Passive Profit Pages Review: [If “Bill” Says So! LOL]

If Passive Profit Pages has just dropped into your inbox and you want the inside scoop… then THIS review has YOUR name written all over it!

Apparently, it’s a super quick system that banks you $10,000s on the internet without hardly lifting a finger.

And guess what?…

For a measly investment of only 9 bucks! LOL.

So if your scam senses are tingling right now, they are not mistaken, my young apprentice.

Jump into my honest and unbiased review to discover why this product leads you down the garden path and how it truly operates…

At a Quick Glance

Passive Profit Pages Review
Name: Passive Profit Pages (PPP).

Owner: Bill (supposedly).


Cost: $9 + 100s in Upsells.

My Score: 1/10.


  • 60-day money-back guarantee via ClickBank
  • Affiliate marketing’s a legit & awesome Biz model


  • A hyped-up sales page full of lies
  • The creator goes by an alias
  • It offers low-quality websites (containing duplicate content)
  • The websites belong to the owner & not you
  • Poor video tutorial & PDF training
  • Comes with Upsells & other hidden expenses


Unfortunately, Passive Profit Pages is a no-go area that I wouldn’t inflict upon my worst enemy…

OK, maybe I would (haha).

All jokes aside, PPP really leaves a bitter lemony taste in your mouth, I’m afraid.

Because the sales video just spews out pipe dream nonsense on how easy it is to make $1K per day fast and easy with the system.

When in fact, it’s the total opposite.

Because there is no system at all behind the scenes…

It’s just some lame video/PDF training and a tacky website builder delivering shallow blog sites that probably won’t even make you $100 a year.

As always, PPP is just another pointless product that benefits the seller and not the customer (YOU).

Final Verdict: Not Recommended.

But before taking one more step, here’s my #1 newbie-friendly recommendation for building an online Biz that makes you a sustainable income.

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What’s Passive Profit Pages All About, You Say?

The Passive Profit Pages sales letter greets you with the following statement:

“You could make up to $1,000 in online commissions TODAY!”

Which is then followed by a video presentation – where the presenter makes all sorts of other wild and wacky statements like:

  • In the last week, average Joes’ have already banked $1,000s using “one secret method”…
  • This system requires minimal work each day – it’s as easy as apple pie to make $25,000 per month…
  • It takes no more than an hour per day for the big bucks to roll in…

You get the gist of it, right?

But here’s the TRUTH…

PPP is nothing but horse sh*t (pardon my French).

Because at the end of the day, the product revolves around the myth – that is Get-Rich-Quick.

There’s nothing genuine about the whole hyped-up sales pitch, it’s laced in lies for the benefit of the creator, I’m afraid.

Answer me this question:

If you can really make $1,000 daily (the lazy ass way) beginning today with such a “magic system”, and for just 9 bucks…

Then why isn’t everyone and their granny Barbara making snow angels, but on dollar bill-filled floors?

In my affiliate marketing experience, it’s impossible to go from $0 to $1,000 in a 24-hour period as a total noob.

Because first of all, you need to locate the right mentor and resources for your chosen strategy.

And second of all, you have to work like a donkey for MONTHS on end to build a salable income online.

YUP, even if you jump into bed with a system like My Online Startup, Wifi Wage or Done For You Services, to name some…

Don’t expect Superman-like miracles to happen overnight because this “money-making” thing is a long-winded journey.

But now the cat’s out of the bag, let’s not beat about the bush any longer LOL…

Here are more sales pitch red flags that scream the word “SCAM” when it comes to PPP…


Red Flag #1: Scarcity at Its Worst!

Right below the sales video, you’ll see the following:

“Your access link expires after x number of minutes – you will lose your position in the queue”.
Time Sensitive Scarcity
But it’s just one big fat LIE intended to create a word called “FOMO” (Fear Of Missing Out).

It’s basically a tactic implemented by legitimate product publishers because it’s extremely effective at generating sales.

For example; see how Kyle and Carson use urgency with their Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday offer – where the clock’s truly ticking.

Unfortunately, scammers also play the strategy to their advantage – so I assure you that PPP isn’t going anywhere, fast.

