Six Figure Empire Review: [$1000 Paydays Online? Hmm…]

Greetings, welcome to my honest review of Six Figure Empire (aka The Fearless Momma)!

Apparently, it’s the most automated 6-figure income system ever created that can bank you $1,000 per day on the internet.

Holy Smokes!

But I seriously doubt you’ll rake in such a fortune because this system really isn’t as straightforward as you’re led to believe.

In order to find out why, how the system works, and also why it’s not a smart investment (in my opinion), continue reading…

At a Quick Glance

Six Figure Empire Review
Name: Six Figure Empire (SFE).

Owner: Tim Berger.


Cost: $29.97/month + $10,000s for Upsells & extra resources.

My Score: 3/10.



  • Products are expensive
  • Extra funds needed for lead packages, paid traffic & other resources
  • No money-back-guarantee
  • It’s unsustainable in the long term
  • Could potentially be closed down by the FTC


As an ex Empower Network sucker who lost $1,000+ and also a past Digital Altitude member, I know exactly how Six Figure Empire will pan out for numerous members’.

Not only is SFE a high-ticket system that will probably require you to sell a kidney in order to go “all in”…

But you also need to take other expenses for traffic, leads and resources into consideration. And they won’t be cheap either.

Because using paid methods for driving traffic requires plenty of trial and error, especially if you choose the PPC route like Facebook, Bing, and Google ads (for example).

Even if you go down the solo ad path, it can literally take $100s (even $1,000s) of your hard-earned cash and also time to get some traction with your Biz.

Especially when it comes to promoting high ticket stuff, which isn’t easy to make bank from.

Trust me, I’ve tried almost every paid traffic generation option going…

There are no magic bullets.

So SFE is quite a risk to take from the offset.

But the biggest danger of all comes from the FTC (better known as the Federal Trade Commission).

Because if or when action is taken against Tim Berger for operating a “scheme”…

Then you can pretty much kiss your investments and commissions goodbye.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended, in the slightest.

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What is The Six Figure Empire All About, You Ask?

I must admit, when I came across the Six Figure Empire sales page, it just seemed like another one of those too good to be true “get-rich-quick” schemes.

Because, it seriously hypes up the money-making process – making it seem easy to rake in $1K per day.

Apparently, all you need to do is plug into the ‘Done-For-You’ system, spend an hour or so working each day, and watch the commissions roll in.

So SFE might as well be a “pipe dream” product, in my eyes.

However, what really triggered alarm bells is the fact that members’ can earn enormous affiliate commissions of $250 and upwards from every sale.
Six Figure Empire Members Earning 250 Dollars in Affiliate Commissions
Which, means it’s a “high-ticket” system like Big Profit System, Super Affiliate Network, and AWOL Academy (now Fullstaq Marketer) to name a few.

Unfortunately, these costly products come with numerous red flag downsides, which I’m gonna discuss in more detail in a jiffy.

But first…


How Does Six Figure Empire Work For a Buck?

SFE works around a process called affiliate marketing, which basically means you earn commissions off of any sales you generate.

However, with this system, there’s a VERY big catch, unfortunately…

Yeah, you’ll get your hands on a system and even some training on affiliate marketing in order to make some money on the web.


Once you hand over a stack of cash and join, you’ll be forced to invest even more hard-earned dollars in order to promote SFE itself and earn big.

It’s what’s known as a “plug n’ play” system. If you don’t invest in the costly products inside the SFE funnel, you can’t earn from them.

YUP, the name of the game is to “recruit” others into SFE who also fork out a fortune and then recruit new members’ who follow suit.

So while SFE seems to be a genuine affiliate marketing training platform on the surface, it’s actually far from it.

It’s what’s classed as a “money-making scheme”.

And I’m pretty certain the Federal Trade Commission would agree, since it shut down Digital Altitude and MOBE for operating the same way.

I guess it’s also lucky that the Empower Network got shut down by its owners before the FTC sunk its teeth into that scheme too.


Why Six Figure Empire is a Flawed Money-Maker…

First of all, as I’ve mentioned, SFE is a high-ticket system that’s gonna cost you an arm and a leg.

But the problem is that this model is unsustainable in the long run.

Because who can actually afford to splash out $1,000s in this day and age?

This is EXACTLY why Empower Network collapsed. Members simply didn’t have the funds.

Second of all, by no means is SFE a 100% ‘Done-For-You’ system.

Yeah sure, the system automatically follows up with your leads, which can make things easier on your end.

But you still need to keep your SFE sales funnel topped up with leads and potential recruits.

Which, means you’ll need to purchase multiple leads packages from the guys running SFE.

And/or invest time, effort, and money into driving your own traffic using solo, Facebook, and Pay Per Click ads.

But either way, all these said methods come with big monetary risks, since your results can’t be guaranteed.

And thirdly, the biggest problem with SFE is that it sits on rocky ground because the FTC can close down Tim Berger and operation at any moment.

I remember a time when Michael Force (Digital Altitude founder) and Matt Lloyd (MOBE founder) + their affiliates assumed they were invincible.

Bad mistake because the FTC soon came knocking and shut down both high-ticket schemes.

Members’ lost A LOT of cash, and I presume some are still trying to recuperate their costs.

So if you do decide to join SFE, please bear these big risk factors in mind.

Because you may just find yourself paying the price of your decision.


How Much Does Six Figure Empire Cost, Huh?

First, let’s start with the admin fee which is $29.97 per month.

Next up is the ‘Phone Funnels’ level = $1,250, where you’ll earn $1,000 from every referral sale and also $250 on level 2 from their referrals.

The ‘Fishing Pond’ level costs $3,750 – enabling you to earn $3,000 commissions on level 1 and $750 on level 2.

Then there’s the ‘M.T.V. System’ level which comes at $6,250 – earning you $5,000 on level 1 and $1,250 on level 2.

Followed by ‘Top Tier Mastery’ at a WHOPPING $8,750!

But the costs don’t stop there.

Because if you wanna buy lead packages, they’ll set you back:

  • $30 for 20 leads
  • $65 for 50 leads
  • $99 for 100 leads

Furthermore, there are other costs for a domain name, web hosting, link tracking, and any paid traffic methods you wish to leverage.

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Overall, be prepared to remortgage your home or rob a bank (*kidding*) to go all in with the system.


Final Conclusion: Is Six Figure Empire a Scam?

Big Cartoon Thumbs DownSome may disagree with my decision, but I’m branding Six Figure Empire as a borderline scam.

On one side of the coin, you get your hands on a money-making system and training products to go with it.

But on the other side of the coin…

At what cost, huh?

Unfortunately, SFE is massively overpriced – just so all members’ (including Tim himself) can fill their pockets with commissions.

Which, according to the FTC, makes it an illegal “scheme”.

Why do you think MOBE and Digital Altitude got closed down?

Furthermore, SFE is unsustainable.

Because not everyone can afford the extortionate fees – especially when there’s no money-back guarantee either.

Sooner or later, the high-ticket opportunity will fizzle out just like Empower Network did OR get shut down by the FTC – whichever comes first.

So (in my opinion) anyone who’s stupid enough to invest in SFE is simply playing with fire.


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Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or thoughts to share on SFE? Please jump on the conversation below…


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