Pay It Forward System Review: [It Gives NOTHING Back!]

I appreciate you swinging by my unbiased review of The Pay It Forward System.

Apparently, the creator has raked in over $22,000 in the last 3 months from working in the comfort of their own home…

And any average Joe can follow suit.

But if you’re thinking that this opportunity seems WAY “too good to be true”, then you’re not wrong, my young apprentice.

In this review, I’m not just gonna explain WHY the system doesn’t work as advertised on the tin…

But also expose a bunch of red flags raised by the sales pitch.

So hang tight!

At a Quick Glance

Pay It Forward System Review
Name: Pay It Forward System (PIFS).

Owner: Danielle Rose (allegedly).


Cost: $47 + $1,000s.

My Score: 0/10.


  • There are ZERO positives that spring to mind!


  • The sales pitch is full of outlandish money-making claims
  • The owner’s an alias & hired actor
  • Fake income screenshots, testimonies, TV interview & scarcity
  • It’s as a bridge page for a different opportunity
  • It comes with a real price tag of $1,000s


It doesn’t matter what you’re told throughout the entire sales pitch, the Pay It Forward System is made up of a bunch of LIES.

Because not only is “Danielle Rose” as fake as a wedding cake…

But she leads you astray with ludicrous income claims, fake snapshots, a fake TV news channel interview, and also fake scarcity – pretending that PIFS only being available to 35 peeps.

Plus, there’s the fact that the system is non-existent from the offset.

Because what you really buy into is an expensive recruitment system known as the Super Affiliate Network.

So keep this bullsh*t at arm’s length for your sake.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended.

If shoddy products and scams make you sick to the stomach, then see my #1 recommended program that equips you with the essentials for earning a sustainable income via affiliate marketing.


What’s The Pay It Forward System, You Ask?

According to the Pay It Forward System website:

Any average Joe can earn a realistic extra income to the tune of $20,000 in the next few months like its creator.

And as always with these types of “pipe dream” online opportunities, there’s a hypey sales video riddled with nothing but lies.

In this case, the female presenter (Danielle Rose – a mom of 3) claims you’ll get your hands on her “secret money generating website”.

The very same one that she uses daily to bank $100s – $1,000s in affiliate commissions from marketplaces like ClickBank.

The video then continues with short video testimonials from members who are over the moon…

A clip of Danielle being interviewed by a TV newswoman…

And how you can also “live the dream lifestyle” by working less that 20 minutes each day on your laptop and still in your PJs…

Blah, blah, blah.

If this golden money-making opportunity of a lifetime truly exists, then how come Danielle’s selling her system for a measly 47 bucks? LOL.

And secondly, why isn’t everyone and their granny Bessie already living the Vegas high-roller type of lifestyle?

Those are some pretty important questions you need to ask yourself before chucking your hard-earned bucks in Danielle’s direction.

Put simply, the lady’s just trying to lure you into her get-rich-quick scheme like all the other ratbags behind the following garbage:

Trust me, achieving Super Affiliate status is no teddy bear’s picnic.

Because shortcuts to raking in megabucks online as fast as The Flash simply do not exist. Period.

Let’s dive deeper into the PIFS sales video red flags, shall we?…


Red Flag #1: “Danielle Rose” – Who The Heck is This Woman?

Say hello to (internet multi millionaire) Danielle – the video presenter and also the lady running the whole PIFS show.
Danielle Rose Pay It Forward System Creator
But don’t believe her identity or a single word that rolls off her tongue.

Because she’s nothing but a fabricated character used to front the product.

If Danielle Rose is the real McCoy, then why does she not show you the goods in terms of solid evidence to support her identity?

Even if you do a quick Google search, there’s no genuine story of her to be found.

In fact, if I had to bet money on it, I’d say that she’s just an actor hired on or a similar marketplace.

Because this is what scammers do – they pay freelancers to do all their dirty work for them…

So they can steal vulnerable people’s cash under the radar without putting their true identities and reputations at risk.

Unfortunately, it seems that whoever created PIFS is the same guy or gal behind EZ Money Team and Million Dollar Replicator.

So someone’s definitely laughing all the way to the bank at newbies expenses. Ugh.


Red Flag #2: The Testimonies Are so Fake, Barbie is Jealous!

A handful of members are already crushing it online with PIFS and can’t wait to tell you about the fantastic results they’re having.

Well, so they want you to believe anyway.

Just like this tearful young lady who can’t thank Danielle enough for the amazing money-making opportunity.
Video Testimonial From a Tearful Woman
But it just so happens that the PIFS fraudster hired her (who, I must say is pretty good at turning on the waterworks) for her ‘spokesperson’ services.

