Money Sucking Websites Review: [MSW System SUCKS!]

Thanks for swinging by my unbiased review of Money Sucking Websites (aka MSW System).

I’m not a huge fan of long-winded introductions, so I’ll cut straight to the chase.

The guy behind this product reckons you’ll easily bank hundreds of dollars every single day…

But don’t believe such a statement because this product is nothing but a scam that will never ever make you $500 daily. Period.

Want to know why?

Dive into this review for an honest answer from a guy (ME) whose unaffiliated with this crap…

At a Quick Glance

Money Sucking Websites Scam Review
Name: Money Sucking Websites/MSW System.

Owner: Willy Handcock (just an alias – but could it really be this suspicious character on YouTube HERE?).


Cost: $47 + Upsells.

My Score: 1/10.


  • A classic example of what you should be steering clear of online


  • Sales video sells you a pipe dream
  • The owner’s a pen name
  • Fake testimonials bought from Fiverr sellers
  • The actual product’s insufficient for success
  • Comes with overpriced web hosting
  • It’s continuously being rebranded
  • Some customers are fighting to get refunded


If I had a dollar for each time I came across this Money Sucking Websites con trick, I’d be a Gazillionaire by now!

Sadly, there’s no value to be gained from investing in MSW because both the website and basic training you receive are insufficient for money-making, in my book.

There’s a heck of a lot of donkey-work that goes into building a successful site – especially a WordPress blog like mine (Furious Affiliate).

But Willy doesn’t want you knowing the truth because it affects HIS own profits, at the end of the day.

If you don’t buy into his crap, he won’t make money, right?

So keep this product at arm’s length.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended.

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What is Money Sucking Websites About?

According to the Money Sucking Websites sales pitch, you’ll be given some ‘Done-For-You’ website that will magically generate $500 in affiliate commissions for you each day.

All you do is simply “push a button”, and then BOOM, the money just pours into your bank account like clockwork.

Ha, ya right!

If the internet truly allows your money-making dreams to come to fruition using some “push-button” website.

Then why isn’t everyone and their grandmother loaded by now?

Why are you still broke? 😛

Furthermore, how come the economy’s still intact?

Because, surely, everybody would jack in their day “JOB”, right?

So with the concept of ‘get-rich-quick’ being a total myth, it’s reasonable to label MSW as a scam.

But before discovering what you get for $47, here are a few more reasons why you should avoid the so-called money-maker…


Red Flag #1: Meet The Handcocks…

Willy Handcock so desperately wants you to stuff his pockets with cash, that he shows a photo of himself having a picnic with his family members.
The Handcocks Family Picnic
Aww, such a cute family.

But appearances can be deceiving, as they say.

Which, is 100% the case with Willy and his family because they are random peeps posing for a “stock photo” available to buy from
Stock Photo of Family Having a Picnic in a Park in Autumn
This also gives me good reason to believe that Willy is a “pen name” since there’s no actual social proof of his identity.

Unfortunately, it’s a shady tactic that enables scammers to continue duping newbies without the risk of damaging their reputations online.


Red Flag #2: “Hey, I Made $76K in 4 Months!”…

There are some members who boast about really raking in the dough from MSW.

Meet this dude, for example, who claims to have made over $70,000 inside a 4-month window!
Money Sucking Websites Testimonial From a Man Making 5 Figures
But refuse to believe a single word that rolls off his tongue for two very good reasons.

Firstly, he fails to produce factual evidence of his earnings.

Surely, if that $70K was real, he’d at least show HOW MSW made him that nice fortune.

And secondly, he’s been hired by the MSW scammer to read from a script.

See the guy selling his “spokesperson” services on Fiverr.

Black Man Selling Spokesperson Services on Fiverr


So if MSW really is some magical website turning dreams into a reality…

Then why is the fraudster pulling the wool over your eyes with fake-ass video testimonials?

And again, where are all the genuine member testimonials containing real income proof?

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Red Flag #3: It’s a Rehashed Dud…

Sadly, MSW has been doing the rounds on the internet for a number of years – going by a number of different identities.

Even, today, it continues that cycle because I’ve come across so-called products that look identical on the surface.

Here are a few of those duds I’ve discovered:

There are a few good reasons why MSW has been rebranded so much and why you’ll more than likely cross paths again with it in the future.

First of all, it’s down to reviewers like myself who continually expose the cowardly scam artist’s work.

And secondly, when numerous refund requests are generated and angry customers fill the web with complaints, the trickster jumps ship.

And then it’s on to inventing the next far-fetched product name.


#4: Fake-Ass Scarcity…

Something else that’s quite common among the world of tricksters is that they play the old scarcity card on you.

Which is what’s happening with the MSW sales page, where it claims that there are only 8 spots left in your area.
Website Profits Pro Fake Scarcity Message
But that’s total baloney because I can guarantee that the sales pitch will display the exact same message weeks or even months from now.

The truth of the matter is that this so-called opportunity is open to 100s, if not 1,000s of unsuspecting victims like YOU.

If you’ve got the cash, then Willy will gladly take it off your hands – adding more digits to his own bank account.


How Money Sucking Websites Works…

There’s no “magical push-button” site because what you’re provided with is a basic ‘Done-For-You’ website.

It’s just some duplicate content-thin cookie-cutter crap that will never get rankings in Google, thus no organic traffic, thus no income generated.

Furthermore, the scamster will try to squeeze you for more cash by recommending expensive web hosting to activate your site.

In addition to a non-functional website, you’ll just get some basic money-making tutorials that:

A: Are too shallow for success in the affiliate marketing arena.

And B: Are located on YouTube and other places like blogs for a big fat cost of… $0!

As a website owner, I assure you that it will take MUCH more than some duplicate site and bare bone training to crush it as an affiliate marketer.

In fact, check out First-Time Internet Marketing Profits, where my mentor and friend teaches you the real road to success with building out a website.


Final Conclusion: Is Money Sucking Websites a Scam?…

Big Cartoon Thumbs DownThe way I see it, Money Sucking Websites is a total hoax that I wouldn’t even touch with a 10-foot barge pole.

On one side of the coin, Willy (whoever he or she is) completely misleads you with get-rich-quick nonsense and deceptive sales video practices.

And on the flip side of the coin, yeah you gain access to a site and some training, but both resources are inadequate for making money online.

Plus, you’ll be required to splash out on costly web hosting, which you’ll find much cheaper from providers like HostGator.

At the end of the day, the only one laughing all the way to the bank with MSW is the toerag responsible for the scam.

So there’s nothing to see here, move along…


So, What’s The “LEGIT” Money-Making Solution?

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Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or negative MSW experiences to share with the audience? Please drop your comments below…


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