SiteRubix Review 2020: [Best Blog Builder in Existence?]

Welcome to my honest 2020 review of SiteRubix!

Is it really the best option for affiliate marketers of all levels (especially newbs) to build niche websites from scratch or are there far better alternatives available, huh?

The only real way to find out is by jumping into this review for a behind-the-scenes look at SiteRubix.

At a Quick Glance:

SiteRubix Review
Name: SiteRubix (SR).

Co-Founders: Kyle & Carson.


Cost: $0.

Who’s it For? Novice to Pro.

Neil’s Score: 9/10.


  • Easily build a site in under 1-minute without geek-tech skills
  • Allows you to build 1 free site (10 if you’re a WA Premium member)
  • Your freebie site comes with 10 – 12 template themes + a couple of essential plugins
  • 10 free lessons + basic support & features thrown in
  • Creates blogs using WordPress, which is the best blogging platform
  • WA Premium membership unlocks tons of awesome advanced website features, training & support


  • Your free site has limited functionality
  • The WA community feels overwhelming at first


Having already built numerous WordPress sites using the SiteRubix builder, I can honestly say (hand on heart) that it’s been a huge time-saving godsend.

Especially, since I’m not even a tech guy myself. But Shh! 😉

Yeah, there are some minor downsides to it, as with any site builder, I guess.

But if I had a Bill and Ted time machine for starting my affiliate marketing journey all over again, I’d definitely pick SR as my first port of call.

You really can’t go wrong with a SR site for starting and growing a profitable Biz online.

Final Verdict: Highly Recommended.

Affiliate Disclaimer: This is an affiliate link. It’s how we stay funded & these commissions keep our blog afloat. Please support us by buying via the link below:

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For a full walk-through of SR and the list of benefits that come with the platform for affiliate marketers, continue reading…


What is SiteRubix All About, You Ask?

In a nutshell, SR is a free website builder designed and powered by Kyle and Carson (the dudes behind the Wealthy Affiliate community).

The builder allows you to build one free WordPress blog from scratch with free web hosting also chucked into the pot.

The intention of the builder is to quickly help you start an affiliate marketing business with ease (in just seconds) – without needing any technical skills.

But even if you’re already an established affiliate marketer looking to expand your Biz through blogging, SR is just the ticket.


How SiteRubix Builds a Website in The Blink of an Eye

My experience with the SR builder so far has been nothing short of amazing because it really does build you a site at lightning speed.

All you do is follow a quick 5-step process.

  1. Choose The Type of Website
  2. Choose a Domain Name
  3. Enter a Title
  4. Choose a Design
  5. Hit “Built it Now”

And hey presto, you have a beautifully designed WordPress up and running in 60 seconds or less!

Let’s see the easy-peasy 5-steps in action, shall we?


Step #1: Choose The Kind of Website You Want to Build

Well, since you want to start a website not costing you a dime, you’ll want to choose the first ‘free domain’ option.
Build a SiteRubix Website on a Free Domain
As for the other two domain options, I’ll discuss those further into this review.


Step #2: Choose Your Site’s Domain Name

The important thing to bear in mind when picking a domain name is that you’re building your own brand, at the end of the day.
Choose a Domain Name
So think of your chosen niche or current business and carefully select a name to reflect that.

Heck, it could even be your own name if you wanted.

That’s if your ideas aren’t already snapped up, of course.


Step #3: Enter a Title For Your Site

Ideally, you want the title to reflect your website’s brand from step #1 when it comes to entering a title.
Enter a Website Title
Just keep the title short and to the point because it will be the first thing your visitors see when landing on your site.

But don’t panic if the title’s not perfect because you can always change down the road inside your WordPress dashboard.


Step #4: Choose Your Site’s Design

Simply select your desired template theme from the 10 – 12 available themes.

Choose a Website Design

Themes for example purposes.

A theme is basically used as the skin – giving your shiny new website an awesome look and feel.

The great thing about themes is that you can easily chop and change them whenever you get bored with a particular style.

However, refrain from consistently changing themes every week or so because your focal point should be “content creation” for growing your online business.


Step #5: Hit The “Click Here to Build This Site” Tab

Literally, in just seconds (not minutes), your WordPress blog will be built and ready to roll.

What more can I say?

Build your free website below, right now:


There’s More to SiteRubix Than Meets The Eye (in a Good Way)…

The absolute best thing about SR is that it’s a component of the Wealthy Affiliate (WA) community – meaning there’s plenty of awesomeness heading your way.
Wealthy Affiliate Members Dashboard Area
When you build your site, you’ll join Wealthy Affiliate at the ‘free starter’ level.

