Crazy Money Online Review: [You’d Be INSANE to Buy it!]

If you’re on the hunt for a totally unbiased review of Crazy Money Online, then THIS is it!

According to the sales pitch, you can make $100 a day on the internet super fast and easy.

But I seriously doubt that for one second because affiliate marketing experience has taught me that turning a buck online is no walk in the park.

So if you wanna know WHY the crazy product in question pulls the wool over your eyes and how it works, continue reading…

At a Quick Glance

Crazy Money Online Review
Name: Crazy Money Online (CMO).

Owner: Undisclosed.


Cost: $39 – $59.

My Score: 1/10.


  • Ebook included
  • A great example of what to avoid


  • A hyped-up sales page full of lies
  • The creator’s unknown
  • Fake member testimonials
  • The ebook contains generic info
  • No money-back guarantee


The toerag behind Crazy Money Online leads you to believe that you can easily and quickly rake in the megabucks using some “copy n’ paste” job.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Because affiliate marketing requires a lot of learning, time, and elbow grease to become successful.

Your success also depends on the type of traffic generation strategies you implement.

For example; if you roll with traffic exchanges, classifieds, safelists, and spammy Facebook groups – you can kiss goodbye to real success.

Because most are outdated methods that produce little to no results.

Furthermore, you need in-depth training, tools of the trade, and support on tap for whenever you need it.

All of which aren’t supplied by CMO because it’s just some lame ebook you gain access to.

So count me out.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended.

But before taking another step, see my #1 recommended insanely good program for earning a sustainable income via affiliate marketing.

It’s free to get started, so you’d be crazy not to take the plunge!


What’s Crazy Money Online All About, You Ask?

Apparently, Crazy Money Online is some “copy & paste method” that will quickly and easily bank you $100 – $500 per day in affiliate commissions.

The unknown individual behind CMO also shares some of their own story on the sales page.

Claiming that after spending countless hours trying new methods, they stumbled across something that made them almost $700 one day, and $600 the next…

It was easier than they had imagined, supposedly LOL.

And guess what?…

They wanna share this “magical money-making opportunity of a lifetime” with you.

One, that only requires you to spend less than an hour a day by just pasting some affiliate links on the web.

Blah, blah, blah.

I’m sorry, but what a load of hogwash, to say the least.

If such claims are true, then why isn’t everyone and their gran already bathing (not in the same bathtub, obviously) in mountains of cash?

Furthermore, why is CMO only being sold for a cheap as chips starting price of $39, huh?

I mean, surely the creator would ask for $100s, if not $1,000s for it, right?

At the end of the day, CMO is just “pipe dream” rubbish that’s in the same league as:

Trust me, I’ve wasted $1,000s on “get-rich-quick” bullsh*t since 1999 (YUP, I’m vintage lol) and they never ever pay off.

To truly succeed as an affiliate marketer takes real PASSION and DRIVE.

Without those crucial elements, any newbie will suck at this “online money-making” thing. Period.

I digress.

Let’s dive into more reasons WHY you shouldn’t trust the CMO creator if your life depended on it (especially during a crisis time like this)…


Red Flag #1: The Owner Hides Like a Hermit Crab

Experience has taught me to never trust any product publisher who fails to reveal their identity.

Because it means they have something to hide.

Which, unfortunately, is the case with CMO.

If this product truly delivers what’s promised on the tin, then surely the creator would be proud to take credit for their “magical product”, right?

For all you know, the creator could be the guy walking his dog past your home every day or even your gran’s bingo caller.

In fact, he or she could be any one of 8 billion people on the planet – from any village, town, city or country.


Red Flag #2: Questionable Member Testimonials

You’ll come across numerous member testimonials on the CMO sales page – where folks claim to be easily raking in $100s daily.

But if you do image searches on Google for said peeps, you’ll see that they are just stock photos used across random websites.

Furthermore, when you head over to CMO’s YouTube channel, there are shallow member testimonials that raise suspicions.

Hear from “Rico” HERE, for example.

He talks a good game and even holds up his tablet to show you the front cover of the product to make his testimonial seem convincing.

