John Crestani’s Free Training: [Earn A 6-Figure Side-Income!]

In this review, I’m gonna dive into John Crestani’s free training on ‘How To Earn a 6-Figure Side-Income Online’.


But I’m guessing the question that’s on your mind is whether his training actually works and is something worth shouting from the rooftop about, right?

John Crestanis Free Training on How to Earn a 6 Figure Income Online

Luckily for you, I’ve already gone through his training, so I can share the ins and outs, including my own honest thoughts.

Sound good to you?

Smashing, let’s crack on!…

Firstly, Who is This “John Crestani” Dude, Huh?

John Crestani was your “Average Joe” in his 20 somethings who got sick to the back teeth of being a “corporate slave” and getting nowhere in life.

Which, I’m sure, you can relate to, right?

So in 2011, he took action and made sacrifices to change his circumstances:

He chose to start on the money-making path of Affiliate Marketing with thanks to a mentor named ‘Kelly Felix’ (aka “The Rich Jerk”).

To cut a long story short, Felix helped Crestani to make $1,000 per DAY in commissions from promoting other people’s products.

But today (in 2020), his affiliate income figure has shot up to the $5 million per YEAR mark.

Holy Smokes, Batman!

Be inspired by Crestani and his story on YouTube HERE.

Impressive stuff, huh?

But as John says in his free training; it’s not about the “money”, it’s about being able to live the kind of lifestyle you desire.

Whether it’s taking vacations whenever you choose, living in the house of your dreams, driving the fast car you want, and spending more time with family/friends.

You get the gist.

Being an affiliate marketer myself, I’m totally on the dude’s wavelength because money really does = that word called “choices“.

Is John Crestani a Scam Man, You Might Ask?

Certainly NOT – is my answer to you.

I’m not gonna lie, Mr. Crestani does come across as a little over-the-top in many of his hyped-up ‘money-making’ YouTube videos.

But that’s showbiz, baby!

Joking aside, here are 4 VERY good reasons that prove the guy’s as real as Wrangler jeans:

#1: A Rising YouTube Star…

Crestani has 258,000 YouTube subscribers (at the time of writing)!

John Crestanis YouTube Channel

He doesn’t just make face as a real person throughout his videos, but also delivers heaps of value across his entire YouTube channel:

By sharing various ways that newbies can leverage to make a buck online, like affiliate marketing, for example.

So why would he go to all that trouble and risk shipwrecking his reputation online if he scams the pants off peeps?


#2: A Big Hit With The Big Guns…

Crestani’s huge success brought about plenty of buzz, which in turn attracted the attention of:

FOX, CBS, Forbes (read his story here), Entrepreneur, and Inc. Magazine, etc…

Where he got interviewed and featured in a positive light.

So I’m sure you’ll agree that those top TV news channels/media brands don’t just interview any Tom, Dick, and Harry for the fun of it, right?


#3: Dead Set Against “Scams” Himself…

First of all, Crestani doesn’t just help folks to earn online, but shares some awesome scam-avoidance tips on YouTube.

And secondly, he recently published an ebook called ‘Work At Home Secrets & Scams‘ (that comes with ‘Internet Jetset’).

The ebook doesn’t just expose the top 8 work-at-home scams and the red flags to watch out for, but some great ways to profit online.

As for Internet Jetset, it’s a legitimate platform that delivers a weekly series of training videos from expert millionaire marketers.

And this is on top of his Super Affiliate System – that’s basically designed to set you free in life.

So you tell me…

Are these the behaviours of a Mickey Mouse circus act?


#4: Affiliate Marketers Can’t Get Enough of Him…

If you look up ‘John Crestani interviews and testimonials‘ on YouTube, you’ll see a whole stack of the damn things.

Not just lengthy videos from affiliate marketers interviewing the dude.

But also testimonials from some of his students who have had success from his tutorials.

