DFY Bonus Suite Review: [5X Your Affiliate Sales… BOOM!]

Welcome to my totally honest and unbiased review of DFY Bonus Suite!

In Chris Derenberger’s words:

It’s “the easiest way to create on-demand bonus and review pages for product promotions that can increase your affiliate sales up to 5X and more”.

But is he just your typical WarriorPlus product publisher selling you a lot of sizzle?

Or can his latest bonus product really boost your affiliate commissions – giving Commission Gorilla a real run for its money?

Let’s find out!…

At a Quick Glance

DFY Bonus Suite Review

Name: DFY Bonus Suite (DBS).

Owner: Chris Derenberger.

Website: dfybonussuite.com.

Cost: $16.95 + Upsells.

My Score: 7/10.


  • Cheap front end price
  • Sexy customized WordPress theme & plugins
  • Newbie-friendly step-by-step video training
  • Email & Facebook group support
  • Suitable for all niches + launch jacking
  • Get ranked in Google & build a profitable Biz with organic traffic
  • The cheapest way to launch & grow a long term affiliate Biz
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Blogging takes time to get traction in terms of traffic & sales
  • Some training areas are missing key lessons
  • Comes with upsells


Whether you’re new to affiliate marketing, the world of WordPress blogging and/or wanna ramp up the profits from your promotions, then DFY Bonus Suite will fit you like a glove.

Because you not only get a WordPress theme and plugins, but also great quality training and support for building a lucrative review and bonus site…

One, that can get ranked in the search engines to drive you plenty of organic traffic for years to come.

Because there’s some basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) training mixed into the pot.

Plus, if you’re in the ‘affiliate marketing’ niche, you’ll sure as hell show the launch jackers who’s boss with DBS. 😉

So yeah, I genuinely believe that this product can 5X (and then some) your commissions by following the training to the letter.

Final Verdict: Legit (Recommended).

Affiliate Disclaimer: This is an affiliate link. It’s how we stay funded & these commissions keep our blog afloat. Please support us by buying via the link below:

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But before going further, see my #1 recommendation that truly offers you the essentials for building a lucrative affiliate Biz from scratch.

Alternatively, check out this ‘Done-For-You’ system if that’s more your cuppa when it comes to turning a buck online as a novice affiliate marketer.

What’s DFY Bonus Suite All About, You Ask?

In a nutshell: DFY Bonus Suite offers you the resources for building a profitable affiliate product review and bonus WordPress blog from scratch…

In terms of a premium style customized theme with premium and free plugins installed, step-by-step video training, and a Facebook group as well as timely email support from Chris himself.

The only additional services you’ll need to invest in are a domain name and web hosting to actually start and grow a brandable blog.

Plus Chris offers you a couple of his own bonuses you can buy to set the ball rolling with your brand spanking new review and bonus site.

But we’ll get to the costs part deeper into this review.

Admittedly, after buying DBS myself, it’s a fairly decent product in my opinion.

Usually, when I buy WarriorPlus stuff, the sales pages are hyped-up to the teeth and front end products don’t always deliver the goods.

But with DBS, it’s a different story – there’s some great value behind the scenes.

However, it’s not 100% perfect because I think some parts of the training are a bit gappy.

So there’s certainly still room for improvement in my book.

But then again, I’ve been doing this affiliate marketing and WordPress stuff for a while…

So maybe my expectations are higher.

But from a newb point of view, I think you’re gonna love this money-making product.

Let’s Pop The Hood to See How DFY Bonus Suite Works…

After you’ve purchased DBS, you’ll be given login details to a dashboard area that looks like THIS:

DFY Bonus Suite Training Dashboard

Where you must go through the following video lessons that show everything from blog set up to writing content to adding bonuses to ranking your site on Google:

  1. Install WordPress (9.36 minutes)
  2. Importing The Theme (4.07 mins)
  3. Website Overview (3.39 mins)
  4. Website Settings (6.31 mins)
  5. Header & Footer (5.25 mins)
  6. Editing Home Page (4.11 mins)
  7. Editing Bonus Pages (17 mins)
  8. Getting Bonuses (13.46 mins)
  9. Delivering Bonuses (9.03 mins)
  10. Using Dropbox (4.22 mins)
  11. Elementor Advanced (9.27 mins)
  12. Ranking in Google (9.44 mins)

Overall, I think Chris delivers some pretty good easy-to-follow training for affiliate marketing noobs who aren’t clued-up on this blogging and bonus stuff.

