Commission Plan X Review: [What’s The REAL Plan, Man?]

Howdy, thanks for stopping by my truthful review of Commission Plan X!

Did you know this “weird” method made an easy-peasy $1,500,000?!

Holy Ravioli, Batman!

Well… according to the product creator (who, BTW seems faker than a Thundercats action figure) anyways.

So right off the bat, the whole thing triggers a red flag. Wouldn’t you agree?

So before letting the guy relieve you of your hard-earned cash, you might wanna read THIS review first, young grasshopper…

At a Quick Glance

Commission Plan X Review
Name: Commission Plan X (CPX).

Owner: Dylan Gardner (allegedly).


Cost: $47 + Upsells.

My Score: 2/10.


  • A perfect example of what to steer clear of
  • Potentially get your money back in 60 days


  • Sales video makes ridiculous money-making claims
  • The owner refuses to reveal his (or her) true identity
  • Fake member testimonials from Fiverr sellers
  • Sold via ClickBetter (an untrustworthy marketplace)
  • Guaranteed to come with upsells


Sadly, Commission Plan X is just another far-fetched affiliate commission-maker on the surface.

Because the guy behind it leads you to believe that you can quickly and easily pocket a fortune with his “system”.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Because affiliate marketing is no stroll in the park – otherwise every man and his dog would be stinking rich by now, right?

Additionally, the sales page raises plenty more red flags that are discussed in this review.

But what you’re really gonna get inside this product is nothing Earth-shattering for 49 bucks.

YES, there’s the potential to make a buck or two (if ya lucky!) from following the basic training tutorials.

But don’t expect to build a sustainable Biz with CPX. You’ll discover why soon enough.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended.

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What’s Commission Plan X All About, Huh?

According to the video spokesman and Commission Plan X creator – it’s an easy-as-pie way for you to make $477/day.

Even he’s made $1.5 MILLION online with the method! LOL.

More specifically, it works around the concept of affiliate marketing, where you promote others’ products and earn commissions from any sales.

It’s a bloody awesome way of generating a passive income IF you’re prepared to work your socks off, I’m telling ya!

But it’s guys like Dylan who lead you astray with the notion of “get-rich-quick”, which is a total myth.

Because in his sales video, he reckons you can build profit-ready websites that are gonna rake you in a fortune from just a few mouse-button clicks…

Also, you don’t need any skills beforehand, it takes just 15 – 20 minutes of elbow grease daily, and you can make money TODAY…

If this method really works (as advertised on the tin) for only 47 bucks, then why is most of the world’s population still broke, huh?

Unfortunately for Dylan, I’ve been doing this affiliate marketing “thing” since 1999, making it super easy to call his bluff.

Trust me, there’s A LOT of virtual bullsh*t lurking in the shadows, waiting to pounce on innocent newbies like YOU.

Check out some blatant scams I’ve uncovered fairly recently:

Hey, maybe this “Dylan” is behind a handful of these, who knows.

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How Does Commission Plan X “Really” Work?…

Once you part with your cash, you’ll gain access to a dashboard area with training videos on:

  • Cool Links & ClickBank
  • Getting set up & organized
  • Niche research & affiliate links
  • Building a campaign
  • Facebook posts & website comments
  • Daily tasks to do

But the training tutorials are nothing to shout home about, in all honesty.

Because it’s just basic stuff that teaches you how to set up a website through at $34.95/month.

Which is quite a pricey option and reminds me off Click Clone Cash – where the creator tries to get you to spend a chunk of change on web-hosting.

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But anyway, once you build your Cool Handle website via CPX:

You’ll simply locate a ClickBank product that you wanna promote, embedd your affiliate link inside a pre-written website article…

Promote your website’s link all over Facebook…

And then rake in affiliate commissions when folks read your article and purchase through your affiliate link.

Well, that’s the idea behind it anyway.

But what I’ve found with folks on Facebook (especially in groups) is that they’re a tough crowd to convert into customers.

Because A: Nobody really wants to buy.

And B: Folks are skeptical, and also sick and tired of being sold to – especially by amateurs spamming affiliate links.

Additionally, your posts are quick to get pushed down towards the bottom of the pile.

This means you must frequently share your website posts across multiple targeted groups.

Which unfortunately, creates another huge problem because your account can get flagged for “spamming” – meaning FB jail time.

So there are numerous flaws of CPX that you must be cautious of.

So believe me, what you’ll receive for $47 from CPX isn’t gonna be a life-changer, I’m afraid.


