Commission Academy Review: [Really A BEST $0 Option?]

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Congrats on landing on my unbiased review of the Commission Academy!

According to its creator (Dale) – Commission Academy is “the best free affiliate marketing course”.

But can it REALLY compete with other top-dog training platforms in the affiliate Biz sphere, and at no cost too?

Or is the whole thing nothing but smoke and mirrors designed to scam the pants off total newbies like you?

All the honest answers you seek are right here in THIS review, so hang tight, tiger!…

At a Glance

commission academy

Name: Commission Academy.

Owner: Dale.

Cost: Free + expenses.

Who’s it For?: Mainly affiliate marketing beginners.

My Score: 8/10.


  • 100% free to join (no credit card needed)
  • Solid step-by-step newbie-friendly video training (that’s also updated)
  • Heaps of free resource recommendations
  • Private help & support from me (if you join via this review) + a HUGE community
  • Dale is a successful super affiliate
  • Affiliate marketing’s a proven kick-ass Biz model to earn full-time online


  • A handful of videos are fairly short – they need beefing up, in my opinion
  • Some freebie tool recommendations have limited functionality (that’s why they’re free I guess lol)
  • Other expenses for certain tools & upsells come into play (building an online Biz is never truly $0 cost)
  • It’s not for “get rich quick” seekers – LOTS of elbow grease is involved


To cut a very long story short, I’ve done affiliate marketing since 1999 (YUP, I’m vintage!)…

And lost $1,000s on garbage courses, but balanced out those losses with wins from legitimate ones over the years.

So, I’ve certainly been there, done that, and got the faded t-shirt.

But the good news is that when it comes to Commission Academy, it DEFINITELY falls under the latter category.

Because the free step-by-step training actually delivers a tremendous amount of real-world value that helps newbies succeed in the affiliate marketing space.

But is it really the BEST free training platform on the planet, you ask?


Perhaps not.

Everyone has a different view, at the end of the day.

So, I’ll let you figure it out when you become a member below 😉

Either way, Commission Academy is certainly an epic starting point (in my opinion) if you’re looking to learn the ropes and eventually bank a 6-figure income down the road.

==> Join Commission Academy Free Here!

However, because there’s not really a “one size fits all” approach to building a profitable affiliate Biz from scratch – I prefer to keep an open mind.

So, with numerous directions to pick from, I recommend you also check out THIS training program as a beginner.

Final Verdict: Highly Recommended.

But before we tuck into the meat and potatoes of Commission Academy…

Who The Heck Is The Creator (Dale)?

Dale is your average 20-something-year-old English guy who “accidentally” discovered affiliate marketing for himself.

Which basically led to him earning a full-time income online, becoming a webpreneur, and quitting his day job as an electrician.

Fast forward a bit and Dale’s passion lies in helping newbies accomplish the same.

Which is why he created Commission Academy and brought his wingman on board (Simon) as a mentor too.

Simon’s also a successful super affiliate, in case you hadn’t have guessed 😛

Say hello to the duo who met and had a blast at Wealthy Affiliate’s Super Affiliate Conference in Las Vegas, baby! (2020).

Dale is on the left and Simon to the right.

Since then, the pair have been great buddies and a true asset to the internet and affiliate marketing landscape.

What Is Commission Academy All About, You Ask?

Put simply, Commission Academy is designed as a $0 step-by-step video training program on affiliate marketing.

More specifically, the course actually shows you how to start a blog from scratch and transform it into a highly lucrative affiliate Biz.

The last “free” course I tried was My Online Startup – But it doesn’t help you connect all the dots when it comes to getting started.

Whereas Commission Academy DOES.

Which is a total breath of fresh air.

However, given the fact that Dale and Simon are both Wealthy Affiliate community members, and Commission Academy almost mirrors its sales page and training…

The way I see it, Dale’s course is basically a *GASP* steppingstone/introduction to Wealthy Affiliate.

Which, isn’t necessarily a bad thing because Dale prepares you for a more in-depth platform…

An umbrella one that offers you so much more of everything – tools, training, support, you name it, for BIG success 😉

Who Is Commission Academy For, You Wonder?

Whether you suck at affiliate marketing or you’re a newbie looking to start an affiliate Biz for free – then the Academy has your name all over it.

Or as Dale puts it on the homepage – it’s “Perfect For Beginners”.

However, just don’t go into the Academy with a get-rich-quick mindset because you’ll be deeply disappointed.

YES, Dale and Simon can help break the shackles of your day job to live the dream life you want.

But you must take that word called ACTION and be prepared to invest at least 10 – 20 hours a week, and make some sacrifices along the way.

This is something I’ve learned from experience, plus my successful buddy – Ian Pribyl (‘From Nothing‘ author and FIMP creator).

That’s the only path to BIG success as a blogger in the affiliate marketing arena, at the end of the day.

How Commission Academy Works Behind The Scenes

Once you’ve signed up for your free membership and logged into the dashboard, you’ll begin with the Fast-Start Training.