BUT he doesn’t actually show you proof of his earnings or even a look behind the scenes to see HOW CMO works to make him cash.

I dunno about you, but to me, it screams the word “FAKE”.

And this applies to each and every short video testimonial on CMO’s channel – take them all with a grain of salt.


Red Flag #3: The Absolute Worst Form of Scarcity

First of all, if you’re unfamiliar with the concept of scarcity, product publishers use it as an urgency tactic to create FOMO.

This stands for Fear Of Missing Out.

When deployed, it’s a highly effective strategy that drives more sales.

The Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday & Cyber Monday offer is a perfect example of how scarcity should be used.

Because you only have a 4-day window to grab the product for a discounted price before it reverts to normal cost.

But unfortunately, scammers also implement scarcity to sell their crap to unsuspecting newbies by the boatload.

When it comes to CMO, the creator tells you to hurry your ass up and make a purchase because there are just 12 copies left!
12 Copies Left Scarcity
But the truth of the matter is that CMO is a digital product to instantly download – meaning there are unlimited copies available.

So unlike a physical product, I don’t see it removed from the virtual shop shelf anytime soon.

Well, unless numerous refund requests and requests force the creator to shut the product down, then it’s a different kettle of fish.

OK, by now, you’ve probably seen and heard enough to make your mind up about this product.

But if you wanna learn more about red flags to watch out for when it comes to scammy products, then see this product: Work At Home Secrets & Scams.


How Does Crazy Money Online Actually Work?

According to the cringe-worthy sales pitch, it works in 3 easy and simple steps:

  1. Purchase the guide
  2. Copy & paste the methods – even a 12-year old can do it LOL (their words)
  3. Start seeing passive cash flow – to the tune of $100, $200 & $500 per day

Crazy Money Online Three Step Process
But all you get is a lame ebook that’s gonna be filled with spammy and outdated affiliate marketing/traffic generation strategies.

Trust me, I’ve bought enough of these types of ebooks to last an entire lifetime – they’re always full of sub-par information.

As I’ve said, there’s MUCH more to this “affiliate marketing” thing than meets the eye.

Because you can’t just copy & paste a bunch of product affiliate links on the web and expect people to buy whatever it is you’re promoting.

Those internet marketing days are long gone, I’m afraid.

Today, you must build your own website around a niche that you’re passionate about.

And then work your socks off at HELPING people by creating quality content.

Or alternatively, create a squeeze page to build an email list, start a YouTube channel and/or build your own brand on social media.

There are many strategies you can pick from.

But whatever your chosen path, you still have to learn internet marketing skills and invest time and effort into growing an online Biz.

Anyone who tells you differently is a liar.


Final Conclusion: Is Crazy Money Online a Scam?

Big Cartoon Thumbs DownIn my opinion, YES, without a shadow of a doubt.

Regardless of whether you get an ebook for your hard-earned spondoolies…

It doesn’t just contain generic information on some poor copy n’ paste strategies that are ineffective in today’s affiliate marketing world.

But the sales page itself is just full of false claims and dirty tactics that raise red flags.

Furthermore, there’s no refund policy either, so you’ll be risking your cash without knowing hardly anything about the product behind the scenes.

So based on all those facts I’ve highlighted, hell would have to freeze over before I gave this product the green light for noobs to buy.


So, What The Heck Now, Huh?…

The great news is that affiliate marketing can be an awesome way of generating a full-time passive income.

Well, providing you don’t fall for all the “get-rich-quick” drivel online, that is.

Yeah I know, it’s easier said than done with the amount of crap floating about the web like a toxic spillage in the ocean.

BUT today’s your lucky day, my young affiliate apprentice!

Because I just happen to know of a phenomenal “all in one” platform that equips you with websites, tools, step-by-step training & 24/7 support.

Basically, the essentials for starting and growing a profitable online Biz from scratch around your hobby/passion as a total newbie.

So if this platform sounds like it floats ya boat, then start with Wealthy Affiliate for free, right now.

Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or thoughts to share on CMO? Please hop on the conversation below…


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