My Online Startup Review: [Does Chuck Nguyen DELIVER?]

Welcome to my honest review of My Online Startup – Chuck Nguyen’s new affiliate marketing educational platform! 😀

Will Chuck’s program really live up to your expectations – showing you EXACTLY what to do for banking 6 figures on the web?

Or does it seriously leave a lot to be desired?

The good news is that I’ve personally studied the training, so I’m able to give you the inside scoop as well as my truthful opinion.

Sound good, young grasshopper?

So without beating about the bush any longer, jump straight into THIS review to discover what’s in store for YOU…

At a Quick Glance

My Online Startup Review
Name: My Online Startup (MOS).

Owner: Chuck Nguyen (founder of the now-defunct ‘Earn Easy Commissions’).


Cost: Free (YUP, $0!) + $197 for Partner, $997 for Legendary Partner + extra expenses.

My Score: 7/10.


  • 37 free high-quality internet & affiliate marketing video tutorials
  • Note-taking tool + the option to mark training videos as ‘complete’
  • A Private active Facebook group comprising 70,000+ members
  • Top-notch tools & resources recommended by Chuck
  • Partner levels offer a ‘Done-For-You’ blog (+ a system with 50+ income streams!)
  • Stacks of member success stories on Facebook
  • A newbie-friendly platform with a 6-figure earning potential
  • 30-day money-back guarantee on Partner memberships


  • Some freebie tutorials lack in the “over-the-shoulder” department
  • Extra costs required for recommended tools & paid traffic strategies
  • Some newbies may find the training overwhelming at first
  • Unsuitable for “get-rich-quick” opportunists – WORK is involved!


My Online Startup offers you two options to create a 6-figure yearly business as an affiliate marketer.

Option #1: Follow a 100% free video training course on various aspects of internet and affiliate marketing.

Where Chuck also kindly lists a bunch of invaluable resources to invest in for launching your new Biz.

However, when it comes to the niche selection, blogging, and list-building sections – they could do with a tune up job to be more newb-friendly.

So I hope this issue gets addressed by Chuck at some point.

But on a whole, the training’s VERY good – it’s definitely worth sinking your teeth into.

Option #2: Upgrade to the ‘Partner Program’ for a proven ‘Done-For-You’ lead gen system that does all the legwork.

Well, most of it anyway LOL.

Because it’s still your job to blast your system with targeted traffic to make the whole thing go “KA-CHING!”

The cool thing about the system is that you won’t just bank $100 commissions (per sale) by promoting the free MOS course itself…

But there are literally 50+ built-in passive income streams, that can really ramp up your monthly affiliate earnings.

In my honest opinion, both options are fantastic starting points if you’re a total noob in the affiliate marketing arena.

But if you really wanna run with the MOS wolves and make life easier when it comes to earning 6 figures, then the upgrade is where it’s at.

Final Verdict: Legit (Highly Recommended).

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What’s My Online Startup About, You Ask?

Simply put, My Online Startup is a 100% free (step-by-step) educational platform.

One, that’s designed to show affiliate marketing newbies like YOU – HOW to build a sustainable Biz from scratch and generate a passive income…

To the tune of 6 figures, to be exact.

“Holy Smokes, Batman!”

In Chuck’s words:

“MOS is the most easy, fast, simple, and proven formula to earn passive multiple income streams online 100% for FREE”.

You’ve probably heard all this hype before, right? (Z z z…)

But much to my dismay (after seeing numerous peeps raving about the platform & sharing their results on Facebook)…

I assure you that MOS isn’t your typical “run-of-the-mill” WarriorPlus, JVZoo or *GASP* Clickbank product.

Because Chuck not only provides HOURS of training to help you understand the fundamentals of affiliate marketing and start an online Biz

But he also offers to build you a blog, plus a complete turnkey “business-in-a-box” (which is how members are truly crushing it). 😉

But more on the whole ‘Done-For-You’ system thing in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

First though…


Let’s Get Down to The Nitty-Gritty of The Free My Online Startup Training…

Once you sign up for your free MOS account, you’ll gain access to a members’ dashboard area that looks just like THIS:
My Online Startup Members Area
Where you’ll discover 8 training sections with a total of 37 video tutorials (some of which are actionable) to feast your eyes on.

