Click Clone Cash Review: [Is Josh Owens A Scam Artist?]

Welcome to my honest 2023 review of Click Clone Cash, a creation attributed to someone named Josh Owens.

He boldly asserts that he’ll team up with you to generate substantial income on your behalf – a whopping $100,000 per month ($1.2 million annually, without exception).

Now, you might be wondering, can this individual genuinely fulfill these ambitious claims?

Stay with me, as within this review, you’re on the verge of discovering the answer.

So, let’s dive right in…

Click Clone Cash Overview

Click Clone Cash

Product: Click Clone Cash (may also be called Quick Clone Cash).

Creator: Josh Owens, allegedly.

Website: It falls under various domains.

Cost: $39.99 + $100s!

My Score: 0/10.


  • Serves as an epic example of what to avoid falling for online
  • Sales pitch is fairly entertaining if you’re up for a good laugh LOL


  • Sales video is full of money-making/lavish lifestyle deception
  • Fake-ass member testimonials & income screenshots
  • Josh Owens is an extremely questionable character
  • Zero explanation of how the system actually works
  • Customer Service/email support is a complete joke
  • It’s highly unlikely that you’ll get a refund
  • Numerous scam complaints from disgruntled customers
  • You won’t make a single cent online from it. Period.

Click Clone Cash Short Review

Click Clone Cash (CCC for short), has been in circulation for several years, preying on unsuspecting newcomers who end up shelling out hundreds of dollars for what’s touted as a “magical website.”

Surprisingly, as we enter the year 2023, this deceitful scheme is still very much operational!

Supposedly, you’ll gain access to an affiliate website cloning system promising swift and substantial earnings.

However, in reality, you’ll be funnelling your funds into an expensive web-hosting service without receiving any meaningful guidance on building a profitable website from scratch.

Regrettably, the sole beneficiary of this alleged money-making product is its creator.

Worse yet, those attempting to secure refunds often find themselves in a frustrating runaround, ultimately resorting to contacting their banks to prevent further financial losses due to Josh’s actions.

Adding to the deception, CCC has spawned duplicates under names like Click Clone Click, Quick Clone Cash, and Quick Home Cash.

To make matters murkier, Josh Owens also conceals his identity under pseudonyms like Tim or Ted Atkinson.

Who knows how many more recycled failures and fabricated personas he might concoct in the future?

In conclusion, it is strongly advised to steer clear of this dubious enterprise.

Final Verdict: (Scam) Not Recommended.

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What is Click Clone Cash All About?

According to joker-man Josh, he insists that Click Clone Cash is a hands-free, “Done For You” system that magically generates $100,000 per month starting today.

Allegedly, this system, taking the form of a website, replicates thriving online businesses, allowing you to effortlessly amass riches, as if taking candy from a baby.

Now, here’s the twist: if it’s truly free, why is this shady character conning people out of their hard-earned hundreds? It’s a rather amusing conundrum.

Furthermore, he showers you with a barrage of outlandish claims, such as:

“The money just never stops, it’s like a raging river”…

“You just tell the system where you want the checks sent”…

“My system has generated $12 million during its testing phase over the last few weeks”…

In classic trickster fashion, this guy is selling you “the dream” solely for his own gain. He couldn’t care less about your success.

But let’s move past the chatter and delve into some red flags that lend credence to my conclusion…

#1: Living The Life of Riley…

The video commences with a lavish display of supercars, opulent mansions, glistening diamond necklaces, extravagant yachts, private jets soaring the skies, exotic beaches, and exquisite fine dining experiences, among other extravagant elements.

It’s the kind of extravagant imagery you’d typically encounter in a James Bond film.

Next, we witness Josh’s grand return from a journey, hopping into his Jaguar to make his way back to his petite mansion.

Upon arrival, he’s greeted by his enthusiastic wife and children, painting a picture of domestic bliss.

And, of course, he simply can’t resist treating his family to a leisurely cruise on their luxurious boat…

Josh Owens Online Scam Artist on His Boat

Meanwhile, as he converses with the video camera, expounding on how their lives have undergone a dramatic transformation.

