Home Cashflow Shortcut Review: [A “Secret” Path to $500/Day?]

Apparently, the Home Cashflow Shortcut is a “top secret” easy method for raking in $500 per day!

But I beg to defer, and in this review, I’ll not explain why, but also how this money-making opportunity really works.

So without giving you some long-winded introduction, jump straight into THIS unbiased review to get the lowdown on the so-called shortcut…

At a Quick Glance

Home Cashflow Shortcut Review
Name: Home Cashflow Shortcut (HCS).

Owner: ‘Ace’ (more than likely a stage act).

Website: homecashflowshortcut.com.

Cost: $49 + $1,000s!

My Score: 3/10.


  • Funnels you into a legit money-making opportunity
  • There’s a money-back guarantee in place


  • Hyped-up sales page
  • It’s just a bridge page for the Super Affiliate Network (SAN) – so it doesn’t exist
  • The sales video/page isn’t truthful about the real costs
  • You’ll need a huge budget to go all in
  • SAN is a recruitment program that runs the risk of the FTC shutting it down


Unfortunately, the person behind the Home Cashflow Shortcut isn’t being totally honest with you, I’m afraid.

Yeah sure, the sales page makes references to Misha Wilson and his Super Affiliate Network, that delivers value.

But HCS is just a bridge page designed by some “affiliate” who leads you to believe that SAN is a piece of cake to make a fortune with.

When in fact, looking at SAN’s income disclosure, it seems many members struggle to make bank with the program.
The Profit Shortcut and Super Affiliate Network Income Information
And that’s mostly due to products being too pricey and beyond the scope of people’s budgets – which the HCS sales page also fails to clarify.

In addition to that, SAN runs the real risk of getting closed by the Federal Trade Commission if Misha Wilson doesn’t tread carefully.

Because I’m pretty sure the FTC would deem it as a money-making “scheme” (like MOBE and Digital Altitude) when you find out how it works in this review.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended.

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What’s The Home Cashflow Shortcut All About, You Say?

According to the sales page, the Home Cashflow Shortcut is a “proven method for making real money from home, even if you’re a newb with zero experience”.

Following that, right off the bat, a couple has shot a quick video testimonial for a guy named “Misha Wilson” who’s helped them to earn $12K in 30 days!
The IM Profit Multiplier Member Testimonial
You’ll also hear from a bunch of other members who have also made $1,000s in affiliate commissions within very short time frames.

WOW, lucky them! *Speaking in a sarcastic tone*.

And then it’s off to the races, where the female sales video spokesperson rambles on about how:

  • You’re gonna discover the most valuable cash producing “secrets” in the next few minutes…
  • She’s gonna reveal step-by-step details for leveraging a “revolutionary new method” for raking in $1,000s/month…
  • You’ll finally start making what you’re truly worth & start enjoying life…

Blah, blah, blah.

Simply put, the whole damn sales pitch is full to the brim of hype, hype, and even more HYPE.

But there is one good sign:

A program called the ‘Super Affiliate Network‘ (SAN) gets mentioned – which is operated by Misha Wilson, a successful webpreneur.

So HCS isn’t your typical garbage ClickBetter product that disappoints the scenes.

But having said that, there is a dark Decepticon side to both HCS and SAN…


How The Home Cashflow Shortcut/SAN Works For The Big $

I’m sorry to be a party pooper, but HCS doesn’t actually *GASP* exist!

It’s simply designed by some “affiliate” as a bridge page for walking your ass through the front door of SAN – making it easier to catch you on their hook.
Super Affiliate Network
And if I had to bet money on it, I’d say The IM Profit Multiplier and The Profit Shortcut are created by the same person.

Because both sales pages are replicas of HCS – which makes the affiliate nothing but a Desperate Dan, in my book.

I digress.

So let’s talk about SAN for a second, since it’s the real opportunity you’re gonna be joining.

The great thing is that Misha Wilson (SAN’s creator) provides you with a system, training, and support for helping you to make a real go of affiliate marketing.

But the serious issue with SAN is that it’s classed a “pay to play recruitment” system (or a “scheme” in the eyes of the FTC).

Because every resource you receive as a member isn’t just costly, but primarily intended to help you bring more folks into Misha’s system.

When they purchase the expensive products, guess what happens?…

You’ll earn some WHOPPING affiliate commissions. KA-CHING!

But the catch is that buying the expensive products yourself is a prerequisite for potentially raking in a ton of cash.

Otherwise, you’ll forfeit the commissions, and they’ll end up in the pockets of your SAN recruiter instead – providing they also meet the criteria.

Unfortunately, this is why the FTC brought its iron fist down on top of Digital Altitude and Matt Lloyd’s MOBE – if you remember them?

It just makes me wonder how long until the FTC hunts down AWOL Academy (rebranded as Fullstaq Marketer) and SAN?



What’s The Cost of The Home Cashflow Shortcut/SAN?

The lady behind HCS wants you to believe that a small payment of $49 will get you access to the “FULL blueprint” that made her a full-time income quickly.

But that’s a load of old codswallop and just the tip of the iceberg, unfortunately.

Because SAN’s membership is actually a $49 monthly one.

Additionally, the ‘Pro’ level is $2,497 yearly.

But the product that’s really gonna leave a gaping hole in your pocket is the ‘Maui Intensive Mentoring’ program with a WHOPPING one-off cost of $12,497!

Which are the same products your referrals will buy to make you $1,000s in affiliate commissions from Wilson.

However, the costs are really gonna stack up when you start investing in paid ads to drive traffic to your SAN system.

Because it can take a while to scale things.

Especially when there are no guarantees with paid traffic generation methods and SAN is incredibly expensive for most folks anyway.

Why not save yourself $1,000s by checking out the Super Affiliate System, 1K A Day Fast Track, 12 Minute Affiliate, and Commission Hero?

These said systems are how affiliate marketing should be done – rather than just “recruiting” others to earn a fortune from overpriced stuff.


Final Conclusion: Is The Home Cashflow Shortcut a Scam?

Big Cartoon Thumbs DownLet’s be real for a second, the Home Cashflow Shortcut doesn’t actually exist, which makes it highly deceptive in my eyes.

Furthermore, the person behind it leads you to believe that making $1,000s on a monthly basis is a piece of cake, when it’s far from it.

In my opinion, he or she also goes by a pen name, and also fails to clarify the real costs of the HTC/Super Affiliate Network.

So are they someone you should really trust, huh?

And although SAN delivers value, it’s just an overpriced scheme that could potentially get shut down by the FTC.

Plus, the fact that these “high-ticket” programs are just unsustainable in the long term because the majority of folks can’t afford the products.

It’s as simple as that, and it’s the exact same reason why I dropped out of the Empower Network…

It was $5K to go “all in”, but I lost $1,000+ on the crap with no results.

So I think it’s only fair to label HCS as a borderline scam – one that I sure as hell don’t recommend to a newbie.

The real way to go about earning a full-time income from affiliate marketing is not through “recruiting” others into an overpriced system…

But by starting and growing an online Biz around something you’re passionate about that actually helps others instead of just profiteering for the sake of it.

So if you’d like websites, tools step-by-step training & 24/7 support for creating a real affiliate marketing Biz from scratch as a newb…

==> See The Wealthy Affiliate Community ($0 to Get Started!)


Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any thoughts or questions on HCS/SAN? Please hop on the conversation below…


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