Auto Millionaire Site Review: [More “$500/Day” Promises *YAWN*]

Howdy, welcome to my honest review of Auto Millionaire Site that just recently hit the internet!

The sales page asks you to watch the video presentation if you wanna rake in $500 on a daily basis.

Which, in my affiliate marketing experience, is a pretty outlandish claim (especially from a novice angle) for a product vendor to make.

Because I know for a fact that it’s not as easy as you might think to bank 3 figures per day.

But without beating about the bush, jump into THIS review to discover the red flags I spotted before parting with your spondoolies…

At a Quick Glance

Auto Millionaire Site Review
Name: Auto Millionaire Site (AMS).

Owner: Tammy Haywood (supposedly).


Cost: Free (apparently). SPOILER: The real cost is $67 + $1,000s (if my guess is correct).

My Score: 0/10.


  • None that spring to mind


  • A hyped-up sales page with outlandish income claims
  • The creator uses an alias
  • Fake member testimonials & scarcity
  • The video presenter lies about the price being free
  • Your email address will be rented out to third parties
  • It can potentially cost you $1,000s
  • There’s no info about a refund policy


Despite what the lady in the video presentation leads you to believe, there’s no value in Auto Millionaire Site, whatsoever.

Because the sales pitch is full of lies and deception in terms of fake owner, testimonies, income claims, scarcity, and even the cost.

And as for the product itself…

If the purchase page leads you to a totally different opportunity (which I think it does), then expect to fork out $1,000s for a high-ticket system.

A system, that most members struggle to earn with because it’s out of their price range.

So if you’re hoping to make $500/day with AMS, you’ll be disappointed.

I dunno who the brains behind AMS is. And I don’t give a monkey’s, to be honest…

But it’s folks like them who are not only an insult to newbies’ intelligence, but a disgrace to the affiliate marketing world.

There, I said it.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended.

If you’re sick of deceptive products, then try my #1 recommended program that offers you the essentials for earning a sustainable income as an affiliate marketer.


What’s Auto Millionaire Site All About, You Ask?

The Auto Millionaire Site sales video starts with a female presenter (Tammy Haywood) asking if she gave you a way to make $200 – $500 daily…

How would it change your life?

Well, she sure knows how to grab a desperate newb’s attention – especially during challenging times like these.

Tammy then continues with how she’s been working online from home (or even the beach with a WiFi connection) for the last 2 years…

And how you’re about to experience something that’ll knock ya socks off, that’s never been revealed publicly…

A “FREE” system that takes just a couple of minutes effort per day to accomplish the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of…

It’s your golden ticket out of the rat race, baby!

Basically, she just sells you “the dream” on a silver platter because who wouldn’t wanna get filthy stinking rich, the lazy-ass way?

The good news is that her sales pitch is short and sweet – probably the shortest pitch I’ve seen.

But with that said, it’s purposely shallow to pique your curiosity, so you enter your name and email address.

This takes you to a second longer sales video, which I won’t bore you to tears with.

Because it’s just an extension of the first one that’s full to the brim of the same hype and lies.

Trust me, I’ve done this “affiliate marketing” thing since the stone ages and it’s no picnic in the park, I’m telling ya.

Because it doesn’t matter what strategy you choose in terms of blogging, vlogging, funnel building, and email marketing…

Or whatever ‘Done-For-You’ system you plug into like Done For You Services or 12 Minute Affiliate, to name a handful of methods…

Launching and growing a sustainable affiliate Biz requires donkey work, time, patience, and even monetary investment.

Plus, learning to adopt the right entrepreneurial mindset is also a key component of success in the digital space.

So don’t trust outlandish product vendors because they fill your head with Peter Pan fairy tale garbage for THEIR own financial gains.

Let’s dive into the red flags thrown up by AMS…


#1: Who The Heck is “Tammy Haywood”?

The AMS video presenter and owner leads you to believe that she’s called Tammy Haywood.

But take the name and woman in the short video clip with a grain of salt.

Because first of all, not at any point does she serve up any evidence of her existence in terms of social media proof.

Even if you hop on Google to do a quick search for ‘Tammy Haywood internet marketer’, she’s nowhere to be found in the results.

And secondly, even if you run her face through a Google image search, she’s likely to be from a stock photo website.

So for all we know, the real creator might actually be some scummy bloke.

Sadly, scammers always hide behind made up characters.

Because it allows them to take you for a ride without being exposed online to everyone and their grandma.


#2: Tammy Lies About AMS Being “FREE”

In the first video – which, BTW, looks very familiar to the cringey pitches for:

(Sorry for going off track for a brief moment lol)…

Tammy claims that reserving your AMS account doesn’t cost you a single cent.
Lies About Reserving an Account For Free
But that’s only to lower your guard and get her grubby paws on your email address…

So she can flood your inbox with more pipe dream crap and also rent/sell your email to third parties.
Personal Data Will be Sold or Rented
Would you really trust her with your email? I know I wouldn’t.

