Easy Cash Club Review: [Making Money is NOT Effortless!]

In this unbiased and very honest review, I’d like to discuss the ins and outs of Easy Cash Club with you.

On the surface, this product claims that making a boatload of money online each day is a piece of cake because it requires “no work”.

But as someone who already earns an income on the internet, I’m telling you now, those bold claims are absolutely ludicrous.

Because the web isn’t wired up to work like that, unfortunately.

To find out why the product creator talks utter bullsh*t, jump straight into THIS review…

At a Quick Glance

Easy Cash Club Scam Review
Name: Easy Cash Club (ECC).

Owner: Steve Johnson (just a stage name).

Website: easycash.club.

Cost: $37 + Upsells.

My Score: 2/10.


  • There’s some form of product
  • ClickBank has a refund policy


  • Sales page & video make misleading income promises
  • Owner uses a pen name & voiceover
  • Fabricated member success stories
  • Fake scarcity is deployed
  • You’re unlikely to make money
  • There are hidden upsells


If you want to make money using YouTube, then seriously stay away from products like Easy Cash Club.

Not only does Steve Johnson mislead you with the notion of “getting-rich-quickly” with his magical $37 video-creation software.

But the software itself is ineffective for becoming a successful vlogger because there’s MUCH more to YouTube (as explained below).

Additionally, the training on the inside is very weak – especially when it comes to the affiliate marketing side of things.

Because it just skims over the basics of choosing a niche, signing up for an affiliate program/network (like Digistore24, for example) and finding the right offers to roll with, etc…

There’s no actual in-depth stuff on making the big bucks with affiliate marketing or even YouTube for that matter.

So there are far better alternatives online that will truly show you how to crush it with video marketing. Just do your research.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended.

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What is Easy Cash Club All About, You Ask?

When you hit the sales page, you’ll be invited to watch a video that apparently shows you how the creator makes “$397 per day with no work“.

Where, you’re led to believe you can also rake in huge cash daily automatically, using his “exclusive and revolutionary software”…

It’s so simple, that you don’t even need to build your own website or do any complicated tech stuff…

You just sit back and relax while the affiliate commissions pour in from YouTube…

And the best part about the software is that it’s free. Yup, it doesn’t cost you a single penny to use…

Yeah, if you’re willing to believe in fairy tale nonsense.

Haha, my sides are splitting, I tell ya!

If “magical push-button” software truly exists for making a quick fortune online, don’t you think everybody would be minted?

Even if you plugged into a ‘Done-For-You’ system like 12 Minute Affiliate or My Online Startup (to name a couple), hard work, time, and even cash investments are still involved.

Furthermore, if ECC really is “free”, then why on Earth does it come with a price tag of $37? LOL.

Here are more reasons why the product’s not to be trusted as far as you can throw its master…


Red Flag #1: Success Stories Are as Fake as F*ck!

As you start scrolling down the sales page, you’ll come across a bunch of written testimonials from members’ of ECC.

Who, have apparently made money with the product and need to shout it from the rooftops.

Here’s one lady, named “Julie” – who reckons her very first paycheck was $4,923 and couldn’t be happier with ECC.
Fake Easy Cash Club Success Story From a Female Member
But don’t believe a word of her story because her real identity is “Amy Grinnell” who makes $80/hour from hugging random peeps in Connecticut.

Amy Grinnell Who Gets Paid Eighty Dollars Per Hour For Cuddles

Source: New York Post (nypost.com).

Read more about Amy, the “trained cuddlist” here.

So it’s a real shame that the thoughtless dirtbag behind ECC exploits such a genuine individual for THEIR own selfish gains.

Wouldn’t you agree?

This also highly suggests you should take all other ECC member success stories with a grain of salt.

Because I bet if you look up said members through Google image searches, they’re either stock photos or people just like Amy trying to make a legitimate living somewhere else.


Red Flag #2: Who in The World is “Steve Johnson”?

Steve Johnson (the video spokesman) leads you to believe that he’s running the show.

