Empire Review: [Does Coaching From Fergal Downes Pay?]

Thanks for landing on my brutally honest and updated Empire review!

Fergal Downes claims his “free traffic system” coaching can bank you $128+ daily with floods of free traffic to your website in just 30 minutes each day.

But is this just another dead-weight product that will sink your online Biz to the ocean floor like the Titanic?

Or will it truly flood your site(s) with boatloads of $0-cost traffic – keeping your Biz afloat?

Let me tell you, you’re in THE right place for a truthful answer and the inside scoop.

Because I took the plunge with the first training module behind the scenes.

So dive right into THIS review from someone who has actually tried the system and isn’t just blindly promoting it as an affiliate for a quick buck…

At a Quick Glance

Empire Review

Name: Empire (aka Free Traffic System).

Owner: Fergal Downes.

Website: fergalscoaching.com/empire-live.

Cost: $1 for 14 days & then $37/month + Upsells.

My Score: 5/10.


  • Cheap 14-day trial run
  • Beginner-friendly video tutorials
  • Unlock a free proven traffic method each month
  • Comes with a Facebook group, live coaching & email support
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Affiliate marketing is an awesome Biz model


  • There are no tools included with your membership
  • Some training videos are too shallow (Fergal must do more to cover the important bases, in my opinion)
  • The 14-day trial only gives you access to the first traffic method/module – You must upgrade for the rest
  • Comes with upsells
  • Unsuitable for those with “get-rich-quick” mentalities


Put simply, Empire is designed as a system to help newbies like YOU make a full-time living through affiliate marketing.

Each month you’re able to unlock a new traffic training method where Fergal Downes shows you what to do to become successful…

By promoting any product in any niche you choose to hungry buyers.

Additionally, he has a private members’ Facebook group for support…

Which isn’t exactly buzzing with engagement, in all honesty.

But Downes does chime in to lend a hand from time-to-time, so I guess it’s still early days yet.

And for the icing on the cake, he even does a live coaching call once a month to help you stay on top of your game.

However, in my opinion, there’s still room for improvement when it comes to the training aspect of the system.

Because you’ll hit numerous roadblocks (like I did), since Downes fails to go into great depth with some important steps.

Ya know, just like those typical WarriorPlus products failing to paint the big picture LOL.

BUT if you’re willing to follow what you’re taught, work your ass off, and ask questions in the FB group whenever you’re stuck…

I think there’s every possibility you can earn an income as an affiliate marketer with the system.

Just don’t expect fast results because you’ll be disappointed.

Final Verdict: Legit – But it’s not my cup of tea.

UPDATE: I no longer promote Empire because there are WAY better money-making alternatives.

For example; see THIS 3 day business breakthrough challenge (+ get my EXCLUSIVE bonuses) 😉

What is Empire All About, You Ask?

Similar to Tigers Traffic – Empire is a system that’s designed to teach you various ways of driving free targeted traffic to your blog/squeeze page…

In order to get your affiliate offers in front of more eyeballs.

Which obviously leads to more sales and commissions in your pockets, right?

So whether you simply don’t know where to begin as a newb (traffic-wise) or you’re struggling like hell to flood your website with visitors…

This is where Empire kicks in…

Where Fergal Downes claims that his newbie-friendly system can help you to drive tons of organic traffic to your site…

Making you $120+ daily from 30 minutes of work each day!

Also, according to the guy, there will be no need to create videos and chuck money into Google, Bing, and Facebook ads…

And it’s an unlimited free system that works for anyone…

Blahdy, blah.

Basically, all the usual hype that comes with the majority of ClickBank ‘money-making’ products.

But with that said, the WarriorPlus and ClickBetter marketplaces are just as bad, if not worse LOL.

Joking aside…

I must admit though, this product seems like the perfect solution to your traffic-generation problems as an affiliate on the surface.

Wouldn’t you agree, my young grasshopper buddy?

But in my experience, it wasn’t the case (as you’ll see in two shakes of a lamb’s tail).

How The Empire (Free Traffic System) Works Below The Surface

First of all, Fergal kicks things off with a quick welcome video…

Where he says that he’s gonna be building a massive community of Empire members.

And “it will be the #1 place for internet and affiliate marketing success stories”, which is a bold statement, in my book.

