Can You Do Affiliate Marketing Without Showing Your Face? (YEP!)

Let’s face it (lol) – there are many camera-shy affiliates who absolutely HATE the idea of being in the spotlight (myself included).

The good news is there are numerous faceless ways to still go about making money with affiliate marketing.

lady hiding her face

In fact, back in my early 1990s affiliate days, I made a killing promoting Halloween and Christmas products WITHOUT exposing my face to anyone.

20+ years later, and that approach still exists in today’s internet marketing world.

So, if jumping in front of a video camera scares the jeepers out of you, then here are 5 amazing ways to do affiliate marketing without showing your face…

#1: Build A Passive Income Affiliate System

To truly build a six-figure affiliate marketing business without showing your face as a beginner…

The absolute best way to get started is by building an “affiliate stacking ecosystem” (a term coined by Jonathan Montoya).

It’s basically a posh name for an affiliate sales funnel, that will be your asset.

Where you pick ONE core high-ticket product to promote on the front end and promote low-ticket/recurring commission supporting offers on the backend to multiply your earnings.

To do this, you’ll build a squeeze page, blast it with traffic to grow an email list, and consistently email your leads with valuable content/offers using an autoresponder.

The 3 Day Business Breakthrough Challenge is the best beginner-friendly step-by-step way to start and launch your ecosystem.

Once the foundations of your “system” are in place, you must work on flooding your system with TARGETED TRAFFIC.

Which brings me to the following faceless traffic generation strategies…

#2: Start A Niche Website

Why start an affiliate niche website, you ask?

For 3 VERY good reasons:

First of all, a niche site (aka WordPress blog) is your own piece of digital real estate – nobody or nothing can snatch it from you.

Secondly, blogging is dirt-cheap – you only need a domain name and web hosting to get the show on the road.

And thirdly, creating an ‘about‘ page (for likability and trust) and coupling it with quality blog posts published consistently…

Allows you to tap into the power Google to generate tons of free organic search traffic to your site.

Traffic, that can equate to multiple passive income streams from all angles.

Because you can promote numerous products and even display ads on your blog in addition to funnelling traffic into your ecosystem.

Of course, there are certain SEO factors that also come into play for ranking content on Google page 1…

But build out your blog correctly and you can have a 6-figure affiliate Biz on your hands in 12 – 18 months.

The free Commission Academy will put you on the right track to starting a blog – you’ll receive all the training, tools, and support you need.

Now, on to the traffic platforms that you don’t control, but can still be leveraged for BIG long-term success…

#3: Begin A Faceless Video Channel

The great thing about video marketing in today’s affiliate landscape is that there are numerous platforms to pick from.

For example, you can start a YouTube channel and produce quality videos that can not only rank on YouTube (duh!), but Google’s search results too.

It’s basically the same as blogging – the more videos you publish around low-hanging fruit keywords = more potential traffic.

Add to that, you can record YouTube shorts and even leverage Facebook and Instagram reels, not to mention Tik Tok.

Because the short-form video content world is REALLY blowing up right now – making it an absolute goldmine for affiliates!

To avoid being on camera, there are four great work arounds.

First of all, you could create a lucrative webinar/presentation style video channel using PowerPoint and Monosnap software.

Secondly, there’s the option of leveraging super fun whiteboard/animated presentation software tools like Prezentar or Doodly.

Thirdly, there’s the lazy-ass approach, where you can repurpose other people’s video content.

I’ve already tried it (posting Tik Tok videos on Pinterest) and it can work:

pinterest business profile
My profile’s YEARS old. Hence the 5K followers 😛

As long as you have their permission and give them credit, you can post their videos across multiple platforms (watch this video to see HOW)

And finally, you can hire freelancers on popular marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork, and People Per Hour to do all the video creation work for you.

#4: Tap Into Social Media

As with video marketing channels, you’re really spoilt for choice when it comes to social media platforms.

Because you’ve got Facebook, Twitter, Insta, Pinterest and LinkedIn, to name a handful of the top dogs.

If you’re totally against video creation (even faceless methods), you could always set up a social media profile, regularly post content and build a big following.

In fact, I made my first $100 commission doing just THAT with a Facebook profile (check my review on My Online Startup).

You really can make a killing with social media IF you don’t “SPAM” your audience to death with links and salesy messages.

I’ve learned that setting up a strong profile with a Call To Action, posting quality content daily, and engaging your followers – makes you a powerful authority in your niche.

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Bonus tip:

To potentially get quick traction and results on social media, you could approach and pay influencers to do “shoutouts” for your brand too.

For example, I tried it with an Instagram influencer who had 400,000+ followers – they made me a couple of affiliate sales in 24 hours!

So, if you have the budget, I recommend giving Shoutcart a shot – you may get some epic leads/results from it.

#5: Run Paid Ads

With the know-how and a sizable budget, you can leverage paid ads to really scale your online Biz like Speedy Gonzalas!

And the best part?

You can literally put ads in front of folks that you never have to see or talk a single word to.

However, a word of arning:

I’ve learned not to chuck your own money into paid ads – especially as a newbie because it’s pretty risky.

You can very easily burn through $100s – $1,000s (casino style) with very few to no wins.

So, I recommend using the organic traffic-generation methods (above) to accumulate decent profits before jumping into bed with paid traffic.

Because at least then it’s minimal risk on your part, right?

when you do have the money to spare, I recommend starting out with Microsoft (formerly Bing) search ads to learn the ropes of the strategy.

And then scale with Google ads, YouTube ads, Tik Tok ads, Pinterest ads, Facebook ads, etc – the skies the limit.

Final Thoughts on Doing Affiliate Marketing Without Showing Your Face…

The awesome thig about affiliate marketing in this day and age is that there are tons of ways to go about making bank online anonymously.

From blogging to vlogging to social media to paid advertising – take your pick.

In fact, you can have just as much success (and then some) as those who DO show their faces on camera.

But the foundationals must be there from the offset (i.e., build your own “system”) to have an asset on your hands instead of just winging it…

Hoping for the best with raw affiliate links and leaving money on the table.

Once your system’s ready to roll, I suggest you start a free niche website as your second asset.

And then scale things down the line – maybe a YouTube or Tik Tok channel, followed by paid traffic thrown in for good measure.

Whatever you decide, you absolutely can earn 6 figures online totally faceless – but you must graft hard for a period of time.

Your buddy, Neil 🙂

Got any questions or thoughts on doing affiliate without exposing that face of yours? Please drop them below…

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