Dynamic Review: [Snapchat Ads Gone Badly Wrong?]

From Guy Potok and Jesse Joseph, comes Dynamic.

Which is a WarriorPlus marketplace product that makes the duo $300+ daily hands-free by tapping into some breakthrough “secret” traffic source.

Basically, leading you to believe that YOU can also accomplish the same results by investing a tiny 10 bucks into their product.

But is it just another piece of pipe dream junk that fails to live up to the guys claims or can you really make bank with it?

Unlike all those one-sided reviews from the launch jacking “affiliates” after a quick buck, I reveal the ACTUAL truth.

So continue reading for the inside scoop on Dynamic from someone who put the product to the test…

At a Quick Glance

Dynamic Review
Name: Dynamic.

Owners: Guy Potok & Jesse Joseph.

Website: grabdynamic.com.

Cost: $9.95 + Upsells + $100s for tools & paid traffic.

My Score: 3/10.


  • Cheap to buy
  • Done-For-You money pages
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • Much of the training is shallow
  • The Snapchat ads strategy taught is ineffective (proof in this review)
  • The DFY money pages are intended to promote Guy’s own stuff as an affiliate (surprise, surprise!)
  • Comes with upsells & other costs


When I purchased Dynamic, I was as pleased as punch to learn that the system revolved around using Snapchat ads to generate targeted traffic.

Because it’s a platform with huge potential for us affiliate marketers.

BUT after going through the training from Guy and Jesse…

Not only do they leave out crucial ad swipe up creation steps using Canva.com, but their methods get your ads rejected (like they did mine multiple times).

Because like all WarriorPlus vendors, these guys are all about the “hype”.

YUP, they teach you to create quick ads containing hyped-up text for promoting their hypey DFY money pages and products.

Which Snapchat frowns upon because they class it as “misleading advertising”.

So one has to wonder if Guy and Jesse had any success at all with their system (especially when neither of them show case study proof either).


Final Verdict: Legit (But Not Recommended).

Before you continue scrolling…

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What is Dynamic All About, You Say?

According to Guy Potok and Jesse Joseph, Dynamic is a totally hands-free system that allows them to rake in $300 each day tapping into a secret traffic source.

And as you’d expect, their sales pitch is full to the brim of all the usual hype like:

  • “Start easily making money in just 30 minutes with no tech skills”…
  • “Get automated results in just 10 minutes a day”…
  • “You don’t need a website, page builder, web hosting, autoresponder, etc”…
  • “It’s your ultimate all-in-one solution to shortcutting your way to success”…

Blah, blah, blah.

Simply put, the sales pitch fills your head with EXACTLY the type of money making stuff that newbies fantasize about.

It’s all about sparking your curiosity enough to push you into buying the product, at the end of the day.

I digress.

SPOLIER: The actual breakthrough traffic source the guys are referring to is actually Snapchat Ads.

Where you’ll get 6 DFY money pages and quick tutorials on setting up paid ads to drive traffic to said pages so you can earn affiliate commissions.

However, just don’t get too excited.

Because Dynamic disappoints – you’re about to find out just why…


How Dynamic Works Behind The Scenes

When you land inside the members’ dashboard area that looks like this:
Dynamic Members Dashboard
You’ll dive right into the following video tutorials from both Guy Potok and Jesse Joseph:

  1. Thank You & Welcome (2.18 minutes)
  2. Overview (4.18 mins)
  3. Introduction To Snapchat Ads (6.40 mins)
  4. Snapchat Reach (5.53 mins)
  5. Best Offers To Promote (3.13 mins)
  6. Guidelines & CTA Samples (13.08 mins)
  7. Basic Snapchat Ad Setup: Part 1 (6.48 mins). Part 2 (9.46 mins)
  8. DFY Money Pages (6.19 mins) – where you also get access to them under the video
  9. Setup Ads Using Our DFY Pages (8.02 mins)
  10. Outsource All The Hard Work Using Fiverr.com (3.27 mins)
  11. Installing Snap Pixel (7.29 mins)
  12. List Building With Snapchat Ads (7.57 mins)
  13. Conclusion (3.48 mins)

So as you can see, I wouldn’t exactly call the video tutorials lengthy, right?


But Here’s My Beef When it Comes to The Training…

Don’t get me wrong, the guys do walk you through the basics of setting up your ads inside Snapchat.

But they don’t paint you the full picture to succeed with the strategy, and here’s why:

Video #7 (Part 1) – Joseph just briefly skims over using Canva.com to design your ad creative.

Without over-the-shoulder guidance (especially if it’s your first time) on using canva, you’ll be stuck from the get-go.

Yeah sure, he guides you on hiring a Fiverr.com freelancer to do the task, but that’s an extra expense on your end.

Video #7 (Part 2) – Joseph sets up and publishes a Snapchat ad with $5 daily ad spend to show how simple it is, and says he will show you the results.

What results?!

Because there’s no actual case study video, which means he was either in a rush to throw the training together and forgot…

OR Snapchat disapproved his ad for breaching the platform’s advertising rules.

Video #9 – This is a repeat of the ad set up process from video #7.

Except in video #9, Potok walks you through setting up your Snapchat ads using their DFY money pages instead.

But here where the big problem is…

He teaches you to set up the ads in a hypey such a way that will get your ads disapproved.

Trust me, I applied the training to various ClickBank affiliate offers in different niches, and Snapchat slapped me down multiple times.
Rejected Snapchat Ads

It didn’t matter what changes I made to the ads using canva or my own landing pages (created using ClickFunnels)…

It just landed my ads in Snapchat’s bad books.

Needless to say, I eventually quit trying to run the damn things.


How Much Does Dynamic Cost to Use?

The entry level is just $9.95 (at the time of writing).

But to implement the strategies can cost money for hiring Fiverr freelancers to do your creatives and at least $5 daily for Snapchat ads.

On top of that, if you choose to follow video #12 that revolves around email list building, you’ll need:

  • $97/month for ClickFunnels
  • 15/month to start with GetResponse (or $9/month for ActiveCampaign)

As for the upsells, you’ve got the following packages:

  • VIP Bundle = $37
  • DFY Campaigns = $97
  • Autopilot Traffic = $197
  • Done With You = $147
  • Agency License = $197 – to sell Dynamic as your own for maximum profits (which explains the “biased” reviews of this product on Google).


Final Conclusion: Is Dynamic a Scam to Avoid?

Personally, I wouldn’t go as far as calling Dynamic a scam because Snapchat is a legitimate strategy.

But with that said, the majority of WarriorPlus products disappoint (including 60 Second Traffic that I previously reviewed).

So when it comes to Dynamic – Guy and Jesse’s training falls short in some areas, the way in which they teach you to do ads is ineffective…

AND the product’s centered around you promoting their hypey WarriorPlus stuff instead of promoting better products in other niches of your choosing…

Which is why I wouldn’t wish Dynamic on any newbie, in all honesty.

But if you want an alternative method that can work for helping you earn a side-income with affiliate marketing…

A platform that equips you with WordPress blogs, tools, step-by-step training & 24/7 support from a huge community for success online…

==> Get Your Affiliate Biz Started For Free!


Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or thoughts on Dynamic? Please share away below…

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