Auto Chat Profits Review: [Does it Chat a Load of Poop?]

A huge welcome to my truthful Auto Chat Profits review, young grasshopper! 😀

Apparently, it’s some “weird robot technology” that can make you up to $400 on a daily basis – all thanks to the power of automation.

But is it really an Autobot that’s on your side – helping you to rake in a fortune so easily as an affiliate marketer?

Or just another Decepticon leading you astray with porkies – so the creator can pocket at YOUR expense?

Continue reading for the answer…

At a Quick Glance

Auto Chat Profits
Name: Auto Chat Profits (ACP).

Owner: Samantha Smith (used as a stage name).


Cost: $37 + $97, $187 & $197 for Upsells + $1,000s for traffic & resources.

My Score: 3/10.


  • You can potentially make some money
  • ClickBank offers a 60-day refund


  • Hyped up sales video
  • Owner goes by a pen name
  • Success coach is a stock photo
  • Lacks real training
  • You don’t have ownership of the chat bot website
  • Paid ads can cost $1,000s
  • Comes with numerous upsells


Auto Chat Profits does provide you with SOME sort of value for your hard-earned buckaroonies.

But the chat robot website you get isn’t actually yours to keep, and you’ll need to spend $100s – $1,000s on paid advertising.

And even with paid website traffic, there are no guarantees that your site will convert your visitors into affiliate commissions.

It’s a huge risk to take (in my opinion), especially if you lack marketing skills and you’re also on a shoestring budget.

So as a newbie, you’ll struggle to make $100s per day with ACP, if I’m being totally honest.

Final Verdict: Legit. But Not Recommended.

** Note: ACP is currently sold out. But I’m sure it’s not the last we’ve heard of it **

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What is Auto Chat Profits About, Huh?

According to the sales page, ACP “siphons up to $423.67 a day on autopilot with shocking consistency” – using chat robot software.

Followed by the video spokeswoman claiming her new and unseen ‘Done-For-You’ software makes it a piece of cake to cash in online.

In fact, ACP is so effective, that Samantha herself is raking in $10,000s per week from using it!

The good news is that numerous internet marketers have jumped on the “chat bot” bandwagon because it’s such a powerful strategy.

But the bad news is that Samantha walks you down the garden path, because, for starters, she makes the chatbot concept seem too easy.

I know for a fact that affiliate marketing can be as hard as nails – no matter what internet marketing path you take advantage of.

And secondly, her massive income results set unrealistic benchmarks for newbies, in my opinion.

But before getting down to the nitty gritty of ACP, check out more red flags I discovered inside the sales video.


#1: “Samantha Smith” is Not The Real Deal…

All you have is the voice of the video spokeswoman to go by when it comes to the creator of ACP.

There’s absolutely no solid proof of “Samantha Smith’s” existence, which highly suggests she’s just an “alias”.

And also what’s the betting that the lady’s voice you hear throughout the entire presentation is a “voiceover” hired from Fiverr?

So if ACP really makes you $100s per day as easy as pie, then why is the actual creator scared to reveal their true identity, huh?


#2: Even The “Success Coach” is Fabricated…

When you’re on the sales page, “Jenny” (the success coach) pops up inside her own chat box – encouraging you to buy ACP.

Which, BTW, is a great example of how the chat robot actually works.

Meet Jenny, your coach.
Auto Chat Profits Success Coach Jenny
But don’t be fooled because she’s just a “stock picture” of a woman smiling, that you can buy through the iStock photo website.

Blonde Haired Woman Smiling With iStock Watermark


So if the ACP creator can’t even be honest when it comes to the identity of their coach either, then surely he or she has something to hide, right?


#3: Samantha Plays Mind Trickery…

If the hype, fake-ass owner and coach aren’t enough to trick you into parting with your dollars, then Samantha tries toying with your mind.

Firstly, she connects with you on an emotional level that’s designed to lower your guard.

By saying stuff like “I know how much it hurts to fail online”

And “anyone claiming you’ll be a millionaire in the next month is a shameless scam artist”

But isn’t she already peddling that “get-rich-quick” crap through her own product sales page? LOL.

Secondly, once she’s gained your trust, she hits you with a money-making solution.

But she tries to pull the wool over your eyes by coming out with “you need the secret shortcuts” to making money.
You Need The Secret Shortcuts
Unfortunately, there are NO secret shortcuts when it comes to earning a full-time income through affiliate marketing.

