Affiliate Advisor Group Review: [I Advise You to Read THIS!]

Before jumping into bed with the Affiliate Advisor Group, I strongly advise that you sink your teeth into THIS review!

Because really, the opportunity is far from some easy peasy way of automatically stuffing your bank account with $100s on a daily basis.

WHY, you ask?

Continue reading to find out the dog-ugly truth of the so-called money-maker…

At a Quick Glance

Affiliate Advisor Group Review
Name: Affiliate Advisor Group (AAG).

Owner: Renee Young (allegedly).


Cost: $37 + Upsells.

My Score: 2/10.


  • A great example of what you should avoid online


  • The sales page is full to the brim of hype & lies
  • A pen name is used by the creator
  • The product itself is insufficient for success
  • Comes with numerous upsells


I’m sorry, but you’ve got more chance of finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow than making $5,000/week with the Affiliate Advisor Group.

Because it’s nothing but a fluff-filled pipe dream that fails to deliver the goods.

Tell me, when’s the last time you came across anyone living the life of Riley from some easy-as-pie “get-rich-quick” system?

Unfortunately, all you get your hands on inside AAG are some basic ‘Done-For-You’ websites and shallow training that will never pay off.

Trust me, it’s always the same story with these crappy products because you get what you pay for, at the end of the day.

So for a small fee of $37 for AAG, don’t expect any miracles – you’ll be disappointed.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended.

But before taking another step, see my #1 rated legit way to make sustainable money via affiliate marketing that ACTUALLY works.


What’s The Affiliate Advisor Group All About, You Say?

If you think you’re gonna be guided by the hand by some elite board of experts to big success in the affiliate marketing arena, then you’re mistaken.

Because the Affiliate Advisor Group is nothing but your typical “get-rich-quick” garbage making all sorts of outlandish claims:

  • “You can rake in $100s per day ($500 – $5K weekly) on autopilot without lifting a finger”…
  • “It’s a foolproof system that takes only a few clicks of your mouse button”…
  • “This is some revolutionary system that very few people know about”…

But let me tell you…

I’ve been involved in the affiliate marketing industry for A VERY long time, and I’ve never come across such a “miracle system”.

OK, there are systems like 12 Minute Affiliate, 1K A Day Fast Track, Super Affiliate System, and Commission Hero, to name a few.

‘Done-For-You’ systems, that actually make your life a heck of a lot easier when it comes to making money on the web as a total newb…

BUT you still have to do some degree of learning and legwork for a fair amount of time.

Not to mention the fact that you need to chuck a chunk of change into said systems for them to actually produce monetary results.

So I think it’s safe to say that whoever hides behind AAG, talks out of their butt hole.

Put simply, “get-rich-quick” is just some mythical fairy-tale story – except one that has an unhappy ending for victims like YOU.

At the end of the day, AAG is just the same as:

To name some trash I’ve reviewed recently that makes all sorts of ridiculous money-making claims.

But before I dive into the nuts n’ bolts of AAG, see more red flags throughout the sales pitch that raise some serious concerns…


Red Flag #1: Who The Heck is Behind This Trash?

Usually, scammers tend to hide behind pen names so they can continuously take newbies for fools without getting called out.

In this instance, “Renee Young” is the founder of AAG – but there’s no evidence of her existence anywhere.

So why should you trust some total randomer who quite clearly has something to hide, huh?

Furthermore, you can also bet your bottom dollar that the video spokesperson is just a voiceover from

Because these so-called product creators try to cover their asses from all angles – making it impossible to track them down.


Red Flag #2: Fake-Ass Member Testimonials (Surprise, Surprise!)

Hey, meet Miss money bags “Sarah” who has supposedly made a killing online with AAG.
Affiliate Advisor Group Fake Member Testimonial
But the hilarious part is that when you do a quick image search on Google, you’ll discover that she’s completely fabricated.

Because it just so happens that the image of the same mother with her adorable kids can be bought as a stock photo.
Lady With Her Two Young Boys
Ha, busted!

This in itself makes her name and success story void.

If folks really are crushing it with AAG, then where are all the genuine success stories, huh?


Red Flag #3: Exploits The News as a Trust-Builder

Personally, I’m no fan of TV news at the best of times.

But when it comes to the dirtbag behind AAG, they use “work at home” news clips to make the whole thing seem legit and earn your trust.
Work At Home Jobs on The News
So when you see these clips from trusted sources, why would you not wanna rush to buy AAG, huh?

The same also applies to the abc, Fox News, and CNBC logos within the sales video.

The fraudster wants you to believe that his or her “magical system” has been endorsed by said reputable networks.

But it’s just one big LIE, I’m telling ya!

I’m not gonna go into great depth with the scam warnings, but check out the Work At Home Secrets & Scams workbook.

Where John Crestani basically exposes the dirty tactics deployed by cretins who hide behind their far-fetched products.


How Does The Affiliate Advisor Group “Actually” Work?

I think by now, we’ve already established that AAG will never deliver on its promises.

Especially for a measly one-time $37 investment, right?

So what you really get in return for your hard-earned bucks is access to a dashboard area.

One, that contains some ‘Done-For-You’ websites for making you affiliate commissions from promoting products.

But the problem is that the sites are p*ss poor quality because they’re just ‘copy n’ paste’ jobs containing little to no value.

So because they lack substance and unique content – means you’ll never get them ranked in the search engines for traffic.

Which only leaves you with a couple of traffic-generation options:

1: Do the same as other unsuccessful affiliate marketers by “spamming” your websites all over social media and other platforms.

2: Drive paid traffic to your sites with no guarantees that your efforts and investments will even pay off for a number of factors.

In addition to your sites, there’s some affiliate marketing training inside AAG.

But with it being a $37 product, you get what you pay for.

So expect some shallow and inadequate training to go alongside your crappy sites.

If you wanna know what it really takes for big success with your own site, build a free website via SiteRubix – just like I have done. 😉


Final Conclusion: Is The Affiliate Advisor Group a Scam?

Big Cartoon Thumbs DownWell, based on the fact that the sales pitch is seriously hyped-up and riddled with nothing but blatant lies…

And also due to the fact that what you get behind closed doors is actually insufficient for success in the affiliate marketing arena…

Then YES…

I believe that the Affiliate Advisor Group is most definitely a scam that should be kept at arm’s length by any novice.

Unfortunately, the only one “living the dream” here, is the AAG creator who preys on vulnerable money-making beginners like YOU.

It’s the same with any “too good to be true” product that you’ll cross paths with on your cyberspace travels.

So don’t get your hopes up with this stuff because it NEVER EVER delivers what’s advertised on the tin.

But before you label me as a negative Nancy 😛 …

It is 100% doable for a newbie like you to earn a passive income through affiliate marketing by following your hobby or passion.

So if you’d like WordPress websites, tools, step-by-step training & 24/7 support for creating a lucrative online Biz around something you love…

==> Check Out Wealthy Affiliate (It’s Free to Get Started!)


Your Buddy, Neil!

Got any questions or thoughts to share on AAG? Please hop on the conversation below…


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