Wifi Wage Review: [Does THIS “Commission System” Pay?]

Thanks for paying my Wifi Wage review a flying visit!

According to the creator, it’s an easy ‘Copy n’ Paste’ automated “commission system”.

One, that can make you your first bunch of dollars by the end of today.

I dunno about you, but I think this comes off as one of those too-good-to-be-true systems promising you the moon and the stars from little work.

Especially having already tried 12 Minute Affiliate, My Online Startup, and Partner With Anthony, to name a few, myself…

These types of systems are harder to make bank with than they look.

I digress.

But to learn the truth about Wifi Wage, dig into THIS review…

At a Quick Glance

Wifi Wage Review

Name: Wifi Wage (WW).

Owner: James Stanford & also Tom (both used as stage names, in my book).

Website: thewifiwage.com.

Cost: $37 + extra expenses for upsells & other resources.

My Score: 6/10.


  • Reasonable price tag
  • Hours of video tutorials (+ ebooks)
  • ‘Done-For-You’ website templates
  • Email swipes
  • Private members’ forum
  • ClickBank has a 60-day returns policy
  • Money-making potential
  • Affiliate marketing is the best Biz model (in my experience)


  • Hyped-up sales pitch
  • The creator uses an alias in the sales video
  • Extra funds are required to activate DFY templates & drive paid traffic


Once you get past all the sales page hype, Wifi Wage is a pretty good product behind the curtains, surprisingly.

Simply put, you don’t just receive hours of video training on starting and growing an affiliate marketing Biz from the ground up.

But you get resources in terms of one-click pre-done website templates, email swipes, and a support forum.

The whole course revolves around offering you a sales funnel and teaching you how to drive traffic to it for building an email list to promote affiliate offers to.

The only drawback (in my opinion) is that you’re forced to splash out $99/month on Kartra software to actually use the DFY templates and grow a list.

But apart from that (oh, and the expenses for paid traffic), WW is worth a shot…

Just as long as you don’t go all spend-crazy on sending traffic to your funnel from the beginning.

Because it can easily leave you massively out-of-pocket before potentially breaking even down the road.

Final Verdict: Legit (Recommended).

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What’s Wifi Wage All About You Say?

Just lately, I’ve been churning out reviews like a true content-writing warrior (not that I’m blowing my own trumpet LOL):

Empire, Done For You Services, The Commission Alpha, Paid2Post, and CB Money Vine, are a handful of products I’ve put under the spotlight.

But now it’s Wifi Wage’s turn!…

Where the creator (an English chap named Tom), reckons that he’s designed an easy-as-pie “commission system” for novice affiliate marketers.

One, that can start banking you your very first commissions by the end of the day…

Simply by copy and pasting like his other successful members.

But I know for a fact that affiliate marketing isn’t as simple as just posting links here n’ there for the dollars to start rolling in.

Because you must put that word called “VALUE” out there to your audience, which requires plenty of *GASP* time and elbow grease.

It doesn’t matter whether you buy courses like FIMP or the Funnel Academy.

Or even ‘Done-For-You’ systems like the ones highlighted at the beginning of this review.

The same principles always apply (and you can quote me on that).

Furthermore, another crucial component of success in the affiliate marketing sphere is having the right mindset.

Because without being driven and treating online money-making as an actual “business”, you’ll fail.

So obviously, WW must be a scam to dodge like a bullet, right?

Well, that’s what I thought after watching the hyped-up sales pitch anyway.

But much to my dismay, there’s some pretty decent money-making value under the hood.

This leads me to the next discussion…

How Does This Wifi Wage System “Thing” Actually Work?

Once you’re inside the WW members’ area (shown below):

Wifi Wage Members Dashboard

You’ll discover a plethora of affiliate marketing resources at your disposal.

First of all, there are video tutorials covering a range of topics like:

Affiliate marketing basics, making your first sale, automation, building a website, email marketing, generating free/paid traffic, and scaling your results.

Basically, the whole shebang for growing a successful affiliate Biz from the ground up.

A More In-Depth Look at The Training Sections:

  • 101 Basics – A basic introduction to affiliate marketing, promoting products, and sales funnels.
  • Crucial Elements – Finding trends, Facebook page importance, building authority, finding your customers, social media marketing & high ticket sales.
  • Automation – Scaling the income from your affiliate promotions & why using an email autoresponder is a highly effective tool.
  • Website – The importance of owning and building a website for your affiliate offers, various types of sites, generating email leads & increasing opt-in rates.
  • Products – Tom’s “secret sauce” to finding great ClickBank products to promote, finding a niche, building your ad image & selecting a commission plan.
  • Traffic – The upsides & downsides of free/paid traffic, creating a Facebook ad & tracking pixel, Why Instagram thrashes FB & doing PPC ads on Google.
  • Funnel Formula – How to use ClickFunnels to build a sales funnel + why WordPress & WiX are insufficient for doing the job.

There’s literally over 6 hours worth of training divided into 50 video modules (with fresh training released in the future).

