Goodwill Review: [Turn $0 Into $500 Per Person or BS?]

From the friendly Brendan Mace, comes another hyped-up product. But this one’s called Goodwill, which I’ll be reviewing today.

But unlike the “biased” reviews from affiliates (aka “launch jackers”) of this product, I’m gonna be more open and honest with you.

Sound good?

According to Mace, Goodwill is the fastest way to make $100 per day, and it’s how he, himself, turns $0 into $500 per person.

Huh, I dunno about you, but I’m slightly confused by his sales pitch claims LOL.

But anyway, is his product really that helpful for putting loads of dosh in your pockets from using the power of the internet?

Or just a very unhelpful one that’s geared more towards working in the creator’s favour?

Get the answer right HERE…

At a Quick Glance

Goodwill Review
Name: Goodwill.

Owner: Brendan Mace. (What, no Jono Armstrong?!)


Cost: $12.95 (at the time of writing) + $100s for upsells.

My Score: 3/10.


  • Low front end cost
  • Traffic-generation software
  • Training videos
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


  • Revolves only around the ‘make money’ industry/niche
  • Traffic software is risky & comes with extra costs
  • Most of the training’s inadequate
  • Comes with hidden upsells


To tell you the truth, I’m disappointed by Goodwill. The last time I came across something as bad as this was with Cash Magnets.

How this product works is simple:

Mace provides you with one of his internet marketing products (in terms of an affiliate link) to give away as a freebie to your audience.

When they buy any upsells inside the product, you collect affiliate commissions. Job done.

Basically, Mace makes you his “affiliate” pimp to bump up his own sales and income.

But the issues I have with Goodwill are that:

Firstly, the freebie you have to give away isn’t exactly fit for newbies because it lacks step-by-step tutorials.

Secondly, the traffic software you’re encouraged to use doesn’t just come with more costs, but also risks and no guaranteed results.

Thirdly, the traffic training tutorials are totally inadequate for success.

And finally, the one decent traffic tutorial you do get simply encourages the Facebook group posting method – which is “spammy” in my eyes. Ugh.

So the product falls flat on its face in numerous areas, unfortunately.

Don’t get me wrong, you can potentially make money following the strategies.

But there’s no way Mace can claim you’ll rake in $100/daily or $500 per guy or gal because variables come into play with digital marketing.

Final Verdict: Legit – But Not Recommended.

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What is Goodwill, I Hear You Ask?

First of all, the only reason why I’m reviewing Goodwill in the first place is that I got it as part of a dirt-cheap ‘Xmas Super Bundle’ for $20!

Which contains all sorts of products like Enigma, Kartel, Eclipse, and Boomerang Buddy, to name a handful of others.

But anyway, Mace has designed Goodwill as a fast, and easy-peasy newbie-friendly system for making you $100 affiliate commissions on a daily basis.

In fact, it’s the very same system he uses himself to turn $0 into $500 per person.

He also claims you won’t be selling anything, no further investments are required, and you won’t need to learn skills in the internet marketing arena either.


But don’t ALL of the guy’s cheap-ass product sales pitches come across as EXACTLY the same: hyped-up?

The important question here though: does the product I’m about to review really reflect the claims made by Mace, huh?


Let’s Pop The Hood of Goodwill to See How it Works…

Once you’re inside your new membership area which looks just like THIS.
Goodwill Members Dashboard
You’re greeted by Mace with a quick 2.27-minute video.

Where he introduces you to Goodwill that revolves around giving something free away that’s gonna help you make sales in the land of affiliate marketing.

And then under the ‘Your Freebie’ tab, you’ll find a 1.03-minute video from Mace and actual access to the freebie itself.

Basically, it’s just an affiliate link for giving away a free copy of Mace’s product called The Lost Code (which is unsuitable for newbies) to your visitors.

Should any of those peeps decide to purchase upsells inside The Lost Code, you’ll bag some nice commissions.

Next up, comes the ‘Traffic Software’ tab containing a 1.14-minute video along with access to the software itself underneath it.

Where Mace explains that his special App is designed to generate free traffic to your freebie (or should I say HIS product).

