John Crestani’s Book PDF [Work At Home Secrets & Scams]

Cheers for dropping in on my thorough review of John Crestani’s book PDF: Work At Home Secrets & Scams.

Which also comes with Internet Jetset, BTW.

And YES, before you ask…

I got access to both via the Digistore24 marketplace!

Work At Home Secrets and Scams Book Order Receipt

So you may be wondering what this book and Internet Jetset have in store for you.

And whether the secrets inside them really can put you on the path to online success, right?

Continue reading this review for the answers you need from a truthful affiliate marketer…

At a Quick Glance

Book Name: Work At Home Secrets & Scams To Avoid (WAHSS for short).

Author: John Crestani.

Cost: $1 for a 30-day trial + 24 monthly installments of $39.95 for Internet Jetset.

Who’s it For?: Newbie – seasoned internet & affiliate marketers.

My Score: 7/10.

Work At Home Secrets and Scams Book by John Crestani


  • Cheap 30-day trial
  • Also comes with Internet Jetset
  • Packed with great guidance on internet/affiliate marketing
  • Numerous screenshot examples + good resource recommendations
  • Also designed as a workbook to help you succeed
  • John Crestani’s a highly successful affiliate marketer


  • It’s only in PDF format
  • Comes in black & white (I dunno about you, but I prefer a splash of colour)
  • The last few chapters need a little more meat on the bone, in my opinion
  • Internet Jetset doesn’t come with any tools & resources – it only consists of video training
  • Some folks consider John as a controversial marketer and fake guru – but I’ll let you decide after this review


Overall, the Work At Home Secrets & Scams 44-page ebook is a great read, in my book. Pun intended. 😛

Because Mr. Crestani doesn’t just guide you by the hand when it comes to the types of scams in circulation & also HOW to steer the hell clear of them…

But he helps you to understand the different ways to earn an income online (namely “affiliate marketing”) and also how to leverage certain platforms.

Platforms, that help you to effectively reach out to your target audience, drive traffic to your affiliate offers & build a successful brand.

Furthermore, I love how Crestani includes questions to answer at the end of each chapter to hold yourself accountable.

They’re not exactly task-based questions, but ones that are gonna motivate your ass to become successful.

But what’s especially great about the $1 ebook trial is that you also get 30 days access to weekly training sessions inside Internet Jetset.

However, the only downside to the ebook is that chapters #1, 9, 10 & 11 could do with “beefing-up”.

Plus it’s not a PDF that actually helps you to start up an affiliate Biz.

Because it’s more about educating you on the world of online money-making.

Furthermore, I think Internet Jetset is too pricey at $40/month…

Considering you only receive access to a bunch of webinar-style training videos and not much else.

Final Verdict: Legit & Recommended.

2022 Update!

It appears as though John’s PDF workbook along with his Internet Jetset program are no longer for sale through Digistore24.

Whether both have come to an end and John’s primary focus is now on his Super Affiliate System, I don’t actually know.

But before you keep scrolling…

Wanna learn how you can start and grow a lucrative affiliate Biz from scratch around your hobby or passion, and on a small budget?

Then try my #1 recommended program – It offers you websites, tools, step-by-step training & 24/7 community support for building a successful blog.

What’s Work At Home Secrets & Scams About, You Ask?

From John Crestani’s desk comes Work At Home Secrets & Scams – An ebook that’s endorsed by a guy named Chris Hansen (who was most likely paid by John to do so lol)…

The ebook is exactly what it says on the tin.

Joking aside, this 44-page PDF comprises 11 chapters that not only expose the secrets deployed by ratbag scammers in the cyber money-making world.

But also uncover the best-kept secrets of the highly successful 5 – 6-figure affiliate marketers, and HOW you can follow their lead.

What’s also cool about the PDF is that it’s a digital workbook – where you’ll answer a bunch of questions truthfully after each chapter.

Here’s the very first question, for example:

Workbook Question

In my opinion, the workbook is a fantastic psychological tool to help change your mindset and really dig down deep to find your WHY.