It’s nothing more than a feeble ploy meticulously crafted to ignite your enthusiasm and dismantle your skepticism.

I mean, who wouldn’t be tempted to swap their soul-draining “JOB” for a life overflowing with opulence and financial freedom, right?

Now, don’t misunderstand me, transforming your life through affiliate marketing is entirely plausible…

However, it’s far from the effortless path this gentleman purports it to be.

If it were as simple as he claims, wouldn’t everyone on the planet be pursuing it with zeal?

#2: Who The Hell is “Josh Owens”, You Ask?

Josh claims to be the genuine article, but placing trust in him would be a colossal gamble, one I wouldn’t take even if my life depended on it.

The reason is crystal clear: he offers not a shred of concrete evidence to substantiate his true identity.

Even a web search for individuals with names like Josh Owens of Oregon or Joshua David Owens yields virtually no trace of this mysterious character.

It strongly implies that he operates under an alias, especially when he’s also been identified as Ted or Tim Atkinson in online circles.

In fact, I’d venture to guess that he’s a paid actor, because who in their right mind would craft a deceitful scheme and willingly expose themselves on camera for a full 50 minutes?

However, even if he is an actor, he must possess an extraordinary level of audacity, as he’d better watch his back if he ever encounters any of his scam victims face-to-face.

As I see it, both the mastermind and the actor should be prepared to sleep with one eye open at night, for their antics are nothing short of jaw-dropping. LOL.

#3: Ludicrous Income Screenshots…

According to Josh, the system is an absolute dream come true, and he takes great pleasure in tantalizing you with his own earnings and those of CCC members.

Just take a look at this persuasive screenshot, where one of his members supposedly raked in nearly $7,000 in affiliate commissions in just one day!

Click Clone Cash Fake Four Figure Daily Earnings

However, as the saying goes, appearances can be deceptive.

In this case, it’s abundantly clear that things aren’t what they seem. You see, I’m fully convinced that nowadays, anyone can fabricate income screenshots online with ease.

Furthermore, Josh falls short in demonstrating HOW he and his members are ACTUALLY generating income, which should set off alarm bells.

This, in itself, should raise serious doubts about the legitimacy of the so-called system right from the outset.

I’ve personally dabbled in nearly every “legitimate” Done-For-You system out there in cyberspace…

From 12 Minute Affiliate to My Online Startup to Partner With Anthony, just to name a few of the well-known ones…

And I’ve yet to encounter an affiliate, especially a newcomer, who’s pulled in an astounding $7,000 in a single day.

So, take my word for it – Josh is spewing out a load of nonsense that’s beyond belief.

#4: Over-The-Top Member Testimonials…

CCC members are absolutely ecstatic about their ability to effortlessly amass thousands, and even tens of thousands of dollars from the system, all without breaking a sweat.

They’re so thrilled that they can’t help but share their success stories with the world.

Take, for instance, this young lady:

Fake Female Member Income Testimonial

This particular individual appears to be overflowing with enthusiasm, to the point where she exclaims, and I quote:

“Omg, OMG, that’s $19,000 in less than 24 hours! How did this even happen?”

However, it’s worth noting that all she presents in support of her testimonial is a snapshot of an affiliate dashboard (much like the one displayed earlier), which doesn’t carry much weight in terms of credibility.

So, what are the odds that she’s merely a hired actress sourced from a platform like Fiverr, right?

Unfortunately, individuals like her are known to record these kinds of dubious testimonials for a few bucks.

All in all, it seems reasonable to conclude that CCC is nothing more than a “get-rich-quick” fantasy.

Wouldn’t you agree?

How Click Clone Cash Works Underneath The Hood…

The promise dangled before you is that you’ll gain entry to a website cloning system, which, with a simple investment, will effortlessly funnel thousands of dollars into your pocket each month through commissions.

However, the harsh reality is that your investment merely amounts to purchasing web hosting services from a company called ‘Cloud Pro Hosting’ via Josh Owens’ affiliate link, ensuring he pockets a tidy commission from your transaction.

