WordPress Review: [Why It’s a True Blogger’s Paradise]

WordPress ReviewWelcome to my insightful review of WordPress!

If you’re looking to build a website to get a successful affiliate marketing business off the ground as a blogger, then WordPress is just the ticket.

And no, I’m not blowing smoke up its ass just co collect a “commission” for myself…

But as a user since 2013, I can honestly say it’s the best blogging tool that’s helped me build a lucrative Biz from scratch.

And it can work wonders for you as well IF you’re prepared to crank out smashing content for the next 12 – 18 months.

But enough of my ramblings (LOL) – let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of the wordy platform…


What Exactly is WordPress All About, You Say?

Basically, WordPress (see its Wikipedia page) is a tool that enables you to easily create a free customizable website or should I say “blog”?…

So you can write your way to success online.

Or in geek-speak – it’s known as an open-source CMS (Content Management System), which doesn’t exactly sound sexy, in my book.

Today, WordPress has grown into the biggest and most popular blogging platform known to man…

Simply for the fact that it not only offers so much more functionality and flexibility than its competitors.

But also has fantastic search engine ranking capabilities…

As you’ve probably already seen from the numerous WordPress blogs (in various niches) dominating the first pages of Google, right? 😉

Here’s a few more WordPress fun facts:

  • The platform powers 34% of all websites online
  • It has a good 60% share of the blogging market
  • 14% of the world’s top websites are powered by WordPress
  • 500+ websites pop up on the internet daily
  • More than 400 million peeps visit WordPress sites on a monthly basis
  • It offers a total number of 30,000 website template themes & 55,000 plugins

Awesome sauce!

So I think it’s fair to say that the platform’s a no-brainer for starting a blog and building a successful business/brand, right?


WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org – Ooh, Choices!

The thing about WordPress is that it offers you two options for building a blog.

Which, unfortunately, is why numerous newbies get confused as hell.

So to help you understand the differences between the .com and .org platforms, and also ensure you choose the best route, I’m gonna break them down:


WordPress.com (Best For Mucking Around on The Web)

If you just wanna practice the art of blogging in your spare time – keeping an online journal of your family and day-to-day life, etc…

Then I’d say that the WordPress.com hosting platform is your best fit.

Because you simply set up your blog and start typing away about your chosen subject(s).

But there are many downsides to this free version though:

  • It’s only free up to a certain amount of GB space – meaning you must upgrade to a yearly plan that ranges from $48 – $540 (depending on your preferences).
  • You don’t have the option to install plugins, there’s only a handful of template themes to choose from & you can’t install your own tracking service like Google Analytics.
  • You have lack of control over monetizing your blog + ads are placed on your site (which you don’t earn from).
  • Your blog’s hosted on an unprofessional-looking subdomain (i.e. myblog.wordpress.com) + the control of your blog is out of your hands because it can be shut down if ever you violate the terms of service.

So there are certainly some limitations that come with the free plan and even numerous paid plans too, unfortunately.

But if you really wanna hit it out of the ballpark and take things to the next level as a blogger, then roll with the second option…


WordPress.org (Best For Ditching The Rat Race – Cheesy, But Seriously!)

Man Blogging on a ComputerIf you wanna start and grow a profitable Biz as an affiliate marketer and join the blogging ranks of the elite…

Then the WordPress.org self-hosted platform (the one I’ve used for FuriousAffiliate) is the way to go.

Because it wipes the floor clean with the first option…

You get the total freedom to build and monetize a blog however you damn well please without limitations and the fear of it been closed down.

But obviously, there are some costs (or should I say “investments”?) involved to enjoy all the benefits of being a ninja blogger.

But fear not, a self-hosted WordPress site won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Because you simply need to buy web-hosting and your own .com domain name to claim your slice of the cyberspace real estate pie.

For example; A .com domain name from NameCheap can cost less than $15 per year.

And web-hosting from BlueHost starts at just $4 per month (paid annually).

In my affiliate marketing experience, starting a self-hosted WordPress blog is the cheapest way you can get an online Biz started.


In fact, see my #1 rated cost-effective platform that equips you with a blog, domain, hosting, tools, training & support for building a lucrative Biz.


How WordPress Works – A Quick Glimpse at The Engine Parts

OK, so now that we’ve established that WordPress.org is the better of the two paths, this is the one we’ll focus on going forward.