Believe me, I’ve tried to find the “magic loopholes” since 1999 and failed miserably, haha.

At the end of the day, shortcuts are for the lazy and naive – and that’s who Samantha’s aiming to take advantage of with her pitch.


How Auto Chat Profits Works For $…

Despite the red flags and Samantha chatting a load of crap to sell you “the dream” – ACP actually provides some level of value.

Yeah, shocker, I know!

In order to get your new chat bot website up and running, you need to follow 3 steps outlined below.
Auto Chat Profits Three Step Setup

Step #1: ClickBank Setup

First of all, you must apply to become an affiliate of ClickBank’s program.

And then once approved, you enter your ClickBank affiliate ID into your ACP back office area.

This basically enables you to earn affiliate commissions from products promoted on your ‘Done-For-You’ site.

However, the biggest downfall with products in ClickBank’s “make money” category is that there’s a lot of “get-rich-quick” crap.

Hyped up products like Instant Email Empire, Explode My Payday, and Prime Time Profits – to name some scammy examples.

ClickBank is a legit marketplace in itself with some great products across various niches, don’t get me wrong.

But if you’re promoting “pipe dream” trash, then expect many of your customers to request refunds = lost affiliate commissions.


Step #2: Domain Setup

You’d assume that you can pick and purchase your own domain for your ACP website, right?


Instead, you’re forced to choose a domain name from a list of preregistered domains.

While you may think it’s a great idea for saving a few bucks, it’s problematic because the creator actually owns your domain AND website.

Seriously, it’s not cool.

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Step #3: Email Service Setup

The last step involves creating an email Autoresponder account with Aweber or GetResponse, for example, and tying it in with your ACP site.

It’s so you can turn your website visitors into email subscribers – allowing you to follow up with them with your affiliate product offers.

Once all 3 steps are completed, you simply hit a button and your site will be built automatically.


Why You’ll Have a Hard Time With Auto Chat Profits…

It’s one thing having an ACP website that’s entirely ‘Done-For-You’.

But actually making it “profitable” is going to be extremely challenging for a newbie, in my book.

Because, all you really get is a 1-page website with a chat bot that just promotes “money-making” products on your behalf.
Chat Robot Welcome to Make Money Today Website
It contains ZERO “high-quality” content – meaning that Google won’t send free traffic your direction.

Which, means you’ll need to invest a ton of cash into paid ads like “solo ads” – which is what ACP tells you to do.

Unfortunately, the paid ad strategy is extremely risky because it comes with no guarantees of profits.

So you’ll more than likely be out-of-pocket by $100s – $1,000s with paid ads if you’re not careful.

Also, when it comes to “email marketing”, that’s certainly far from an easy way of turning your subscribers into cash because it takes time to master.

So I’m guessing these are the reasons why the ACP creator refuses to reveal his or her identity.


How Much Does Auto Chat Profits Cost?

You might assume that $37 is a bargain and a half for a ‘Done-For-You’ website with its own money-making bot, right?

But guess again because you don’t own a single part of your site – the whole lot belongs to the ACP creator.

In addition to the $37, you’ll be enticed by various upsells costing $197, $187, and $97.

On top of those fees, there’s your email Autoresponder account – that can start from $15$19/month (depending on the service).

And if that’s not enough, paid ads will cost you an arm and a leg.

All in all, you’re easily looking at $1,000s to get up and running with ACP.

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Final Conclusion: Is Auto Chat Profits a Scam?

Big Cartoon Thumbs DownWell, since you gain access to a chat robot site (as promised in the sales video), Auto Chat Profits is not a scam in that sense.

But with that said, ACP isn’t a product that I would recommend for a number of very good reasons.

First of all, the sales pitch is seriously hyped up and contains a bunch of red flags.

Secondly, I don’t fancy your chances of success with your website UNLESS you already have expertise in the field of “paid ads” and $ to burn.

Thirdly, the ACP creator has FULL ownership of your domain, website, and bot – which means you have ZERO control.

And lastly, you don’t receive any real guidance on how to market effectively to your email list.


Is There a Better Money-Making Alternative?…

Yup, there sure is!

Earning a full-time income through affiliate marketing isn’t as easy-peasy as the person behind ACP leads you to believe.

But it’s 100% doable IF you have the right resources at your disposal and also work your socks off.

Which, is where my top recommended platform comes into play.

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Your buddy, Neil 😀

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