Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Sale (Up to $689 Off + BONUSES!)

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What Is Wealthy Affiliate All About, You Ask?

If you’re unfamiliar with Wealthy Affiliate, it’s basically a one-stop-shop for any newbie wanting to start and grow a successful affiliate marketing Biz from scratch.

As a Premium member, you won’t just receive unlimited access to a 120-lesson step-by-step training course…

But you’ll be armed to the teeth with a SiteRubix blog builder, various other tools, 24/7 support from a 2-million-member global community AND a free domain thrown in for good measure.

Pretty much everything you require for building a 5 (or even 6-figure) affiliate Biz in 2023 and beyond.

But if that’s not enough, you’ll get your hands on some *GASP* sweeet-ass bonuses WORTH $1,000s (deets in this review) this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

How to Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate’s CORE (‘Online Entrepreneur Certification’) course focuses on 4 elements that are designed to help you launch a new blog and turn it into a full-time income in 2023.

These 4 phases are:

Step #1: Choose a Niche

Before building a blog site, it’s crucial to choose a niche (aka a segment of a specific industry or group of people you want to solve problems for online).

Inside Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle (co-founder and coach) shows you the steps to picking a great niche that revolves around a passion or hobby of yours.

Put simply, without knowing your direction, you won’t be able to leave the starting blocks.

Step #2: Start a Niche Website

What I like best about this step is that kyle makes the niche website building process a total of lemon cake.

Because not only do you have access to an in-house builder to start your own WordPress blog

But you’ll receive web hosting, access to a domain registry service, a bunch of other tools, and training to show you how to set it all up.

In fact, it’s a simple click-by-click type of process – Wealthy Affiliate will automatically do all the “geek tech” stuff for you…

Resulting in your own niche website built very quickly.

Step #3: Attract Free Website Visitors

The cool part here is that Kyle shows you everything you need to know about driving tons of organic search engine traffic to your website for free

By tapping into the almighty power of the ‘Big G’ (aka Google).

First of all, Kyle teaches you how to leverage Wealthy Affiliate’s Jaaxy keyword tool to find great traffic-generating keywords to rank for.

Secondly, he shows you how to use Wealthy Affiliate’s content writing platform to create and publish articles on your WordPress blog around those keywords.

Which leads to the final phase…

Step #4: Earn Revenue, Baby!

In this phase, you’ll learn all about choosing affiliate programs and products to promote on your blog for raking in commissions.

Which will ultimately lead to you earning a full-time passive income with your affiliate Biz.

You won’t be just shown the process, but you’ll be able to tap into Wealthy Affiliate’s own affiliate program finder tool.

Which enables you to easily and quickly find the right affiliate programs that fit perfectly around your niche.

But if you struggle to come up with a niche to build a successful Biz around, then Kyle presents the option to…

Promote Wealthy Affiliate (With ‘Affiliate Bootcamp’)

Unfortunately, the BIGGEST issue with joining Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate program to promote the platform itself…

Is that the ‘make money online – affiliate marketing’ niche is highly competitive – it takes longer to get traction with compared to most niches.

But if you fancy the challenge, then Kyle offers the ‘Affiliate Bootcamp’ in addition to the ‘OEC’ training course:

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Training

Where, you still learn and apply the EXACT 4 phases of starting and growing a lucrative Biz.

When it comes to promoting Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll earn some pretty tasty recurring monthly or yearly commissions on Premium/Premium+ referrals:

Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Program Commissions

In my experience, recurring commissions are definitely the cream of the crop.

BUT if you combine promoting Wealthy Affiliate with the free Commission Academy affiliate program – you can really supercharge your earnings…

I’m talking up to/and well over $1,000 in commissions per Premium referral! 😉

2 Wealthy Affiliate Memberships (Premium VS. Premium+)

When it comes to Black Friday, Wealthy Affiliate has two types of membership plans to choose from.

First up, there’s the popular bog-standard Premium option:

This allows you to build and host up to 10 WordPress websites, receive unlimited support, access the core lessons + 52 annual live events, Jaaxy Lite keyword tool and others.

And then there’s the Premium+ (“beast mode” as I like to call it) option:

Where, everything is “levelled up” – all of the above included, except you can host up to 50 websites and access 300+ advanced classes yearly.

Additionally, as a Premium+ member – you’ll receive the “2023 Success Hacks” bonus (comprising 9 WA super affiliates revealing their Top Trump cards).

