My Online Startup Review: [Is Opportunity Knocking in 2024?]

Disclaimer: This post has affiliate links, I’ll earn a commission on your purchase at no extra cost to you. Please support me on my journey to helping you.

Here’s my honest and comprehensive review of My Online Startup – Chuck Nguyen’s affiliate marketing training program, soon to be relaunched as a 100% free 30-day bootcamp at the end of 2023!

This is the ONLY must-read review from a REAL ‘Lifetime Partner’ (aka ‘Founding Member’) – meaning I actually upgraded my membership for WAAAY more money-making benefits as an affiliate of Chuck’s.

So, I’m able to give you the inside scoop from both sides of the coin – the free course as well as the paid affiliate program.

But here’s the question on your mind:

Will Chuck’s revamped course and Founding Member opportunity live up to your expectations – helping you to TRULY build a 6-figure affiliate Biz in 2024 and beyond?

Well, there’s only one way to find out, my young grasshopper…

And that’s to hop into THIS insightful article…

My Online Startup Overview

my online startup founding member opportunity

Product name: My Online Startup (MOS).

Creator: Chuck Nguyen.

Website: (Join FREE Here).

Cost: $0 (+ tool & resource expenses), $197 for lifetime Founding Member upgrade (price will soon increase to $497!)

My Score: 7/10.

Verdict: Legit (Recommended).


  • 37 free high-quality internet & affiliate marketing video tutorials
  • Note-taking tool + the option to mark training videos as ‘complete’
  • Private active Facebook group comprising 75,000+ members
  • Top-notch tools & resources recommended by Chuck
  • Founding Member opportunity comes with a ‘Done-For-You’ lead gen system + 365 promo emails + traffic training + images & swipes to earn you multiple streams of income
  • Stacks of member success stories on Facebook
  • A newbie-friendly platform with a 6-figure earning potential
  • 30-day money-back guarantee on the Founding Member upgrade
  • Chuck Nguyen is the real deal


  • Some freebie tutorials aren’t over-the-shoulder style
  • Extra costs for recommended tools & paid traffic strategies
  • Some newbies may find the training overwhelming at first
  • Unsuitable for “get-rich-quick” opportunists –  HARD WORK is involved!

My Online Startup Short Review

There are two ways you can potentially build a successful 6-fig affiliate Biz from scratch with My Online Startup (aka MOS).

Option #1: The free course.

Follow a 100% FREE Course on various aspects of internet and affiliate marketing, where Chuck also recommends certain tools and resources for starting and growing a Biz.

You’ll learn all about mindset, niche selection, launching a THRIVING blog via Wealthy Affiliate (although I recommend Commission Academy as the BEST starting point), YouTube, and list-building for example.

But the whole course is being updated (as we speak) and relaunched as a more fresh and in-depth 30-day free bootcamp towards the end of 2023!

Option #2: Become a Founding Member for a one-time $197 investment (time-limited opportunity).

Which basically puts you in the driving seat ahead of relaunch and for the first few months of 2024.

Because you’ll get a complete free done-for-you lead generation system (+ a year’s worth of pre-written promo emails, images, swipes, traffic generation training, plus MANY more benefits highlighted below):

…Pretty much EVERYTHING you need for earning multiple streams of passive income when you refer folks to the new free MOS course and they buy essential tools in the course – you’ll get 50% commissions from Chuck Nguyen.

On top of that, your lead gen system comes with multiple income streams built in, AND you’ll earn 2nd tier (20% matching bonus commissions) from any Founding Member referrals who also refer sales under them.

It will all make sense when you click below LOL…

==> Join My Online Startup FREE!

What Is My Online Startup About, You Ask?

Simply put, My Online Startup is a 100% free educational platform.

One, that’s designed to show affiliate marketing newbies like YOU how to build a sustainable Biz from scratch and generate a passive income…

To the tune of 6 figures, to be exact.

In Chuck’s words:

“MOS is the most easy, fast, simple, and proven formula to earn passive multiple income streams online 100% for FREE”.

You’ve probably heard all this hype before, right? (Z z z…)

But much to my dismay (after seeing numerous peeps raving about the platform & sharing their results on Facebook)…

I assure you that MOS isn’t your typical “run-of-the-mill” WarriorPlus, JVZoo or *GASP* ClickBank product.

Because Chuck not only provides hours of training to help you understand the fundamentals of affiliate marketing and start an online Biz

But he also offers to build you a blog, plus a complete turnkey “business-in-a-box” (IF you become a Founding Member).

In fact, Chuck’s currently updating his free course to turn it into a 30-day free affiliate bootcamp instead, where he intends to make the training the BEST in the industry.

Exciting times are ahead!

Who Is My Online Startup Suitable For?

Put simply, My Online Startup is ideal for any newcomer to the glorious world of affiliate marketing.

Whatever your age, gender, online Biz-building experience level…

Whether you’re looking for a legitimate platform to start your journey as a novice affiliate marketer – wanting to build a successful online Biz from scratch…

Or you’ve practically tried every program and strategy under the sun to make a buck on the web…

And/or you’ve fallen for one scam after another, lost money, and nothing’s gone your way…

Then MOS (in my opinion) is a great way to get those wheels in motion.

Because as you’ll find out, there’s plenty of training and recommended resources you can leverage to really become an affiliate hit sensation.

So whatever you want to learn about: 

Be it building a blog, affiliate marketing itself, the mindset for success, traffic generation strategies, and/or setting up a sales funnel…

Then MOS has you covered.

