable full-time online


  • No guidance on mindset & goal setting, etc (I hope this crucial stuff is covered at some point)
  • Some freebie tool recommendations have limited functionality (that’s why they’re free I guess lol)
  • Expenses for certain tools & upsells come into play (building an online Biz is never truly a $0 cost)
  • It’s not for “get rich quick” seekers (online success requires plenty of learning, elbow grease, time & patience)

Commission Academy Short Review

To keep it brief, I’ve been involved in affiliate marketing since 1999 (YUP, I’m vintage!).

I’ve had my fair share of setbacks, losing thousands on subpar training programs. However, I’ve also balanced those losses with significant wins from legitimate and high-quality courses over the years.

So, I’ve been through it all, and I’ve got the retro-looking t-shirt to prove it.

The good news is, when it comes to Commission Academy, it most definitely belongs to the latter category – it checks all the right boxes.

Dale’s free, step-by-step training provides substantial real-world value that genuinely helps newcomers thrive in the affiliate marketing realm.

But Dale doesn’t stop there. He actively engages with members through training discussion threads, recommends top-notch tools, and even has a Commission Academy YouTube channel where Simon (Dale’s marketing partner) offers additional value.

Now, you might wonder, does Dale’s platform truly offer the BEST free training in the entire cyber universe?

Well, everyone has a different perspective, right? So, I’ll leave that for you to decide once you become a zero-risk member and dive into the training.

Regardless, Commission Academy is undoubtedly an EPIC starting point (in my humble opinion) if you’re eager to learn the ropes and work your way toward a 6-figure affiliate income in the future. 💰

Join Commission Academy Here! 🚀

However, it’s essential to recognize that there isn’t a universal “one size fits all” method for crafting a successful affiliate business from the ground up.

Because of this, I’m inclined to maintain an open-minded perspective. With numerous paths to explore, I suggest taking a look at this affiliate challenge, especially if you’re just starting out.

By the way, it pairs quite nicely with Commission Academy, in my opinion.

Final Verdict: Legit and Highly Recommended.

Who The Heck Is The Creator (Dale)?

Dale, your typical 20-something-year-old English fellow, stumbled upon affiliate marketing “by accident,” as he puts it.

This serendipitous discovery ultimately led to him generating a full-time income online, transforming into a webpreneur, and bidding farewell to his day job as an electrician.

Fast forward a bit, and Dale’s burning passion is to help newcomers achieve similar success.

That’s precisely why he birthed Commission Academy and enlisted Simon as a mentor too.

Oh, by the way, Simon’s quite the accomplished super affiliate himself, if you hadn’t already guessed!

Let’s give a warm welcome to this dynamic duo who crossed paths and had a blast at the Wealthy Affiliate’s Super Affiliate Conference in Las Vegas 2020, baby! 🎉🎰🌆

dale and simon in las vegas
Dale is on the left and Simon to the right.

Since then, this dynamic duo has formed a strong friendship and emerged as valuable assets in the realm of the internet and affiliate marketing.

Without a doubt, they are the go-to guys you should connect with if you genuinely aspire to “live your best life” as a webpreneur.

2023 Update: It seems that Simon has stepped back from producing Commission Academy training videos (for reasons unknown), but rest assured, Dale remains at the forefront, offering plenty of current and up-to-date training materials to explore.

What Is Commission Academy All About, You Ask?

In a nutshell, Commission Academy serves as a $0, step-by-step video training program centered on affiliate marketing.

To be more precise, the course guides you through the process of launching a blog from scratch and turning it into a highly profitable affiliate business.

The last “free” course I experimented with was My Online Startup, but it didn’t quite connect all the dots when it came to getting started.

In contrast, Commission Academy DOES. This is like a breath of fresh air.

However, it’s worth noting that since Dale is a member of the Wealthy Affiliate community, and Commission Academy’s sales page and training bear a striking resemblance…

From my perspective, Dale’s course essentially acts as a steppingstone or introduction to Wealthy Affiliate.

Now, that’s not necessarily a drawback because Dale prepares you for a more comprehensive platform…

An all-encompassing platform that provides you with a wealth of resources – tools, training, support, you name it – for even GREATER success.

Who Is Commission Academy For, You Wonder?

Whether you’ve struggled with affiliate marketing or you’re a complete novice aiming to kickstart your affiliate business without spending a dime, Commission Academy is tailor-made for you.

As Dale aptly states on the homepage, it’s “Perfect For Beginners.”

However, it’s crucial not to approach the Academy with a get-rich-quick mentality, as that will lead to deep disappointment.

YES, Dale can guide you towards breaking free from your day job and living the life of your dreams.

But you must heed the call of “ACTION” and be ready to commit at least 10-20 hours a week, and perhaps make some sacrifices along the way.

