AZ Formula Review: [The Ingredients For a Rotten Scam?]

Today, in this unbiased review, I’m gonna talk about the AZ Formula – which comes across as a stinking scam recipe.

Because according to the person behind this product, you could be easily earning up to $2,000 (and then some) on a day-to-day basis on the internet.

But if that’s really true, then why isn’t everybody and their dog filthy rich already?

That’s the golden question you should be asking yourself.

Without further ado, jump into THIS review for the lowdown on the hyped-up money-maker and why it doesn’t exactly live up to its claims…

At a Quick Glance

AZ Formula Scam Review
Name: AZ Formula (AF).

Owner: Steven Cook (just an alias).


Cost: $37 + Upsells.

My Score: 2/10.



  • Sales video sells the notion of “get-rich-quick”
  • Creator uses a pen name/stock photo
  • Fake testimonials from Fiverr members
  • Misuse of popular news brands
  • Product comes with extra expenses
  • PDF training’s insufficient for making money


The AZ Formula is nothing but a “pipe dream” money-making product, at the end of the day.

Because the sales pitch is riddled with nothing lies and deception (as you’ll see in this review) from the get-go.

Yeah, you may find SOME level of value in the form of a website and basic training on internet and affiliate marketing behind the scenes.

But don’t get excited just yet…

Because the product on a whole is inadequate for earning on the web, since the PDF style training has no real meat on the bone, which is typical of these hyped-up products.

Additionally, I’m not exactly keen on PDFs…

Because they can become outdated fairly quickly when the creators are too lazy to update the info with fresh money-making guidance.

It seems the real purpose of AF is for its creator to pocket cash from their product, the upsells and any third party resource recommendations inside it – rather than make YOU $.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended.

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What is The AZ Formula About, You Ask?

Did you know you can easily make up to a staggering 2,000 per day through the Amazon Associates program using the AZ Formula?

Well, according to “Steven Cook” (the guy behind AF) you can.

He claims you just simply click your mouse button to activate an “automated system” and then watch the cash come rolling in.

Now, if you’re unfamiliar with affiliate marketing, you make money in the form of commissions (a sales %) when you promote others products.

That’s the short answer anyway.

It’s one of the best, if not THE best ways of turning a buck online, in my opinion.

But in order for the process to actually pay off, you need to spend literally months learning and applying new internet marketing skills.

Trust me, earning from affiliate marketing is far from a piece of sponge cake, in my experience.

Because there are many ingredients that go into the mixing bowl for big success.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some fab ‘Copy and Paste’ style systems out there like 12 Minute Affiliate and My Online Startup, to name a couple of examples…

But you still need to part with cash for driving that word called “TRAFFIC” to said systems and also invest plenty of time and effort to make them profitable.

So don’t trust Steven Cook as far as you can throw him.

Because he leads you astray with the myth that is known as “get-rich-quick” – for HIS own benefit.

Still not convinced AF is something you should steer clear of like the plague?

Check out more red flags raised by the sales page…


Red Flag #1: Sales Video is Pretty Vague

The video spokesman talks a lot about making megabucks with AF, but doesn’t actually discuss the ins and outs of his “magical system”.

Wanna know why?

First of all, when something seems out-of-this-world but leaves you thirsty for more info, why would you not pull out the credit card?

But we all know what curiosity did to the cat, right?

Secondly, when AF is a mythical system from the get-go, then how can the guy possibly explain it in great detail? LOL.

Trust me, if this system was legit, its creator would bend over backwards to reveal EXACTLY how it works and earn your trust. 


Red Flag #2: “Steven Cook” is an Alias

I must admit that Steven Cook seems pretty convincing at first.
Steven Cook AZ Formula Founder
Wouldn’t you agree?

But upon further Google investigation into him, his face is a stock photo that’s used across websites in various industries like dentistry and DIY.
Dark Haired Man in Blue Checkered Shirt in Google Results
So right off the bat, it’s clear to see he’s just a fake.

Which in turn, suggests Mr. Cook is just a pen name.

Especially considering the fact there’s no social media evidence of his identity.

