Click Clone Cash Review: [Is Josh Owens A Scam Artist?]

Welcome to my unbiased review of Click Clone Cash created by Josh Owens!

The guy claims he’ll be partnering up with you to make money FOR you – to the tune of $100,000 per month ($1.2 million per year, and not a penny less).

Holy hole in a doughnut, is this dude even for real?!

Well, that’s what you’re about to find out inside THIS review, so continue reading…

At a Quick Glance

Click Clone Cash
Name: Click Clone Cash (CCC).

Owner: Josh Owens, allegedly.

Website: It falls under various domains.

Cost: $39.99 + $100s!

My Score: 0/10.


  • Not a sausage


  • Sales video is full of money-making/lavish lifestyle deception
  • Fake-ass member testimonials & income screenshots
  • Josh Owens is an extremely questionable character
  • Zero explanation of how the system actually works
  • Customer Service/email support is a complete joke
  • It’s highly unlikely that you’ll get a refund
  • Numerous scam complaints from disgruntled customers
  • You won’t make a single cent online from it. Period.


Click Clone Cash has been doing the rounds for a number of years – ripping off unsuspecting newbies by literally $100s for some “magical website”.

And even today in 2021, the vile scam’s still active!

You’re supposed to receive some sort of affiliate website cloning system that banks you a mega income quickly…

But all you’ll be doing is investing cash into a web-hosting service and not actually receiving any guidance on building a profitable website from scratch.

The only person profiteering from CCC is the creator himself, sadly.

Unfortunately, customers who try to claim refunds are given the run-around and end up having to contact their banks to put a stop to Josh thieving more of their dollars.

I’ve also heard on the grapevine that CCC has been duplicated – going by the names of Click Clone Click, and Quick Home Cash.

Even Josh Owens himself hides behind other identities of either “Tim or Ted Atkinson”.

So who knows how many more rehashed duds and fabricated names he’s likely to invent for himself in the future.

Final Verdict: (Scam) Not Recommended.

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What is Click Clone Cash All About?

According to joker-man Josh, CCC is a zero-click ‘Done For You’ “free system” that will start making you $100K per month from today.

Apparently, the system (in the form of a website) clones successful businesses online.

And then BOOM, you rake in the dough as easy as stealing candy from a baby.

But if it’s really free, then why the heck is the sleazeball conning people out of $100s? LOL.

He also makes numerous wild and wacky claims like:

“The money just never stops, it’s like a raging river”…

“You just tell the system where you want the checks sent”…

“My system has generated $12 million during its testing phase over the last few weeks”…

As with every trickster, the guy sells you “the dream”, which is purely for HIS own benefit because he doesn’t care one iota about YOUR success.

Let’s discover some red flags that support my conclusion.


#1: Living The Life of Riley…

The video starts off with images of supercars, mansions, diamond necklaces, luxury yachts, private jets, exotic beaches, and fine dining, etc.

You know, all that elegant stuff you generally find in James Bond movies.

Followed by Josh returning from a trip and jumping in his Jaguar to drive home to his mini-mansion – where he’s greeted by an excited wife and kids.

And, of course, he just can’t resist taking his family for a cruise on their luxury boat – whilst he talks to the video camera about how their life has drastically changed.
Josh Owens Online Scam Artist on His Boat
It’s nothing but a lame tactic designed to excite your bones and break down your barriers.

Because, who, wouldn’t want to exchange their life-sucking “JOB” for a life of financial freedom and luxury, huh?


#2: Who The Hell is “Josh Owens”, You Ask?

Josh claims to be the real deal, but I wouldn’t trust him if my life depended on it because he displays zero proof of his identity.

Which, to me, suggests he’s an “alias” – especially when he’s also known as Ted or Tim Atkinson online.

In fact, I’m willing to bet he’s a “paid” actor because who would be stupid enough to create a dishonest scheme and reveal himself to the world on camera for 50 minutes?

But with that said, I think even the actor himself has to be a special kind of stupid because god help him if he ever comes face-to-face with one of his scam victims.

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#3: Ludicrous Income Screenshots…

The system is a real dream come true according to Josh – who just loves to tease you with his own, as well as CCC member earnings.

Look at this convincing screenshot, for example, where a member of his made almost $7,000 in affiliate commissions in a single day!
Click Clone Cash Fake Four Figure Daily Earnings
But appearances can be deceiving, as they say.

It’s clearly the case here because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that anyone can create counterfeit income screenshots online these days.

Moreover, Josh fails to prove HOW he and his members’ are ACTUALLY cashing in, which should trigger alarm bells.


#4: Over-The-Top Member Testimonials…

Members’ of CCC are so thrilled to be collecting $1,000s – $10,000s from the system without lifting a finger, that they need to shout it from the rooftops.

Meet this young lady, for example.
Click Clone Cash Fake Female Member Income Testimonial
Who, practically, pees her panties with excitement, saying, and I quote:

“Omg, OMG, that’s $19,000 in less than 24 hours! How did this even happen?”

All she has to support her testimonial is an affiliate dashboard snapshot (like the one shown above), which doesn’t mean diddly squat.

So what’s the betting that she’s a hired “actress” from a site like, huh?

All in all, I think it’s reasonable to say that CCC is a total “get-rich-quick” myth.

Do you agree?


How Click Clone Cash Works Underneath The Hood…

You’re supposed to receive access to some sort of website cloning system that easily pockets you $1,000s a month in commissions when you part with your cash.

Click Clone Cash Order Page
But all you’ll be doing is purchasing web-hosting from a company named ‘Cloud Pro Hosting’ through Josh Owens’ “affiliate link” so he earns a nice commission off of you.
But unfortunately, that’s about it…

There’s no “magic website” and there’s certainly no valuable training on how to build a profitable WordPress blog site either.

In my affiliate marketing experience, it’s impossible to succeed with web-hosting alone.

Because without your own website, some essential tools, the right guidance and support, you’ll never turn a buck online as a newbie.

So whoever hides behind CCC is just selling you some old wives tail, I’m afraid.


Click Clone Cash Complaints From Browned Off Customers

Regardless of whether or not you get your hands on some ‘Done For You’ website.

I guarantee that Josh and his crew will take you for an unpleasant ride.

See some angry complaints from customers in 2019 who have already lost $100s as a result of buying into Josh’s bullsh*t.
Scam Complaint Against Josh Owens
Scam Complaint Against Ted Atkinson
These are just two of the many complaints online against CCC that you’ll come across.

I hope what I’ve shared gives you some indication of how many of your hard-earned dollars you could potentially flush down the toilet here.


Wrapping it up on the Click Clone Cash Scam…

Big Cartoon Thumbs DownSadly, it seems numerous newbies have been sucked in by Josh Owens (or whoever he is) and his fraudulent network of so-called “magical systems” like Click Clone Cash.

The notion of get-rich-quick will never exist. Period.

Furthermore, do you honestly believe that Josh is gonna sell you some “$100K-per-month system” for less than $40, let alone give it away for free?

Unfortunately, toxic money-grabbing ratbags like Josh want to you to believe differently, at the end of the day.

So run for the hills when it comes to CCC because you’ll be out-of-pocket like all the other victims if you don’t.


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Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or crappy experiences with CCC to share? Please chime in below…


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