Cash Point ATM Review: [More Regurgitated Garbage?]

Hello there! Welcome to my unbiased review of Cash Point ATM!

So this $500-per-day “too good to be true” system has just landed in your inbox, and you want the lowdown, right?

Then look no further… THIS is the review for you!

So dive right in to see what’s cracking off behind the scenes of the product and whether it really does follow through with its bold promises…

At a Quick Glance

Cash Point ATM Review
Name: Cash Point ATM (CPA).

Owner: Jason Rangel (nothing more than a stage act).


Cost: $47 + Upsells.

My Score: 1/10.


  • A perfect example of what to steer clear of
  • Affiliate marketing in itself is a legitimate Biz model


  • Hypey sales pitch with exaggerated claims
  • The product publisher uses an alias
  • Fake member testimonials
  • Comes with upsells
  • Customers don’t get refunded


Cash Point ATM is supposed to be an app that clones the websites of successful affiliate marketers and gives them straight to you…

So you can easily and quickly start raking in $500 paydays for just a one-time fee of $47 LOL.

Hmm… I don’t think so.

Unfortunately, what’s being peddled to you is a “get-rich-quick” scheme that holds no value and doesn’t work.

The only person jumping for joy all the way to the bank is the shameless person hiding behind CPA, at the end of the day.

Final Verdict: Scam.

If you’re looking for a legit way to build a sustainable affiliate marketing Biz, that gives you the essential resources – try my #1 recommended program.

Or if you’re more of a “Done-For-You” money-making system kinda guy or gal – see My Online Startup or 12 Minute Affiliate instead.


What’s Cash Point ATM All About, You Say?

Cash Point ATM is designed to help you make an extra income working from home on the internet.

More specifically, you’ll get your hands on some “magical app” that’s gonna bank you $500 per day as fast and easy as stealing candy from a baby…

Or should I say, withdrawing a handful of dollars from a cash machine? Hence, the name.

Hmm… Really?!

I’m sorry to burst your bubble, young grasshopper.


In all my years of affiliate marketing (stemming back to 1999 LOL) – making an easy peasy fortune online simply DOES NOT exist. Period.

Without going too deep into the rabbit hole, it requires the right entrepreneurial mindset, training, tools, and support network.

Which also means startup costs (more than a measly 47 bucks), time, and work ethic for the puzzle pieces to form the success puzzle picture.

So be under no illusion that this “money-making” thing is a stroll in a park because if it was…

Then why isn’t everyone living the same lavish lifestyle as Paris Hilton’s doggies, eh? 😛

I digress.

Returning to the hypey CPA sales page riddled with lies, it has all the characteristics of other garbage I’ve seen:

Which leads me to believe that it’s not the first rodeo for the unethical sleazeball (Jason Rangel, apparently) behind CPA.

OK, no more of my ramblings. Let’s see a bunch of reasons WHY you shouldn’t touch CPA with a barge pole…


Red Flag #1: You’re Lowered Into a False Sense of Security

The sales page contains the following “verified” icons.
Verified Security Badges
It’s basically to give you the impression that CPA is legit and trustworthy – so that credibility pushes you into making a purchase.

But given the fact that the whole sales page and video sell you nothing but a questionable “pipe dream” from the get-go…

Are you seriously gonna trust the verification icons?

Because I know that I sure as hell don’t.


Red Flag #2: “Jason Rangel”: Who The Heck is This Guy?

Both the sales video presenter and CPA creator leads you to believe that his name’s Jason Rangel.

But he may as well be called red Power Ranger (Jason Lee Scott), or heck… even the star from ‘Jason And The Argonauts’…

Because Rangel’s just a fictitious character used to front CPA, so the true creator can hide like a coward.

How do I know this?

Because the so-called Jason fails to prove his identity – there are no social media accounts, and he doesn’t pop up in the Google search results either.

The guy’s a ghost (and not the friendly Casper type either), I’m telling ya!

Hmm… I wonder why?

I’ll let you figure that one out for yourself…


Red Flag #3: Fake-Ass Video Testimonies

I’m sure you knew with absolute certainty that this scam warning was on the cards, right?

Some members are gloating about the fact that they’ve raked in the cash with the CPA in short time frames.

Like this lady below, for example – she claims to have made 500 dollars on her very first day.

Cash Point ATM Fake Female Member Testimonial

But it’s strange that she doesn’t show any evidence on her computer screen or even HOW CPA generated the big bucks for her.

And that’s because her video testimonial is utter hogwash.

Unfortunately, scam artists tend to hire freelancers like her from to record scripted testimonies in order to take you for a fool.

Which results in you parting with your hard-earned cash that’s unlikely to be seen again.


Let’s Get to The Meat & Potatoes of Cash Point ATM…

Well, if you can actually call it that.

I prefer to label CPA as all sizzle and no steak because the person behind it fails to follow through on his or her promises.


Trust me, I’ve invested in this trash (under various identities) before, and what you receive is nothing to shout home about.

Because what usually happens is that you get some ‘Done-For-You’ website that’s supposed to earn you easy affiliate commissions via the likes of ClickBank

Only for you to receive either a website filled with duplicate PLR content that doesn’t rank in the search engines…

Or some sort of squeeze pages that come with additional costs for ClickFunnels ($97/month) to activate them.

Furthermore, you receive inadequate, and often times, outdated training that also lacks direction when it comes to generating targeted traffic.

And sometimes, the scammer’s intention is to upsell you on more of their trash and/or funnel you into the Super Affiliate System…

Which, BTW, is a legitimate system. But one that comes with a high-ticket price tag of $997.

At the end of the day, the whole CPA product is rigged up to mostly benefit the fraudster’s own deep pockets.

So trust me on this one… you’ll be trying to request a refund faster than you can speak the name “Jack Robinson”.


Final Conclusion: Is Cash Point ATM a Scam?

Big Cartoon Thumbs DownWell, considering the fact that the sales page is hyped-up to the max and full to the brim of deception…

And I’ve already bought this type of product countless times in the past with nothing to show for my money on each occasion…

Then YES, Cash Point ATM is a nasty scam that should be kept at arm’s length.

But by all means, buy the product yourself if you don’t believe me, and then return to this review to share your own findings.

Just don’t say I didn’t warn you from the offset. 😛

Sadly, the only one making a pretty penny with CPA is the very deceptive person hiding in its shadow – tricking 100s of newbies like YOU.


Sick of The BS, But Seeking a Legit Online Money-Maker?

Unluckily, the internet is full of cheats, liars, and Mickey Mouse circus acts who only have their own best interests at heart.

But don’t be discouraged by such peeps.

Because there are some programs and products created by folks who genuinely want to help you.

This is why I started THIS blog – to connect you with said legitimate marketers and put you on the right money-making path.

Without beating about the bush too much…

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Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or thoughts on CPA to share? Please hop on the conversation below…


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