But the funny thing is that you can’t find any social proof of the guy or even his connection to the product anywhere on the web.

Which, raises suspicions, because if Steve is “the real deal”, then surely he would make himself visible, right?

Unfortunately, online grifters use “pen names” and “voiceovers” in order to shield their reputations.

Which, means they’re free to scam whoever the hell they like without being caught and facing the consequences of their toxic actions.


Red Flag #3: Fake Scarcity, Now There’s a Surprise!

According the sales page, there are “only 9 licenses left”, so you best hurry our ass up and pull out the credit card for ECC!
Only Nine Licenses Left Scarcity
But it’s just a false urgency tactic because you can bet your bottom dollar the product’s available in a week or month’s time from now.

Well, unless it genuinely gets pulled down because of complaints, refund requests, and honest reviews – which are the likely scenarios.

In fact, it doesn’t matter when you load up ‘easycash.club’, there are always 9 licenses still left – clearly indicating the counter’s a fixed image.

These are just a few of the scam warnings I discovered with ECC.

But if you really want to familiarise yourself with red flags, in general, then check out:

To learn more about the tactics deployed by these unethical product creators, then John Crestani’s Work At Home Secrets & Scams pdf might just open up your eyes.


How Easy Cash Club “Actually” Works

The aim of the game is to use software for quickly and easily producing YouTube videos that generate you affiliate commissions.

Once you’re behind the scenes of ECC, there are 3 steps to complete for each of your video creations:

#1: Write out a video script and select a voiceover bot to read the script on your behalf.

#2: Add any images you choose to your script and then preview your video.

#3: Use the software to download your video and upload it to YouTube with a description and an affiliate link for a product you’re promoting.

While the software seems like the answer to your money-making prayers, it’s far from it.

Because YouTube requires A LOT more blood, sweat and tiers than that to become successful.

Just look at some of the biggest YouTube channels in your niche…

How many videos have they created? How long are the videos? Are they valuable to the viewers? How consistently do those YouTubers create content?…

So on and so forth…

Those folks have literally committed themselves to actually “HELPING” solving the problems of their viewers and building big trustworthy brands online.

So I very much doubt that some “secret software” or “bot” is gonna enable you to easily compete with the Rockstar YouTubers, right?

But what’s extremely laughable about ECC is the fact that you get exclusive video content that makes you money in 60 seconds or less.
Sixty Second Money Making Strategies Bonus
Pigs might fly!

If it was so easy to make money on YouTube in just 1 minute, then why isn’t everyone already doing it?


I Repeat!… Why Easy Cash Club Fails to Deliver The Goods…

Firstly, automated software that does everything for you comes with risks because it’s unnatural, and YouTube may see it as “gaming”.

Furthermore, I don’t see how you’re going to compete with the top dog YouTubers by uploading videos with lifeless robotic voices.

When’s the last time you enjoyed watching a video by a bot with zero personality?

Secondly, you can’t just upload a video to YouTube and expect a flock of viewers prepared to buy your affiliate offers.

Whether you’re doing topical or review videos, it’s important that you learn how to find the right keywords to rank your videos highly.

And then you’ve got to come up with catchy video titles that make your visitors want to click.

But to actually gain traction and make some good money from your videos, they have to be high-quality.

So for the ECC creator to turn around and say you’ll start turning a buck in under one minute with his “magical software” is crap.

There are variables you need to take into account before seeing results from your YouTube efforts.


Final Conclusion: Is Easy Cash Club a Scam?

Big Cartoon Thumbs DownIn my honest opinion, YES, Easy Cash Club is a scam that I wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole.

First of all, the sales page is completely hyped-up – filling your mind with get-rich-quick baloney.

Secondly, it deceives you even more with a fake owner, fake testimonials, and even fake scarcity.

Thirdly, the product itself is likely to do you more harm than good because it teaches the wrong way to go about vlogging on YouTube.

Therefore, I wouldn’t recommend this disappointing product to any newbie who’s considering jumping into bed with affiliate marketing.


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Your buddy, Neil 😀

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