Real Profits Online Review: [It’s a REAL Scam, I Tell Ya!]

Inside this unbiased review of Real Profits Online, I’ll be showing you exactly why you need to keep the dirty scam at arm’s length.

Unlike the shady “affiliates” peddling the product for a quick and easy buck from folks like YOU.

So without beating around the bush, dive into my review to get the lowdown on this so-called work at home opportunity…

At a Quick Glance

Real Profits Online Scam Review
Name: Real Profits Online (RPO).

Owner: Mark (used as a stage name).

Website: (& other domains).

Cost: $47 + Upsells of $100s.

My Score: 1/10.


  • You may get a refund (the only good thing about it)


  • Sales page makes unrealistic income claims
  • Creator uses a pen name
  • Fake testimonials from Fiverr
  • News channel logos used to gain trust
  • The website won’t make $
  • Comes with overpriced web hosting
  • Training’s insufficient for success
  • It’s a rehashed scam


Sadly, it’s “pipe dreams” like Real Profits Online that give affiliate marketing a bad reputation.

Yeah, you might get a pre-built website and some basic training from the fraudster behind RPO.

But the resources are simply inadequate for making money because there’s A LOT that goes into internet marketing – that Mark purposely fails to share.

Mark is the only one enjoying slap-up dinners and a golden sandy beach lifestyle, at the end of the day. Take my word for it.

So avoid this Amazon work from home scam at all costs if I were you.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended.

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What is Real Profits Online About, Huh?

In a nutshell, RPO is that “weird trick” crap that you’ve more than likely come across numerous times online already.

The guy behind it reckons you’ll get a ‘Done-For-You’ website that magically rakes in $500 per day in affiliate commissions from Amazon.

All you do is sit back with a cup of jo, and the cash will flood into your account without lifting a single finger.

It’s so easy, in fact, even your great-grandparents (without any internet skills) can become minted from plugging into RPO.

But, of course, the video spokesman is gonna tell you that making $1,000s per week is a walk in the park because he knows “newbies” will believe anything.

And so folks like YOU easily turn into HIS cash cow.

But before I dive into the meat and potatoes of RPO, see the red stomach-churning red flags I discovered throughout the sales page.


#1: “Mark” is Simply a Fictitious Character…

You’re led to believe that the video spokesman is Mark (the dude behind RPO).

But refuse to believe his lying tongue because he doesn’t actually provide you with any ironclad proof of his identity.

Which, obviously suggests the name Mark is nothing more than an alias.

So the real creator can continue scamming folks until the end of time without getting caught.

And as for the spokesperson, my best guess is he’s just a voiceover hired from – again, so nobody can identify the scammer.

If RPO truly delivered you the results it promises you on the tine, then surely the creator would let his (or her) real identity and face be known to the online world, right?


#2: Fake-Ass Video Testimonials (No Surprise There!)…

Apparently, some RPO members are as pleased as punch because they’ve hit the jackpot within their very first 24 hours.

Take this guy, for example, who made $567 in his first day!
Real Profits Online Fake Member Video Testimonial
But don’t let guys like him lead you astray because the RPO fraudster “pays” those folks to read scripts.

Want proof, huh?

Here’s that very same guy again – BUT offering his “spokesperson” services for just $5 a pop on

Bald Man Selling Spokesperson Services on Fiverr


I don’t know about you, but It actually surprises me how low these folks are willing to swoop for cash in their own pockets.

So quite clearly, RPO is non-existent from the get-go, otherwise the testimonials would be “genuine”.

Wouldn’t you agree?

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#3: Fake News, “Read All About it!”…

While it’s not uncommon for the concept of ‘working from home’ to be featured on popular news channels like abc and NBC.

Unfortunately, the fraudster plays it to his advantage.

He cashes in on those authoritative and trustworthy brands by displaying their logos on his sales page because he knows you’re more likely to purchase RPO.

It’s the exact same reason why “Amazon” is mentioned throughout the sales video – to give RPO more credibility.

And the only reason why the scammer gets off scot free when it comes to showcasing said logo brands is because he doesn’t reference RPO specifically.

In my opinion, the whole fake credibility thing is the dirtiest and most desperate tactic of them all deployed by fraudsters peddling pipe dreams.


#4: False Scarcity (Again, Another Trick!)…

In addition to all that popular logo fakeness just mentioned, the actual RPO order form itself contains urgency tactics (aka scarcity).

First of all, you’re told that there are “only 2 spots remaining” – this is an effective sales technique.

And secondly, there’s a countdown timer. Each time you refresh the page, you’ll notice that the timer will keep starting from scratch LOL.

So take both techniques with a grain of salt because I can bet my life on the fact that RPO’s gonna stick around to scam newbies for a very long time.

Which kind of leads to the next red flag…


#5: It’s an Old Scam Rebranded…

It seems RPO has undergone plenty of plastic surgery operations over the years.

Disguised as other brands that use the same or similar sales pages, tactics, and also sell the same far-fetched “$500 daily using a weird trick” dream.

Here’s an example of RPO’s scam network:

Amazon Cash Websites

Amazon Cash Websites Scammy Page.

These names are just the tip of the iceberg.

But why so many product identities, you ask?

Because, due to a number of “ethical” affiliate marketers (like myself) calling out RPO as a scam, a stack of customer complaints and refund requests…

The shameless creator shuts up shop and reopens it under new names on the web to forever fill HIS own deep pockets.


#6: The Website Itself is Insecure…

As soon as you land on the RPO sales page, you’ll notice in the top left-hand corner of your browser that the URL itself is unsafe.

What does this mean, you ask?…

Basically, the creator hasn’t installed an SSL certificate that transforms the http part of the URL into https to show both you and Google that the website is safe to access.

Or in other words, punching in your credit card credentials to purchase RPO will potentially put your details at huge risk – giving the scammer control over your *GASP* bank account!

To get an even better understanding of how duds like RPO operate, see my review of Work At Home Secrets & Scams – it’ll open your eyes to the deception.


How Real Profits Online “Actually” Works

If you’re expecting RPO to make you a sh*t ton of Amazon affiliate commissions on autopilot, you can guess again.

All you really get is some “cookie-cutter” website that won’t work for making money online.

Especially, when the Amazon Associates affiliate program will simply reject your application due to your site not containing high-quality content.

Furthermore, you’ll need to splash out on a domain and be ripped off by expensive web hosting through the scammer’s links – stuffing HIS pockets with more $.

And as for the training you get: Pfft!

What training?!

The training is just a bunch of basic YouTube videos – tutorials that are inadequate for success and are “free” to watch on YouTube anyways.


Final Conclusion: Is Real Profits Online a Scam?

Big Cartoon Thumbs DownWell, judging from the fact that the entire sales video walks you down the garden path.

And also the fact that you receive shoddy training, some “duplicate” pre-built website that won’t get the job done, and you’re forced into paying for overpriced web hosting…

Then, YES, Real Profits Online is a scam you should treat like a game of dodgeball:

Dodge, dip, dive, duck, and dodge.


“What The Hell Do You Recommend in Place of Real Profits Online, Neil?”

Luckily, there are “legitimate” ways of earning a full-time passive income from affiliate marketing.

But RPO is certainly NOT one of them.

So if you want to learn the right way to build a website that allows you to make money as an affiliate of Amazon or any other affiliate program of your choosing.

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Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or crappy RPO experiences to share with the audience? Please help other newbs dodge a bullet below…


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