WP Affiliate Suite Review: [Bank 6 Figures or Blogging Flop?]

Searching for an honest and unbiased review of WP Affiliate Suite that doesn’t offer a long list of shoddy bonuses just to convince you to buy?

Then look no further because you’re in THE right place!

Every newbie knows that starting a WordPress blog and building one into a profitable Biz is intimidating (YUP, I’ve been there myself), right?

So Chris Derenberger has stepped in with a training course that’s designed to walk you through the process.

But here’s the million-dollar question:

Will he really deliver the goods to get you to your goals of financial freedom through the art of blogging?

Let’s jump into this review to find out…

At a Quick Glance

WP Affiliate Suite Review
Name: WP Affiliate Suite (WAS).

Owner: Chris Derenberger.

Website: wpaffiliatesuite.com.

Cost: $12.95 + Upsells.

My Score: 6/10.


  • Cheap on the front end
  • Step-by-step training
  • Custom website theme + a 50K keyword idea list
  • Help & support available
  • WarriorPlus offers a refund policy
  • Newbies can potentially make money


  • Building a profitable WordPress blog takes time – it’s not for the get-rich-quick crowd
  • Some training videos lack depth
  • No advanced SEO tutorials included in the core training
  • Comes with some extra expenses + Upsells


In a nutshell; WP Affiliate Suite comes as a training course and custom website theme rolled into one.

Where Chris Derenberger walks you through the concept of affiliate marketing and WordPress blogging so you can build a successful Biz.

I must admit, WAS isn’t the best thing since sliced bread, since there’s room for improvement.

Having said that, isn’t it the same story with every WarriorPlus product? LOL.

But if you implement the training, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to start and grow a blog from the ground up.

Just don’t expect the results to happen overnight because it takes time to get traction with blogging (trust me, I know!)

So as for banking 6 figures with the help of WAS, that all depends on YOU, at the end of the day.

Final Verdict: Recommended.

But before you scroll any further, see how I started a lucrative affiliate marketing blog from scratch

Not only is it a free WordPress website builder, but also a platform with tools, step-by-step training & 24/7 community support built in for success.


What is WP Affiliate Suite All About, You Say?

Chris Derenberger (also the creator of DFY Bonus Suite, YT Supremacy, and Affiliate Tuber) is the brains behind WP Affiliate Suite.

Which is a training course comprising both video tutorials and a custom-built website theme to not only help you start a WordPress blog with zero experience…

But also transform it into a money-making machine through leveraging the power of affiliate marketing.

Plus, Chris even gives you a ’50K Keyword List’ containing heaps of topical ideas you can write about and rank for in Google.

In my experience and opinion, blogging and affiliate marketing combined are nothing short of AMAZEBALLS!

Because they are THE best, cheapest and most powerful methods you can tap into for creating a life-changing Biz in this day and age.

But only IF you have the right guidance and resources at your disposal from the offset, and obviously work your butt off.

Because we all know “Get-Rich-Quick” is some mystical fairy tale, right? 😛

In fact, I give credit to First-Time Internet Marketing Profits and ‘From Nothing‘ for some of my own blogging knowledge, so I recommend you check them both out.

I digress.

As for Derenberger’s WAS, let’s see how it can help you bring home the bacon…


How WP Affiliate Suite Works Under The Surface

Inside the members’ area which looks something like THIS:
WP Affiliate Suite Members Training Dashboard
… Chris starts the ball rolling with the following video lessons on the topic of affiliate marketing itself:

  • Affiliate Marketing & Proof (6+ minutes run time) – See Chris’s earnings from ClickBank, WarriorPlus & other affiliate programs.
  • How Affiliates Make Money (3+ mins) – How Amazon affiliates use blog review posts to promote products.
  • What is Launch Jacking? (10+ mins) – An overview of how affiliates make big commissions with the concept.
  • Affiliate Networks to Join (7+ mins) – Learn the difference between “networks” & “programs” & see some top networks like JVZoo, Commission Junction & OfferVault, to name a few. (Chris might wanna mention Digistore24 too) )
  • Getting Approved For Networks (4+ mins) – Using Chris’s ‘Done-For-You-Content-Filled’ websites to increase your chances of affiliate application approvals.
  • Researching Niches & Products (3+ mins) – How to use Google Trends for determining the right niche.
  • Choosing The Right Keywords (3+ mins) – Chris explains the importance of writing & ranking blog posts in Google around “buyer intent” keywords.