Which, gives you a bunch of free training and resources for the best starting position possible with your blog.


Firstly, Let’s Talk About WA’s Training

As a free starter member, you’ll gain access to the ‘Online Entrepreneur Certification’ (Getting Started – Level 1) training course.
Wealthy Affiliate Ten Free Getting Started Lessons
The course provides you with 10 actionable step-by-step video lessons from Kyle (one of the WA founders) who does a pretty sweet job at guiding you through some essential processes.

You’ll learn about the following topics:

  1. Getting Rolling! (21.19 minutes)
  2. Understanding How to Make Money Online (13.26 mins)
  3. Choose a Niche (17.06 mins)
  4. Building Your Own Niche Website (21.35 mins)
  5. Setting up Your Website (21.53 mins)
  6. Getting Your Site Ready for Search Engines (13.37 mins)
  7. Creating Your Initial Website Content (27.32 mins)
  8. Creating Custom Menus on Your Website (14.34 mins)
  9. Understanding Keywords, The Start of Your Content (20.12 mins)
  10. Congratulations & Your Next Steps (text-based lesson)

The great thing about Kyle’s 10 lessons is that newbies will find them super easy to follow and put into action.

What’s more, each video tutorial comes with its own checklist of tasks to complete – making it even easier for you to start off on the right foot online.


OK, What About WA’s Resources?

With your free starter membership also comes an array of basic tools and features for assisting with your actual blogging efforts.

The list of tools and resources at your disposal are as follows:

  • A website manager of easy site login
  • A couple of necessary WordPress plugins installed for SEO, etc
  • Virus & Malware website protection
  • Access to WA’s own content writing platform for efficient blog content creation
  • Access to a couple of classrooms for help & support from WA community members
  • Limited use of the Jaaxy keyword tool – offering 30 keyword searches + 30 search engine ranking scans

Basically, you get a small taste of WA’s goodness.

Which, helps you to decide if you want to take things up a few notches with your site – transforming it into a real money-making machine.

Should you choose to accept this mission, then WA’s Premium membership will be right up your street because it unlocks the following benefits:

  • Build up to 10 WordPress sites using SR
  • Access to 4,000+ website templates in WordPress
  • Access to 10,000s of WordPress Plugins/add-ons
  • The option to transfer your .siterubix subdomain to your own .COM
  • Super quick web hosting with advanced security protection
  • Site health and website analysis
  • Website comments (for boosting engagement) + feedback from members
  • Free SSL certificates to show visitors & Google your sites are safe
  • 40 advanced step-by-step lessons
  • 24/7 support from the community (inside 12 classrooms) & website support team
  • 1 million royalty-free, free images for your blog content
  • A LITE version of the Jaaxy tool
  • And more…

So as you now know, you get a heck of a lot of value from both SR and WA combined – especially when you go from starting position to a full-fledged community member.


What’s The “Real” Cost of SiteRubix Sites?

You can actually build 1 free SR website (along with some basic tools and training from WA) for $0.

However, there are some limitations with your freebie site in terms of functionality.

Which, means you’ll need to upgrade to WA’s Premium level to remove those limitations and build a super-profitable online Biz.

To go Premium with WA, will cost:

  • $49/month
  • $234/6 months
  • Or $359/yearly

On top of those fees, you’ll need to buy a (.COM, .ORG or .NET) domain for your website which ranges from $13.99/year$15.99/year when you buy inside WA.

In all honesty, I think WA is excellent value for money.

And even more so when the 6 – 12-month plans offer some great savings.

Wouldn’t you agree?


Wrapping it up on SiteRubix: Is it Worth it For Sites?

In my opinion, YES, absolutely.

If you’re just dipping your big toe into the waters of the affiliate marketing world, then building a $0 blog through SiteRubix is an excellent way to start.

Especially, when all the technical aspects are taken care of, which means you’ll build a blog faster than you can say, Jack Robinson.

Add to that, you get some cool WA features and getting started training from Kyle.

But, however, there’s only so far you can take your free site on a .siterubix subdomain.

So if you really want to turn your website into an affiliate marketing powerhouse (earning a full-time income), then “invest” in WA’s Premium membership.

It’s your call…

Affiliate Disclaimer: This is an affiliate link. It’s how we stay funded & these commissions keep our blog afloat. Please support us by buying via the link below:

==> Learn More About Building a Free Website via SiteRubix Here!

Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or thoughts to add on SR or even WA itself? Please drop us a comment below…


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