But I won’t bore you to tears with the full ins and outs of every single tab and feature *YAWN*…

I’ll just dive into the three core elements that prop up successful blogs:

  1. Content (post editor)
  2. Design (template themes)
  3. Plugins (functionality)

Lets gooo!…


#1: Publishing Content Using The Editor

The blog post editor is where all the magic happens.
WordPress Block Editor
Because using the ‘Visual Editor’ (the newbie-friendly approach), you simply write out your quality content without needing to be a coding nerd.

Where you’ll also have the option of using the kitchen sink that allows you to “pretty up” your posts using various elements.

Furthermore, there’s the ability to easily monetize your content, link to other posts/sites, and also add images/YouTube videos, etc.

But if you really know your HTML wizardry stuff and want a challenge with your content creation, there’s the ‘Text Editor’ at your disposal too.

Personally, I still use the basic editor (YUP, 7 years later lol) because it’s just quicker and easier to crank out the posts.

But each to their own, as the saying goes.


#2: Choosing The Look & Feel of Your Blog

The awesome thing about WordPress is that you have 1,000s of pre-done website template themes you can install from the library.
Blog Template Themes
Additionally, each theme comes with a bunch of settings that really allow you to customize your site to your liking.

But on the flip side, you can literally spend forever and a day searching for that perfect design that ticks all your boxes.

Because the truth be told, such a theme doesn’t exist.

Take it from someone who’s spent years theme hopping. Ugh.

So if there’s one tip I can offer you, it’s this:

Just pick a nice, clean, and basic theme because it’s all about pleasing YOUR website visitors, at the end of the day.

Trust me, they don’t give a rats ass about an all-singing-all-dancing site…

They just want a great user-experience with a ton of invaluable content thrown in.

Furthermore, if you roll with a simple theme (especially one that’s fast-loading like ‘GeneratePress’), you’re on to a winner from an SEO angle.


#3: Installing Add-ons to Spice Things up

Another great thing is that there are 10,000s of plugins (similar to apps) to really spruce up your blog with extended functionality.
Blog Plugins
However, with so many bells n’ whistles to tie in with your blog, you can easily get carried away with installing a load of them.

Which, unfortunately, can also be harmful to your success as a digital Biz owner.

Because for starters, overloading your blog with plugins can potentially slow it down.

Which in turn may affect its rankings in the search engines.

And secondly, if your site’s too busy and blingy, expect your visitors to run in the direction of your competitors’ instead.

So the best way to keep everyone happy is to only install a handful of essential plugins that will assist you with stuff like:

  • SEO optimization
  • Website visitor tracking
  • Making content socially shareable
  • Shrinking image file sizes to maintain site speed
  • Giving visitors a way to contact you via email
  • Creating & adding an email opt-in form
  • The monetization of your blog

Trust me, keeping things simple really is the best way to crush it with affiliate marketing as a blogger.

OK, that’s all good and well, BUT…


“How The Heck Do I Start & Build a Kick-Ass WordPress Blog, Neil!”…

I’m glad you asked, young grasshopper!

With so much choice in terms of different domain name and web-hosting companies, it’s enough to make your head spin.

Plus, many of those services fail to actually show you how to build a successful long term blogging business, which is frustrating.

So in my experience, the solution is to build your free blog using SiteRubix because here’s why…

Not only can you easily have a new shiny blog up and running in under a minute…

But your site also comes with access to an entire “all in one” community with the following benefits:

  • Fast & secure web-hosting
  • An in-house registrar to buy a .com domain (+ free email addresses)
  • Step-by-step video training on blogging your way to a full-time income
  • 24/7 support from a 2-million member community comprising beginners & experts
  • Plus, access to so many other cool features & services for crushing it as a blogger

Need I say more, huh? 😛

If you’d like in on this exclusive community for a reasonable monthly or yearly cost – Start with Wealthy Affiliate as a free member here.


My Final Conclusion on WordPress: Why It’s The One For You…

Since 2013, I have used nothing but WordPress to build out profitable blogs (including THIS one) in a variety of niches.

Because the platform has so much more flexibility and functionality compared to the likes of WiX, Blogspot, Weebly, and Squarespace.

Plus, Google absolutely LOVES WordPress blogs (hence, why they rank high in its search engine)…

Which allows you to create a successful Biz from organic traffic as a result.

So the tool’s a no-brainer really.

Obviously, WordPress won’t be every noob’s cup of tea because you can’t please everyone, right?

But if you’re serious about becoming a rockstar blogger in your niche, then build a self-hosted site for free because you won’t regret it…

Well, that’s IF you’re ready to grease up those elbows and be patient for success because the content posts won’t write themselves.

Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or thoughts to share on WordPress? Please chime into the conversation below…


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