Which in turn will propel you to start an affiliate Biz from scratch and work your ass off for long-term success on the web.

Now, if you’re unfamiliar with affiliate marketing:

You promote other people’s products and earn a cut of the sales called “commissions”.

There are numerous ways to go about turning a buck from affiliate marketing and literally 1,000s of programs + millions of products to promote

But here’s the process simplified in just 4 steps.

How Affiliate Marketing Works in Four Steps

I digress.

Let’s discover how Crestani’s gonna make it so you never fall for a dirty scam again, and put you on the right path to become a Super Affiliate!

So, What is Internet Jetset & Where Does it Fit in?

Originally, Internet Jetset was a full step-by-step training course that taught you how to become a profitable affiliate marketer.

However, Crestani then created the Super Affiliate System – An enhanced training platform with a ‘Done-For-You’ system.

Except, Crestani never sunsetted Internet Jetset.

Because it’s very much alive and kicking, but in a different form that comes with WAHSS.

In my opinion, the WAHSS workbook is warm-up training for the big game called “Internet Jetset”.

Today, it’s basically an ‘expert training series’ where each week you’ll receive a lengthy training video from a digital marketing millionaire.

Additionally, you can watch a collection of previous videos inside the members’ area.

Internet Jetset Training Series Videos

Inside every tutorial, you’ll discover an online business model that you can replicate and roll with to generate sizeable profits.

But only IF you implement what you’re taught from these webpreneurs because results don’t come from thin air, right?

You can learn a lot from the training videos, don’t get me wrong.

But for $40/month, you’d at least expect step-by-step newbie guidance for actually starting a Biz and some tools and resources to go with it, right?

So the course is only worth it if you have an online Biz already started beforehand, in my opinion.

Overview of The Work At Home Secrets & Scams Ebook Chapters

The first chapter is all about John Crestani himself.

Where he gives you a glimpse into his backstory of personal and employment life, and basically how he came about making $1,000,000s/year online.

But I’ll let him tell you his own inspiring story on YouTube HERE.

Chapter #2: My 8 Top Work-From-Home Scams

In this chapter, Crestani emphasizes the fact that money-making scams can be quite seductive.

If you’ve lost a few thousand dollars (like I have over the years) with “pipe dream” crap, then you’ll totally relate to what he says.

John then shows and explains the ins and outs of the following 8 scams to avoid like plagued rats:

  1. Free PayPal money
  2. Binary options
  3. Cryptocurrency
  4. Friendly hackers
  5. Comments & links
  6. The fake Gurus
  7. Fake celebrity endorsements
  8. Online surveys

I dunno about you, but the circus clowns behind these web-based flimflams make my blood boil! UGH.

Why do you think I set up this blog ‘‘, huh?

Chapter #3: The Secrets of Scammers

Here, Crestani pops the hood and shines a giant spotlight on the moving parts of scams.

He helps you to identify bogus sales pages by combing through Privacy and Disclaimer pages, and also paying close attention to web address bars.

So the next time you come across a $37 or $47 far-fetched product, you can tell the seamless fraudster to sling their hook.

Chapter #4: Legitimate Work-From-Home Opportunities

Crestani breaks down the 3 different ways to make money on the web:

  • Your Talents
  • Your Assets
  • And Your Resourcefulness

Where he dives into all sorts of paths like working remotely, freelance and task work, online tutoring, E-commerce, so on and so forth.

What’s also cool about this chapter is that he shares a huge bunch of recommended resources for helping you to earn from your chosen path.

Chapter #5: Affiliate Marketing: The Most Lucrative Work-From-Home Opportunity

This is the best and most exciting chapter of all because Affiliate Marketing totally rocks (for many reasons), in my experience.

This money-making method is what WAHSS is really about, in my book. Pun intended. 😛

Crestani explains the ins and outs of affiliate marketing, its advantages, keys to success, and the best networks to join like Amazon, ClickBank, and DigiStore24.

And it’s this exact same concept that’s made Mr. Crestani an internet millionaire!

