Print Monkey Review: [Will it Make You Go Bananas?]

Inside this unbiased review of Print Monkey, I’m not only gonna give you the lowdown, but also share my own honest thoughts.

According to its cheeky creator, he’s got 30 ‘Done-For You’ campaigns that can each bank you at least $1,000 daily in commissions.

The cost might be peanuts, but do the campaigns really bring you big results – making you go absolutely bananas?

Or is it just another lame WarriorPlus product that’s gonna make you go totally ape shit?

Swing into THIS review to find out…

At a Quick Glance

Print Monkey Review
Name: Print Monkey (PM).

Owner: Brendan Mace.


Cost: $13.03 (at the time of writing) + Upsells.

My Score: 3/10.


  • DFY campaigns/bonus pages
  • 30-day money-back guarantee (but doesn’t apply to the upgrades)


  • A hyped-up sales pitch
  • DFY review pages & bonuses aren’t up-to-scratch
  • The campaigns are hosted on PM subdomains
  • Inadequate video tutorials (taken from another product)
  • No training on driving traffic
  • Comes with numerous upsells


Affiliate marketing in itself can be a real jungle for newbies, I tell ya!

But unfortunately, products like Print Monkey really do not help. In fact, they make matters worse.

Yeah, you may get plenty of DFY campaigns and bonus pages for promoting products and earning commissions with PM.

But I dislike the fact that the campaigns/bonuses revolve around WarriorPlus products because they leave a lot to be desired, in my experience.

Moreover, Mace’s training is pretty weak and he doesn’t guide you down the path to generating traffic to your campaigns either.

But then again, what do you expect for 13 bucks, eh?

This leaves you with only one option: To splash out on the guy’s upsells if you potentially wanna get anywhere with PM.

Final Verdict: Legit, But it Leaves a Bitter Taste.

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What is Print Monkey All About, You Say?

I’m not gonna recite the Print Monkey sales page too much, BUT…

Mace claims that he’s gonna give you 30 of his best PROVEN DFY campaigns – the same ones that make him $1,000 every single day.

Every campaign is complete with its own review video and bonus page, and are very easy to set up in 3 small steps:

  1. Login & add your PayPal account.
  2. Send traffic following Mace’s free method.
  3. And then BOOM, hit the “refresh” button to see the commission figures you’ve made daily LOL.

The reason why I LOL is that Mace makes the whole money-making process seem as easy as stealing candy from a baby.

When having already been in the affiliate marketing industry for a number of years – I know for a fact that his system isn’t that simple.

Unfortunately, I’m no stranger when it comes to Mace because I’ve bought into tons of his hyped-up products like:

So, as a customer, I can honestly say that none of his stuff has ever appealed to me for a number of VERY good reasons.

Instead of designing ONE decent product…

He just launches one sub-par product after another – always teaching the same strategies, but under different brands.

This is why I question the integrity of most WarriorPlus product publishers and will never recommend their products.

But enough monkeying around…


Let’s Step Into The Jungle to See How Print Monkey Works

First, I’ll talk about the meat and potatoes of PM. YUP, the 30 DFY campaigns.

You’ll gain access to a ‘Campaign Manager’ that quickly allows you to set up your campaigns one-by-one.
Print Monkey Campaign Manager
Where you’ll enter a campaign name, add your WarriorPlus affiliate link, and choose a product review page to roll with.

But I wouldn’t jump up and down with excitement like a little monkey just yet.

Because the review pages are nothing to shout home about…

They just contain short hyped-up presell videos from Mace followed by lists of bonuses that your customers will receive if they buy from you.

Furthermore, you get pre-done bonus pages that are sent to your customers after their purchases are completed.

But of course, as always, PM is a product that’s rigged up to line the pockets of Mace and his WarriorPlus pals.

Because each campaign revolves around you promoting THEIR stuff (surprise, surprise!)

The same can be said for the upsell-rich bonuses, which is why you’ll be giving them away for “FREE” as bribes.

Basically, doing all the dirty work for said product publishers.


OK, So What About The Training Side of Things?

Unfortunately, that also falls flat on its face, in my opinion.

Because all you’ll get is a handful of basic tutorial videos from Mace that cover getting started with PM and the topic of affiliate marketing itself:

  • Welcome
  • Case Study Results
  • Anatomy of an Affiliate Promo
  • Activating Your Campaigns

Except, those training videos are taken from another product called “Smash”, which means PM is just rehashed. Ugh.

Now, as for one of the most important aspects of affiliate marketing…

YUP, that word called “TRAFFIC“…

Mace doesn’t give you any training on generating free traffic to your offers, whatsoever.

This basically means that if you’re not clued-up on traffic generation strategies from the get-go, then your Biz is dead in the water.

The only help you get is via a tab inside the PM ‘Campaign Manager’…

Where you’re able to share your campaigns on various social media sites and other platforms.

This also means having a big following of active acquaintances and targeted buyers beforehand, for your campaigns to potentially pay off.


What’s The Cost of Print Monkey, You Ask?

At the time of this review’s publication, the basic cost of PM is $13.03.

And then you’ve got the following optional upsells (aka OTOs) to fork out for:

  1. PM Traffic = $37
  2. Lifetime Campaigns = $197
  3. Super Campaign = $197
  4. Limitless Traffic = $197
  5. Easiest System Ever = $157
  6. Reseller License Rights (no guessing why there are so many “biased” reviews!) = $167

So, judging from traffic upgrades, it’s blatantly obvious why Mace doesn’t cover any sort of traffic-generation training for your $13 investment.



Final Conclusion: Is Print Monkey a Scam?

NOPE, it’s not a scam because you get your hands on campaigns that come with SOME money-making potential.

But in saying that, it won’t be that easy because Mace doesn’t just fall short when it comes to the training element of PM…

But he also fails to equip you with any sort of traffic generation methods to get your campaigns out there.

He intentionally skips one of the most important Biz building blocks to pressure you into buying his upsells, from my point of view.

Furthermore, I think the products, review pages, and bonuses are pretty lame, to say the least.

Because it’s just your typical “run-of-the-mill” WarriorPlus stuff that you’ll be promoting as an affiliate.

Overall, I’m not a fan of PM because there are MUCH better ways of doing affiliate marketing, in my experience.

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Your buddy, Neil.

Got any questions or thoughts to share on PM? Please jump on the conversation below…


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