Most videos range between 5 and 15 minutes (some even 20 mins) in length apiece.

So there’s plenty to sink your teeth into.

The awesome thing about the training is that it’s not your typical “run-of-the-mill” outdated PDF and video stuff.

Ya know, the type of crappy guidance you find inside the majority of get-rich-quick ClickBank and ClickBetter products.

Unfortunately, WarriorPlus products are no better either.

I digress.

In addition, you get ‘Done-For-You’ one-click website templates that are designed to make your life easier as an affiliate.

However, you had to buy ClickFunnels (starting at $97/month) to access the templates, which is the only downside.

But now purchase Kartra (an alternative to ClickFunnels) instead to get your hands on Tom’s DFY templates.

And for the icing on the cake, there are also email marketing swipes.

Ones, that revolve around the ‘make money’ and ‘weight loss’ niches that you can just copy and plug into your autoresponder.

However, with that said, I still recommend putting your own marketing creatives together.

Because it puts you in a stronger position to build your own unique brand as opposed to blasting out the same promos as other WW members.

Which can potentially impact your results in a negative way.

Anyway, moving on…

Who Are The Creators When They’re At Home?

I have absolutely no idea, to tell you the truth LOL.

On one hand, James Stanford is one of the creators – but he just seems to be some American video spokesperson.

He could be a hired freelancer on Fiverr for all we know, but don’t quote me on that 😛

Tom The Creator

And on the other, Tom’s also running the show – a Brit who walks you through all the training.

I won’t go into all the specifics, but Tom claims he’s been a self-taught affiliate marketer for a few years and has raking in a WHOPPING $3 million!

Whether any of that’s true or not, I really can’t say.

Because there’s no actual concrete evidence to support his claims (not that I’ve come across anyways).

But judging from the amount of value that Tom packs inside WW, I’ve gotta give the guy credit where it’s due.

Who Is Wifi Wage For, You Ask?

Well, after going through the training, it’s clear to see that it’s a system geared more towards newbies in the affiliate marketing arena.

More specifically, it’s for folks who want to take the faster road (not involving blogging and YouTube, etc) to starting and growing an online Biz…

By using the power of sales funnels, email marketing, and paid ads.

The only downside to paid ads is that they can easily leave you out-of-pocket if you go too crazy.

Take it from someone (ME) who lost at least $1,000 on Google ads as fast as lightening when I first started out.


So if you’re on a budget, then it’s best to gradually scale your campaigns and results without breaking the bank.

All in all, if you’re struggling for a starting point or just sick and tired of not getting anywhere with your current affiliate marketing efforts…

Then WW could possibly be for you.

How Much Does The Wifi Wage System Cost?

The good news is that it’s just a one-time fee of $37 to get your hands on all the training I’ve just mentioned.

BUT here’s the catch…

In order to access Tom’s DFY funnel templates and build your email list, you’ll need to fork out for Kartra (starting at $99/month).

In addition to those costs, it’s best that you have some funds set aside for running Facebook and Google ads.

And before you ask the golden question of “how much?”…

It really depends on what you can afford to invest and how quickly you wanna see and scale your profits.

Well, if you choose to do down that route for generating targeted traffic to your website, that is.

But there’s always a learning curve when it comes to paid traffic, so be prepared to lose some cash before you potentially see a profit.

And as with any ClickBank product, you will be tempted by upsells.

So pick and choose any upsells that you feel will benefit your journey.

Otherwise, it may take you longer to recoup those investments and be in actual profit.

Final Conclusion: Is Wifi Wage a Scam to Dodge?

After a closer inspection, I can honestly say that Wifi Wage is a legitimate system that’s definitely worth 37 dollars, in my book.

Which I find quite surprising with it being a ClickBank product.

Because products of that price point don’t always paint the full picture of success.

But when it comes to WW, there’s a heap of value behind the scenes that won’t just help you to start an affiliate marketing Biz from scratch.

But can enable you to become profitable IF you follow the training to the letter and use the resources that are available to you.

However, the only thing I dislike with this sales funnel method is that it will require more funds to get your website up and running.

Plus, paid ads can easily cost you a chunk of change when starting out.

And as for the whole “Copy n’ Paste” thing – that’s not entirely accurate.

Because although you get DFY templates and email swipes…

You still have to put the effort into generating traffic – whether it’s leveraging organic methods like Facebook, for example.

Or mastering the art of paid ads, which is all trial and error.

But overall, I give WW a thumb’s up.

Want a Cheaper Kick-Ass Money-Making Alternative?…

Don’t get me wrong, I think WW can take you places as a newbie.

BUT when you combine the overall costs of the program, sales funnel/email marketing software, and paid ad methods…

It’s not as cost-effective as you might think, right?

The solution?…

Say hello to my #1 recommendation for newbies like YOU.

It’s an “all in one” platform that equips you with websites, services, step-by-step training & 24/7 support from a HUGE community…

Basically, all the essentials for building a lucrative online Biz around your passion

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Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or thoughts to share on WW? We’d love to hear from ya below…


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