The App you’ll be using is called Aurora – which I’m displeased about for two good reasons:

Firstly, Aurora is basically a short term strategy that exploits a Pinterest and Instagram loophole with no guaranteed results.

And secondly, while the actual traffic method is free, you must buy multiple Pinterest and Instagram accounts from for the software to work.


Training (8 Sections)

When it comes to the training side of things, there are 8 tutorial videos for you to watch and learn from.

Well, if you can actually call it “training”.

The 8 videos are as follows:

  • Overview of The Strategy (2.47 Minutes).
  • The “Goodwill” Page Already Done (2.27 Minutes) – Just a brief discussion about The Lost Code freebie you’ll be handing out.
  • How to Disguise Your Link (1.53 Minutes) – Mace talks about creating your own basic landing page for the freebie or using a link tracking service to mask your affiliate link.
  • My ManyChat Formula (7.34 Mins) – Instead of the traditional email marketing strategy, you’ll learn about reaching folks through their FB messenger which is more effective.
  • YouTube Video (1.09 Mins) – A quick discussion about producing your own video for the freebie giveaway.
  • Facebook Groups (1.43 Minutes) – Another quick talk, but on offering your freebie to peeps in targeted Facebook groups.
  • Erik Cagi’s FB Strategy (8.37 Minutes) – Erik basically walks you through the most effective way of sharing your free offer inside Facebook groups.
  • Traffic Suggestions (4.52 Minutes) – Mace basically says to use paid traffic methods like Bing ads, Adwords, and YouTube ads, etc, for faster results.

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On a whole, I think the training’s piss poor, if I’m being totally honest.

Because the only two tutorials that actually resemble training are the ManyChat and Erik’s FB Strategy ones.

The rest are just generic “coffee shop conversation” type of ones with no substance.


What’s The Cost of Goodwill, You Ask?

At the time of this review’s publication, the entry price is just $12.95.

But to actually use the Aurora software to drive free traffic to your freebie will require you to buy bundles of Pinterest and Instagram accounts from

Where packs of 5 ‘throw-away’ Pinterest/Instagram accounts start from $5.50 or $10.

Now, as for the upgrades that come with Goodwill, they are:

  • ‘Pro Version’ = $47
  • ‘Steal Our Backend’ for instant $1,000 commissions = $197
  • ‘Done With You’ package = $397
  • ‘Limitless Traffic’ = $197
  • And of course, not forgetting the ‘License Rights’ for reselling the product itself for 100% commissions = $167…

Which explains the numerous “biased” reviews you’ll find in Google. Ugh.


Final Conclusion: Is Goodwill Worth it?

On this occasion, I’m gonna say NO.

Don’t get me wrong, Mace’s freebie to offer your visitors can make affiliate marketing that little bit easier for you.

Except, the freebie’s only suitable if you’re rolling with the ‘make money online’ industry/niche.

Furthermore, although The Lost Code gift packs some value for your visitors – it’s a difficult product for newbies to get their heads around.

Because it fails to deliver solid step-by-step internet marketing tutorials – meaning those newbs are forced into purchasing the ‘Done-For-You’ upsells.

Which is obviously Mace’s cunning “Black Adder” style plan.

But the biggest reasons why I don’t really recommend Goodwill are as follows:

Firstly, the Aurora traffic software is borderline unethical (since it breaks the rules of Pinterest & Instagram), comes with costs, and can’t guarantee your results.

Secondly, the training lacks in the “quality” department because there’s very little guidance on implementing additional traffic methods.

And thirdly, even if you are giving away a freebie inside Facebook groups – it’s still a spammy and outdated way of doing affiliate marketing.

I should know since the FB strategy is EXACTLY how I started out in the days of MySpace lol.

I made SOME sales, but nowhere near enough for an income.

So you’ll need to learn and apply REAL sustainable internet marketing strategies for results.


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Unfortunately, spamming Facebook and using some borderline unethical traffic software won’t do you any good in the long run.

Because it’s an unsustainable way of doing affiliate marketing, in my experience.

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Or seeking a MUCH better way of placing your affiliate offers in front of the right crowd for generating a passive income…

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Your buddy, Neil 😀

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