But before Chuck gets to the meat and potatoes, he introduces you to MOS with a 21.15-minute ‘Getting Started’ video.

Which is basically a walkthrough of the platform – highlighting all the benefits.

And then it’s off to the races by diving into the actual training itself:


Section #1: The Gameplan (1 Video: 35.57 Minutes)

Inside this video, Chuck shows you the big picture of building out your Biz through affiliate marketing.

He runs through a checklist of items for getting the most from MOS.

Followed by him drawing out diagrams of how affiliate marketing works and the various components required for making money from it.


Section #2: Success Mindset (7 Videos)

Unfortunately, many newbies dive into affiliate marketing with the wrong mindset.

Because most coaching platforms don’t teach this mindset “stuff”.

Which, is why numerous folks fail before they’ve left the starting block, and then jump ship.

So inside this section, you’ll go through the following videos:

  • Mindset is Everything (27.35 mins)
  • Strong Personal Why (18.38 mins)
  • Clear Income Goal (15.24 mins)
  • Powerful Self-Image (19.32 mins)
  • Personal Success Formula (23.59 mins)
  • 100X More Productive (48.01 mins)
  • My Success Philosopy (21.26)

Simply put, Chuck helps to programme your mind to stay on track when seas get rough, and generally avoid procrastination.

I know what you’re thinking…

“Ugh, I can’t be doing with all this motivational mumbo jumbo – just skip to the damn MONEY part”.


But trust me, skipping this stuff would be a colossal mistake on your part.

PSST! For more great online Biz mindset training, see Wesley Virgin’s Overnight Millionaire System and also Ian Pribyl’s FIMP.


Section #3: Affiliate Marketing (5 Videos)

Here, you’ll watch the followng videos:

  • Important Fundamentals (26.17 mins)
  • Most Profitable Niches (25.24 mins)
  • Find Affiliate Products (20.19 mins)
  • Pick Your One Product (11.48 mins)
  • Your Unfair Advantage (8.24 mins)

Where Chuck teaches you the right way to do affiliate marketing.

And also how to use Google, YouTube, and ClickBank for choosing your niche and evergreen affiliate offers to promote.

However, my only beef with this section is that he recommends you choose the actual “affiliate marketing” niche.

(This is to encourage you to promote MOS as an affiliate for a $20 commission from each referral upgrade)

Which, to be honest, is one of the most competitive and toughest niches for a newbie to dive into, in my experience.

Furthermore, you really must be PASSSIONATE about wanting to help folks in that niche if you truly want to thrive online.

For some juicy guidance on choosing your own niche to roll with, Ian Pribyl’s ‘From Nothing’ book is a must-read for noobs.


Section #4: Lead Generation (6 Videos)

This section covers the following topics:

  • Super Affiliate Formula (21.41 mins)
  • Quality Lead Magnet (26.59 mins)
  • Creating Capture Pages (26.15 mins)
  • Automated Follow Ups (23.40 mins)
  • Track Your Conversions (18.26 mins)
  • Integrating Your System (15.32 mins)

Where Chuck explains that to become a 6-figure Super Affiliate, you must tap into the concept of lead generation.

Or in other words, build yourself an email list of targeted buyers.

And then he helps you to research other marketers’ lead magnets/squeeze pages as inspiration for your own profitable capture page/funnel.

Basically, he teaches you how to “funnel hack“, which is a term coined by Russell Brunson.

Followed by some guidance on setting up a GetResponse email autoresponder and ClickMagick tracking software for your page/funnel.

But if you’re not up to the challenge of putting your own sales funnel together…

Then Chuck offers you an easy alternative: Grab his own ‘Done-For-You’ lead gen system (which I’ll talk about in a jiffy). 😉


Section #5: Authority Platform (7 Videos)

In this section, you’re introduced to the process of blogging:

  • Importance of a Blog (15.44 mins)
  • Building Out Your Site (35.22 mins) (Hint: Build your free blog via SiteRubix).
  • Customising Your Blog (27.15 mins)
  • Best Types of Articles (17.47 mins)
  • Tips & Tricks to Writing (8.32 mins)
  • Blog Post Checklist (7.09 mins)
  • Conclusion (7.32 mins)

Where Chuck shows you how to set up a WordPress blog via BlueHost.

