Quick Home Websites Review: [A Weird Scam to Dodge?]

Inside THIS unbiased review of Quick Home Websites, you’ll discover whether it really delivers big money as easy as it claims or is just a rotten scam to dodge.

And just so you know, I have no affiliation with this hyped-up ClickBetter product, whatsoever.

Which means I’ll be sharing nothing but the honest truth with you.

Sound cool?

At a Quick Glance:

Quick Home Websites Scam Review
Name: Quick Home Websites (QHW).

Owner: Jake, allegedly.

Website: quickhomewebsites.com.

Cost: $37 + Upsells.

My Score: 1/10.


  • ClickBetter offers a 60-day refund


  • Promo video contains hyped-up nonsense
  • Jake is a fictional character
  • Video testimonials aren’t even genuine
  • Overall product is insufficient for success


Sadly, Jake (or should I say “Jake The Snake”) pulls the wool over your eyes with the promise of making you $1K daily on autopilot with his so-called “weird trick” websites.

His whole sales video is nothing but a trick itself designed to extract $37 (and then some) from you.

To really make money online with a website requires the right resources, plenty of learning, and working your butt off.

But if you knew the truth, how’s poor old Jake gonna fill his pockets?

If you want to see the red flags I found and learn exactly WHY I’ve duped QHW as a scammy product to keep at arm’s length, dig into this FULL review.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended.

But first things first.

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What is Quick Home Websites About?

Jake (the dude behind QHW and video spokesman) says he’s set you up an online business that works on autopilot using some “weird trick”.

As you’re watching his 7-minute video presentation, he claims he’s about to activate your ‘Done For You’ system with a few clicks of his mouse button.

All you need to do is sit back in your chair while cash floods your bank account (to the tune of $1,000 per day).

But here’s the extremely laughable part.

Jake actually shows you live proof of your brand spanking new system beginning to fill up with cash.

Fake Three Figure Clickbank Commissions

$175 in Fake Clickbank Affiliate Commissions!


However, since he fails to disclose HOW his system automatically rakes in a fortune on your behalf – makes him a Billy bullsh*tter.

If I’m being honest, the notion of get-rich-quick is from The Land of Make Believe – forged by product publishers like “Jake” to make themselves stinking rich.

So refuse to allow yourself to become yet another scam victim.


6 More Reasons to Avoid Quick Home Websites…

Unsurprisingly, Jake’s sales pitch raises a bunch of red flags that are designed as psychological triggers – tempting you into parting with your hard-earned bucks.

So here are some VERY good reasons to be highly skeptical of QHW from the get-go:


#1: “Jake” Isn’t The Real Deal…

If Jake really is the person responsible for QHW, then why is there no ACTUAL proof of his existence, huh?

You only have his first name and word to go by – which isn’t exactly a great way for him to earn your trust, if I’m being honest.

So quite clearly, the product creator lacks integrity and has something to hide, otherwise they wouldn’t invent some random “pen name”.

According to a complaint I found online, the true identity of Jake goes by the name of “Craig Hammer” – the registered owner of Tim Marketing Inc.

Ripoff Report Complaint on Tim Marketing Inc

Source: RipoffReport.com.

If you snoop around the web, you’ll likely come across plenty of complaints from disgruntled customers – all wanting their money back from Craigy boy.


#2: Testimonials Raise Serious Concerns…

Each person you hear from – claiming they’ve made a huge bundle of cash in the shortest time possible, are simply telling porkies.

Take this couple who made an astonishing $70K inside a 4-month window, for example.
Five Figure Testimonial From Married Couple
But really, they’ve more than likely made a measly 5 bucks from the scammer who hired them for their ‘spokesperson’ services on Fiverr or somewhere.

YUP, that’s right, the so-called member testimonials are scripted because the dream system is non-existent.

Furthermore, not once do the folks mention QHW in their testimonials, since it allows the fraudster to use the same testimonials for other pipe dreams he or she has lined up for you in the future.

This brings me to the next red flag…


#3: Beware, It’s a Rehashed Dud!…

Unfortunately, the creator of QHW is responsible for a huge bunch of these so-called money-makers.

This has no doubt allowed the toerag to collect $100,000s from unsuspecting newbs over the years.

Here are some recent scams I’ve bumped into – all using the same (or very similar) garbage sales pitches:

Your Dream Websites Makes One Thousand Dollar Daily Claims
And here are others dating back to 2017 (and possibly even way before that!):

You can bet a dollar to a dime that the list goes on and on.