However, once you land on the second sales page and go to order the AMS product, it actually has a price tag of 67 bucks.

Say whaaa?

So I think it’s fair to say that the lady bullsh*ts your ass from the get-go. Ugh.


#3: Fake Scarcity at Its Absolute Worst

Tammy tries to drill it into your mind that YOU MUST ACT FAST because:

“When the video closes, you’ll lose access forever”…

“This is only available to the next few people who are serious about improving their finances”…
Fake Sales Video Scarcity
Blahdy blah.

Heck, even the product sales page has a countdown timer to scare you into whipping out your credit card without hesitation.

But it’s just hogwash because no matter how many times you refresh the sales video and/or purchase page, AMS is still on the market.

The only way AMS will vanish is if or when numerous negative reviews (like THIS one) fill up Google and scam complaints are made against the product.

In which case, the creator will pull down the sales page and set up shop under a new brand, but still using the same or a similar pitch.

I hold nothing against scarcity itself, don’t get me wrong…

But only WHEN it’s practiced in an ethical manner with legit offers, like the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday sale, for example. 😉


#4: The Testimonies Are a Crock of Sh*t

In the first sales video, there are members making all sorts of crazy claims and thanking Tammy for their results.

One lady reckons she raked in commissions of over $1,200 in her first 7 days using the system.

And some dude even says he made $2,800 in just 9 days with the system.


It’s strange that they blow plenty of smoke up Tammy’s ass, but don’t actually provide proof of their earnings or even how the system works.

But when it comes to the second video, there’s one testimonial that really caught my attention from this guy below.
Fake Testimonial From an Auto Millionaire Site Member
Because not only has he done testimonials for other duds like My Traffic Business and Affiliate Millionaire Club

But the dude can actually be hired on for his ‘spokesperson’ services – making his AMS testimonial void.

Man With Glasses Selling Casual Presenter Services on Fiverr


More often than not, scammers hire actors from Fiverr to read from scripts full of lies and deceit.

So when it comes to AMS, I’m willing to bet that ALL the members are telling porkies and haven’t made a single penny.


How Does The Auto Millionaire Site Work, You Ask?

Well, not in the way that’s promised to you. That’s for damn sure.

On this occasion, I refused to buy the product.

Because I’ve already lost a chunk of change on scams in the past, and they all operate the same way.

You either receive some shoddy and shallow PDF and video training, and/or some software that doesn’t make you a dime online.

Or you get funneled into a completely different money-making opportunity.

So with AMS, the product purchase page looks suspiciously like the one from the Pay It Forward System scam I recently reviewed.

Which redirects you to a high-ticket coaching scheme called the Super Affiliate Network that can cost you $1,000s to go “all in”.

So I can only assume that once you hand over 67 bucks, you’ll be led through the front door of the Super Affiliate Network.

And I’m also willing to bet that the person (a SAN affiliate) behind AMS is also behind the fake Pay It Forward System.

However, the thing about the Super Affiliate Network is that it’s an unsustainable system.

Because of the high costs involved for the training products that you must purchase to stand a chance of earning some beefy commissions.

That’s why only a small handful of members make the big bucks with it, I’m afraid.


Final Conclusion: Is The Auto Millionaire Site a Scam?

Big Cartoon Thumbs DownIn my honest opinion, YES, the Auto Millionaire Site is just another dubious scam to avoid at all costs.

Because the sales videos are riddled with nothing but LIES.

Not only are you lied to about raking in the dough as quick as Speedy Gonzales, the owner’s name, members crushing it, availability, and the price…

But AMS doesn’t actually exist anyway.

Because I have my suspicions that it’s just a bridge page leading you to the costly Super Affiliate Network.

So if you think you’ll be getting your hands on some “magical get-rich-quick” system for a cost of ZERO dollars, you can guess again.

At the end of the day, there’s only one person laughing, singing, and dancing all the way to the bank with AMS…

It sure isn’t you.

But if you’re serious about building a successful affiliate marketing Biz that earns you a passive income, then see Wealthy Affiliate.

Because Wealthy Affiliate is an “all in one” platform that equips you with the essential tools, step-by-step training, and 24/7 support…

The whole shebang for creating a lucrative WordPress blog around your hobby or passion.

So whatcha waiting for – Santa Claus to arrive? 😛 …

==> Start Your New Affiliate Biz For Free Here!


Your buddy, Neil.

Got any questions or thoughts to share on AMS? Hop on the conversation below…


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