But looking at the video titles, the rest is pretty self-explanitory. 😛

While you get some great WordPress guidance from Chuck, he just kinda skims the surface of blogging, in my opinion.

Which, means you’ll not only need to research the full ins and outs of WordPress yourself…

But also HOW to do the SEO side of things for ranking your content in the search engines to drive targeted free traffic to your blog.


Section #6: YouTube Marketing (6 Videos)

In this series of videos, you’ll learn all about everyone’s favourite video channel…

YUP, good old YouTube:

  • The Power of YouTube (9.53 mins)
  • Setting up Your Channel (4.28 mins)
  • Must Have Resources (7.15 mins)
  • Best Types of Videos (7.54 mins)
  • Shooting & Editing (3.22 mins)
  • Ranking Your Videos (8.07 mins)

OK, so it may not be the most comprehensive training module in the world.

But Chuck explains all there is to know about video marketing.

And also shows you how to set up your own YouTube channel among other aspects.

So there are definitely some takeaways here.


Section #7: Forum Marketing (1 Video: 14.29 Minutes)

Here, Chuck shows you how to tap into the world’s #1 internet marketing forum called the Warrior Forum for effortless leads/sales.

You’ll basically learn about driving traffic to your blog by providing that word called “VALUE” to the forum members’.


Section #8: Targeted Solo Ads (4 Videos)

The videos in this final section are as follows:

  • Easiest Traffic Method (22 mins)
  • Simple Udimi Networks (10.55 mins)
  • Reliable Solo Agency (8.42 mins)
  • Trusted Solo Vendors (5.57 mins)

First of all, Chuck explains all about how email traffic works by using the concept of solo ads.

Followed by tutorials on buying solo ad traffic through various ad networks that he recommends.

And for the icing on the cake…

Underneath most of the training videos in said sections above, Chuck even allows you to take notes and mark lessons as complete.
Take Video Training Notes
In my experience, these features play a crucial role in not only helping you to better get to grips with affiliate marekiting…

But to keep you more organized, which makes your online learning process and life so much easier as a beginner.

Furthermore, within each training section, Chuck lists plenty of Biz building resources that go hand-in-hand with the training perfectly.

Stuff, like mindset books, lead gen tools, and other training platforms/systems (i.e. Wealthy Affiliate & the Super Affiliate System).

Basically, all the essentials for helping you to build a successful digital empire from the ground up.

But now, the moment you’ve been waiting for!…

Drum roll, please…


$ Say Hello to The My Online Startup Partner Program $

Now, if you don’t quite fancy sifting through a ton of free training to start and grow an online Biz, the challenging way…

There’s a 2nd easier option that does all (or should I say most) of the heavy lifting for you – it’s called the ‘Partner Program’.

I won’t go into too much detail, but you’ll basically get a ‘Done-For-You’ sales funnel system.

One, that automatically builds you an email subscriber list and even markets MOS along with other products to your subscribers…

Allowing you to easily build a 6-figure-per-year online Biz from 50+ passive income streams inside MOS.

On top of all the potential tasty commissions from those multiple streams, you’ll make an extra $100 from Chuck himself…

For every free MOS member you refer who upgrades to the ‘Partner Program’ level.

BUT for your system to work its magic, obviously you’ll need to invest time and effort in generating traffic using free methods.

However, there are paid traffic options also available and extra expenses for actually running your DFY system.

But before diving into those costs…


Let’s Hear What Sky Lim Has to Say About The ‘Partner Program’

Sky LimI recently reached out to Sky Lim on Facebook – who made his very first $100 commission using the MOS DFY system.

Here’s what the dude had to say:

So what’s up guys, this is Sky from Singapore here.

I was very interested in making money online when I first entered the Facebook app (yes thanks for that moment that I had nothing to do) and I saw from my news feed on the niche market in an online business, that is, affiliate marketing.