Unfortunately, fraudsters hide behind fabricated characters because they’re the perfect cover – enabling them to continually scam folks like YOU.

You can also bet your sweet bippy that the AF video spokesman is a voiceover hired from or somewhere similar as well.

Because scammers go to great lengths to protect their reputations online.

They’re nothing but narcissistic cowards at the end of the day.


Red Flag #3: Far-Fetched Member Testimonials

There are very short video testimonials from some AF members claiming to have made $10,000s in only a few weeks.

Say hello to one of those successful peeps.
AZ Formula Testimonial From a Dark Haired Man
But if this guy really is raking in the dough as easy as taking candy from a baby with AF…

Then why is he on selling his video spokesperson services?

Dark Haired Man Selling Professional Spokesperson Services on Fiverr


 Can you say “LOL”?

So quite clearly, the person behind AF has hired the Fiverr member to reel off a bunch of lies from a script.

And this is the case with all other so-called member testimonials too.

If AF really delivers on its promises, then why are there no success stories from ACTUAL members?

So do yourself a huge favour… Take all the video testimonies with a pinch of salt.


Red Flag #4: The Misuse of Popular Logos

The sales page itself displays the logos of Business Insider, Mashable, Forbes, Yahoo Finance, CNBC, and HuffPost for credibility.

When big and popular brands are on view, of course, you’re more likely to buy into AF, right?

This red flag is probably the worst manipulative tactic of them all.

Because it demonstrates just how low the creator’s willing to swoop.

But I can 100% guarantee that those brands would never endorse AF in a million years because it’s a “pipe dream” product.

Furthermore, I’m pretty sure the scammer is breaking the law too by advertising said brands without their consent.

On his (or her) head be it!

To familiarise yourself with the whole red flag thing, see other far-fetched products I’ve previously reviewed:

In fact, see the Work At Home Secrets & Scams workbook to get clued-up on all the deceptive tactics deployed by creators of too good to be true products.


How The AZ Formula “Actually” Works

Well, at least one thing’s blatantly obvious – AF does NOT deliver $2K-per-day earnings as promised on the tin.

However, when you do part with 37 of your hard-earned spondoolies, you do get access to a membership area.

Inside the dashboard, you first have to activate a free “commission money website” – which is basically a WordPress blog and an affiliate theme.

But in order to activate your site and theme, you’ll have to fork out for expensive web hosting from Cool Handle.

And you’ll also need to buy a domain name through the product creator’s “affiliate links” so he or she pockets some more cash.

In addition to your site, AF provides some PDF guides on niche and domain selection, keyword research, and Amazon Associates.

Put simply, the resources cover the basics of starting out in the world affiliate marketing.

But that’s the biggest problem with AF – it doesn’t teach you how to go the full distance with your website and affiliate marketing efforts.

Furthermore, PDF training can become outdated pretty quickly, since they rarely get updated fresh content.

So overall, not only will you incur numerous costs with AF, but it’s unlikely that you’ll make money with your site too.


Final Thoughts: Is The AZ Formula a Scam?

Big Cartoon Thumbs DownGiven the fact that the sales pitch walks you down the garden path with get-rich-quick baloney and other dirty tactics…

I do believe the AZ Formula to be a scam.

Yes, you may get some form of product and also the opportunity to claim a refund through ClickBank.

But on a whole, the website you receive is intended to make the scammer more cash at YOUR expense.

And then there’s the PDF training, which isn’t just inadequate for success as an affiliate marketer…

But can become out-of-date down the road (if it isn’t already).

So you’ll be deeply disappointed by AF, since you’ll need to spend more dollars and figure a lot of stuff out for yourself.

In my opinion, you can actually find MUCH better guidance on YouTube for free. 


Get Your Hands on a Money-Making Solution That “Works”…

Earning a full-time income from affiliate marketing is 100% doable IF you have the right resources and work your socks of for numerous months.

But if you follow the get-rich-quick path, then the only things waiting for you are failure and lighter pockets – as you fill scammers’ bank accounts.

The good news is that the platform I use provides you with WordPress websites, step-by-step training, tools, and 24/7 support from a huge community.

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Your friend, Neil 😀

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