It’s Red Flag City All The Way With Commission Plan X

OK, so if what you’ve already learned about CPX so far isn’t enough to put you right off the product, then maybe these scam warnings will.


#1: Fake Scarcity (As Per Usual)

You’re led to believe that 45 member spots have already been taken and only 7 remain.
Fake 7 Spots Remaining Scarcity
Excuse my bad language… but what a crock of sh*t!

Because the funny thing is – it doesn’t matter when you load up the sales page, whether it’s next week or next month…

There will still be 7 spots remaining.


Because “scarcity” is a highly profitable strategy deployed by both product publishers and even affiliates these days.

And unfortunately, it’s also a bandwagon that shady marketers and fraudsters, in general, have jumped on.

If you wanna see how scarcity should genuinely be praciced, then see Wealthy Affiliate’s Black Friday special. 😉


#2: Who on Earth is “Dylan Gardner”, Huh?

The man tries to convince you that he’s the guy behind the product and also the videomercial narrator.

When in fact, there’s absolutely ZERO evidence to support his identity. No YouTube channel, no social media proof, no nothing.

This in itself should speak volumes because he’s obviously got something to hide.

More often than not, internet fraudsters use ‘pen names’ and hire ‘spokespeople’ from freelance sites like to do their dirty work.

If Dylan was the real deal, then surely he’d own up to his “amazing” money-making system, huh?


#3: Zero Proof of Dylan’s $1.5 Million

I must admit, Dylan’s very good at talking the talk – telling you that he’s made almost 2 million dollars with his so-called system.

Basically, he fills your mind with everything it needs to hear in regard to “cashing in” on the web.

But when it comes to walking the walk, he’s so full of sh*t.

Because he fails to walk you through the process of HOW his system actually works to pull him in so much cash.

Hmm, why, I wonder?…

Is it because his system is just some fairy tale story that doesn’t exist?

And even if he did show proof of his earnings, the screenshot’s likely to be fabricated anyway – since it’s easy to do these days.


#4: Fake-Ass Testimonials From Non-Customers

As always with this type of crap, you’re gonna run into “too good to be true” sales pitch testimonials.

Apparently, some members are absolutely crushing it with CPX and can’t wait to tell you how easily they’ve made $1,000s already with it.

For example, meet this guy below:
Commission Plan X Male Member Testimonial
Except, the funny thing is that not once, do those peeps ever mention CPX or even display proof of their affiliate commissions.

This is so the creator of CPX can use the same videos throughout his (or her) entire rehashed product scam network

But it just so happens that the same guy above can be hired from Fiverr to record testimonials for just pennies on the dollar.

Grey Haired Fiverr Spokesperson Seller in Home Office


So it’s clear as day that the CPX fraudster “pays” actors to spew out LIES.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Furthermore, there are photo testimonials on the sales page from these so-called members.
Fake Sales Page Testimonials
But don’t you find it bazarre that not a single identity is revealed?


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There are more red flags that come with CPX, but the ones I’ve shared will suffice.


Final Conclusion: Is Commission Plan X a Scam to Dodge?

Big Cartoon Thumbs DownIn all my years of experience and also opinion, YES I do believe Commission Plan X is a scam you should keep at arm’s length.

There’s no debating the fact that SOME form of product is on the inside.

But anyone who pulls the wool over your eyes with far-fetched $1 million claims and other deceptive marketing practices…

Should be labelled as a scamster, in my book.

Furthermore, CPX is sold through ClickBetter which is deemed as an untrustworthy marketplace peddling “get-rich-quick” junk.

Even despite a 60-day refund policy being in place.

At the end of the day, earning an income from affiliate marketing takes both time and elbow grease.

Another key factor of success is adopting the right mindset – which I learned from both FIMP and the Overnight Millionaire System

No matter what path you walk down – whether it’s building sales funnels, vlogging, blogging or using some kinda ‘Done-For-You’ system.

So any individual who leads you to believe this money-making “stuff” is quick and easy… is a LIAR.

And YES, this also applies to numerous WarriorPlus and JVZoo product creators lol.


Sick to Death of All The Bogus Claims?…

You and me both!

The concept of affiliate marketing in itself is quite easy to wrap your head around.

But the hardest part is the implementation of it because it requires learning and applying the right internet marketing skills.

Add to that, you need to get your hands on other resources in terms of tools and 24/7 support – which aren’t always easy to find.


Luckily for you, the platform I use for generating an affiliate income from promoting others’ products offers you those said essentials for success.

So if you’re ready to get your hands dirty and create a successful affiliate marketing Biz from ground zero…

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Your buddy, Neil 😀

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