Downes explains that every 30 days, a brand new money-making method is gonna be opened up to you automatically…

Where you’ll take action on the battle-tested method and start seeing sales and commissions within the first 24 – 48 hours.

Downes claims that his methods have already worked wonders for his students.

And you can apply them to ANY product and niche of your choice.

Which seems pretty promising, right?

And then it’s on to:

Step #1: Join The Private Facebook Group For Support

At the time of writing, the group stands at almost 600 members, which isn’t bad considering Empire’s still in its infancy.

Where you’ll be able to mingle, pick marketers’ brains and be inspired by success stories.

But with that said, there’s still room for improvement when it comes to member engagement levels, which I hope increases over time.

Another cool benefit of the group is that there’s a live monthly coaching call to help you stay on track with the traffic strategies inside the course.

And then it’s on to the real meat and potatoes…

Step #2: Start Your Empire Course Now!

One of the great things about the course is that you don’t just get access to the present and any future traffic methods to be rolled out.

But also the previous monthly traffic-generation methods.

However, there is a catch, which I’ll go over with you in a jiffy in the ‘costs’ section.

But for now, let’s start with…

Method #1 (Free Facebook Traffic… on STEROIDS)

Empire Members Training Dashboard

Inside this first module
You’ll learn all about effectively leveraging the world of Facebook by following 13 video lessons:

  1. Overview (8.08 minutes)
  2. Done-For-You Product (8.19 mins) – For example purposes, you’ll promote Empire itself for 50% – 75% commissions.
  3. Getting Paid (6.16 mins) – A brief walkthrough of setting up a ClickBank account & grabbing your affiliate link to promote.
  4. FB Account Setup (1.14 mins) – A discussion on using your personal Facebook account or setting a new one up for your marketing & acquaintances.
  5. Joining Groups & Adding Friends (3.27 mins) – Downes guides you through joining niche-specific groups & adding engaged peeps to your friends list every day.
  6. Viral FB Groups (4.21 mins) – Some tips on warming up folks in a bunch of groups that
    can help your own new posts go viral when the time comes.
  7. Engagement With Friends (3.23 mins) – Downes goes over the rules of engagement (in a non-military way lol) – posting on your wall + liking & commenting on your friends’ stuff.
  8. Viral Promo Posts (11.23 mins) – How to create the sort of posts that can generate good levels of engagement & potential sales.
  9. Landing Page (4.58 mins) – It’s recommended that you get a free WordPress website & go to Fiverr.com to buy & have the Instabuilder 2.0 plugin installed – so you can download the DFY bridge page from Downes.
  10. PM on Your Phone (2.22 mins) – Here, you’ll receive the message to copy, paste & inbox the ones who comment on your viral post ASAP.
  11. Viral Engagement (1.52 mins) – Once you have 4,500 – 5,000 FB friends, it’s recommended that you do posts for big affiliate product launches.
  12. 1,000 Sales Formula (2.23 mins) – You’ll learn what’s required to really scale your FB results.
  13. Conclusion (1.14 mins) + bonus videos on instantly increasing your sales & member success stories.

I must admit, I felt let down by the the WarriorPlus-style training.

Because most videos are only a few minutes long – They’re lacking real depth.

However, I still gave Fergal’s system a whirl.


** Almost 10 Days Later & My Earnings Were Still $0 (Meh!) **

I did everything that Fergal showed me with the organic Facebook method…

Zero Commissions From Fergal Downes Product

But I got a lousy 26 clicks and ZERO sales (inside my ClickBank affiliate dashboard) from promoting Empire itself.


Don’t get me wrong, his strategy did work for me in terms of some eyeballs seeing my affiliate offer (the proof’s in the pudding ^^).

But unfortunately, some aspects are flawed, which is why my results totally sucked.

First of all, I did everything I could to engage with marketers’ posts in groups, which attracted nothing but a handful of Nigerians to my profile.

Two of whom were actually interested in my offer – they went through the payment process…

Only to hit a brick wall!

Because good old ClickBank refuses to allow folks to make purchases from certain countries.

Great, 2 potential sales lost!

I guess I didn’t get the memo from Downes.

