Super Affiliate Network Review: [A “Scheme” by Misha Wilson?]

Thanks for stopping by my review of Misha Wilson’s Super Affiliate Network (SAN)! 😀

Is it really a cutting edge platform for showing affiliate marketers how to grow their businesses into a full-time income for long-lasting freedom?

Or just an unsustainable high-ticket “money-making scheme” in disguise, huh?

The answer you seek is in THIS unbiased review from someone who isn’t affiliated with SAN in any way, shape or form…

At a Quick Glance

Super Affiliate Network
Name: The Super Affiliate Network.

Owner: Misha Wilson.


Cost: Free, $1, $47/month + $10,000s for Upsells & solo ad traffic combined.

My Score: 5/10.


  • Cheap to get started
  • Stacks of invaluable training modules
  • Plenty of support options (+ an assigned coach)
  • Member success testimonials seem genuine
  • Products come with a Money-Back Guarantee
  • The potential for newbies to make money


  • Some areas have restrictions until you call a coach
  • The coach seems more like a “salesperson”
  • Some products come with hefty price tags
  • Solo ads can work out mega-expensive
  • Could be branded as a “scheme” due to its nature


The Super Affiliate Network delivers a boatload of value for enabling you to build a successful Biz, there’s no doubt about it.

But because it’s a high-ticket program, where you’ll be promoting the very same system you bought into for earning fat stacks.

And also the fact that the sales funnel and solo ad strategy isn’t the most cost-efficient way to start out online…

I think there are better alternatives, especially if your budget is as tight as a duck’s as (pardon the expression).

Final Verdict: Legit. But I don’t recommend it.

But before continuing, see the proper way of earning a sustainable income via affiliate marketing without spending a fortune…

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What is The Super Affiliate Network About, You Ask?

SAN is designed as a mentorship platform and community to help affiliate marketers build profitable online businesses using cutting edge tactics.

Basically, you’re equipped with the essential resources for earning a “life-transforming income” on the internet, as Misha puts it.

Being an affiliate marketer myself, it’s a pretty cool and effective way of making some good money online.

In fact, it’s the absolute best method for turning a buck on the web, in my opinion.

But only IF you take advantage of a legitimate platform with the right resources and work extremely hard at putting them into practice.

Misha makes some pretty bold claims on his website – making SAN seem like the best thing since sliced bread.

But will SAN really live up to your expectations?

That’s the million-dollar question!…


How The Super Affiliate Network Works For $

Once you’ve logged into your free account, there’s a 24.49-minute video introducing you to ‘The Profit Boosting Bootcamp’.

Where Misha runs through your first steps for getting rolling with SAN.

But what really rattled my cage was the fact that I had to get in touch with my “assigned coach” before I could even access the training.
Get in Touch With Advisor to Access Training Page Message

But once the conversation’s done, it’s off to the races with the Bootcamp, which contains 15 modules on getting started as an affiliate.

The modules cover topics like mindset, sales funnels, solo ads, email marketing, selling to your customers, and tons more.

Super Affiliate Network Training Dashboard Area

A quick glance at the SAN members’ dashboard.

In my opinion, the training’s pretty good because it gives you some great insights into starting and growing an affiliate marketing Biz.

But to make progress with SAN, you must contact your coach at certain training points to unlock other tutorials.

Which, makes you feel uncomfortable because the coaches are like “pushy salespeople” rather than wanting to “help”.

On top of that, there are some pretty pricey SAN products beyond the Bootcamp, which I’ll talk about shortly.


What Type of Support is Available From SAN?

In addition to your coach, you can reach out to the SAN support team via email if you’re facing difficulties with the platform.

Furthermore, there’s the private Facebook group for rubbing shoulders with other members’ of all experience levels.

And lastly, you can contact the customer team via their postal address, telephone number, and also social media profiles.

So I’m sure you’ll agree that SAN certainly doesn’t fall short in the support department, which is the thing I like about the platform.


The Biggest Problem With SAN…

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great mentorship platform that enables you to build a money-making business online.

But the main issue is that the purpose of the tutorials and coaches are to pressure you into promoting SAN itself for big commissions.

Which, means, instead of building your own website to promote products in a niche of your choice…

You’ll be stuck in the “make money” niche peddling SAN.

This makes SAN similar to Big Profit System, AWOL Academy (now Fullstaq Marketer), Empower Network, Digital Altitude, and MOBE, to name a few.

They come across as “affiliate marketing” platforms.

But are “pay-to-play schemes” in disguise – which is why the FTC closed down MOBE and Digital Altitude.

As for Empower Network, the owners’ shut it down due to bankruptcy because the costly scheme turned out to be unsustainable.


How Much Does Super Affiliate Network Cost?

To gain access to ‘The Profit Boosting Bootcamp’ is just $1.

But after 30 days, you’re required to pay $47/month to continue with the Bootcamp.

And then you’re enticed with:

  • ‘IM Profit Formula’ ebook that’s free (+ $7 shipping)
  • ‘Solo Ad Sucess Formula’ (11 module course) for $297
  • ‘Super Affiliate Inner Circle’ (1-year of training & advanced coaching) for $297

However, with the paid “solo ad” traffic route, it’s important to note that solo ads come with a hefty tag of $100s, even $1,000s!

The SAN costs don’t end there either because Misha has other extortionate products up his sleeve:

  • ‘Maui Intensive Mentoring’ for $9,997!
  • An “All In” members’ package for almost *GASP* $25,000!

And these are all the same products you’ll be earning generous commissions from when you recruit other paying members’ to SAN.


Final Conclusion: Is The Super Affiliate Network a Scam?…

Big Cartoon Thumbs DownIn my opinion, The Super Affiliate Network is legitimate in the respect that there’s A LOT of value offered.

I also love the fact that Misha provides plenty of support options for when you’re in a pickle.

But on the flip side of the coin, I hate that you’re forced to hook up with your coach at certain stages of the training in order to progress.

Which, suggests the coaches are there to encourage members’ to buy products for propping up SAN to make it sustainable for everyone.

But I think the biggest downside to SAN is that the Federal Trade Commissions might brand it as a “money-making scheme”.

Since, you’re buying into the system just to learn how to promote it for big affiliate commissions.

So SAN is not a money-maker I’d recommend, personally.


The “Real” Way to Do Affiliate Marketing…

As I said, SAN packs a heck of a lot of value for success. But at what cost, huh?

The best way to earn an income through affiliate marketing is by choosing a niche that interests you and keeping your costs down.

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Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or thoughts to share on SAN? Please join the conversation down below…

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