Traffic Multiplier Review: [Does it SCAM on Multiple Levels?]

Hi, and thanks for dropping in on my honest review of Traffic Multiplier! 🙂

As usual, there are heaps of biased reviews from “affiliates” offering tons of bonuses for a quick and easy buck.

So today, I’m gonna be looking into this product from both sides of the coin so I can be totally up front with you.

Sound fair?…

At a Quick Glance

Traffic Multiplier
Name: Traffic Multiplier (TM).

Owner: Glynn Kosky (the guy behind Commission Shortcut & many others).


Cost: $17 + Upsells.

My Score: 4/10.


  • Some training, resouces & support provided
  • Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Sales page is hyped-up & misleading
  • Training’s too basic & covers very little on driving traffic
  • Paid traffic is expensive & involves some level of risk
  • Comes with numerous hidden upsells


Despite what Glynn and his affiliates say about Traffic Multiplier, it just doesn’t live up the hype, unfortunately.

Not only is the training lacking in-depth, but you’ll hardly learn anything about actually driving traffic to your website.

The tutorials only really cover the basics of setting up a website and web pages, browser notifications, email marketing, and Facebook ads.

So don’t expect to get access to something ground-breaking because it’s far from it.

There are far better products to spend your cash on, in my book.

Final Verdict: Legit. But Not Recommended.

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What is Traffic Multiplier All About, You Ask?

According to the sales pitch, Traffic Multiplier is a “$227 per day pure profit system” for affiliate marketers.

You can generate traffic, leads, and sales in 60 seconds using 100% free tools, apparently.

Basically, you’ll get your hands on a bunch of video tutorials and resources that cover various aspects of internet marketing, which I’ll discuss in a mo.

So you also get the impression that you need to start an affiliate marketing business prior to purchasing TM and learning the strategies.

But what really bugs me about this product is the fact that Glynn hypes it up just like all his other products I’ve come across.

Yes, TM is legitimate, but the guy makes profiting through lead generation seem like a piece of cake.

But in my experience, driving traffic and earning an income online is far from quick and easy processes because variables come into play.


How Does Traffic Multiplier Work, Exactly?

Once you gain access to TM, you’ll see a dashboard area consisting of numerous video training sections that cover various methods.
Traffic Multiplier Money Making Process
I’ll quickly run through the main training tutorials.


How To Set Up Your Site

This first video is really about building and setting up a free WordPress website (aka blog).

However, the video is fairly short, which means it doesn’t go into great depth when it comes to starting a blog.

Ian Pribyl, founder of First-Time Internet Marketing Profits and author of ‘From Nothing‘ does a MUCH better job at helping you set up a blog.


How To Create Your Page

Inside this pretty lengthy video, you’ll learn about creating your opt-in page.

This is an effective strategy for building an email list of targeted subscribers who you can promote your affiliate offers to.

As the saying goes: “the money’s in the list”.


How To Create The Additional Pages

Basically, you’ll learn how to build out the framework of your site with other pages that your website visitors may want to browse.


How To Set Up The Browser Notifications

Also known as ‘Web Push Notifications‘ – Browser Notifications are messages sent to your visitors’ devices/computers without you knowing their emails.

This browser notification thing is fairly new to the scene of internet marketing.

And while it can work for getting your content and offers in front of your audience, it’s not as powerful as email marketing, in my opinion.

But still, it’s a good method for learning to implement into your campaigns.


How To Set Up The Email Capture

This quick lesson is as it states on the tin really.

There’s nothing really much to this video.


How To Set Up The Facebook Pixel

Facebook ads can be a tough cookie, as I’ve discovered for myself in the past, after losing money *SIGH*.

So this quick video is about tracking your results as opposed to doing ads blindfolded, which makes the world of difference.


How To Send The Emails

Inside this 12-minute long video, you’re shown the ropes of Aweber for blasting out emails to your subscribers.


How To Send Further Notifications

This ties in with the Browser Notification lesson, where you’ll quickly learn how to send desktop notifications to your audience.


The Strategy

Don’t get too excited about this lesson because it’s another short video just giving you a brief overview of how TM works.


Example in Full

This quick video covers how the whole process works when folks visit your website and opt-in to your email list.


Bonus Material

This material covers Facebook ads and also taking advantage of solo ads for sending traffic to your website.

But the biggest downside to paid traffic is that it comes with real risks.

Especially, when it comes to solo ad traffic because not all solo ads are created equal, I’m afraid.

If you find a great vendor supplying top-quality traffic, then you have the potential to turn a profit from your investments.

However, choose the wrong vendor sending your website “fake bot” traffic (which does happen), then your money’s down the toilet.

But either way, solo ads can easily set you back $100s, if not $1,000s.


My Beef With Traffic Multiplier…

Big Cartoon Thumbs DownUnfortunately, most of the training you receive inside TM is extremely vague, in my opinion.

Not only is it bare bone stuff, but you can very easily locate the same (if not better) level of training on the internet for “free”.

Just type the tutorial topics into Google and YouTube to be amazed at the value you’ll find for a whopping $0!

Additionally, you’re only shown ways on how to get various methods “set up” as opposed to learning about actually “driving traffic”.

Yeah, you’re taught about Facebook and solo ads inside the bonus section, but the training’s inadequate for real success.

Furthermore, as I’ve already pointed out, paid traffic is risky, especially when you’re a newbie and don’t know what the hell you’re doing.

All in all, TM is a disappointment because what you’re taught is far from ground-breaking stuff.

So I don’t see how anyone can make $200 per day or even profit within 60 seconds from following the tutorials.


How Much Does Traffic Multiplier Cost?

To get access to TM will cost you $17.

But as with all of Glynn’s products, he entices you with upsells. These include:

  • TM Gold = $27 – $67
  • Platinum = $27 – $67
  • Titanium = $27 – $67
  • License Rights – $197/$297 for earning generous commissions from promoting the product itself – which explains the “biased” reviews lol.

And on top of those fees, don’t forget paid traffic can cost you an arm and a leg, especially if you’re an inexperienced marketer.


Final Conclusion: Is Traffic Multiplier a Scam?

From my perspective, Traffic Multiplier is a legitimate product, since it provides you with SOME level of value.

But just because it’s legit, doesn’t automatically mean that I recommend TM to a newbie.

First of all, Glynn hypes up his product from the offset – leading you to believe TM is the magical solution to your money-making prayers.

And especially one that can generate you profit in just a minute.

I’m sorry, but Glynn simply CAN NOT make such bold statements because nobody can guarantee your success in the online space.

Secondly, why pay 27 bucks for training that you can easily find for $0?

And thirdly, the training on a whole is insufficient for turning a buck because there’s hardly any guidance on driving traffic itself.

Sadly, it seems both Glynn and his “affiliates” tell you exactly what you want to hear for THEIR own benefits.


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Your buddy, Neil 😀

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