Wanna know why?

Because, when numerous reviews (like THIS) expose a deceptive product like QHW, for example, the scammer shuts it down and sets up shop under a new brand.

It’s a never-ending Tom and Jerry cycle, I tell ya!

Which, sadly, leaves 1,000s of newbies out-of-pocket – while the scammer, on the other hand, shamelessly lives the life of Riley.

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#4: “Don’t Miss Your Chance”, Blahdy Blah…

Jake tells you to grab his life-changing QHW system before it vanishes into thin air.

But I’m sure you’ve heard all that “limited spots remaining” baloney before, right?

In a nutshell, it’s called fake scarcity and is an extremely effective way for fraudsters to lay their hands on your hard-earned spondoolies.

I can guarantee that if you visit ‘quickhomewebsites.com’ in the next 24 hours or even 7 days from now, Jake’s product will still be for sale.

Unless, of course, it’s pulled from the shelves for one of two good reasons:

A: The ClickBetter network receives too many refund requests from angry customers.

B: The serial scammer decides to rebrand the garbage due to numerous complaints and honest reviews.


#5: The Old “Web is Full of Scammers” Trick…

Jake claims his system is nothing like all that “get-rich-quick” crap promising to make you a millionaire overnight and hiding the real money-making ways.

Blah, blah, blah.


But hold on a second…

That’s EXACTLY what QHW is (LOL).

Jake’s words are nothing but a trust-building exercise used to clear up any doubts you have about QHW and get you on his team.

Just don’t get sucked in by his toxic words or you may just end up short of a handful of dollars.


#6: Questionable Income Screenshots…

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about scam artists and low-quality product creators, in general, is that they try to dazzle your ass with screenshots of easy big money.

Because, it’s a classic deal-sealer.

In the case of QHW, Jake takes things to the extreme by claiming he’s raked in $7,000,000 over the last few years and shows one of his screenshots as a proof.

Your Dream Websites Fake Seven Million Dollar Income Proof

Jake’s $7 Million Income Proof. Yeah, Pull The Other One!

But take the screenshots with a grain of salt because any Tom, Dick, and Harry can fabricate them these days.

OK, let’s say, just for the sake of argument, that the snapshots are genuine.

Jake has more than likely generated millions of dollars from scamming thousands of newbies with his junk product network.


How Does Quick Home Websites “Actually” Work?

As I’ve said, I’ve come across QHW multiple times under various names over the years.

So I know for a fact that Jake’s system massively under delivers.

When you make the $37 purchase, all you’ll really gain access to is some generic PLR-style affiliate marketing training and cookie-cutter websites to go with it.

But get this…

The actual product you shell out for is called ‘Instant Profit Sites’, where you’ll get shallow video tutorials on the following topics:

  • Profit Accelerator
  • Lead Capture
  • Income Accounts
  • Make 10X Money
  • Steal My Pages
  • Customized Pages
  • Lead Collection
  • Sell It All In Action


When it comes to the ‘Done-For-You’ websites you receive, there’s actually a catch.

Because you must purchase a ClickFunnels sales funnel builder subscription for at least $97/month to be able to use the website templates.

Furthermore, to generate paid website traffic can easily cost you some body parts from a novice angle because internet marketing is no park picnic.

Especially, when the so-called “Jake” doesn’t even teach you the secret ninja ways to drive traffic to your pre-done websites/sales funnels.

So I think it’s fair to say that you’ll well and truly be stuck in a rut if you buy into QWH.

Which means that Jake’s ‘1K daily’ promise with QHW is absolute nonsense, to say the least.



Final Conclusion: Is Quick Home Websites a Scam?

Big Cartoon Thumbs DownEvery customer and reviewer has their own perception of Quick Home Websites.

Some regard it as a blatant scam.

Whereas others argue the fact that it provides some degree of value.

Not to mention, ClickBetter offers a 60-day refund.

But in my opinion, YES QHW is a scam because the entire sales video walks you down the garden path, at the end of the day.

And even when you do get your hands on the product, it’s possible that you won’t make a single cent…

Considering there’s no actual training on generating traffic to your sites from the get-go.

Furthermore, you’re likely to lose money with ClickFunnels and upsells, and also get bombarded (via email) by the creator (and possibly third parties)…

Enticing you with even more garbage.

These reasons combined are why the product creator hides like a coward and why you shouldn’t part with any of your hard-earned cash.


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Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or thoughts to add on QHW? We’d like to hear them below in the comments section…


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