Plus, I’ll even throw in a cool bonus of my own – the GeneratePress premium WordPress theme (worth $59/year), which holds special Google ranking powers 😉

These bonuses combined far outweigh the price tag of Premium+ I tell ya!

And whilst on the subject of pricing (or should I say “investment”?)…

Wealthy Affiliate’s Black Friday Money-Saving Deals

During normal times of year, Premium costs $499/year (or $49/month).

And Premium+ is $999/year (or $99/month).

But prices have been drastically slashed this Black Friday:

  • Premium = $299/year (40% discount!)
  • Premium+ = $499/year (50% discount!)

Important Announcement:

This is THE last time EVER, that you can join Wealthy Affiliate for such a low investment on Black Friday.

So, there are only 4 days to snap up either offer and be grandfathered in at that price before the co-founders (Kyle and Carson) increase it next holiday season.

Where else can you find the essentials under one roof for building a lucrative affiliate Biz for less than the cost of a standard cup of coffee each day?

Time is of the essence, so get ya skates on!…

Person Sat on Leather Chair With a Laptop in Middle of Giant Clock Face Flooring

Do Members Succeed? (See Some Success Stories)

There are actually quite a few Wealthy Affiliate members building successful online businesses.

They’ve gone from making their first $1 online to a full-time income.

Which, means YOU can too…

IF you work your socks off, of course.

First, let’s start with a bunch of smaller success stories inside the WA community.

Small Wealthy Affiliate Member Success Stories

And then there are success stories from the heavy hitters.

These guys and gals have been involved in the community for numerous years – earning 4 to 5 figures monthly.

For example, Meet Grace C Izdo (username: Littlemama).

She almost made $2K one month in 2018 (but now exceeds that monthly figure in 2022).

Littlemama Grace C Izdo Made Two Thousand Dollars One Month

And then there’s Eddy (with a Y) Salomon who made a whopping $10,000 in a month!

Eddy Salomon Made Ten Thousand Dollars in a Month

Although these two members promote Wealthy Affiliate itself for a sizable income…

The list of member success stories in various niches seems endless.

But they all started off just like you with little to no experience and worked hard to make it happen.

Also, hear what my friend (John) says about Wealthy Affiliate and its Black Friday offer @ Make Money Online Affiliate Marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Premium Plus Bonuses

Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Special Bonuses

If Wealthy Affiliate’s Black Friday offer + free domain + ‘expert hack’ training bonus isn’t enough…

Then how about some extra goodies of my own to really sweeten the pot?

When you join as a Premium+ member (via any link on this page), you’ll automatically receive:

Bonus #1: Unlimited PM & Email Support (Priceless)

Email Support Bonus

In addition to WA’s phenomenal community support 24/7, I’ll give you my personal unlimited WA ‘Private Message’ + email support…

Exclusively for special Black Friday Premium+ members.

So, whatever your questions or challenges when it comes to any aspect of starting your affiliate Biz…

I’ll use my years of expertise to guide you in the right direction.

Bonus #2: GeneratePress Premium WordPress Theme ($59/Year Value)

GeneratePress Premium WordPress Theme Bonus

Stand out from the “free theme” crowd and take your blog to the next level with the super lightweight and responsive GeneratePress premium WordPress theme.


  • Performance focused in terms of speed, security & usability
  • Search Engine Optimized for a head start in the search engines
  • Extended & typography customizer
  • Flexible site layout control
  • Page builder friendly
  • WordPress plugin compatible
  • Translated into over 20 languages

Watch out for my PM in your Wealthy Affiliate members area 😉

Wrapping it up on Wealthy Affiliate’s Black Friday Deal

In my eyes, Wealthy Affiliate is the cream of the crop as far as affiliate marketing training platforms and communities go.

Because WA rolls all the essential components of success into one platform that’s unmatched, especially when it comes to the pricing.

I mean, c’mon, where else are you gonna find the sweetest Black Friday deal starting from an affordable $299/year?

You’d have to be crazier than The Mad Hatter to turn down the life-changing offer!

But hard work, time, and patience also play key roles in the money-making process, which is why WA isn’t everyone’s cuppa.

So, if you’re willing to go “all in” on yourself and start off the 2023 new year with a real bang…

Wishing you heaps of success…

Your buddy, Neil.

Also See: SiteGround Web Hosting Black Friday Deals

If you have any questions or thoughts to add on WA’s special yearly offer, please jump on the conversation below…


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