Chapter #6: Using Social Media as a Free Marketing Tool

In all honesty, I really do hate the organic side of social media with a passion because it’s full of tyre kickers and spammers.

Especially when it comes to Facebook groups and profiles in the internet and affiliate marketing niche, for example, as you’ve probably noticed.

But each to their own, I guess.

But IF you use social media the right way to grow your brand, your affiliate marketing efforts can pay off big time.

So in this chapter, Crestani shares his golden-nugget knowledge and wisdom on making the most of social media platforms to do just that.

Chapter #7: Instagram, Twitter & Facebook

I’m not gonna dive into too much detail here.

But in a nutshell; Crestani covers three of the biggest social media platforms – sharing some statistical info as well as secret strategies.

But obviously, with WAHSS being a PDF, it’s not gonna be a full-blown course on leveraging social media. It’s just enough to cover the basics.

Chapter #8: Quora: The Best & Most Offbeat Way to Market Your Product

I must admit, I’m a huge fan of the Quora (Q & A site) because it’s not just a fun way of actually helping folks with their problems.

But it’s also an awesome way to build up your authority and drive traffic to your affiliate offers.

BUT Quora disallows “raw” affiliate links within your answers.

So you’ll need to build yourself a website to showcase your offers and provide “value” at the same time to get anywhere with the platform.

In this chapter, Crestani doesn’t just show you how to set up a Quora account, but helps you to help folks within your niche in the best possible way.

From experience, if you invest enough time and effort into providing value through Quora, you can actually build yourself a big brand.

But as with any platform, success won’t be an “overnight” thing – It will take time and patience to gain traction.

Chapter #9: Find Your Niche Audience Through Google

Crestani talks about two effective ways of connecting with your audience.

Firstly, he recommends searching for niche-related blogs in Google and dropping “high-quality” comments to direct folks to your own website.

Secondly, he suggests locating forums to join and add value inside of to drive traffic to your site.

But both methods are pretty time consuming and can take you a long time to build your authority and gain traction.

The absolute best ways to tap into your niche audience in this day and age is to start a YouTube channel…

And/or start a blog from scratch and grow it into a 6-figure income using free targeted SEO traffic from Google.

Chapter #10: Why LinkedIn Works

Here, you’ll learn about some LinkedIn statistics, how it works, setting up your profile, and also some great tips on effectively using the platform.

Chapter #11: Final Thoughts

Crestani wraps things up with a “thanks for reading” and invites you to follow his YouTube channel for more in-depth marketing stuff.

I must admit, some parts of his YouTube are pretty valuable.

But on the flip side, there are some questionable strategies he teaches newbies.

So my advice is to pick and choose what videos of his to watch.

What’s The Cost of Work At Home Secrets & Scams, Huh?

Well, to get your hands on the PDF is only $1.

But that’s for a trial.

Because the ebook’s actually a stepping stone to Internet Jetset – which comes with a monthly price tag of $39.95 for 24 months.

So you get 30 days to try the program before you start getting billed.

“But what in the world is this Internet Jetset thing” – I hear you ask?

Put simply, it’s a weekly training series from a bunch of internet marketing millionaires.

Ones, who are gonna show you a new business model you can replicate on a weekly basis.

How cool, right?

But the one thing I will say about Crestani’s monthly subscription training course is that it needs to come with some essential resources to get more bang for your buck.

Because training’s only one part of the equation…

You also need the right tools and actual support to become a big success online.

Final Conclusion: Is Work At Home Secrets & Scams Worth it?

John Crestani is a controversial character who might do a lot of clowning around…

But in my opinion, considering the amount of value inside the Work At Home Secrets & Scams PDF and workbook alone…

Especially for a $1 trial…

YES, I absolutely do recommend downloading your copy.

Even if affiliate marketing isn’t your “thing”, there’s still plenty of great wisdom shared on scam avoidance, various money-making paths, and marketing strategies.

Plus, the fact you’ve got a whole month to take Internet Jetset for a spin to decide whether it’s the right fit for you or not.

Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any thoughts or questions to share on WAHSS? Please hop on the conversation downstairs…


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