7 Min Sales Machine Review [Can it Actually WORK?]

If you’re wondering whether the 7 Min Sales Machine can lead you to banking $100+ daily in commissions – THIS review is for YOU!

First of all, I’m no stranger when it comes to the likes of Brendan Mace, Jono Armstrong, and WarriorPlus stuff in general.

Because here are some of the said marketplace products by various creators I bought in the past:

I blew literally $100s, I tell ya!

Some products were mediocre (at the best), others were total crap, the truth be told.

So, when it comes to 7 Mins Sales Machine, does it fall flat on its face like a good chunk of WarriorPlus stuff?

Or can this product really bring you some epic affiliate results worthy of shouting home about?

Let’s dig into this unbiased review to find out…

What Is 7 Min Sales Machine All About?

7 min sales machine website

The 7 Min Sales Machine basically revolves around a concept known as Cost Per Aquisition (CPA for short).

In other words, it’s all about doing affiliate marketing to make money online.

With the CPA model, you can either earn commissions by promoting products or services to your audience or get paid for generating new leads for certain companies.

But whatever the method, affiliate marketing’s such a fun and easy way to put a buck in your pocket, in my experience.

But when it comes to the 7 Min Sales Machine sales pitch, the creator (Frank Pellegrino – one of Jono Armstrong’s students) makes the CPA process seem WAAAY too easy:

This to me, it SCREAMS the word “laziness”.

Because it just attracts get-rich-quick seekers unprepared to work their socks off for success.

While there are certain internet marketing tools, strategies and systems that CAN make life easier for newbies…

I’ve never seen a single system (I’ve tried a lot of them – My Online Startup, PWA and the 3 Day Business Challenge, to name a few) that brings you fast and easy results.

I digress.

How The 7 Min Sales Machine Works, You Wonder

Unfortunately, the hypey sales pitch is purposely vague in order to spark curiosity.

All you’re told is that “7 Min Sales Machine is a COMPLETE daily income solution” comprising done-for-you campaigns and brand-new underground traffic sources to tap into

But when you get behind the scenes of the product:

7 min sales machine training dashboard

Things are kicked off with brief welcome and method overview videos from Jono Armstrong and Frank Pellegrino.

And then it’s over to you to watch and implement Frank’s training videos:

  • Setting up for CPA Networks (3.12 minute video).
  • Picking CPA offers (10.52 mins)
  • Craigslist (monetization/extra traffic source) (22.07 mins)
  • Recap (3.08 mins)
  • Secret Traffic 1 (9.19 mins)
  • Secret Traffic 2 (7.04 mins)
  • Secret Traffic 3 (6.34 mins)

(Spoiler: the “secret” traffic methods are called 5Miles, Letgo, and Offerup).

Admittedly, it’s the first time I’ve heard of said traffic sources, which are zero cost websites to join and participate in.

But in my affiliate marketing experience, ANY free strategy requires plenty of time and effort to gain any sort of momentum with.

The training’s then rounded off with a 2.17-minute wrap up video (sorry to state the obvious lol).

On the whole, the 7 Min Sales Machine training is the type of quality you’d expect from nearly all WarriorPlus products…

Just enough to cover the basics – you get what you pay for at the end of the day (see costs below).

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How Much Does This Product Cost?

When it comes to the pricing side of things, 7 Min Sales Machine was $97 (apparently) and reduced to roughly $13 – with a 14-day refund guarantee included.

But now, it’s actually FREE (at the time of writing).

On one hand, you’ll get some value out of the product without needing to part with any cash for training.

Which is always a bonus, right?

But on the other hand, it’s also a tactic designed to push you into the sales funnel comprising the following upsells:

  • Done-For-You ($47) – you’ll receive DFY landing pages, funnels & offers to make your life easier
  • Advanced Training ($67) – Frank Pellegrino reveals his techniques that bank him $100s daily
  • The Ultimate Traffic Package ($197) – Brendan & Jono teach you the ropes of paid ads & SEO (search engine optimization)
  • 7 Min Sales Machine License Rights ($167) – this is so you can promote the product (as if it’s yor own) & pocket 100% profits

So, for a product that’s meant to be “free”, you can very easily end up splashing out $100s on one-time offers on the backend.

Conclusion: Is The 7 Min Sales Machine Worth It?

Both YES and NO lol.

Let explain why from both standpoints:

YES, the 7 Min Sales Machine is worth getting because it’s actually $0 for starters – so what’s to lose?

Furthermore, CPA is a proven-to-work online money-making model, and I think the training CAN help you to get results as a newbie.

NO, because fast and easy results just aren’t possible with the methods in the training – it takes real time commitment and elbow grease to generate traffic (even with DFY campaigns).

If a fast flood of traffic really was a piece of cake to generate for $100 days, why isn’t everyone jumping on the digital/affiliate marketing bandwagon.

Furthermore, the sales pitch is a little hypey for my liking – it’s not fully transparent when it comes to what the system entails.

In my honest opinion, while it’s possible to earn with 7 Min Sales Machine…

I think it’ll be hard to rake in $100+ a day with the basic training (ESPECIALLY if you’re a newbie).

Which means you’ll need to buy a bunch of upsells, work your ass off and hope those 3-figure days happen.

Your buddy, Neil.

Got any questions or thoughts on the product in question? Please drop them in the comments below…

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