TrafficZion Review: [Free “Buyer” Traffic? I Think Not!]

Hello there! I welcome you to my unbiased review of TrafficZion from a REAL user who got p*ss poor results.

Without beating around the bush – To see why I chose to disconnect from the software, dig into THIS review…

At a Quick Glance

TrafficZion Review
Name: TrafficZion (TZ).

Owners: Demetris Papadopoulos & Alex Krulik.


Cost: $27 – $37 + $37, $197 & $497 for Upsells (+ costs for starting a blog)

My Score: 3/10.


  • Cheap on the front end
  • Step-by-step training (+ extra video tutorials)
  • Help & support available
  • Can generate traffic in any niche
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • It produced very little traffic for me
  • I had no blog visitor engagement or sales
  • The Jetpack plugin can slow down your website
  • Comes with upsells costing $100s
  • Some extra costs if you need to start a self-hosted WordPress blog


Unfortunately, TrafficZion isn’t all what it’s cracked out to be.

Yeah, the software can automate targeted traffic flow to your WordPress blog or any other site you choose…

But the downside is that I found it incredibly slow at generating visitors – especially ones who failed to engage with my content and convert into sales.

Moreover, I wasn’t a fan of using the Jetpack plugin because it comes with hidden dangers (which I discuss in this review).

Final Verdict: Not Recommended (based on my lack of results).

Before you continue any further…

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What’s TrafficZion All About, You Ask?

The creators (Demetris and Alex) claim that you can generate unlimited free buyer traffic on autopilot in any niche every day using TrafficZion.

They also reckon that their software gets you same-day results and grows your email list, sales, and commissions using an “untapped traffic source”.

But since their secretive traffic source is left unrevealed, I’ll briefly explain TZ in a nutshell:

The software generates targeted visitors to your WordPress blog via an article aggregator called ‘WordPress Reader’.

Where TZ automatically ‘follows’ and ‘likes’ community member websites and articles specific to your niche on a daily basis.

Which in turn draws their attention to your own profile/blog/posts = easy-peasy traffic and commissions, right?

Sadly though, that wasn’t the case for me after trying out the strategy on two different ‘affiliate marketing’ niche blogs with and without the software.

YES, this method drives targeted traffic, I can’t argue with that.

But… after a week or so, there was no engagement on any of my quality blog posts, nor a single sale generated through any product review posts.

Add to that, TZ also revolves around a risky strategy, which I’ll discuss in two shakes of a cat’s tail.


How TrafficZion Works Behind The Stage Curtain…

In the members’ area, you’ll start with the ‘Main Training’ tab.

Where you’ll watch and implement the following main video tutorials from Demetris:

  1. Build a WordPress Website From Scratch (4+ minutes run time)
  2. Connect The Secret Traffic Loophole (9+ mins) – Install & activate the ‘Jetpack’ plugin, create a public Gravatar profile to get setup on ‘WordPress Reader’, then setup Jetpack so that WordPress Reader basically displays your blog content to the WordPress community
  3. Connecting It All Together (11+ mins) – Download, install & setup the TZ WordPress plugin from the TZ dashboard. It’s so the software gains access to your WordPress Reader account & starts automatically following & liking users content (based on your tags) to bring traffic back to your site

Sound confusing?

Don’t worry, it took me a while to get a good grasp of the concept too LOL.

As for the tags you’ll add inside TZ, these are the keywords that enable you to hone in on your niche – telling TZ which users/blogs to follow/like.

Some tags I used when I ran the software for one of my blogs:
TrafficZion Affiliate Marketing Tags
So naturally, I expected some good traffic considering the number of likes the software did on my behalf after 6 days.

But disappointingly, these were my blog’s stats according to the Jetpack plugin:
Poor Jetpack Website Stats
Not even 30 visitors on my blog within almost a 7-day period!

And not 1 sale either!

Trust me, if I had commissions to boast about, they’d be right here.


My Results “WITHOUT” Using The TZ Software…

OK, so I had the urge to test the waters with this strategy on another of my blogs (yes, I’m greedy lol)…

But I did the follows and likes manually inside the WordPress Reader for a few days.

Much to my surprise, my best day was 60 hits. As you can see:
Jetpack Plugin Stats
But again…

One week in, no sales!

Plus, zero visitor engagement on my blog!

And yet, the TZ creators are confident that this WordPress Reader strategy can also have a positive effect on your blog’s Google rankings.

I’m sorry, but I beg to differ… Where are the comments?

Furthermore, the visitors didn’t spend much time reading my blog posts, which can affect rankings negatively.

Because it tells Google “hey, this content’s crap”, and so the ‘Almighty G’ might drop it down its search engine ranks.

So there are definitely downsides to the method, in my opinion.


Why TrafficZion Potentially Raises Another Red Flag

Well, this red flag isn’t specifically raised by the software itself, but by the Jetpack plugin.

And here’s why…

I spoke to my web-host provider about Jetpack (which is required for the strategy to work) and they strongly advised against installing the plugin:
Jetpack Plugin Warning
So on top of the ineffectiveness of the TZ software and WordPress Reader strategy, Jetpack itself comes with hazard warnings.

I dunno about you, but I’m not willing to flush 100s of hours worth of blogging effort down the toilet because of some “plugin” and “shoddy strategy”.


Final Conclusion: Is TrafficZion Worth it?

Well, based on my own shocking results, and also the fact that the strategy comes with some dangerous pitfalls…

TrafficZion isn’t worth the time of day or risk, in my book.

Yeah, the software can get you some automated targeted traffic, there’s no doubt about it (as you’ve already seen)…

But the traffic seems minimal and isn’t made up of “potential buyers”, only “tyre kickers” – especially in the ‘make money online’ arena.

As for other niches, I really can’t say what results you’ll yield with TZ to be honest.

So you’ll take the software for a spin yourself (that’s if you’re still willing to buy it after this review lol).

But if you really wanna build a free blog from scratch and learn how to grow it into a full-time income via affiliate marketing, then start your affiliate Biz for $0 here.

Your buddy Neil 😀

Got any thoughts or questions on TZ? Please hop on the conversation below…


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