Digistore24 Review: [3 Ways to Earn as an Affiliate]

A huge welcome to my review of Digistore24!

It was all thanks to one of John Crestani’s money-making training videos on YouTube, that I discovered this hidden gem.

So here I am, not only showing you the ins and outs of it – BUT I’m also gonna share 3 methods for making money as an “affiliate” of the network…

And in ANY category too!

Sound good to you, young grasshopper?

Fantastic! Let’s crack on…

At a Quick Glance

Digistore24 Review
Name: Digistore24 (D24).

Owner: Sven Platte.

Website: digistore24.com.

Cost: Free.

My Score: 7/10.


  • Sign up is quick & easy (+ instant affiliate approval)
  • Some high-quality digital/physical products in various categories
  • Earn 15% – 90% commissions (+ 180-day cookies)
  • Multiple & flexible payment options (including PayPal)
  • Comes with analytics
  • Help & support is timely
  • Accepts affiliates from numerous countries


  • My only beef with D24 is that the marketplace only displays 168 results – there needs to be more choice


I must admit, I was a little skeptical of Digistore24 at first.

But then again, when you make comparisons to ClickBank (one of the biggest networks) – it makes the smaller players seem alien and untrustworthy.

Or is that just me? LOL.

Joking aside, whether you’re new to the affiliate marketing arena or a pro seeking other streams of revenue, then D24 is worth joining.

Because there are some great products to choose from (with some even paying as much as 90% in commissions!), good payment options, and also fast support.

But like any affiliate network, you’ll only get results IF you choose an internet marketing strategy and do the work.

Final Verdict: Legit & Recommended.

But before you read further, see the #1 affiliate marketing platform I use that can allow you to earn a full-time income with Digistore24.


What’s Digistore24 All About, You Ask?

Put simply, Digistore24 is an affiliate network – where product publishers list their stuff to hire affiliate marketers like you to sell for them.

And in return, you get rewarded with some pretty generous commissions ranging from 15% – 70%.

Heck, in some cases, you’ll even bank 75% – 90% in commissions!

Take the Work At Home Secrets & Scams Workbook in the ‘E-business’ category, for example.
Work At Home Secrets and Scams Workbook on Digistore24
The ebook may only be $1…

But you’ll be paid a recurring monthly commission of $35 for every customer who subscribes to John Crestani’s ‘Internet Jetset’ program.

And then there’s the Overnight Millionaire System.

Where Wesley ‘Billion Dollar’ Virgin takes things up a notch by offering 92% commissions!
Ninety Two Percent Commissions From The Overnight Millionaire System

I digress.

Impressively, $250 million in sales was generated through D24 in 2019 and it’s been featured on the likes of Inc. and The Wall Street Journal.

Currently, D24 boasts over 8,000 products in a variety of categories ranging from Animals & Pets to Travel & Culture.

So you’re certainly spoilt for choice.

The great thing is that there are even “physical” products like health supplements that you can promote.

Although, you’ll only find 168 digital/physical items listed on the D24 marketplace for some reason.

But with that said, at least it’s a reputable affiliate network that thrashes the pants off ClickBetter, any day of the week lol.


How Digistore24 Works: A Quick Look Behind The Scenes

Once you become a free member of the network, your dashboard looks like THIS:
Digistore24 Affiliate Dashboard
Where your first step is to fill out that boring tax stuff (Z z z) and also your payout account.

But what I absolutely LOVE about D24…

Is that you can choose to get paid up to 4 times per month, the minimum threshold is $50, and there are a few currencies available.

Furthermore, PayPal’s a payment option in addition to check and wire transfer. BONUS!

Now, when it comes to actually finding a product to promote:

You simply hit the marketplace, browse a category, select a product that tickles your fancy (based on its credentials).

For example:
Affiliate Product Stats
And then grab your affiliate link to roll with.

Additionally, you’ll gain access to a ‘Reports’ area for in-depth tracking of your affiliate results in terms of visitors, sales, and earnings, etc.

But if you get into a pickle, you also have the option of contacting customer services – who are pretty quick at responding.

Although, there’s no contact form. So you must personally email them for assistance.

