20 Minute Cash System Review: [$100/Day in 1,200 Seconds?]

Inside this unbiased review, let’s talk about the 20 Minute Cash System.

Apparently, all it’s gonna take is 20 minutes of your time each day to rake in $100 – $273 daily via YouTube as a total newbie.

But personally, I think the creator is talking out of his rear end.

Because being an affiliate marketer myself, I know for a fact that easy money is a myth online.

So instead of me rambling on…

Let’s see how this money-making program in question works and why it’s gonna seriously fall short…

At a Quick Glance

20 Minute Cash System Review

Name: 20 Minute Cash System (2MCS).

Owner: Darryl Dibetetto & Susan Gates (allegedly).

Website: 20minutecashsystem.com.

Cost: $99 + Upsells.

My Score: 2/10.


  • Money-back guarantee
  • YouTube’s a legit way to make money
  • The sales pitch is a classic example of what to avoid falling for online


  • Hyped-up sales page
  • Makes misleading YouTube money-making claims
  • The owner uses a pen name
  • Comes with big risks
  • It’s sold through ClickBetter – This marketplace doesn’t have the greatest reputation on the web


Simply put, the 20 Minute Cash System is a crock of sh*t (pardon the expression).

Because the sales pitch isn’t just hyped-up and deceptive – leading you to believe that making a ton of money via YouTube is quickly and easily done.

But the product itself teaches you to ethically steal other YouTubers’ videos through YouTube’s ‘Creative Commons License‘.

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that corner-cutting strategy, nothing beats doing your own videos.

Because building your own brand will lead you to much bigger online success as a vlogger and affiliate marketer…

Since it leads to gaining your audience’s trust – making you a trustworthy expert in your niche.

So if you wanna become successful as a YouTuber…

Then find a legit training course (i.e. YT Supremacy) that teaches you the ropes, and work your tail off at recording your own stuff.

It’s as simple as that.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended.

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What’s The 20 Minute Cash System All About, You Say?

According to the sales video:

The 20 Minute Cash System revolves around making $100 – $273 per day from spending 20 mins daily on YouTube.

More specifically, it’s a short course teaching you a “trick” called ‘Creative Commons’ for ethically stealing other folks YouTube videos.

Videos, that allow you to earn affiliate commissions from either promoting your offers or YouTube’s Partner Programme.

In fact, this is the exact same YouTube exploitation strategy that generates Darryl Dibetetto himself up to $2,000 on a daily basis!

Wowzers Bowzers!

So the man claims…

But really it’s nothing but a bunch of hype and garbage spewed out of the guy’s mouth.

Because YouTube doesn’t work like that.

If it was so easy to rake in a fortune from pinching other YouTubers’ work…

Then why isn’t everyone and their grandma using this “lazy man’s” approach?


The truth be known, it takes a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to build a successful video channel from the ground up…

Even using and tweaking other people’s videos.

The way I see it, 2MCS just comes across as another “pipe dream”…

That’s similar to the likes of Home Cashflow Shortcut, Movie Review Profits, and the $500 Per Day System.

These are some of the hyped-up products I’ve reviewed that get your hopes up with outlandish claims…

But then seriously disappoint you behind the scenes.

Speaking of which…

How Does The 20 Minute Cash System Work Exactly?

Dibetetto reckons that 2MCS is some quick and easy-as-pie process that works in 3 steps:

  1. Follow & implement his simple 10-step training guide
  2. Open a free account to simply paste a link & get paid
  3. Rinse & repeat the process for just 20 minutes per day

You can do this as many times as you like to easily scale your income from YouTube, apparently.

But as I’ve said, YouTube doesn’t work in the way that Dibetetto leads you to believe.

Because you can’t just copy and post a bunch of videos, and expect $100+ paydays to land in your pockets.

First of all, YouTube is a long-winded process.

Because you must continuously post high-quality and unique video content in order to gain YouTube’s trust and get rankings.

The proof’s in the pudding with the YouTube Partner Programme.

It explicitly states that 4,000 public video watch hours in 12 months, and 1,000 subscribers are a prerequisite for earning from your content.

It’s the same principle as blogging:

You have to post A LOT of great content over MANY months before Google recognizes you as an authority.

And secondly, you’ll find that numerous YouTubers’ protect their work with copyright policies.

So finding plenty of ‘Creative Commons’ videos in your niche you can ethically pinch, could prove time-consuming and challenging, in my book.

Still not sure you should give this program a wide-birth?

Then check out more red flags that should make you extremely skeptical of 2MCS…

Red Flag #1: Who The Heck is “Darryl Dibetetto”?

From Darryl’s picture, you’d think he’s some bad boy gangster/cartel gang wannabe – wanting to pop a cap in your ass!

20 Minute Cash System Creator

It’s basically to give you the impression that 2MCS is for anyone…

Even convict wannabes, I guess LOL.

But if “Darryl Dibetetto” is the real deal and some YouTube money-making genius…

Then how come his identity can’t be confirmed with a simple Google search?