Well, until honest reviews like THIS call it out and customers request refunds, then it’s a different matter.

Where the creator will close it down and simply keep rebranding it.

See other trash similar to PPP – My Commission Bootcamp, Zendyx, and Commission Plan X, to name a few shady examples.

So if I had to stake money on it, I’d bet that the same toerag is behind said names.


Red Flag #2: Who The F*ck is “Bill”?

“Bill” is the guy who narrates the sales video and also the same fella behind PPP itself, allegedly.

To be honest, he might as well call himself Billy Goats Gruff. And still, nobody would be none the wiser.

Because the dude doesn’t provide any evidence of his identity, whatsoever.

No social media or search engine proof. No nothing.

I also have reason to suspect that his voice also belongs to a voiceover seller on

Unfortunately, scammers always use pen names and hire Fiverr freelancers because they know full well that they have something to hide…

A full-blown SCAM!

So obviously, they don’t wanna be called out in public when YOU (the customer) gets duped by their “pipe dream” crap.


Red Flag #3: Fabricated Video Testimonials (Surprise, Surprise!)

Apparently, some members are really raking in the dough with PPP.

Just like this guy (cool toy collection in the background, BTW) who claims that he’s made a WHOPPING $200,000 in just 8 months…
Passive Profit Pages Fake Member Testimonial
As much as a Wall Street banker!

Oh please, not even most seasoned affiliate marketers earn that much in such a small time frame!

In fact, it just so happens that the very same guy can be hired from for his video spokesperson services.

Grey Haired Man Selling Spokesperson Services on Fiverr


Tut tut, caught out in the act (PUN intended).

So, if PPP is the real McCoy, then why does the guy behind it need to pay actors to lie through their teeth?

Really, looking at all the red flags, it speaks volumes about the creator’s intentions and PPP itself, right?

PSST! For more help with pinpointing the red flags with these hoax products, there’s a workbook called Work At Home Secrets & Scams.

Where John Crestani uncovers plenty of golden nuggets. 😉


How Passive Profit Pages “Really” Works Under The Hood…

Take it from me, what you’ll find in the membership area is a total disappointment.

Because you only get your hands on some lame tutorial videos and a shallow PDF that covers free traffic-generation methods.

On top of that, there are mini blog-style websites that cover the guitar, home Biz, acne, debt-free, and affiliate marketing niches.

Where you’ll need to first sign up with the ClickBank affiliate network before you can monetize the blogs with your affiliate links.

But don’t get too excited because each site is just a basic blog with a few articles on said topics.

There’s no way on earth that you’ll be able to rank the sites on Google for traffic.

Because not only do they contain “duplicate” content.

But you’ll need WAY more than just a handful of posts to build an authoritative blog.

Recommended: Build a REAL Money-Making Blog via SiteRubix!

Furthermore, the websites aren’t yours to keep either because they full under subdomains owned by the PPP creator.

So if he (or she) ever pulls the plug on the product, that’s your website(s) (+ investment) gone down the toilet.

But the shocking thing about PPP is that the intention is to funnel you into Crestani’s Super Affiliate System @ $997!

Don’t get me wrong, the SAS system is pretty awesome for newbies.

But the fraudster behind PPP pockets a nice $500 commission when you buy the SAS system via their affiliate link.

So it just goes to show that PPP is more about squeezing you for $ instead of the product actually providing real VALUE.

Especially, when there are upsells that cost an extra $196 and $197 too!


Final Conclusion: Is Passive Profit Pages a Scam?

Big Cartoon Thumbs DownYeah, because Passive Profit Pages delivers very little to no value, sadly.

In my opinion, I just don’t think you’re gonna turn a buck with PPP, in all honesty.

Because this product also lacks in the “traffic training” department, so you’re kinda screwed without the appropriate knowledge.

Furthermore, there’s no way of knowing whether the website content actually converts visitors into buyers – so you could be spinning your wheels.

So as for making $1,000 per day with PPP… what a complete joke! LOL.

At the end of the day, PPP is just your typical Get-Rich-Quick scheme that’s designed to line the creator’s pockets. Period.


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Your buddy, Neil 😀

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