Your Dream Websites Review: [What a Total Nightmare!]

Thanks for stopping by my unbiased review of Your Dream Websites!

According to the sales page, it’s some “weird trick” depositing $1,000 per day into your bank account without you breaking a sweat.

But dream on, buddy, because it’s not gonna happen.

The product simply does not deliver, and you’re about to find out why.

So continue reading for the ins and outs of this dud…

At a Quick Glance

Your Dream Websites Scam Review
Name: Your Dream Websites (YDW).

Owner: Jake (some random stage name).


Cost: $37 + Upsells.

My Score: 1/10.


  • The ClickBetter marketplace may issue a refund
  • ‘Check out’ button displays an error message. It’s AWESOME news for you!


  • Makes empty ‘get-rich-quick’ promises
  • Owner hides behind a pen name & voiceover
  • Scripted video testimonials from actors
  • Income screenshots are misleading
  • The website won’t work for $
  • Comes with overpriced web hosting
  • The training’s inadequate for success
  • It’s a rehashed scam running for years


Your Dream Websites is wrong on so many levels.

Not only is the wool being pulled over your eyes throughout the entire sale video.

But the website and training you receive are nothing to shout home about.

Because all you really get in return for your hard-earned bucks is some cookie-cutter one-page site crammed with duplicate content used by other members.

So don’t expect any Google rankings, traffic and in online income.

And secondly, there’s no valuable internet and affiliate marketing knowledge inside the training either.

Because it simply revolves around some shallow and generic PDF-style guidance.

In fact, YDW is all about you buying the product in order to peddle it to other vulnerable newbies for “affiliate commissions”…

Essentially turning you from the scam victim into the scammer yourself LOL – which is what the creator wants.

Add to the fact that Jakey boy puts the squeeze on you for expensive web hosting for his own gain.

At the end of the day, affiliate marketing is no park picnic because it involves numerous moving parts (one of those is hard work) for success.

So don’t be fooled by YDW.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended.

Sick to the back teeth of shameless scam artists?

I feel your pain as I’ve been in that position for MANY years. UGH.

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What is Your Dream Websites All About?

As the name clearly suggests, you’ll get your hands on some “magical website” making all your dreams come to life.

Did you know YDW will easily make you $1,000 per day without lifting a finger?

You simply plug into a ‘Done-For-You’ website kindly built by Jake for pennies on the dollar and the cash just pours into your account like clockwork.

In fact, he sets up your money-making account with just a few clicks of his mouse button and you make nearly $200 by the end of the presentation.

Fake Three Figure Clickbank Commissions

$175 in Fake Clickbank Affiliate Commissions!

Yeah, if you believe in fairy-tales.

Just don’t tell Peter Pan I said that. 😉

Don’t fall for Jake’s “pipe dream” bullsh*t for one second.

Because, he’s the only one living the dream from selling you a total nightmare, at the end of the day.

But before I cover the nuts and bolts of YDW, be cautious of the following red flags I discovered throughout the hyped-up sales video.


#1: Fake Testimonials From Non-Existent Members…

If you find yourself questioning the legitimacy of the video testimonials from members who claim to be raking in the bucks from YDW.

Then go with your gut instinct.

Say hello to this couple claiming to have made $70K in 4 months!
Five Figure Testimonial From Married Couple
But they show absolutely ZERO evidence of their earnings and they don’t even mention YDW either.

Which, suggests two things.

Firstly, you can bet a dollar to a dime that they are actors from hired by sleazeball Jake to read his script.

Secondly, by not mentioning YDW, allows Jake to use those videos throughout his network of scammy products (which I’ll talk about in a jiffy).


#2: Who is This “Jake” Idiot, You Ask?

Great question!

Nobody actually knows because he fails to prove who he is. For all you know, HE could even be a SHE.

Sadly, it’s a common “pen name” tactic deployed among fraudsters because it protects their real identities and reputations online.

Think about it for a second.

If this “Jake” revealed who he really was, he’ll have a mob of angry customers hunting him like the wild animal that he is and kicking his front door down.