This guy’s a ghost, I tell ya!

In fact, it just so happens that Dibetetto is as fake as a wedding cake.

Bald Tattooed Man in a White Vest

Because you can purchase his picture from stock photo sites like Shutterstock.
So you tell me, are you really willing to buy from someone who hides their true identity behind an alias and computer screen?

The same also applies to his partner in crime (Susan Gates)…

She is nowhere to be found online, which raises some serious concerns when it comes to 2MCS.

Red Flag #2:Fake Ass Scarcity is Deployed

The sales letter claims that “enrollment is limited to the next 3 members”.

Limited Enrollment Scarcity

But it’s utter crap to create that word called’FOMO’ (Fear Of Missing Out) – scaring you sh*tless into making a purchase.

You can bet your sweet bippy that the sales page will still be up and running in the next weeks to come because it’s staying put.

Well, unless the creator pulls down the sales page due to bad press and a flood of customer refund requests – then it’s a totally different story.

In which case, he or she will just bounce back with a rebrand of 2MCS and use a similar sales pitch and maybe even a new pen name.

Urgency tactics are extremely effective for product publishers (as you’ll see from THIS Black Friday sale, for example).

But when it’s deployed by shady individuals behind pipe dream stuff like 2MCS…

Then take what you see and hear with a grain of salt.

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Red Flag #3: Sold via ClickBetter (+ 60-Day Refund)

I’ve had dealings with ClickBetter, and unfortunately, it’s an extremely shady and untrustworthy marketplace, to say the least.

Not only are some listed products inaccessible like IM With Jamie – which I bought and never got refunded for (even if it was only $1 lol)…

But there’s a heck of a lot of ‘get-rich-quick’ trash like Cash Formula, Easy Retired Millionaire, and Million Dollar Replicator, to name a handful.

Furthermore, the 60-day refund policy is a joke in itself.

Because you’re led to believe that there’s no risk on your end.

But usually with this crap, once you’ve bought it and opened the box, the guarantee’s invalid…

So your money’s basically gone down the drain.

Also, to me, the 2-month guarantee policy speaks volumes about the quality of 2MCS.

Because in my affiliate marketing experience, legit and high-quality products tend to offer free trials or just 30-day refund policies.

Red Flag #4: Fake Ass Member Testimonies

In addition to the owner(s) being totally fabricated, so are the so-called member testimonials.

Within the sales pitch, there are testimonials from members who are apparently raking in the big bucks with 2MCS.

They spew out claims of making $1,000s in just a few short hours and how the magical opportunity’s changed their lives around, etc.

But the funny part is that not ONE single member explains or shows you how 2MCS actually works to bank them that sort of quick cash.

The truth be told, they’re nothing but script readers (aka “spokes people”) who can be hired on a Fiverr.com for pennies on the dollar.

Red Flag #5: A HUGE Price Reduction

Don’t get me wrong, I hold nothing against discounted products – Who doesn’t love a good bargain, right? 😉

But when you decline purchasing 2MCS for almost $50, you’re offered a HUGE 90% off the price.

Which really sets off those alarm bells.

Because it just shows how desperate Dibetetto and his partner are to get their grubby mitts on your spondoolies.

And in the end, they’ll more than likely make MUCH more from you and other victims on the backend.

Because they’ll tempt you with trashy upsells.

How Much Does The 20 Minute Cash System Cost?

I think the original cost was $99, which got reduced to $49.95 to entice more suckers to invest, in my opinion.

But here’s the laughable part about the new 50 bucks price bracket…

When you try to exit the sales page, a 90% discount pops up!

If 20MCS truly delivers on its promises, then why is it so cheap? LOL…

I’ll tell you why…

So again, plenty of clueless newbies end up forking out for the product.

But there’s another hidden agenda at play – an even bigger one…

You’ll be enticed with upsells, which can put you OUT-of-pocket and the creator IN-pocket instead.

So not only will you lose cash on the front end, but also on the product’s backend for some non-existent system.

Final Conclusion: Is The 20 Minute Cash System a Scam?

Big Cartoon Thumbs Down

I don’t give a rat’s ass what anyone says, the 20 Minute Cash System is 100% a scam, in my book.

Not only does the sales page lead you astray with outlandish money-making claims.

But the guy who fronts it is not the real McCoy.

Furthermore, even if you do decide to put the training into practice – earning an income via YouTube isn’t as easy as you might think.

And to top things off, you also run the risk of landing in hot water with other YouTubers’ for duplicating their work and pretending it’s your own.

So on a whole, 2MCS is a totally ineffective and unethical way to go about vlogging.

But if you do wanna learn the ropes of affiliate marketing and discover what it REALLY takes to become successful online…

My #1 recommendation (Commission Academy) will light up the runway.

Because it’s a platform that equips you with the essentials for creating a lucrative blog/Biz from scratch around your hobby or passion.

Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or thoughts to share on 2MCS? Please hop on the conversation below…


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