Young Woman Selling Female Spokesperson Services on Fiverr


And it’s not her first rodeo either.

Because she’s also recorded fake reviews for other scams like Prime Time Profits, for example.

So if PIFS is the real deal, then why are there no genuine testimonies with actual proof of earnings on display?


Red Flag #3: The Appearance of Being Interviewed on TV (LOL)

As the saying goes – “appearances can be deceiving”, right?

And that’s 100% the case with Danielle…

As she tries to convince you that she’s being interviewed by a TV news reporter asking her about earning from home.
Fake Live CNN Interview With Danielle Rose
But the funny thing is that Danielle just sits there nodding with a cheesy grin. The news anchor never mentions her name either.

The truth be told, the whole interview’s staged.

Because the scammer has clearly combined a genuine CNN news clip with a clip of Danielle to create a fake split screen interview.

Let’s face it, any Tom, Dick, and Harry can record themselves sat in a chair smiling like a Cheshire cat, right?

Put simply, the interview is designed to give both Danielle and PIFS more credibility to earn your trust.


Red Flags #4 & 5: Fake-Ass Income Screenshots & Scarcity

Danielle pulls the wool over your eyes with multiple screenshots of the $1,000s in commissions she’s already raked in with PIFS.

But don’t believe any of her crap for one second.

Because with the technology (especially PhotoShop software) that’s available these days…

Anyone can learn how to manipulate and create fake income snapshots, right?

Furthermore, Danielle claims that “TODAY ONLY” she’s paying it forward – giving her websites to the first 35 peeps who join.
Fake Scarcity Used by Danielle Rose
But again, nothing but a load of lies roll off the tip of her tongue.

Because it doesn’t matter how many times you refresh the sales page (heck, even if you visit it next month), her story never changes.

Basically, it’s fake scarcity designed to create a phrase called “FOMO” (Fear Of Missing Out) – scaring you into parting with cash.

I hold nothing against scarcity itself, don’t get me wrong.

But there’s the wrong way deployed by toerags, and there’s the right way deployed by legitimate product publishers and marketers.

For example; check out Wealthy Affiliate’s Black Friday sale to see scarcity in all its glory. 😉


How Does The Pay It Forward System Work, You Say?

The truth be known, PIFS is a total myth *GASP*.

Because once you hand over 47 bucks, you’re redirected to a totally different opportunity called My Super Affiliate Mentor…

Or should I say the Super Affiliate Network (which I joined myself some time back)?

The good news is that SAN is a legitimate platform.

Because you’ll get plenty of training on affiliate marketing, which is where you earn commissions from promoting others’ products.

But with that said, the product you’ll be taught to promote is SAN itself that comes with some pricey training products to the tune of $1,000s.

However, you can only earn commissions off of the products that you actually buy yourself inside SAN.

Which makes it a “play to play” system…

Or in the words of the Federal Trade Commissions, they would class SAN as “costly coaching scheme”.

Because recruitment is the name of the game.

I won’t ramble on about SAN…

But you’ll need a chunk of change for not only going “all in” with the system, but for generating paid traffic to your affiliate link too.

Unfortunately, this is why very few members hit the jackpot with SAN – it’s an unsustainable way of making money on the web.


Final Conclusion: Is The Pay It Forward System a Scam?

Big Cartoon Thumbs DownTo be totally honest with you… YES, I believe the Pay It Forward System is a toxic scam.

Because the shady affiliate hiding behind it has certainly gone out of her (or his) way to take newbies like YOU for an absolute fool.

Tell me, would you really invest in an opportunity that has the word “FAKE” written all over the sales pitch?

It seems that whoever created PIFS did so in order to treat you as an easy meal ticket…

So they can cram their own deep pockets with the big bucks.

They have ZERO interest in YOUR success, at the end of the day.

But fear not, there are some awesome and legitimate ways of making money through affiliate marketing that won’t leave you high and dry.

Speaking of which…


See My #1 Kick-Ass Recommendation…

The harsh reality is that there are many shady characters online who will do anything to profit from walking you down the garden path.

Take it from someone who’s been doing this “affiliate marketing” thing since 1999 – there’s no such thing as get-rich-quick.

But if you’re willing to work like a dog, be patient, and get your hands on the right resources – you can earn a passive income on the internet.

So if you fit the criteria, then I recommend you join Wealthy Affiliate here.

Because Wealthy Affiliate is a newbie-friendly “all in one” platform…

That offers you a free SiteRubix website, tools, step-by-step training, and 24/7 community support for building a successful Biz from scratch.

Cool beans, eh?

Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or thoughts to share on PIFS? Chime into the conversation below…


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