And Then It’s Off to The Races…

The second part of the training focuses on actionable WordPress blogging tutorials.

(But I won’t bore you to tears with the specifics (like above LOL), since the following topics are pretty self-explanatory):

  • Importance of Web Hosting (4+ mins)
  • Picking a Domain Name (4+ mins)
  • Buy Hosting & Domain (4+ mins)
  • Installing WordPress (5+ mins)
  • Create a Website Email (2+ mins)
  • Importing The WP Theme (2+ mins)
  • Username, Password & Email (3+ mins)
  • Import Settings (1+ mins)
  • WP Plugins Overview (6+ mins)
  • Customize Theme (12+ mins)
  • Categories & Menus (9+ mins)
  • Opt-In Newsletter (4+ mins)
  • Writing Articles & Reviews (17+ mins)
  • Results & Being Realistic (4+ mins)
  • Cloaking Affiliate Links (2+ mins)
  • Banners & Ads (5+ mins)
  • Getting Your Posts Indexed (7 mins)
  • Clicky Analytics (3+ mins)

So here’s what I honestly think to the training…

Yeah, some affiliate marketing and WordPress tutorials need “beefing up” (in my opinion) because they don’t paint you the full picture…

… And also while I don’t like that Chris recommends sometimes using a content spinner tool (that can be frowned upon by Google)…

… Encourages you to become a “launch jacker” in the ‘make money online’ niche (which is a bad idea due to the competitive nature of it)…

… And also doesn’t provide any in-depth Search Engine Optimization (SEO) training (unless you buy one of his upsells)…

WAS can still be a good starting point if you’re interested in diving into blogging.

Just stick with a niche that you have passion for (or interested in at the very least) and get to work.


How Much Does WP Affiliate Suite Cost, You Wonder?

With WAS being a WarriorPlus product, means it’s as cheap as chips on the front end at only.

You’ll also need funds for a domain name and web-hosting to start your blog, which will both cost you peanuts.

And then it’s on to the WAS upsells:

  • Advanced SEO Training = $47 (which you’ll definitely need for maximum Google ranking power)
  • Affiliate Coupon Strategy Training = $47
  • Done-For-You WordPress Theme Bundle = $149 or $297 for commercial rights (or you can buy themes individually through the shop for $15 a pop – hey, that rhymes lol)

On a serious note, the FULLY DFY WordPress websites do carry some risk.

Because Google could potentially axe your site due to a “duplicate content” issue – since other WAS users have it on their websites already.

So you WILL need to put your own spin on the content for Google to rank it.


Final Conclusion: Is WP Affiliate Suite Worth It?…

To be quite frank with you, out of all the WarriorPlus products (TrafficZion, Phoenix, and Print Monkey to name some) I’ve reviewed…

WP Affiliate Suite is actually one of the better ones.

Admittedly, WAS is far from being the most perfect training product, but for just 13 bucks, you can’t really grumble at the price.

Because when you combine the training, custom theme, and even the giant list of keyword ideas, I think there’s some good value for jumping into blogging.

But just note that there will be a learning curve and plenty of hard graft required for Chris’s training to pay off for you.


If you wanna get WAS for $0, I’m giving the course away as a bonus when you join Wealthy Affiliate as a premium member via me. 😉

Your buddy, Neil.

Got any questions or thoughts you’d like to add on WAS? Please chime into the conversation below…


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