Secondly, I posted numerous times (a mixture of memes, questions, and promo clickbait posts) on different days…

But did my posts receive any engagement and go viral?…


So basically, I spent DAYS slaving away on FB – engaging in groups and with new friends for nothing in return.

Sorry to be a negative Nancy, but you’ll be lucky to make a sale in your first 24 hours, let alone $100/day with this FB method.

Don’t get me wrong, you CAN potentially make money with Empire, but don’t expect any quick miracles.

Let’s just hope Fergal’s other free traffic methods actually bring something meatier to the table, eh?

What’s The Cost to Get Your Hands on Empire?

The awesome news is that you can get 14 days of access to the system for just $1 before it becomes a monthly cost of $37.

(Which I’ve heard may increase to $97 per month at some point down the road).

But the downside is that you only get method #1 to play around with during your 14-day trial.

Because obviously, to roll with method #2, #3, so on and so forth, you’ll need to start paying $37/month.

Also, there are upsells that come with Empire:

  • ‘3 Done-For-You Traffic Machines’ for making $ 5X quicker = $17.
  • ‘Free Traffic Bonanza’ for generating free traffic faster than before = $17.
  • ‘Done-For-You Facebook Messenger Bot Funnel’ for making high-ticket sales = $97.

But of course, these upgrades are entirely optional.

On top of that, you may wish to purchase any tools recommended by Downes for implementing some of his methods.

But again, it’s your choice because some free tools can still get the job done. They just come with limitations.

Don’t Join Empire Without My Bonuses!

If you’re still considering joining taking Empire for a spin, despite my shocking results…

Then I’m offering you 2 cool bonuses that can get you awesome results from leveraging free traffic methods:

WP Affiliate Suite ReviewWP Affiliate Suite ($97 Value)

This is a blogging course from Chris Derenberger…

Where he shows you how to start your very own WordPress affiliate website from scratch and turn it into a 6-figure online Biz using the power of SEO.

Also, he’s chucking in a customized SEO optimized WordPress theme + 50,000 niche keyword ideas that can help you hit the ground running.

YT Supremacy ReviewYT Supremacy ($67 Value)

This is another one of Chris Derenberger’s courses…

Except inside this one, he shows you how to create highly successful YouTube channels…

That can help you to make $500 – $5,000+ month in affiliate commissions by doing your own videos.

UPDATE: I’m no longer affiliated with Empire.

But you can still grab my bonuses when you join THIS 3 day business challenge instead 😉

Final Conclusion: Is Empire a Scam?

Certainly not.

I’ve gone through the training (even though I was restricted to method #1 and got totally shocking Facebook results lol)…

And I can tell you that Empire is a legitimate coaching program.

However, I won’t say the free traffic system passes with flying colours.

Because there’s still plenty of room for improvement.

For example; Fergal Downes could do with investing more effort into “beefing up” some areas of his training tutorials.

Plus, there are important points that the guy forgets to highlight from the get-go (i.e. Nigerians banned from buying ClickBank stuff).

So I think $37/month is a bit steep for a training product that resembles something sold through WarriorPlus.

Fergal must deliver more value, in my book.

But with a willingness to learn new internet marketing skills and plenty of elbow grease to go with…

I believe his training CAN still work out for you in terms of a passive income via affiliate marketing.

Just don’t expect fast results and also promote Empire itself like I did (sorry, Downes)…

Instead, pick and promote a product in a niche that you’re passionate about, and be patient for the commissions to start stacking up.

But Before You Dash Off, Want a Better Alternative?

In my affiliate marketing experience over the years, there are many great ways you can turn a buck online.

But the best method by far is to actually build a WordPress blog from scratch – YUP, your OWN piece of cyber real estate.

Because it puts you in a much better position to actually have an online Biz you can be proud of and also gives you the upper hand over your newbie competitors (among other benefits).

So without rambling too much LOL…

See how I earn a sustainable income as an affiliate marketer around my passion – A platform that offers you the whole shebang…

In terms of websites, tools, step-by-step training & 24/7 support from a huge community of affiliate marketers for big success online.

If this sounds more like your “thing” – Get your online Biz started for free here!

Your buddy, Neil!

Got any questions or thoughts to share on Empire? Please chime into the conversation below…


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