Website ATM Review: [It’s NO Online Cash Dispenser!]

Howdy, welcome to my unbiased Website ATM review! 😀

The reason I say “unbiased” is because I’m unaffiliated with this product, so expect nothing but my truthful thoughts.

According to the sales page, $500 will flood into your bank account through the internet 24/7/365.

Sheesh, that’s one heck of a bold claim! Right?

But if you’re expecting this virtual cash machine to easily dispense dollars like there’s no tomorrow, guess again because it fails to work as promised.

Jump into this review to see why this is one ATM that swallows cash rather than dispenses it…

At a Quick Glance

Website ATM Scam Review
Name: Website ATM (WATM).

Owner: Nick Harvey, apparently.

Cost: $47 + Upsells of $297.

My Score: 1/10.


  • Done-For-You website template
  • A great example of the products to avoid


  • Sales page sells “the dream”
  • Owner uses an alias
  • Fake testimonials & income proof
  • The actual product is ineffective
  • No training/support provided
  • Overpriced web hosting
  • A rehashed scam


With its outlandish money-making claims, a creator who remains anonymous, false testimonials, and a non-functional product on the inside…

Website ATM has little to no value to offer, and I don’t trust any of the upsells either, in all honesty.

Sadly, it’s junk like this that leaves newbies like you high and dry, and also gives the affiliate marketing world a bad reputation.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended.

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What is Website ATM All About?

Nick wants you to believe that his ‘Done-For-You’ “push-button” website will make you serious cash  on a daily basis as easy as cherry pie.
Website ATM Hyped up Serious Cash Claims
He comes out with all sorts of ludicrous claims like his magical website works so amazingly well, that you must keep it a secret.

And you don’t even need to lift a finger for the Ben Franklins to come pouring in hour-after-hour because he’s done all the donkey-work on your behalf.

The whole sales pitch is just your typical far-fetched baloney planting mind seeds…

Allowing the sleazy creator to easily pocket a tidy profit at YOUR expense.

Trust me, I’ve been doing this affiliate marketing “thing” for a number of years, and have never come into contact with such a “secretive dream system”.

Yeah sure, there are ‘Done-For-You’ systems like 12 Minute Affiliate and My Online Startup (to name a couple) that may make your life easier as an affiliate beginner.

But you still have to chuck your time and money into said systems to give them a fighting chance of paying off for you in the long run.

So get-rich-quick is an old wives tale – no matter what method you roll with to make money online.


But Before I Reveal How Website ATM Works…

Check out some red flags to bear in mind before handing over your hard-earned bucks because they might just save you from making a silly Billy mistake.

These scam warnings are nothing but manipulative strategies to improve Nick’s own chances of “cashing in” so he can live the life of Riley himself.



#1: 3 Peeps Share Fake-Ass Testimonials

There are video testimonials from 3 guys n’ gals all claiming to be making $100s per day.

And to make their stories more convincing, they hold up mobile devices (that seem fake) showing some sort of members’ dashboard area LOL.

Meet “Susan Conner” who’s made close to $4K in 6 days!
Website ATM Fake Income Testimonial From Susan Conner
But don’t believe one single word that rolls off their tongues because the scammer behind WATM has obviously “paid” them to read scripts.

However, in this particular instance, I couldn’t locate Susan (or whoever she is) on

But take it from someone who has reviewed 100s of these far-fetched sales pages over the years, that they all follow the same pattern.


#2: Who is This “Nick Harvey”, You Ask?

Nick Harvey (the video spokesman and WATM creator) claims to have made his internet debut in 2001.

(OR that’s when he started “scamming” folks, more like).

But since the guy doesn’t provide any factual proof of his identity, how could you ever trust him?

For all you know, he might even be the opposite sex.

Unfortunately, scam artists use “pen names” so you can’t pin their own deceptive crap on them.

Which, means they’re as free as the wind to rip off vulnerable newbs.


#3: Fabricated Bank Account Snapshots

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with internet marketers impressing folks with income reports.

But when a dirtbag like Nick does it – trying to dazzle you with the $1,000s sitting in his bank.
Fake Bank Account Payment Transactions
Then take his account snapshot with a grain of salt.

Because, it’s not exactly rocket science when it comes to fabricating screenshots on the web.

Considering, the technological advancements we have in this day and age.

Furthermore, Nick fails to specify HOW WATM actually deposited those 4-figure payments into his bank account.

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#4: WATM is a Duplicate Scam

It may or may not come as a shock to the system to learn that Nick’s so-called “magical website” is just a rehash of other garbage I’ve come across, like:

Money Sucking Websites

Money Sucking Websites Sales Page.

I could go on, but there are way too many of these hideous products to list.

The sales pages, hyped-up videos, and “$500 daily claims” are pretty much identical with all of these products.

But why?

Because, when the scams get publicly called out by bloggers with real integrity, the fraudsters re-release their junk under new brands.

So you can bet your bottom dollar that Nick already has a string of brands (not to mention pen names) lined up when WATM goes to the dogs.


How Website ATM Actually Works…

When you hand over 47 bucks, you’ll be granted access to THIS members’ dashboard area:
Website ATM Members Dashboard
Let’s start with the good news:

You may not be left completely high and dry because you get some form of ‘Done-For You’ eCommerce-style website template. 

Which doesn’t look too shabby in all fairness.

Plus, you have the opportunity to edit the site to your liking and populate it with your own products to sell.

But Here Comes The Bad News:

The website (more of a template) is a duplicate – meaning every other member receives and promotes the same one.

So you won’t really stand out from other members.

But the biggest downside to WATM is that you aren’t provided with any training on how to drive that word called “traffic” to your website, whatsoever.

Driving targeted visitors to your site is the bread and butter of your online Biz, so having a product-filled website is useless if potential customers don’t know about it.

This means that you must fork out for the ‘WATM Gold’, ‘Amazon Traffic Secrets‘ and/or Personal Coaching’ upsells one of which costs $297.

But given the fact that the whole cringeworthy sales page strings you along from the get-go and you don’t really receive much for $47…

Are you really willing invest your trust and more hard-earned cash into any of the upsells?

I know I sure as hell wouldn’t.


Final Conclusion: Is Website ATM a Scam?

Big Cartoon Thumbs DownYES, Website ATM is a scam to avoid like a plague of locusts, in my opinion.

After highlighting the red flags and considering the fact that some “cookie-cutter” website (WITHOUT traffic training included) just isn’t gonna cut the mustard…

It’s plain to see WATM is a no-go.

What’s more, some peeps have complained about being ripped off and unable to get their money back.

I’ve also heard that once the fraudster has your credentials, your email and phone will be bombarded with messages.


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Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or sh*tty experiences with WATM to share? Please help in the fight against these tricksters below…


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