This wisdom comes from both personal experience and the insights of my successful internet marketing friend, Ian Pribyl, the author of ‘From Nothing‘ and creator of FIMP.

Ultimately, it’s the only path to success as a blogger in the world of affiliate marketing.

How Commission Academy Works Behind The Scenes

Once you step behind the curtains of Commission Academy, let me give you a sneak peek at some of the training lessons Dale has in store for you:

commission academy fast start training

The training package includes a total of 16 lessons that provide you with the essential knowledge to kickstart your new blog and affiliate business, along with a dash of additional strategies to sweeten the deal.

Now, before we proceed, there’s a new and exciting training feature I want to highlight – the discussion thread.

And the best part? There’s one beneath each video.

For instance, let me give you an example: there’s a discussion thread with a whopping 31 comments (at the time of writing).

What makes it truly remarkable is that Dale takes the time to respond to every single comment, showcasing his unwavering commitment to helping individuals like YOU.

lesson discussion thread

I digress.

The Fast-Start Training lessons are as follows:

  1. Meet Your Instructor
  2. The Process Explained
  3. Choose A Niche
  4. Launch Your Business (You’ll use SiteRubix to build a blog)
  5. Laying The Foundations For Success
  6. Creating Your Initial Content
  7. Leveraging An Email List
  8. Finding Profitable Keywords
  9. Creating Content That Ranks
  10. Tracking Your Progress
  11. Monetizing Your Traffic
  12. Customizing Your Website
  13. Scaling With Videos
  14. Mastering Email Marketing
  15. SEO Techniques to Rank Hire
  16. Your 90-Day Success Plan

Overall, I must say that Dale’s crash course is absolutely fantastic – it’s brimming with an abundance of valuable insights, let me tell you!

But that’s not all – Dale has also introduced the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) into the training, making it even more convenient and efficient for building your business.

Furthermore, he takes it a step further by suggesting some excellent business-building tools and even recommends a special challenge towards the end of the training to truly elevate your business to new heights!

How Much Does Commission Academy Actually Cost?

The great news is that Commission Academy won’t require you to spend a single penny on the training.

However, it’s important to remember that in the world of digital marketing, there’s no such thing as a free lunch – ESPECIALLY in the digital marketing arena.

You’ll still need to make investments in the third-party resources that Dale recommends to initiate your own website and nurture it into a flourishing affiliate business.

So, in the spirit of full transparency, let me provide you with a breakdown of the essential resources that Dale suggests throughout the introductory training:

  • Wealthy Affiliate’s full costs – WA is the hands-on starting point of your new Biz. You’ll receive tools, in-depth training, 1-on-1 coaching + community support 24/7.
  • Fiverr (from $5 a gig) – You’ll hire a professional designer to create your site’s logo.
  • Grammarly (free – $12/month) – A writing tool to check grammar & spelling mistakes in your content.
  • Aweber (free – $19.99/month starting price) – An email autoresponder to create a website opt-in form & build a subscriber list.
  • Mangools (free 10-day trial, then $29.90 or $49/month basic level) – A keyword tool to find the right keywords for Google rankings & traffic to your website.
  • Canva ($0 – $100+/year) – A cool tool to design your own blog post graphics.
  • Lasso (from $24 per month, billed annually) – A WordPress tool to help boost your affiliate income.
  • Legendary Marketer (starts at $7) – An epic digital and affiliate marketing course that can allow you to really scale your income.

My recommendation is to consider investing only in what you truly need as a beginner to get started.

As you begin to see profits and growth in your affiliate business, then you can make informed decisions about additional investments.

Is Commission Academy A SCAM? (The Verdict’s In)…

The concise answer: Absolutely not.

While there’s still room for improvement in my view when it comes to the foundational training…

Commission Academy stands head and shoulders above any subpar (1 star) WarriorPlus product by a country mile.

And no, I’m not here to measure any, uh, comparisons LOL.

Jokes aside, what I genuinely appreciate is that Dale possesses EXTENSIVE knowledge (and a friendly demeanour when you engage with him) in the realm of affiliate marketing.

Furthermore, Dale’s a highly accomplished Super Affiliate who has earned an all-expenses-paid trip to Vegas on multiple occasions.

That speaks volumes about his expertise.

So, rest assured, you’re definitely in capable hands with this guy. He imparts everything you need to kickstart your online journey on the right note in 2023 and beyond.

However, keep in mind that their training will only yield results when you put it into action.

So, if you’re prepared to roll up those sleeves and take action to craft your own success story as an affiliate, then I wholeheartedly invite you to…

Join Commission Academy Here 🚀

Your buddy, Neil.

If you have any questions or thoughts to share on Dale’s training? We’d love to hear them below…


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