Overall, the D24 network is pretty easy for a newb to get to grips with.


Now The Fun Part: 3 Ways to Make Money With Digistore24

Unfortunately, you can’t just blast “raw” affiliate links all over the web and expect to earn a sustainable income.

Because it’s not 1999 anymore. 😛

Don’t get me wrong, you can make some sales doing affiliate marketing that way if you’re feeling lucky, punk.

But it’s the 21st century – where delivering that magical word called “VALUE” by preselling is the name of the game for the big bucks.

This means you’ll need to invest time and effort (even money in most cases) to build your own brand via platforms and systems.

So here are 3 newbie-friendly ways that can put you way ahead of the retro-style affiliates who are still marketing like it’s the stone age…


#1: Build a $0 Blog (Ideal if You’re Broke)

You’ve probably heard the term: “You need money to make money“, right?

Well, that’s not entirely true because you can earn from promoting D24 products without actually investing a single penny.

BUT be prepared to work your butt off!…

#1: Your first job is to choose a niche that you’re interested in/passionate about.

Because helping people in that arena shouldn’t just be your #1 priority, but also fun at the same time. This will lead to BIG success.

#2: Find and list great D24 products that you wanna promote, but also ones that will fulfill the needs of your audience.

#3: Build a $0 website/blog around your niche – this can be done in under one minute!

#4: Let Google and YouTube be your best friends:

Use them to find inspiration and training on how to write “high-quality” blog product reviews.

#5: Join free sites like Quora, Reddit, and niche related forums to position yourself as an authority by answering people’s questions.

And start driving traffic to your blog reviews.

Yeah, it’s gonna require a ton of effort.

But do this consistently day-in-day-out, and you can earn yourself a nice part or full-time monthly income online.


#2: Take a ‘Done-For-You’ System For a Spin

Before you get the wrong end of the stick…

I’m not saying you should splash out on “shiny object” WarriorPlus and JVZoo money-making systems.

Because let’s face it, a lot of them are junk – especially when most products revolve around the ‘online money-making’ niche.

But what I do recommend that you roll with are high-quality systems like:

Because they don’t just allow to earn in various niches, but they come with pre-done presell pages and ad templates.

All you have to do is tweak them to fit your own affiliate marketing campaigns and follow the guidance for driving paid traffic.

I’m not gonna lie – at almost $1K a pop + expenses for other tools and paid traffic, the systems are heavy on the purse or wallet.

BUT if you want fast results from promoting D24 stuff, then this ‘Done-For-You’ approach is your baby!


#3: My #1 Recommended Cost-Effective Solution

Okay, this ties in with the first method.

Except, instead of ploughing tons of extra time into driving blog traffic from platforms like Quora and Reddit, etc…

You’ll create a sustainable Biz from Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engine traffic…

Targeted traffic that doesn’t just flow to your blog around the clock, but also builds, the more effort you invest in writing content.

So this is where Wealthy Affiliate (which allows you to start for free, BTW) steps in.
Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Forum
You won’t just be able to build free WordPress blogs (via the SiteRubix tool), but you’ll also get tools, training, and support.

Basically, the whole shebang for blogging your way to success as an affiliate of D24 or any other network/program that floats your boat.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Premium membership doesn’t just make life easier…

But also saves you a fortune – especially when compared to DFY systems.

But if WA isn’t your cuppa, then try First-Time Internet Marketing Profits and FIMP’s Kindle companion published by Ian Pribyl.

Pribs may not provide any tools…

But his training and support are totally kick-ass when it comes to building a profitable blog from scratch.


Final Thoughts: Is Digistore24 Worth it?

Whether you’re about to start off on your new affiliate marketing adventure or just looking for another revenue stream…

Then Digistore24 is totally worth a shot, in my book.

Not only will you find products listed from internet marketing giants like John Crestani and Wesley Virgin – beefing up D24’s reputation.

But you can earn some pretty big commission rates across numerous categories.

Furthermore, I love that D24 is flexible when it comes to payment options and also has a quick response time if you need a helping hand.

Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or thoughts to share on D24? Please chime in to the conversation below…


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