So an “alias” allows the thief to continually line his deep pockets without being caught.

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#3: Jake’s Made $75K (Yeah, if he Says so!)…

Jake reckons his websites have made him 10 million bucks over a 4-year period and tries to impress you with a bunch of income snapshots.

One, of which, shows $75,000 sitting in his PayPal account thanks to YDW.
Fake 5 Figure PayPal Proof
But take the snapshots with a grain of salt for three good reasons.

Firstly, it’s not exactly difficult to fabricate screenshots on the web when there’s access to many great pieces of software, in this day and age.

Secondly, Jake fails to clarify HOW YDW has made him a wealthy guy.

Thirdly, even if he is telling the truth.

His income is more than likely generated from scamming unsuspecting newbs like you with his so-called product(s).

These three points also apply to the 3-figures that are apparently waiting in your “money-account” at the end of the video.


#4: YDW is an Old Dud Reborn…

Unfortunately, YDW is a rehashed scam because it’s been rebranded countless times over the years and still continues to be renamed.

The sales pages always look the same, contain the same “get-rich-quick” crap, and also red flags – like the fake member testimonials.

Here are a few of those duds:

  • Profit With Our Sites
  • Your Easy Business
  • One Click Payday
  • And Quick Home Websites, to name a handful.

Quick Home Websites Makes One Thousand Dollar Daily Claims

Quick Home Websites Sales Page.

If you’re wondering why YDW has been rebranded so many times, it’s because the dirtbag behind it is an unethical money-grabber.

What generally happens is when folks like ME expose YDW for being a scam and all the complaints, as well as refund requests, start flooding the web…

Con man Jake closes down the product and reopens it under a new far-fetched name.

It’s a never-ending cycle. UGH.


#5: Insecure Website URL…

When you load up the YDW website itself, your browser will display the URL as insecure instead of showing you the nice shiny green padlock symbol.
Website Not Secure Message
You’d assume that since the creator’s an expert at building out websites, his (or her) site would be secure for you to access, right? LOL.

So when you enter any information into the site (emails, passwords, and especially bank details on the purchase page), your credentials are at huge risk of being stolen by attackers who may well be the creator.


How Your Dream Websites “Really” Operates…

Time-and-time again, I’ve discovered this crap follows the same pattern.

You watch the hyped-up sales video and part with 37 of your hard-earned dollars.

Only to receive some “cookie-cutter” website and some shallow barebone training (you can find for free on YouTube) that both fail to help you earn online.

Furthermore, the scam artist really tries it on with you by recommending expensive web hosting via his “affiliate links” to maximise his own earnings.

The bottom line is that you don’t get anything of value because Jake’s a typical narcissist who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about you.

The whole concept around YDW is for you to buy the product, promote it as an affiliate yourself to trick other unsuspecting folks into parting with their cash, and filling Jake’s deep pockets.


Final Conclusion: Is Your Dream Websites a Scam?

Big Cartoon Thumbs DownYes, I can say with total confidence that Your Dream Websites is 100% a scam to steer well clear of.

Let’s look at the facts.

First of all.

The entire sales page and video are packed to the rafters of deceptive tactics…

Senseless income promises, fake testimonials, and questionable screenshots, etc.

And secondly.

The actual product itself is a waste of space because there’s MUCH more to affiliate marketing than flicking the switch of some magical website.

The only good thing about YDW is that you can pester the ‘ClickBetter’ network for a $37 refund.


Is There a “Legit” Money-Making Solution That Works?

YUP, absolutely!

If you’re sick and tired of being tricked into parting with cash for “pipe dream” crap that never lives up to its promises.

Then I have EXACTLY what you need.

*As he tries not to sound like a car sales man*

The method I use for earning an income from affiliate marketing revolves around your hobby or passion – choosing a niche and building a site that provides value.

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But also offers a huge support network of affiliate marketers who are there for you around the clock when the going gets tough.

Your buddy, Neil 🙂

Got any questions or negative YDW experiences to share with us? Please help in the fight against scammers online…


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