Zendyx Review: [Want The SHOCKING TRUTH? It’s Here!]

I appreciate you dropping in on my unbiased review of Zendyx!

According to its creator, you’re gonna “discover the SHOCKING TRUTH of how to make up to $1,000 per day”.


I’m sorry, but you might as well believe in the tooth fairy if you’re open to buying into that baloney.

Because it’s just another “pipe dream” product failing to deliver on its far-fetched claims – as you’re about to find out…

At a Quick Glance

Zendyx Review
Name: Zendyx (ZX).

Owner: Mark Evans (allegedly).

Website: zendyx.com.

Cost: $39 + $139 & $149 in Upsells + more expenses.

My Score: 1/10.


  • ClickBank offers a 30-day refund policy


  • The sales page is full to the brim of hype & lies
  • The creator uses an alias
  • Poor & outdated video tutorials
  • An appointment must be made with a coach (which seems fishy)
  • Comes with upsells (+ other costs for tool recommendations)


Unfortunately, Zendyx is just another “get-rich-quick” piece of trash that’s designed to fill the creator’s own deep pockets.

There’s very little value to gained from ZX for turning a buck as an affiliate marketer, in all honesty.

Because the creator doesn’t just bombard you with a combination of upsells and recommended tools to buy in the members’ area.

But you get inadequate and outdated training on using WordPress instead of access to a money-making system that’s promised to you.

So my advice would be to do yourself a favour – keep this ClickBank product at arm’s length.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended.

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What’s Zendyx All About, You Ask?

Did you know that what you’re about to discover today will change your life forever?

Well, according to the unknown sales video spokesman anyway.

Who also claims that Zendyx has already made some beginners $100,000 in a month (LOL) through ClickBank’s affiliate program…

And you can make $1,000 every single day (alongside 100s of beginners) with the same “secret new system” that’s as easy as pie.

In fact, ZX is so easy-peasy, that even your 80-year gran can use it!

Blah, blah, blah.

The good news is that ClickBank is a legitimate marketplace containing loads of products in various niches that you can promote for commissions.

But the bad news is that the ZX video presenter is full up to the eyes of pure sh*t, I’m afraid.

Because to make $1K per day (let alone $100K/month) as a ClickBank affiliate will take you MONTHS of blood, sweat and tears.

It doesn’t matter whether you choose to build a website for blogging your way to the bank or buy ‘Done-For-You’ systems like:

The Super Affiliate System, Commission Hero, 1K A Day Fast Track or 12 Minute Affiliate, to name a handful…

The process is always gonna be the same because internet marketing is no teddy bear’s picnic, at the end of the day.

Don’t get me wrong, DFY systems can help you to succeed quicker in the affiliate marketing arena than blogging.

But the “get-rich-quick” route just does not exist. Period.

Trust me, I’ve slogged my guts out and gone from failure-to-failure long enough to know EXACTLY how this “money-making” thing works.

But enough of my yacking, here are more valid reasons why you shouldn’t waste your hard-earned bucks on ZX…


Red Flag #1: Income Snapshots Are as Misleading as Hell

The video spokesman leads you to believe (via multiple screenshots) that ZX is easily raking him in $100s per day in affiliate commissions.
Affiliate Dashboard Sales
The guy then takes things up a few notches by trying to “WOW” you with his daily $1,000+ ClickBank earnings.

I dunno about you, but this tells me one of two things:

A: The income screenshots have been photoshopped because even a complete dummy can do it, in this day and age of the web.

Or B: The snapshots are genuine, but it’s taken the creator months (even years) of elbow grease to earn those sorts of figures.

So either way, take the guy’s claims with a grain of salt because he’s pulling the wool over your eyes when it comes to ZX.


Red Flag #2: Testimonials Are Faker Than Artificial Christmas Trees

Don’t be fooled by the video testimonials from the guys and dolls making claims like:

“WOW, I’m making over 1,000 bucks per day”…

Meet the guy who makes said claim.
Zendyx Fake Member Testimonial
And then other peeps are saying stuff like:

“I was skeptical of ZX at first, but now I’m making triple my salary from home. This is the best decision of my life”…

“I couldn’t believe my eyes when I made a $1,000+ in just one day”…


Put simply, each person you hear from is a blatant LIAR.

Because when you snoop around on Fiverr.com, they all hire out their spokesperson services for as cheap as chips.

Want proof?

Say hello to the same guy (or should I say “actor”) again.

Bald Man in Striped Shirt on Fiverr Selling Spokesperson Gigs

Source: Fiverr.com.

The truth be known, none of those people have actually bought and used the “magical system” because ZX is nothing but a hoax.

Furthermore, I’m willing to bet that most of those peeps wouldn’t even know what affiliate marketing was if it slapped them in the face.


Red Flag #3: Who on Earth is “Mark Evans”, Huh?

Mark Evans is running the whole show – from the video spokesman to the ZX creator, apparently.

But there’s nothing on the guy to go on, other than his name.

There are no social media accounts, photos, a true-life story or even Google results to prove the guy’s identity.

So why should you invest your trust in someone who can’t have the common decency to reveal themself to the whole world online?

Experience has taught me, that anyone hiding behind a computer screen has obviously created crap that doesn’t deliver the goods.

And it also allows them to scam as many vulnerable newbies as possible without being caught and called out in public.

PSST! If you want the full picture of how these toerags play you for a fool, then grab the Work At Home Secrets & Scams workbook.

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How Zendyx “Really” Works (It’ll Leave a Bitter Taste in Your Mouth)

Once you skip the irritating upsells, and Mark’s relieved you of your hard-earned dollars…

You’ll land in a dog-ugly members’ area with a yellow backdrop:
Zendyx Training Dashboard
Where all you’ll really receive is some basic video training on installing a WordPress blog and getting to grips with it.

Pretty much the same guidance you’ll be able to find on YouTube and blog posts for free anyway.

But unfortunately, the ZX tutorials date back to 2012 (LOL) – making the training way past its use by date.

If you’re looking for in-depth and evergreen WordPress training, then check out First-Time Internet Marketing Profits.

So what about “the system”, I hear you ask?

Well, to put it bluntly, there is no system.

All you’re encouraged to do is watch a bunch of tutorials, and book a Skype appointment with your personal mentor.

Who will supposedly show you what to do to make money.

BUT I know these “coaches” all too well – they’re just glorified salespeople pushing you into purchasing more stuff for $100s – $1,000s.

Furthermore, the ZX creator persuades you to fork out extra on additional resources inside the members’ area.

Because you’ll find links for VIP tools, creating sales funnels, campaign tracking, and buying a domain name – all via the creator’s “affiliate links”.

So really, there’s very little value inside ZX.

The whole intention is to get you to spend, spend, and SPEND some more!


Final Conclusion: Is Zendyx a Scam?

Big Cartoon Thumbs DownHmm, let me see…

Does a bear sh*t in the woods?

The bottom line is that the Zendyx sales page takes you for a walk down the garden, the training’s shoddy, the system is non-existent, and comes with a load of fees…

Making it a totally pointless product for newbies to invest in.

So yeah, I can confidently confirm that it’s a SCAM.

But before you rush off…

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Because WA gives you websites, tools, REAL step-by-step training & 24/7 support for creating a successful blog around your hobby or passion.

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Your buddy, Neil 😀

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