About Neil and FuriousAffiliate.com

Hello, the name’s Neil, and I’d like to personally thank you for landing here on my blog FuriousAffiliate.com.

Owner of Furious Affiliate Swimming With Dolphins

Jamaica: Swimming With Dolphins.

Now, before I explain to you WHY I started this website…

Who The Heck Am I?

I’m a 38-year young chap from sunny old Devon in England (UK).

Ah, those golden sandy beaches, the sound of waves crashing, that sea air, and more importantly…

The best damn fish n’ chips you’ll ever taste in your life!

Just watch out for the pesky seagulls. Grrr.

I also love the occasional hike and have explored various peaks (including Kinder Scout) within the Peak District in Derbyshire.

My next challenge is to explore the Grand Canyon in the US, baby!

To add to my interests, I pump iron at the gym 4 times a week, absolutely love superhero stuff (yeah, I’m a Marvel/Dc Comics geek), and also a huge fan of the Peaky fookin Blinders.

Oh, and where there’s a seafront pub with local cider flowing on tap and a pool table, I’m there!

And that’s when I’m not working my butt off on my online Biz, of course.

But enough about me, let’s talk about YOU, yeah?

Why I Built FuriousAffiliate.com…

To be quite honest, I’m so sick and tired of all the hyped-up products and ‘get-rich-quick’ crap in the affiliate marketing sphere.

You know, the shadowy stuff spouting the same nonsense:

“Hey, this $37 push-button system easily makes you $1 million in the next 12 months”…

“This is like nothing you’ve ever seen or heard before”…

“It’s so newbie-friendly, even your great gran can do it”…

And so on…

The truth be told, these ‘too good to be true’ products only exist to make the creators’ rich.

Trust me, I spent many years walking in your shoes ($1,000s out-of-pocket) before I came to the realisation that pipe dreams don’t exist online.

So, I want to be your stepping stone.

Your knight in shining armour.

Your light at the end of the tunnel – truly helping you (a total novice) to make money on the web.

Is that cool with you?

What You’ll Discover on This Blog?

If you had guessed that FuriousAffiliate.com revolves around “affiliate marketing”, then congratulations, you’ve won a prize!

So if your areas of interest are MLM, eCommerce/Dropshipping, cash gifting, eBaying, and Get-Paid-To opportunities, then sling your hook. * Just kidding*

It’s affiliate marketing (the best way to make a buck online) all the way!

Here, you’ll mostly find reviews on legitimate resources for starting and growing an affiliate marketing Biz vs. the middle-of-the-road stuff and toxic flimflams to avoid.

Followed by a sprinkling of articles here n’ there.

Just know you’re in VERY good hands because I have your back, buddy!

If you’d like my personal help, please get in touch through my contact page and/or drop a comment below…

Neil (founder of Furious Affiliate) 😀


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