$500 Per Day System Review: [You’ll be Lucky to Make $5!]

Thanks for swinging by my honest review of the $500 Per Day System!

According to the guys behind it, it’s an easy-peasy automated “push button” system that’s gonna stuff your bank account with 500 dollars each day.

Hmm… unlikely story, I’m afraid.

Without beating around the bush, jump into THIS review to learn WHY the so-called system is the total opposite of what’s advertised on the tin…

At a Quick Glance

500 Per Day System Review
Name: $500 Per Day System (5PDS).

Owners: Kent Peters & Vladimir Karpovsky (apparently).

Website: soap.info/succcn/step2.html.

Cost: $47 + Upsells.

My Score: 1/10.


  • A fantastic example of what you should avoid online


  • Hyped-up sales page with exaggerated income claims
  • The owners use pen names
  • Fake scarcity & testimonials
  • Comes with inadequate training
  • There are hidden upsells


Sadly, the $500 Per Day System is just another typical “pie in the sky” type of product.

Because not only does the sales page fill your head with garbage on making mega cash quickly (not to mention the use of other deceptive tactics)…

But the product itself under delivers and massively disappoints.

Because all you get is some basic website and shallow affiliate marketing training.

Resources, that you’ll be lucky to even generate 5 bucks with, let alone 500 daily.

The only ones profiteering are the ones who are dangling this product like a carrot in front of a donkey’s face, unfortunately.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended.

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What’s The $500 Per Day System All About, You Ask?

Kent Peters & Vladimir Karpovsky claim they’ve designed an automated system that makes you a WHOPPING $500 every single day.

And get this… it’s totally “FREE” to set up!

All there is to do on your part is simply watch a bunch of videos, press a button…

And then watch the affiliate commissions pour in as folks buy stuff via your system.

In fact, the bucks will start rolling in within your very first hour!

Blah, blah, blah…

I’m sorry, but these guys are so full of sh*t, it makes the toilet jealous.

I kid you not, never in my affiliate marketing career have I ever come across such a “magical” system.

Because it’s just fairy-tale garbage.

Peter Pan type of stuff, that was invented to fill the pockets of unethical people behind fluff like the $500 Per Day System.

And it’s not the first time I’ve come across the 5PDS hyped-up sales pitch either, because it’s just a rehash of:

Which gives me reason to suspect that the same lone wolf or criminal gang is behind all of them (and then some).

If you wanna learn HOW a real money-making system operates, then see:

John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System, Commission Hero, 12 Minute Affiliate, and the 1K A Day Fast Track, to name a few.

Yeah, the said systems also seem hyped-up (lol) – but trust me, they still require effort, time, and cash to turn a buck with.

I digress.

Let’s talk more about why the 5PDS sales video raises scam warnings…


Red Flag #1: Scarcity at Its Absolute Worst

Kent (also the video spokesman) leads you to believe that the first 300 peeps are only gonna get access to 5PDS.

But that’s absolute drivel because it’s just a FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) tactic deployed to rush more newbies into buying the crap.

I can guarantee that every time you load up the sales page, Kent will always play the exact same “limited spots” card.

Because 5PDS isn’t actually going anywhere.

Well, unless negative reviews, complaints, and multiple refund requests force him to shut up shop.

In which case, 5PDS will just be reborn as an entirely new far-fetched product, and with different identities peddling it, no doubt.

If you wanna learn how scarcity should be implemented by genuine product publishers…

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Red Flag #2: Who The F*ck Are “Kent Peters” & “Vladimir Karpovsky”?

Apparently, these two guys are the masterminds behind the life-changing 5PDS and also expert internet marketers.

Well, so they claim.

But take both of their identities with a pinch of salt because neither one of them provide a scrap of evidence to prove who they are.

All you really see is a picture of Peters with his cute family to gain your trust.
Man With His Family on Holiday
But it’s highly likely to be a stock photo of some random family, which is usually the case with fraudsters online, these days.

Even if you do a quick Google search for Peters and Karpovsky, the dudes are nowhere to be seen.

Unfortunately, scammers always fly under the radar using pen names.

Because it means they’re less likely to get caught and publicly called out when taking folks like YOU for ride.


Red Flag #3: Fake-Ass Member Testimonials

I like how Peters and Karpovsky try to cover their own arses with a legal disclaimer by telling you that the endorsements are by paid actors.
500 Per Day System Legal Disclaimer
In my opinion, it’s just another slimy “trust building” tactic.

The more open and honest they are with you, the more likely you’ll hand over your hard-earned American dollars, right?

But having said that, if folks really are raking in the megabucks with 5PDS as easy as warm cherry pie…

Then why are there no genuine testimonials?

And NO, it’s not because members are camera-shy. 😛

It’s because the system is non-existent from the get-go.

To learn more about the filthy tactics deployed by tricksters, check out the Work At Home Secrets & Scams workbook.


What’s Really Happening Behind The Scenes of The $500 Per Day System?

By no means will you get to take advantage of some miracle website that’s quick to rank on Google and pull in fat stacks of cash.

Because what you’ll really receive is some generic training on affiliate marketing and some sort of website that fails to take flight.

First of all, the training really is nothing to shout home about because it barely covers the basics of starting out in affiliate marketing.

In fact, you’ll easily be able to locate the same level of training for “free” on YouTube. So put ya money away!

And secondly, the website’s just gonna be some template with no valuable content on it – that you don’t even own anyways.

So without the right training on HOW to go about publishing high-quality content, your website’s pretty much dead in the water.

Additionally, you need to use a keyword tool in order to get content ranked on Google.

Followed by MONTHS of writing posts to generate traffic for results.

So you’ll just be wasting your time with 5PDS, in all honesty.

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Final Conclusion: Is The $500 Per Day System a Scam?

Big Cartoon Thumbs DownIn my brutally honest opinion, YES, the $500 Per Day System bloody well is a scam that you should dodge like a bullet.

First of all, not only does the sales page walk you down the garden path – getting you to believe in the notion of “get-rich-quick”.

In addition, other slimy and unethical tactics are deployed to both earn your trust and push you into making a purchase.

And secondly, the product in itself fails to live up to all the hype.

Because it just offers some mundane training with a basic website that you’ll struggle to turn a buck with.

So overall, I think it’s perfectly clear to understand that 5PDS is designed to fool as many newbs as possible.

Just so the creator(s) can benefit instead.

But before dashing off…

If you’re sick to the back teeth of fraudulent products…

But looking for a legit solution to earning a sustainable income from affiliate marketing…

Then my #1 recommendation (Wealthy Affiliate) equips you with all the essentials for creating a successful online Biz from scratch.

Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or thoughts to share on 5PDS? Please hop on the conversation below…


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