YT Supremacy Review: [A SUPREME Product?]

Welcome to my honest and unbiased YT Supremacy review!

Is this really a superior product that truly enables you to dominate your competitors when it comes to promoting your affiliate offers on YouTube?

Or just another lousy WarriorPlus product leaving a bitter-like taste in your mouth?

Rest assured, I actually bought this product and I don’t stand to profit from it as an “affiliate” either (which is pretty ironic, considering my blog’s theme lol).

So without beating about the bush any longer, get stuck into THIS review to find out the truth…

At a Quick Glance

YT Supremacy Review
Name: YT Supremacy (YS).

Owners: Chris Derenberger (The same guy behind WP Affiliate Suite & DFY Bonus Suite) & Robin Palmer.


Cost: $14.95 (Get it for free if you join my #1 recommendation as a premium member 😉 ) + other expenses & Upsells.

My Score: 7/10.


  • Cheap to buy
  • Beginner-friendly video tutorials
  • Effective resources recommended
  • No need for a face to be on camera (for the shy ones)
  • Member Facebook group for support
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • You can earn a full-time living as a YouTuber


  • Extra expenses for optional resources that you want to use
  • It’s not a “get-rich-quick” strategy – hard work & patience are key success factors


By WarriorPlus standards, I actually think the training inside YT Supremacy is fairly good.

Because following the guidance from Chris and his internet marketing buddy (Robin Palmer), you can certainly build profitable and successful YouTube channels from scratch…

But as long as you dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s, and avoid cutting corners due to impatience.

So whether you’re struggling like heck as an affiliate marketer to make bank as a YouTuber…

Or looking to start out in the world of vlogging and also willing to work your socks off…

Then I say take the plunge with this product – especially when it has a reasonable price tag.

However, YS is no pipe dream product that will solve all your problems over night.

So just bear in mind that you’ll need to hustle before those commissions come rolling in.

Final Verdict: Legit (Recommended).

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What is YT Supremacy All About, You Ask?

According to Chris Derenberger, YT Supremacy is an academy that shows you how he and Robin Palmer went from $500 to $5,000+ per month on YouTube.

And you know what?

I actually believe the dudes 100%.

Because after seeing some of Chris’s (VIDSociety) YouTube videos hitting the top spots on YouTube and Google search results…

This guy ACTUALLY walks the walk and drinks his own cool aid.

So I whole heartedly believe his system CAN get you similar results as well.

Which is more than I can say for the likes of 60 Second Traffic, Dynamic, and TrafficZion, to name some shocking WarriorPlus stuff I recently put to the test and failed with.


I digress.

Simply put, YT Supremacy is a step-by-step training course teaching you how to build successful authority YouTube channels to promote your affiliate offers.

The great thing is that this system works in ANY niche too.

So you’re not restricted to the “Home Biz Opp” niche like most WarriorPlus products you buy, which really is a pet hate of mine.

Furthermore, online video is growing exponentially, which means there’s a massive opportunity for you to crush it as a vlogger and create a super successful Biz.

So I guess YS came along at the perfect time, right?


How YT Supremacy Works Under The Hood – A Quick Peek…

Once you get access to the members’ area that looks something like this:
YT Supremacy Training Dashboard
You’ll find a bunch of video tutorials from Chris and Robin Palmer on the following topics:

  • Welcome & Intro (3.54 minutes)
  • Setting Up Your YouTube Channel (10.25 mins)
  • Build A Niche Specific YouTube Channel (3.37 mins)
  • To Show Your Face on Camera or Not (3.38 mins)
  • How YouTube Ranks Videos (7.44 mins)
  • Building Authority: Uploading (6.58 mins)
  • Commenting For Interaction (5.42 mins)
  • Commenting For Authority (7.11 mins)
  • Importance of Thumbnails (6.22 mins)
  • Proper Video Optimization (14.22 mins)
  • Create an IFTTT (If This Then That) Network (7.13 mins)
  • Conclusion & More Proof (3.02 mins)

Now, I won’t go into the full ins and outs of the videos.

Because some subjects are pretty self-explanatory. 😛

But joking aside, the training isn’t too shabby.

Because Chris and Robin cover the bases when it comes to setting everything up properly and getting your videos ranked high on YouTube/Google for targeted traffic, using certain resources.

Admittedly, the training on a whole could do with more meat on the bone for newbies, in my opinion.

Which is usually the case when you buy ‘money-making’ products from the WarriorPlus marketplace.

But saying, the YS tutorials can still put you ahead of your competition (the ones not doing the strategies) IF you apply them to your affiliate Biz.


What’s The Cost of YT Supremacy?

The good news is that you can grab the course for a reasonable price of $14.95 (at the time of writing).

If you plan on buying any optional tools and resources outside of YS, you’ll also need funds for:

  • Movavi (recording & editing software) – from $50
  • YT Rank Machine – from $22
  • Thumbnail Blaster – $36
  • IFTTT Network (syndicate your videos to social sites via freelancers) – from $5

And then come the following optional upsells inside the dashboard area:

  • Case Study Videos – $27
  • Affiliate Marketing Videos – $47

Overall, the costs aren’t bad considering you can potentially get big returns on your investments over time.


Final Conclusion: Is YT Supremacy Worth it?

If I wanted to get into YouTube right now, then YT Supremacy is the place where I’d start my learning curve.

While it may not be the most detailed YouTube course in the cyberworld…

I do still believe that if you follow the training to the letter, you won’t just build a thriving empire as an affiliate marketer (in any niche you wish)…

But you’ll also blow your competitors’ out of the water – outranking them at every turn.

But it will take elbow grease and time (in term of months) to reach that stage.

Because just like being a blogger, vlogging takes a while to build trust with your audience, YouTube, and also Google.

So just don’t go thinking that this is some picnic-in-the-park style system for lazy and impatient newbies.

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Your buddy, Neil.

Got any thoughts or questions on YT Supremacy? Please chime into the conversation below…

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