My Commission Bootcamp Review: [What $500/Day “Trick”?!]

Are you searching for an unbiased review of My Commission Bootcamp from someone unaffiliated with it?

Then THIS is it, young grasshopper!

According to the sales pitch, all you have to do is “copy a free trick” to bank $500 per day working online from the comfort of your own home.

But if you’re willing to buy into that nonsense, you might as well believe in the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Because I’ve been in the online money-making space long enough to smell a rat.

To discover why this product actually tricks YOU instead and how it really works under the surface, then dive right into my review…

At a Quick Glance

My Commission Bootcamp Review

Name: My Commission Bootcamp (MCB).

Owner: Chris Brant (supposedly).


Cost: $47 + Upsells.

My Score: 1/10.


  • ClickBetter offers a 60-day refund policy (but it’s extremely difficult to claim back your money)
  • A Perfect example of the trash to avoid on the web


  • Hyped-up sales page riddled with lies
  • The creator uses an alias
  • The product’s inadequate for success online
  • Comes with upsells
  • It’s sold via ClickBetter – a marketplace well-known for junk/scammy products


Pardon my angry French…

But My Commission Bootcamp is a bag of sh*t because it’s not a true likeness of affiliate marketing, I’m afraid.

Firstly, the sales page leads you astray with lie-after-lie – all the usual “pipe dream” talk, fake testimonials and creator, etc.

And secondly, when you find out the actual product itself is nothing to shout home about, you’ll be requesting a refund as fast as The Flash.

Because all you really get is some generic PLR-type of training in the form of PDFs, guides, shallow videos, and pre-built templates.

The whole thing revolves around a ‘copy n’ paste’ business model…

Except, there’s no actual direction on helping you to start and grow an online Biz from scratch.

So, I’d hardly call it a “Bootcamp”, as Chris Brant refers to his product as.

Speaking of which, see THIS affiliate Bootcamp training instead – at least this one’s free and doesn’t lead you astray.

At the end of the day, MCB won’t make you a dime (in my opinion).

Because it’s designed with the creator’s OWN best interests in mind…

As you’ll find out for yourself in this review...

Final Verdict: Not Recommended.

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Ooh, decisions, decisions…

What’s My Commission Bootcamp All About, You Say?

My Commission Bootcamp is advertised a “push-button” system that rakes you in $500 to $1K daily!

Where, according to the sales video spokesman…

It’s a revolutionary ‘copy & paste’ fool proof system that takes just 20 minutes per day of work.

In fact, making a ton of cash with MCB is so quick and easy, that even your aunt Mable can do it.

Well, something along those lines anyway.

But I’m sure you’ve heard it all before, right?

I know I sure have with Commission Plan X, Automatic Home Websites, Zendyx, and Crazy Money Online, to name some crap I’ve reviewed.

Ask yourself this:

If MCB does what it promises on the tin for a measly $47 investment…

Then why isn’t everybody on the planet already living the life of Riley, hey?

And don’t you think the asking price for the “magic system” would be MUCH higher than fifty bucks?

The truth be known, MCB is just another get-rich-quick scheme designed to take newbies like YOU for idiots.

Because the reality of the situation is that it takes real grit and determination to make enough money on the web to live out your dreams.

YES, even using ‘Done-For-You’ systems like My Online Startup, Partner With Anthony, and 12 Minute Affiliate, to name a few…

You won’t become Neo of the affiliate marketing world by simply swallowing some “magic pill”. Period.

But enough of my chatter (LOL)…

Here are more reasons why you shouldn’t pin your hopes on striking it lucky with MCB…

Red Flag #1: Oh No, It’s Gone in The Next 24 Hours!

“This site will be taken down in 24 hours when the countdown hits 0” – states the sales page itself.

My Commission Bootcamp Scarcity Countdown Timer and News Channel Logos

But don’t be fooled by that statement for one second because it’s pure bullsh*t.

It’s a scarcity tactic designed to create that word called “FOMO” (Fear Of Missing Out), which is very powerful sales strategy.

If you wanna see an awesome example of how urgency works (in a genuine manner), then see THIS special Black Friday sale.

But when it comes to MCB, I can guarantee that every time you refresh the page (even after 24 hours) – it’s still available to buy.

Red Flag #2: As Seen on Channel X, Y & Z (Shown Above)

The creator lures you into a false sense of security by claiming MCB has been seen on reputable networks like abc, Fox News, and CNBC.

Heck, even the sales video presentation starts with a news report on working from home to escape the rat race, etc.

But I’m telling you now…

Not only are said channels unfamiliar with the product, but I’m pretty sure they’d label it as a flat out SCAM if ever they crossed paths with it.

Don’t get me wrong, the concept of ‘working from home’ is legit and has actually been seen on TV news reports.

But obviously, the MCB creator has used this to HIS advantage to exploit YOU.

Red Flag #3: Who The F*ck is This “Chris Brant”?

The sales video spokesman leads you to believe that his name’s “Chris Brant”.