I stumbled about it, bought a course, had absolutely no idea what was going on in the course, and ultimately, I was going to give up in this industry and admit to my fate.

However, a few days later, I stumbled upon Chuck’s Mastermind Group, and let’s be honest, I had no idea what group that was. So as a curious me, I requested for access and then on, my story begins.

When I got accepted to the group, I saw the many testimonials that have been posted by many members showing that they have made money from the course, and so happens that it was a free course and I’ll be able to earn commissions from it.

Sensing this might be a good opportunity, I rushed to get myself access to this course that Chuck has created.

After upgrading to Founding Partner, I finally felt that I have landed myself in a course that is able to help me succeed in my online business.

Chuck’s training told me the hard truth, that success is only going to happen if we do the hard work to lay our perfect foundation in the beginning.

He told and advise us on the right methods in the training, and within 11 days of following his training and using free organic traffic on Facebook, I made my first sales.

Sky Lim First Clickbank Affiliate Commissions

What Will You Get From The My Online Startup Training?

  • Step-by-step training to teach you how to succeed in affiliate marketing
  • 165 done for you emails to help you generate passive income
  • One-on-One support with your Partner, who will be working hand in hand with you to help you generate income online

And many more benefits…

Sky Lim.

Kudos, Sky!

Still not convinced about upgrading to MOS Partner level?

Here are a few other members (some of whom made money pretty quickly) results using Chuck’s DFY system…
MOS Member Clickbank Commissions in Three Days
MOS Member Clickbank Earnings in Ten DaysDisclaimer: Results vary from member-to-member, depending on commitment/monetary investment levels & traffic strategies.

So it just goes to show that upgrading as a Partner can certainly pay off for newbies like YOU, right?

This brings me to the next part…


How Much Does My Online Startup Cost, You Say?

You can join MOS for $0 – this gives you hours of free training + access to Chuck’s Mastermind Facebook group for support.

But to put any of the strategies into practice, you’ll need to purchase certain tool/service recommendations outside of MOS.

If you wanna get your hands on the ‘Done-For-You’ lead gen system, it’ll cost $197 to upgrade to the ‘Partner Program’.

But to actually operate the system, there are the following essential services to splash out for:

  • GetResponse autoresponder (starting @ $15/month) – for growing & marketing to your email list.
  • ClickMagic (starting @ $27/month) – for tracking your traffic & sales conversion results.

And to round things off, you’ll need at least a few hundred bucks (in my opinion) to invest in solo ads for getting off to a good start.

In terms of building a list and making sales/commissions.

Yeah, it may seem costly.

But compared to other systems like 12 Minute Affiliate, Done For You Services, 1K A Day Fast Track & Commission Hero

The price of Chuck’s system is a drop-in-the-ocean – it’s the cheapest one I’ve seen so far.

There’s also the option of upgrading to ‘Legendary Partner’ for $997 – that allows you to earn $500 commissions. And then some.

But don’t bite off more than you can chew – start at the $197 level, scale your profits, and THEN upgrade.

This way, it’ll cost you nothing. 😉


Final Conclusion: Is My Online Startup a Scam?

I’ve gone through the entire My Online Startup course, and I can honestly say that it’s an invaluable training program.

So trust me, MOS is definitely NOT a scam.

Whether you wanna stay at the free level and learn the ropes of affiliate marketing or upgrade your membership for the DFY system…

Both come with amazing money-making advantages.

But to really gain the most from MOS in terms of an income (in my opinion), it’s in your best interests to upgrade as a Partner.

However, just because the system’s ‘Done-For-You’ – it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can kick back with a coffee while the profits roll in.

No, sir!

Because there will be donkey work to drive traffic (+ monetary investments) required on your end.

But if you follow Chuck’s training, dot all the i’s and cross the t’s, and bring plenty of targeted visitors into your system daily…

I honestly do believe that it’s possible to generate an income of $100,000+ per year within the next 12 months.

The ball’s in your court…

Affiliate Disclaimer: This is an affiliate link. It’s how we stay funded & these commissions keep our blog afloat. Please support us by buying via the link below:

==> Become a FREE Member of My Online Startup Here!

Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or thoughts to share on MOS? Please join the conversation below…


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