But as I said, some areas are lacking.

For example, there’s nothing on installing an SSL certificate (HTTPS) to make your site safe or structuring your reviews from an SEO standpoint.

But with that said, this is where the ‘WP Affiliate Suite’ bonus upsell steps in with its A-Z WordPress training.

As for the last training video ‘Ranking in Google’, I’m kinda on the fence.

Because Chris recommends buying various “backlinking” gigs via ‘Legiit’ for helping you rank your site at the top of Google.

It can work, don’t get me wrong.

But purchasing backlinks is also a controversial strategy among some bloggers.

Because it carries risks IF done wrong and too fast – Google can derank your site if it detects something fishy right under its nose.

So if you do buy some gigs, I recommend you talk to the seller(s) beforehand for best practices.

Because they’re the experts after all, right?

What’s The Cost of DFY Bonus Suite, You Say?

The front end price of DBS is just $16.95, which is an absolute steal and a half for the level of value you get.

On top of that, you’ll need to purchase a domain name for roughly $10/year and also web hosting for just a handful of bucks per month.

Which is one of the cheapest ways you can start an affiliate marketing Biz, in my experience.

And if you wanna follow Chris’s Google ranking training & recommendations, then backlinking gigs start from $8 and upwards.

And then it’s upsell time, baby!

  1. Premium Bonuses ($37): ‘WP Affiliate Suite‘ and ‘YT Supremacy‘ for sky-rocketing your commissions
  2. Email Training ($27) for building a profitable email list on autopilot
  3. Reseller License ($67) for earning 100% front end commissions & 50% funnel commissions

Overall, the cost to put the whole product into action is fairly reasonable in my book.

My Hand-Picked “Fast Action Taker” Bonuses

When you buy DBS through my link below, I’ll chuck in the following 2 bonuses to sweeten the pot…

First up, I’ll give you access to a brand new 2021 WordPress training course containing 100 step-by-step video lessons ($197 VALUE).

A small taster of the lessons:

WordPress Training Videos

In my opinion, the course complements the DBS training just nicely.

Because there’s so much awesomeness you’ll learn about getting a free website started and crafting it into a lucrative blog as an affiliate in any niche.

Secondly, if you buy the ‘Premium Bonuses‘ OR ‘Email Training‘ upsell, you’ll get 2 new 2021 HD video step-by-step training courses on mastering Microsoft Ads ($134 VALUE).

Microsoft Ads Training

  • Course #1: 15 lessons on getting to grips with Bing Ads ($37 VALUE)
  • Course #2: 35 lessons on creating profitable Bing Ads campaigns ($97 VALUE)

And thirdly, if you buy the ‘Reseller License‘ upsell, I’ll give you a 12-month free silver level pass to the ‘SureFire Wealth‘ bonus library (VALUE: $147).

Where you’ll have 100s of products (ebooks, software, plugins, videos, and audios) to download and offer as bonuses in your affiliate promotions.

Final Conclusion: Is DFY Bonus Suite Worth it?

Considering the price is only $16.95 for a WordPress theme, plugins, step-by-step training, and also email/Facebook support for creating a successful review and bonus website…

DFY Bonus Suite is most definitely worth investing your hard-earned bucks in.

Scratch that, it’s an absolute steal and a half!

Yeah, the training may lack in some areas, and the Google ranking method may not suit every newbie’s taste…

But DBS still thrashes the pants off Commission Gorilla, in my book.

Plus, if you buy the premium WP Affiliate Suite and YT Supremacy bonuses, you can really build a powerful bonus blog and brand around your niche.

Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or thoughts to share on DBS? Please hop on the conversation below…


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