Also, the same guy who turned the World Wide Web on its head with his easy-to-use magical system, allegedly.

Hmm, strange that…

Because the man doesn’t provide you with any proof of his existence, whatsoever.

No photo, story, social media profiles or anything.

Which clearly speaks volumes about the creator’s product and his intentions, right?

Unfortunately, all fraudsters hide like cowards behind pen names so they can continually scam without getting caught and called out.

Red Flag #4: If It’s “Free”, They Why The $47 Price Tag? (LOL)

Chris tells you that MCB is 100% totally free – he’s not asking you for a single penny or to commit to anything.

But it’s a big fat LIE because you must fork out 47 of your hard-earned dollars to receive the product.

In my opinion, the only reason why you’re lied to is so the guy can get his hands on your full name and email address to access the sales page.

Once he has your credentials, you’ll just be bombarded with more scammy trash to purchase from him.

So my best advice would be to create and enter a dummy email address if you don’t intend on buying MCB.

Or create and submit an email that you hardly ever check – one for product purchase receipts and general spam.

Either way, the scammer simply CAN NOT win against you. 😉

Red Flag #5: Fake-Ass Member Testimonials (Now, There’s a Surprise!)

Apparently, some peeps have already raked in $1,000s in just WEEKS using the ‘copy & paste’ system.

Members, who are on track to making an absolute fortune in the next year with MCB.

Just like this guy below, for example:

Male Member Testimonial

But these peeps aren’t members at all because they’re simply over-the-top actors (or should I say LIARS) hired from

Say hello to the same guy again:

Grey Haired Fiverr Spokesperson Seller in Home Office

Which just goes to prove that the MCB system is just a myth from the get-go.

Because if it truly existed, the member testimonials would be the real McCoy displaying ACTUAL income proof, right?

Red Flag #6: It’s Sold via ClickBetter

Put simply, ClickBetter is a digital-product marketplace like ClickBank and WarriorPlus, to name a couple.

Except, when it comes to ClickBetter, it’s infamous for selling the MOST sketchy online money-making products.

Products, that are totally misleading on the surface and provide absolute junk underneath – just like MCB.

Additionally, ClickBetter claims they have a refund policy in place…

But when you act on that policy, they’ll give you every excuse under the sun as to why they won’t refund your cash.

So if you do buy MCB, don’t bank on getting your money back.

I think that ought to do it for the red flags today.

How My Commission Bootcamp “Really” Works Underneath The Fluff…

To put it bluntly, I never actually bought MCB. Oops, my bad.

But in my defence your honour…

I’ve already bought COUNTLESS “pipe dream” products since 1999 (YUP, when the internet was still an infant).

So let me assure you…

They all operate the exact same way – where you either receive some lame website building tool that’s good for nothing…

Sometimes, software that requires you to buy overpriced web-hosting and other tools/services (via the scammer’s affiliate links)…

Pre-done squeeze page templates that can only be activated by spending a chunk of change on sales funnel software like ClickFunnels…

And/or basic and outdated PDF/video training that’s barely enough to start off on the right foot as an affiliate marketer.

Let alone actually turn a buck with!

This is the type of generic PLR-style value you should expect inside MCB.

Because you get what you pay for with this product, at the end of the day.

How Much Does My Commission Bootcamp Cost?

The basic cost of MCB is just $47, and that’s still WAAAY too much!…

I’d pay the scammer a single dollar for his or her get-rich-quick nonsense, if that.

But as with any far-fetched product of this nature, you can expect to be tempted by upsells that can easily set you back $100+ combined.

After all, the creator wants to squeeze as much money out of you, right?

But let’s say you tried to put the training into practice…

Not only would you end up needing to pay for a tools and services to actually start and build your online business.

These investments can easily cost you $100s, since some come with recurring costs.

And then you’d need to invest in some kind of paid traffic strategy for potentially quick traction with your Biz.

Again, not cheap either.

Because in my experience, I’ve poured $1,000s into paid traffic methods over the years – some worked out, some not so lucky.

Especially if you don’t have the right training from the get-go – a costly lesson, to say the least.

So all in all, I think it’s fair to say that IF MCB did deliver the goods in terms of results – don’t assume that 47 bucks will allow you to live the life of Riley.

Final Conclusion: Is My Commission Bootcamp a Scam?

Big Cartoon Thumbs Down

Is the grass green? 😛

Joking aside, after all the red flags that my spiderman-like danger senses detected (+ my many years of experience)…

It’s pretty obvious that My Commission Bootcamp is a no-go area.

And even when you do get your hands on the product itself, it’ll leave a bitter taste in your mouth.

Because there is no “magic system”…

The product just consists of some basic templates and inadequate training that will never pay off...

There are no actual step-by-step video tutorials on starting and growing a successful online Biz in this day and age.

The only real intention of MCB is to allow the CREATOR to sing and dance his (or her) way to the bank at YOUR expense, sadly.

And that’s it. Period.

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Your buddy, Neil.

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