12 Minute Affiliate Review: [Will You Profit in 720 Seconds?]

Thanks for stopping by my unbiased 12 Minute Affiliate review! 😀

Did you know you can easily start pocketing affiliate commissions in as little as 720 seconds?

Well, according to Devon Brown and his buddy David Sloan you can.

But are these guys just full of hot air or does their product really live up to their bold claims, huh?

For a truthful answer and also to discover how their money-making product works, dig into THIS review…

At a Quick Glance

12 Minute Affiliate
Name: 12 Minute Affiliate (12MA).

Owners: Devon Brown & David Sloan.

Website: 12minuteaffiliate.com.

Cost: $9.95 for a test-drive. Then $47 – $97/month or $397 – $797 for lifetime access + Upsells.

My Score: 7/10.


  • Test-drive it for less than $10
  • Private Members’ Facebook group for support
  • Has the potential to make money
  • Get a refund in 60 days


  • The product may be considered as expensive
  • Solo ads are costly & aren’t guaranteed to produce results
  • Comes with upsells


I must admit, 12 Minute Affiliate makes things easier for newbies because everything’s ‘Done-For-You’ – preventing painful headaches.

But with that said, this “per-built” sales funnel system limits you to just 1 – 3 niches.

So I think there needs to be more flexibility.

And stacked on top of that are big costs tied to generating traffic to your funnel using solo ads, which can be risky.

But overall, if you’ve got plenty of funds in the bank and don’t mind working with a limited choice of niches, then 12MA is for you.

Final Verdict: Legit (Recommended).

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What is 12 Minute Affiliate About, You Ask?

According to the creators of 12MA, it’s a “plug and play system that makes it easy to pocket affiliate commissions – even for newbies”…

They also reckon you can start making that money from promoting JVZoo, Warrior+Plus, and ClickBank products in as little as 12 minutes…

And you don’t need to build your own website or learn how to drive traffic either…

Blahdy blah.

Apparently, turning a buck with 12MA is a simple 3-step process:

  1. Personalize the system with your affiliate links
  2. Add ‘Done-For-You’ traffic
  3. And then boom, you collect commissions – keeping 100% of your earnings

I don’t know about you, but to me, it seems like a load of gimmicky fluff, right off the bat.

Because, I don’t see how you can earn your very first commission in just a short 12-minute window – since there are variables at play.

But with that said, I do believe you can make money with 12MA.

Even if there are cheaper and hype-free affiliate marketing alternatives.

Just like First-Time Internet Marketing Profits, Affilorama, Chris Farrell Membership, and Funnel Academy to name a few.


How Does 12 Minute Affiliate Work For The Dough?

Put simply, Brown and Sloan provide you with ‘Done-For-You’ sales funnels that enable you to earn commissions from products in 3 different niches:

  1. Home-Based Business
  2. Weight Loss
  3. Personal Development

12 Minute Affiliate Members Training Dashboard

A quick look inside the 12 Minute Affiliate Dashboard area.

In order to make money with 12MA, you simply complete the following tasks:

#1: Select a pre-done sales funnel (from the 10 – 30 that are available) for the niche you want to roll with.

#2: Set up your affiliate links inside the funnel so you can actually get paid commissions from product sales.

#3: Grab an account with an autoresponder service like Aweber to integrate into your funnel.

This is so you can build an email list of subscribers to recommend your affiliate offers to, using the 80 – 240 pre-written emails you get.

“The money’s in the list”, as they say.

#4: And then it’s off to the races by paying solo ad vendors a bunch of dollars for sending traffic to your sales funnel.

Basically, the vendors email their subscribers with your funnel link, who then join your list and potentially buy your product recommendations.

Well, that’s the idea anyway.

While it’s great having a fully automated system with pre-selected products, pre-built funnels, and pre-written emails – the whole shebang.

12MA is far from the best approach to turning a buck through affiliate marketing, in my opinion. And here’s why…


3 of The Biggest Problems With 12 Minuet Affiliate

Firstly, affiliate marketing is about providing solutions to people’s problems within a niche that fills you with immense enjoyment.

So if you have an interest in the home business, weight loss, and personal development industries, then 12MA is gonna be right up your street.

But if those topics are of no interest to you in the slightest, then you’re just another zombified affiliate trying to “cash in” for the sake of it.

Secondly, if you roll with the “home business” industry, then it’s important to know there’s a lot of “get-rich-quick” bullsh*t floating around…

ClickBank products like Money Looper, Instant Email Empire, and Explode My Payday, to name a handful.

And then you’ve got other hyped-up ones to avoid like Profit 365, Auto Chat Profits, and Affiliate Bots, etc.

If you promote these to your subscribers, the only thing you’ll be doing is damaging your reputation and credibility online.

And thirdly, “solo ads” will cost you an arm and a leg with no guaranteed results because they are not created equal, at the end of the day.

Some vendors will sell you crappy traffic that results in poor email open rates, low-quality leads, and little to no sales.

Whereas others will pull the wool over your eyes – sending fake traffic and bots to your funnel with ZERO results.

So tread carefully when it comes to solo ads.


How Much Does 12 Minute Affiliate Cost, Huh?

There are two types of membership levels available to purchase – except the number of costs within both levels are enough to make your head spin.

The costs of 12MA broken down:

Level 1 (1 niche included):

  • 2-week trial = $9.95
  • Then it’s $47/monthly or lifetime access = $397 (one-time)
  • Upsell #1 = $39
  • Upsell #2 = $67

Level 2 (3 niches included):

  • 2-week trial = $9.95
  • Then it’s $97/month or lifetime access = $797 (one-time)
  • Upsell #1 = $39
  • Upsell #2 = $97

Also, access to an autoresponder starts from $15/month (depending on the service).

But your costs will really rack up when you pay for solo ads because they can easily cost anywhere from $100s$1,000s.

So you really need a big starting budget to take full advantage of 12MA. Otherwise, you’re wasting your time, in my book.

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Final Conclusion: Is 12 Minute Affiliate Legit & Worth it?

After looking into 12 Minute Affiliate, it’s plain to see that it’s a legitimate product giving you the potential to build an email list and make money.

But as for it being worth your time and money…

I think that boils down to a number of factors like the niche and products you choose to promote, etc.

But with Devon and David’s ‘Done-For-You’ system…

Not only will you be locked in a niche (or niches) that you’ll probably have no interest in to begin with.

But the solo ad route for driving traffic to your funnel is both expensive and unpredictable.

Which is why the system is only really suitable for those newbies who fit the bill.

Affiliate Disclaimer: This is an affiliate link. It’s how we stay funded & these commissions keep our blog afloat. Please support us by buying via the link below:

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