But now, let’s hear from the man, the myth, the legend himself on the whole Crestani scam “thing” to put your mind at rest HERE.

So it’s as clear as day that he’s a genuinely successful webpreneur who’s passionate about helping peeps like YOU, right?…

John Crestani’s Free Training: 3 Cool Things You’ll Learn

In a nutshell; Crestani’s training is actually a 2-hour & 24-minute free webinar.

One, that reveals how he’s gonna help you to generate $2,500 per WEEK from promoting other people’s stuff as an affiliate marketer.

Whether, you’re a newb who needs help to start off on the right foot or already an online Biz owner who’s struggling to generate sales.

(HINT: It’s called the ‘Super Affiliate System‘). 😉

Inside the free training, you’re gonna discover 3 golden nuggets (John’s ‘3-step blueprint’) for making money with his system.

Three Step Affiliate Marketing System

The 3 steps quickly summarized:

Step #1: People (Getting Attention!)

Once Crestani’s stepped off his private helicopter, said hello to some guys/gals around the pool, and sat at a desk piled high with bundles of cash:

He kicks things off by explaining that you first need to find an easy way to get in front of people.

Because traffic is the lifeblood of your Biz.

But not just any old peeps – a group of ones (aka a “niche market”) who are interested in what you have to offer.

And you’ll do this with *GASP” online “ads” on Facebook, Google, Bing, and YouTube, etc.

But before you have a panic attack…

You’ll only need a small budget of say $5/day (less than a Starbucks) until you start profiting, and then scale things from there.

But if you’re budget’s like a shoelace, Crestani even shows you how to run your ads for free.

Step #2: Place (Basically, a “Bridge Page”)

From experience, I know for a fact that turning a buck from affiliate marketing isn’t as easy as just dropping “raw” affiliate links anymore.

So you’ll need to incorporate that thing called “value” by presenting solutions to people’s problems.

This is where Crestani tells you that you’ll need a “presell/bridge” page and draws out a diagram of the process.

Because your page will transform your audience from just browsing to actually buying your recommended stuff.

Step #3: Product (No Wheel Reinventing Required)

One of the most awesome aspects of affiliate marketing is that you don’t need to invest a chunk of change in creating your own stuff.

You simply take other people’s products (since they’ve already done the work) and promote them for “commissions”.

With this final step, Crestani talks about the fastest way to success is being an affiliate – promoting best-selling products.

He rounds this off by saying that promoting products offering recurring revenue streams will lead to the most money in your pockets.

Speaking of which, Wealthy Affiliate runs an awesome recurring commission affiliate program + an Affiliate Bootcamp to go with it.

Also, see 3 of my top DFY system picks with multiple recurring streams built-in 😉 :

Final Thoughts: Is John Crestani’s Free Training Worth it?

Sorry for being extremely biased, but YES, absolutely, in my book.

Well, for starters, the 2+ hour webinar doesn’t cost you a single cent to watch. So it’s a no-brainer on that front.

Secondly, even if you decide not to invest in the Super Affiliate System offer after John Crestani’s free training:

You can still take what you learn from the guy and apply it to your affiliate marketing efforts using alternative services and platforms, etc.

And thirdly, IF you do purchase Crestani’s system, you won’t be disappointed because he provides ‘Done-For-You’ sales campaigns.

Campaigns, that can potentially pay off big for you – providing you follow his training to the letter.

But what I really admire about Crestani is that he doesn’t sugar-coat anything in his webinar.

Because he makes no income guarantees, explicitly states that hard work is required, and also encourages you to use his system ethically (i.e. not promoting sh*tty products).

Yeah, the training might seem far-fetched at first with the helicopter, pool, and cash stacks – but it’s all theatrical fun, at the end of the day.

So go grab that popcorn and Mountain Dew, kick ya feet up, and enjoy the show.

Your buddy, Neil. 😀

Got any questions or thoughts on the free webinar training? Please drop them below…


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