Profit Point Autonomy Review: [Pointless “Push-Button” Crap?]

So, you’re searching for a brutally honest review of Profit Point Autonomy, right?

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Apparently, you’re about to get your hands on a “virtual money machine” – making you $500 daily in affiliate commissions as easy as pie.

But I know only too well how these types of products pan out.

And it’s always bad news, I’m afraid.

So without beating about the bush any longer, jump into this review to discover my findings…

At a Quick Glance

Profit Point Autonomy Scam Review
Name: Profit Point Autonomy (PPA).

Owner: Unknown.


Cost: $47 + hidden Upsells.

My Score: 1/10.


  • None, other than it serves as a great example of the stuff to avoid


  • Makes unrealistic income claims
  • Owner remains unknown
  • Fabricated testimonials from Fiverr sellers
  • Uses fake scarcity tactics
  • Product is unsubstantial for any form of success
  • Comes with hidden upsells
  • Some customers struggle to get full refunds


Unfortunately, the Profit Point Autonomy sales page is full of lies and deceit from the get-go because “get-rich-quick” is a myth.

So if you’re hoping for some “magical push-button system” to make all your dreams to come true, the lazy way, then guess again.

All you really gain from this product is some sub-par training on affiliate marketing and a cookie-cutter website that’s not gonna make you money.

So overall, PPA is a big stinking pile of cow dung.

There’s only one reason why this product was created…

YUP, so the creator can line his (or her) pockets at YOUR expense, sadly.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended.

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Anyway, let’s get into my FULL review of PPA, shall we?…


What is Profit Point Autonomy About, You Say?

According to the presell video spokesman, Profit Point Autonomy is a fully-automated ‘Done-For-You’ system that will rake you in $500 every single day.

It follows a process that’s known as affiliate marketing, where you generate commissions from promoting others’ products/services.

In my experience, being an affiliate marketer is a bloody good way of turning a buck online.

But it does require that thing called hard work, and plenty of it if you wanna see a full-time income.

Except, the person behind PPA hypes up the process by saying it’s as easy as “pressing a button” for $1,000s to flood your bank account each week.

But all I have to say to that is… UGH.

Well, I could think of a few other choice words LOL.

Sadly, PPA is another mythical “get-rich-quick” scheme promising you the world on a plate from no effort.

It doesn’t work. Period.

The only person raking in the dough with the product is the creator, at the end of the day.

Interestingly, PPA also seems to be a reflection of other junk I’ve reviewed:

Not that I’m slating ClickBank because there are many legit products you can buy.

It’s just that some unethical vendors manage to worm their way in with their pipe dream crap.

I digress.

So after seeing the above products, there’s no doubt in my mind that the same person is behind them all…

Desperate to get THEIR hands on YOUR hard-earned dollars.


How Does Profit Point Autonomy Work, You Might be Wondering?

Well one thing’s for certain, PPA sure as hell doesn’t work in the way as promised on the tin.

Otherwise, everyone would be buying into this “dream system” and others just like it – living lavish lifestyles, right?

But instead, when you draw back the curtains of the product, you’ll discover some basic training material covering affiliate marketing.

Sadly, the training is too shallow for crushing in the digital space.

Because there’s A LOT you need to learn for success with an online business, which PPA fails to teach you.

In my opinion, you’d be better of sniffing out MUCH better training on YouTube for free.

Simply do a quick video search for what you wanna learn about.

In addition, you’ll get some generic ‘Done-For-You’ website, which is more like a pre-done template.

You simply fill in a few bits of info, hit publish, and your website will make you a fortune from promoting affiliate products, allegedly.

But it’s not that simple, unfortunately.

Because, in the real world of internet and affiliate marketing, you must create “high-quality” website content that gets ranked in the search engines.

Which, in turn, can lead to free organic traffic, sales, and commissions from whatever you’re promoting.

Anyone and their grandma can set up a pre-built website with affiliate products on display.

But without learning the know-how of internet marketing and actually driving traffic, your PPA website is just pointless junk.

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Now you know why PPA seriously disappoints under the surface, see why the sales page deceives you even more…


Red Flag #1: Who on Earth is The Person Behind it?

The dude in the sales video (who some so-called members’ refer to as “Mason”) is believed to be the creator of PPA.

Say hello to Mason.
Dark Haired Man With Beard Sat at Home Office Desk
I’ve not done a Google image search on this occasion… 

But for all we know, he’s just an alias and some actor hired from Fiverr to reel off a load of bullsh*t.

Because there’s ZERO evidence of his identity.

So in my opinion, this guy is deemed untrustworthy from the get-go.

Because if PPA really works as advertised, then surely he’d reveal his true identity, right?

Unfortunately, scammers tend to hide behind actors and pen names.

Because it means they can get away with robbing folks blind online.


Red Flag #2: Fake-Ass Scarcity Tactics…

Apparently, there are only “x number of positions still available”, so you must act now!
Only 13 Positions Remaining in Your Area
Yeah, right!

It’s just a load of baloney for two very good reasons.

First of all, every time you refresh your browser, the counter resets to 13 positions.

This is how you know the creator’s DEFINITELY lying.

And secondly, even if you was to load up the sales page this time next month, PPA would still be available.

Because it’s not going anywhere.

Well unless, a mixture of complaints, refund requests, and truthful reviews (like THIS one) force the creator into shutting the doors.

But even then, he or she will just continue to rebrand PPA.

Because they’re unethical money-grabbers, at the end of the day… 

They get a buzz out of walking newbies like you down the garden path.


Red Flag #3: Member Testimonials That Smell Fishy…

As you might have guessed, PPA members are boasting about raking in an absolute fortune in only a matter of weeks.

For example, see this guy on the beach who claims to have made a staggering $12,000 in just 4 weeks!
Profit Point Autonomy Five Figure Testimonial From Man With Glasses on Beach
But without solid proof to back up his story, makes him a liar, in my book.

But the biggest thing that sets off alarm bells is the fact that you’ll find him on offering his spokesperson services.

Man With Glasses on Beach Selling Fiverr Spokesperson Video Services


So quite clearly, whoever hides behind PPA, has paid the guy (and other Fiverr actors) to record fake-ass video testimonials.

If PPA really makes average peeps $1,000s per week without breaking into a sweat, then where are all the genuine testimonies?


To learn more about the rotten tactics deployed by fraudsters, see my review of Work At Home Secrets & Scams, which is a workbook by John Crestani.

OK, John may not be every noob’s favourite guru, but he sure does a good job of calling out scammers in the act.


Final Conclusion: Is Profit Point Autonomy a Scam?

Big Cartoon Thumbs DownYou can bet your sweet bippy that Profit Point Autonomy is a scam to dodge, alright.

Some folks will argue with my decision – saying that PPA delivers value because there’s something behind the scenes.

But I say when a product of this nature promises you’ll get rich quickly from hardly any effort, deploys numerous deceptive sales tactics, and provides a sub-par product…

Then how can PPA possibly classed as legitimate?

Like every far-fetched product you’ll come across, the only guy or gal actually profiting from PPA is the creator – who has zero interest in helping you.

Because they’re all about themselves.

Unfortunately, it’s these shady toerags who give affiliate marketing a bad name.

But then again, the majority of WarriorPlus product publishers are just as bad (in my opinion), right?


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Your buddy, Neil 😀

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