Amazon Cash Websites Review: [You WON’T Cash in!]

Hello, I appreciate you visiting my unbiased review of Amazon Cash Websites (ACW)! 😀

Which, BTW, is not endorsed by Amazon, just for the record.

The guy behind ACW claims you’ll rake in $1,000s per week in affiliate commissions as easy as falling off a log.

But don’t believe a single word he tells you because he has a hidden agenda, which I’m about to expose in this review.

At a Quick Glance

Amazon Cash Websites
Name: Amazon Cash Websites.

Owner: Unknown.

Website:, & other domains.

Cost: $47 + Upsells.

My Score: 1/10.


  • You can submit a refund request


  • Sales page peddles a “get-rich-quick” pipe dream
  • Owner remains annonymous
  • Testimonials are fake
  • The ‘Done-For-You’ website won’t work for $
  • Training tutorials are too shallow for success
  • Overpriced web hosting offered
  • It’s identical to other scams


Amazon Cash Websites is just your typical scam selling nothing but “the dream”.

Who wouldn’t want to get their hands on some magical money-making website for a small $47 investment, huh?

Sadly, the ‘Done-For-You’ website you do receive brings no value to the table.

Amazon won’t approve your affiliate application, and Google will never send your website free traffic either.

And as for the training, it’s inadequate for making your site profitable – which means you’re screwed from the get-go.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended.

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What is Amazon Cash Websites About, Huh?

Apparently, ACW offers a ‘Done-For-You’ website that enables you to magically make $1,000s on a weekly basis from Amazon without breaking into a sweat.

It revolves around a process called affiliate marketing – where you earn commissions from promoting Amazon products on your website.

But don’t fall for the bullsh*t “push-button” site from ACW because I know for a fact that affiliate marketing is no “get-rich-quick” process.

The only reason why the sales video spokesman wants you to believe that his “miracle website” will make you sticking rich at lightning speed…

Is to fill HIS own pockets.

If ACW is such a dream come true, then why are most folks still stuck in life-sucking “JOBS”?

But the deception doesn’t end there, I’m afraid, because there are more red flags throughout the sales pitch…


Red Flag #1: “Chris J. Peters” Making $14K/Month…

Apparently, some 37-year old dad (Chris J. Peters) rakes in a whopping $14,000 every single month from his ACW website!

Say hello to Chris and his family at home smiling for the camera – endorsing the so-called “Amazon Work at Home Opportunity”.
Family Smiling With Their Dog at Home
But what a load of codswallop because it’s nothing but some random family “stock photo” available to purchase from

Family and Their Dog at Home With The Dreamstime Watermark


So you can also bet your bottom dollar that Chris is just a “pen name”, especially when he shows ZERO evidence to support his identity.


Red Flag #2: Who The Heck Created ACW?…

The owner of ACW hides his or her identity from public view, which is why he/she tells a cock-and-bull story about some random Chris member instead.

I’m also willing to bet that the video spokesman is hired as a “voiceover” from or somewhere.

If the creator remains anonymous, how could you ever trust them?

Sadly, this is a common approach adopted by all online scamsters today.

They mask their identities with stage names and/or fabricate customer names and testimonials for them to hide behind like shameless cowards.


Red Flag #3: Fake-Ass Amazon Commission Proof…

Chris not only lies about raking in $14K per month from Amazon through ACW.

But the proof he shows ISN’T actually from the Amazon Associates affiliate dashboard.

His screenshot is of Google Adsense earnings LOL.
Amazon Cash Websites Google Adsense Income Proof

So the scammer behind ACW has seriously made a boo boo here.

But even if the Google Adsense screenshot is genuine, it could be taken from anywhere.

In fact, there’s a strong possibility that it’s photoshopped.

You just never know, which is why you should take the earnings with a grain of salt.

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Red Flag #4: It’s a Rehashed Hoax…

I tell you what, if I got paid a dollar for every time I’ve come across ACW in its many forms, I’d be rolling in the dough myself by now.

The ACW sales page shares similarities with other far-fetched product names like:

Real Profits Online

Real Profits Online Sales Page.


There are 4 reasons why ACW has been rebranded so many times:

  1. Bloggers such as myself publish truthful reviews that call out the poducts
  2. ClickBetter/ClickBank receive numerous refund requests
  3. The internet gets flooded with complaints

But the biggest reason of all is so the unethical dirtbag responsible for ACW can pocket as much money as possible from naive newbies.


How Amazon Cash Websites Works For $

I think by now, we’ve established that ACW is a total fairy-tale story.

When you part with your hard-earned spondoolies, the actual product leaves a bitter taste in your mouth for a few good reasons.

Firstly, the ‘Done-For-You’ website you receive holds no value.

It’s just some crappy “cookie-cutter” site with duplicate content that every other customer receives.

Meaning, that Google will never send organic traffic to it, and the Amazon Associates team will sure as hell won’t approve your affiliate application either.

Secondly, you’ll need web hosting in order to activate your site.

And this is where the scammer tries his or her luck with you by recommending costly hosting through their “link”.

Thirdly, the affiliate marketing training you get is just way too basic for making any money from your website.

If you snoop around the web, you’ll easily find MUCH better quality training for “free”.


Final Conclusion: Is Amazon Cash Websites a Scam?

Big Cartoon Thumbs DownSome folks say that Amazon Cash Websites is legit because you get something for your money and also a refund if you’re dissatisfied.

But I strongly disagree, since everything about ACW reeks of a rotten fishy scam.

On one side of the fence, the entire sales pitch leads newbies like you astray with all that bullsh*t “get-rich-quick” stuff and other deceptive tactics.

And on the other side of the fence, the actual product is a huge disappointment because the website and training are both insufficient for an income.

Not to mention the fact that you’ll get ripped off by overpriced web hosting and Amazon will laugh in your face when they see your “cookie-cutter” site.

So avoid AWC like the bubonic plague.


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Your buddy, Neil 😀

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