Here’s a tiny glimpse of said training (that I’ve personally gone through) from Dale and Simon:

fast start training videos

The training comprises 16 lessons that basically help you start your new blog/affiliate Biz with a sprinkling of other strategies for good measure.

The Fast-Start Training lessons are as follows:

  1. Meet Your Instructors (4.09 minute video)
  2. The Process Explained (10.20 mins)
  3. Choose A Niche (5.50 mins)
  4. Launch Your Website (You’ll use SiteRubix to build a blog)
  5. Laying The Foundations For Success (2.43 mins)
  6. Customizing Your Website (7.21 mins)
  7. Creating Your Initial Content (12.13 mins)
  8. Leveraging An Email List (8.27 mins)
  9. Preparing To Make Money (1.05 mins)
  10. Finding Profitable Keywords (14.20 mins)
  11. Creating Content That Ranks (21.08 mins)
  12. Adding Affiliate Links (11.44 mins)
  13. Leveraging Product Reviews (7.18 mins)
  14. Creating Income On Demand (13.25 mins)
  15. Scaling With Videos (8.33 mins)
  16. Congratulations & Your Next Steps (1.36 mins)

But it doesn’t stop there!

Because in comes the Advanced Training stuff that covers the following 12 lessons:

  1. Introduction To Google Search Console (12.46 minute video)
  2. How To View & Track Your Website Visitors (10.56 mins)
  3. Ranking In Google In 48 Hours (Or Less) (11.18 mins)
  4. Monitoring Your Search Engine Positions (12.58 mins)
  5. Outsourcing Content Production (7.30 mins)
  6. Boosting Your Pages With Internal Links (8.12 mins)
  7. Multiplying Your Revenue With Display Ads (6.07 mins)
  8. Building Backlinks To Rank Even Higher (6.21 mins)
  9. Growing Your Email List 10X Faster (20.16 mins)
  10. Realising Your Own Digital Asset (6.31 mins)
  11. Leveraging Automated Chatbots (15.20 mins)
  12. Using Paid Ads For Rapid Results (19.07 mins)

On the whole, I think the training’s bloody brilliant – It’s jam packed with so much value, I tell ya!

But a couple of things I will say about the Fast-Start training though:

First of all, there are a few videos that are fairly shallow – I hope the lads will address this in future training updates.

And secondly, you’re taught to run before you can walk (kinda).

Because, for example, you don’t need to be overwhelmed by the thought of email marketing and YouTube from the offset.

Your #1 PRIORITY is to launch a blog and scale it to generate at least some level of consistent traffic from Google BEFORE you focus on other strategies.

Trust me, I learned this the hard way. UGH.

They’re my only complaints with Commission Academy really.

How Much Does The Academy Actually Cost?

The good news is that Commission Academy won’t cost you a single dime for the training.

But having said that, there’s no such thing as a free lunch – ESPECIALLY in the digital marketing arena.

Because you’ll still need to invest in Dale’s third-party resource recommendations to start your own website and build it into a thriving affiliate Biz.

So, in the name of transparency, here’s a full breakdown of essential resources as recommended by Dale throughout the starter training:

  • Wealthy Affiliate (see full costs) – WA is the hands-on starting point of your new Biz. You’ll receive tools, in-depth training, 1-on-1 coaching + community support 24/7.
  • Fiverr (from $5 a gig) – You’ll hire a professional designer to create your site’s logo.
  • Grammarly (free – $12/month) – A writing tool to check grammar & spelling mistakes in your content.
  • Aweber (free – $19.99/month starting price) – An email autoresponder to create a website opt-in form & build a subscriber list.
  • Mangools (free 10-day trial, then $29.90 or $49/month basic level) – A keyword tool to find the right keywords for Google rankings & traffic to your website.
  • Canva ($0 – $100+/year) – A cool tool to design your own blog post graphics.
  • TubeBuddy ($4.99/month – $24.49/month – cheaper if paid yearly) – An advanced tool to easily rank videos on YouTube for traffic.

There are more costs for other optional tools in the advanced training, but you’ll see them for yourself.

Is Commission Academy A SCAM? (The Verdict’s In)…

The short answer is: Absolutely not.

And I’m exactly not keen on Dale teaching you about email marketing and YouTube far too soon either…

While there’s still room for improvement when it comes to the basic training (in my opinion) …

Commission Academy is still WAY better than any shitty WarriorPlus product by miles.

Not that I’m measuring d*cks or anything.

Joking aside, I love the fact that both Dale and Simon are EXTREMELY knowledgeable when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Not to mention the fact, they’re both massively successful Super Affiliates.

Which speaks volumes.

So, you’re DEFINITELY in good hands with the guys – they teach you everything you need to know about starting off on the right foot online.

But obviously, their training will only pay off when you put it into practice.

So, if you’re prepared to roll up those sleeves and take action to become an affiliate success story yourself – I invite you to…

==> Join Commission Academy Free Here!

Your buddy, Neil.

Got any questions or thoughts on Commission Academy? We’d love to hear them below…


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