But success will only happen if you have a willingness to learn and take action.

Oh, and also access to a computer and WiFi, which goes without saying LOL.

How Does My Online Startup Work?

Once you sign up for your free MOS account, you’ll gain access to a members’ dashboard area that looks just like THIS:

My Online Startup Members Area

Where you’ll discover 8 training sections with a total of 37 video tutorials (some of which are actionable) to learn from.

But before Chuck gets to the meat and potatoes, he introduces you to MOS with a 21.15-minute ‘Getting Started’ video.

Which is basically a walkthrough of the platform – highlighting all the benefits.

And then it’s off to the races by diving into the actual training itself. Here are the current sections:

  • The Gameplan (1 video)
  • Success Mindset (7 videos)
  • Affiliate Marketing (5 videos)
  • Lead Generation (6 videos)
  • Authority Platform (7 videos)
  • YouTube Marketing (6 videos)
  • Forum Marketing (1 video)
  • Targeted Solo Ads (4 videos)

However, with that said, just don’t get too comfortable with the training at the moment because a supercharged version will soon be released as a 30-day free step-by-step bootcamp.

You can either do the free course OR upgrade as a Founding Member for $197 and be WAAAY more successful much sooner in 2024 as you consistently refer students to MOS via your unique affiliate link…

Which is the ONLY way you can join as an affiliate to promote MOS.

Chuck Nguyen’s Student Success Stories

In case you’re wondering if anyone has ever made a dime with Chuck Nguyen’s MOS program, you’ll find numerous success stories in his private Facebook group.

In fact, meet MOS (Founding Member) student Sky Lim who earned his very first $100 commission through his done-for-you lead gen system built by Chuck.

Sky Lim

Here’s what Sky had to say to me:

So what’s up guys, this is Sky from Singapore here.

I was very interested in making money online when I first entered the Facebook app (yes thanks for that moment that I had nothing to do) and I saw from my news feed on the niche market in an online business, that is, affiliate marketing.

I stumbled about it, bought a course, had absolutely no idea what was going on in the course, and ultimately, I was going to give up in this industry and admit to my fate.

However, a few days later, I stumbled upon Chuck’s Mastermind Group, and let’s be honest, I had no idea what group that was. So as a curious me, I requested for access and then on, my story begins.

When I got accepted to the group, I saw the many testimonials that have been posted by many members showing that they have made money from the course, and so happens that it was a free course and I’ll be able to earn commissions from it.

Sensing this might be a good opportunity, I rushed to get myself access to this course that Chuck has created.

After upgrading to Founding Partner, I finally felt that I have landed myself in a course that is able to help me succeed in my online business.

Chuck’s training told me the hard truth, that success is only going to happen if we do the hard work to lay our perfect foundation in the beginning.

He told and advise us on the right methods in the training, and within 11 days of following his training and using free organic traffic on Facebook, I made my first sales.

What Will You Get From The MOS Training, Says Sky?

  • Step-by-step training to teach you how to succeed in affiliate marketing
  • 365 done for you emails to help you generate passive income
  • One-on-One support with your Partner, who will be working hand in hand with you to help you generate income online

And many more benefits…

Sky Lim.

Sky Lim First Clickbank Affiliate Commissions
Sky’s first $100 commission!

Kudos, Sky!

And here’s my own success story, when I made my first $100 ClickBank commission after 2 weeks of promoting MOS as a Founding Member:

First One Hundred Dollar Clickbank Affiliate Commission

“But HOW, Neil?”…

I set up my system, followed Chuck’s Facebook training, and dropped one of the MOS marketing images in a post to spark curiosity:

My Online Startup Free Course Facebook Post

As you can see, there was A LOT of interest!

Cool beans, right? 😉

How Much Does My Online Startup Cost?

You can join MOS for $0 at the very basic level.

This gives you hours of free training + access to Chuck’s Mastermind Facebook group for support.

But to put any of the strategies into practice, you’ll need to purchase certain third party tool/service recommendations inside MOS.

You can very easily fork out $100s, depending on the resources you choose to invest in.

To join MOS at the Founding Member level will cost a one-time $197. But get in NOW (via any link in this review) as Chuck plans to increase the price to $497, so save yourself $300!

This gets you heaps of sweet money-making benefits including a free done-for-you system set up for you by Chuck and his team (at no extra cost to you!)

So, compared to the likes of similar systems as the 12 Minute Affiliate and Partner With Anthony – MOS is still the cheapest system to roll with.

Conclusion: Is MOS Legit and Worth It?

I’ve gone through the entire My Online Startup course, and I can honestly say that it’s an invaluable training program.

Plus, I even upgraded as a Founding Member, got the DFY system, and made my first $100 commission in 14 days.

So trust me, MOS is definitely NOT a scam.

Whether you wanna stay at the free level and learn the ropes of affiliate marketing…

Or upgrade your membership to get the DFY lead gen system, is totally your choice…

Both levels come with some pretty amazing money-making advantages.

But to really gain the most from MOS in terms of an income (in my opinion), it’s in your best interests to upgrade as a Founding Member.

However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can kick back with a coffee while the profits roll in.

Because there will be donkey work to drive targeted traffic (+ monetary investments) required on your end.

But if you dot all the i’s and cross the t’s, and give away as many free MOS courses as you can daily…

I honestly do believe that it’s possible to generate an income of $100,000+ per year by the end of 2024.

The ball’s in your court…

==> Become a FREE MOS Member Here!

Your buddy, Neil.

Got any questions or thoughts to share? Please join the conversation below…


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