Click Clone Cash Order Page

Regrettably, that pretty much sums it up…

There’s no enchanting “magic website” in sight, and you won’t find any valuable training on constructing a lucrative WordPress blog either.

Drawing from my own experience in affiliate marketing, it’s clear that relying solely on web hosting is a recipe for failure.

Without your own affiliate website, essential tools, proper guidance, and support, achieving any level of online success as a novice is virtually impossible…

These are the critical pieces of the puzzle necessary for significant success.

So, it appears that whoever lurks behind CCC is, regrettably, peddling nothing more than an age-old tall tale.

Who Is Click Clone Cash For?

At this point, it’s become quite evident who stands to gain from CCC…

You’ve got it right…


Considering all the exaggeration and falsehoods propagated by the actor in the sales pitch, coupled with the warning signs I’ve highlighted…

Not to mention the possibility of customers parting with a substantial sum on costly web hosting for a website that won’t deliver as promised…

It’s apparent that this so-called “magical opportunity” caters primarily to the gullible get-rich-quick crowd seeking effortless riches.

The truth of the matter is that the ONLY path to success in affiliate marketing with your very own website involves those essential elements:

Hard Work, Commitment, Time, and of course, maintaining the Right Mindset, all play pivotal roles along the journey.

Click Clone Cash Complaints From Browned Off Customers

Irrespective of whether you acquire one of those ‘Done For You’ websites or not, one thing is for certain: Josh and his associates will lead you down an unsavoury path.

Witness the frustration of numerous customers from 2019 who have already suffered financial losses, having bought into Josh’s deceptive claims.

They’ve lost hundreds of dollars due to his misleading tactics.

Scam Complaint Against Josh Owens
Scam Complaint Against Ted Atkinson

These are merely a couple of the numerous grievances you’ll encounter online when it comes to CCC.

Who knows how many additional individuals fell prey to this con artist and lost their money over the years.

It’s a distressing thought. UGH.

However, that’s not the end of the story…

Click Clone Cash Isn’t Even on Better Business Bureau

Typically, you might rely on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to gauge a company’s level of trustworthiness. However, in the case of CCC, it’s conspicuously absent from the BBB records.

But it’s worth noting that even BBB itself raises doubts, as evident in discussions on platforms like Reddit, where some individuals express skepticism regarding its reliability.

Unfortunately, my search didn’t yield any pertinent information related to CCC on other watchdog-style websites such as Pissed Consumer and Trustpilot either.

This is precisely why individuals like ME take the time to write these reviews – to caution newcomers like YOU about the potential risks associated with dubious-looking products.

In summary, I hope the information I’ve shared provides you with a sense of the risks involved, potentially leading to the loss of your hard-earned money with this particular system.

Wrapping it up on the Click Clone Cash Scam…

Regrettably, it appears that Josh Owens (or whoever he is) and his deceitful network of so-called “magical systems” like Click Clone Cash have managed to lure in numerous newcomers.

The concept of achieving quick riches is, without a doubt, a fallacy. Period.

Moreover, can you genuinely entertain the idea that Josh would provide you with a “$100K-per-month system” for less than $40, let alone give it away for free?

Unfortunately, individuals with a voracious appetite for ill-gotten gains, like Josh, are determined to lead you down a different path.

So, when it comes to CCC, my advice is to make a swift exit because, like all the other victims, you’ll find yourself out of pocket if you don’t.

Want a Money-Making Solution That “Works”?

You’re undeniably fed up with the shameless and spineless fraudsters that plague the internet, and I completely understand your frustration.

Believe me, I’ve walked in your shoes countless times since 1999! I fell for one scam after another, with no positive outcomes, and it left a substantial dent in my finances.

However, my fortunes took a turn for the better when I stumbled upon the right platform and put in the hard work.

So, if you’re in search of a 100% LEGIT way to start an online business from the ground up, especially as a newcomer, and you want a step-by-step approach, I encourage you to explore Commission Academy – it’s entirely free!

Your buddy, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or terrible experiences to share on the product in question, please post your comments below…


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