Job Quitter Club Review: [Don’t Fire Your BOSS Just Yet!]

Sick of your day “JOB” and looking to the internet as your saviour? Then the Job Quitter Club has no doubt crossed your path.

But before telling your boss to F-Off, I seriously recommend that you sink your teeth into this truthful review first.

Because as the saying goes: “appearances can be deceiving” – which is 100% the case with this online money-making opportunity.

So to understand WHY it’s far from the golden opportunity of a lifetime that’s gonna allow you to escape that thing called “the rat race”, read on…

At a Quick Glance

Job Quitter Club Review
Name: Job Quitter Club (JQC).

Owner: Richard Harper (nothing but a stage act).


Cost: $47 + Upsells.

My Score: 1/10.


  • ClickBank has a 60-day refund policy in place


  • Hyped-up sales page full of deception
  • The creator uses an alias
  • The product is just some outdated PDF
  • Comes with hidden upsells


Unfortunately, you’ll be waiting for a VERY long time to kiss your boss goodbye when it comes to the Job Quitter Club.

In fact, you’ve got more chance of seeing a unicorn shoot rainbows from its butt hole than you have making a buck with JQC.

Because it’s a no-go area, I’m afraid.

Not only does the sales page lead newbies astray with “get-rich-quick” nonsense.

But the product itself is just some crappy PDF that delivers shallow and outdated guidance on affiliate marketing.

So why flush your cash down the toilet on some scammy product that’s not gonna work in a gazillion years, huh?

Final Verdict: Not Recommended.

But before going any further, see a newbie-friendly legit way to make sustainable money via affiliate marketing that ACTUALLY works.


What’s The Job Quitter Club All About, You Ask?

Sadly, the Job Quitter Club is just another hype-up money-making product making outlandish claims.

Because Richard Harper (the creator, apparently) reckons you can rake in $100s on a daily basis as easy as warm apple pie.

He says that he was once an “Average Joe” stuck in a mundane day job and desperately needed escapism from the hamster wheel.

So the guy decided to start his own business on the internet and claims that he’s designed some “secret push-button system”.

One, that only requires you to only invest 5 minutes of your time daily without breaking into a sweat for the cash to roll in around the clock.

Blah, blah, blah.

It’s just your typical “pipe dream” baloney – the same drivel spewed out by the likes of:

So tell me…

If it’s really so quick and simple to rake in a mountain of cash on the web…

Then why isn’t everyone and their gran living like a Beverly Hills housewife, huh?

If you wanna see how a REAL money-making system works…

See Commission Hero, 1K A Day Fast Track, Super Affiliate System, and 12 Minute Affiliate, to name a few.

They all require those things called elbow grease, time, and even a chunk of change to invest for big results from affiliate marketing.

So I think it’s safe to say that whoever’s behind JQC seriously needs to take their face for a giant sh*t!

Pardon my French.


But The Job Quitter Club Red Flags Don’t End There…

Because the video sales pitch makes all sorts of other wild and wacky claims, as you’re about to discover.

Let’s kick things off with the creator himself…


Who The Heck is “Richard Harper”, Huh?

Richard Harper wants you to believe that he’s the real McCoy by showing a pic of him with his kiddies
Fake Job Quitter Club Creator Richard Harper
But the truth be told, he’s nothing but a fake.

Because here’s the original photo of some random family members that anyone (including fraudsters) can purchase from Shutterstock.
Father Reading With His Young Daughters
Even his name’s just an alias because there’s no proof of his identity anywhere on the web.

This also leads me to believe that his voice also belongs to a spokesperson who can easily be hired for pennies on the dollar from

So if JQC really works as promised, then why does the actual creator feel the need to hide under a rock?


Red Flag #2: Make $$$ Just For Watching The Video (LOL)

The so-called Richard reckons he’s gonna pay you a bunch of dollars just for sitting through his sales video.
Make Money For Watching a Video
Aww, how sweet of Mr. Harper to put your financial needs first.

But don’t believe any of that nonsense for one second because when you finally purchase JQC, there’s $0 waiting for you.

So you’ll be hugely disappointed, to say the least.

It’s just some lame tactic to make you watch the video all the way through and then hand 47 of YOUR hard-earned bucks to HIM instead.

If the guy really did hand every viewer a handful of dollars, don’t you think he’d be bankrupt by now?


Red Flag #3: Fake Ass Scarcity (UGH!)

Apparently, Harper’s only accepting 6 more new members, so you’ll need to “act fast now before losing your spot”.

But the truth be told, JQC is available to an unlimited number of suckers because it’s not going anywhere.

When used correctly by ethical product publishers (like the guys behind Wealthy Affiliate’s Black Friday offer) – scarcity is a powerful sales booster.

So this is why dirty tricksters are also jumping on the scarcity bandwagon, I’m afraid.

The only time when JQC will get pulled down is when ClickBank starts receiving numerous complaints and refund requests.

And when that happens, the fraudster will just set up shop under a new product brand name to fool more victims.

But that’s good news for ME because I get to help more folks like YOU to avoid the “get-rich-quick” crap. 😉

If you wanna learn more about spotting the red flags with these con tricks, then check out the Work At Home Secrets & Scams workbook.

Because it’ll open your eyes to the actual truth about making money online.


How The Job Quitter Club “Really” Works Behind The Curtains

I’m telling you now, what you actually get your hands on is no reflection of the hype and lies throughout the entire sales pitch.

Because once you part with $47, all you really gain access to is some membership area containing shallow and generic training on affiliate marketing.

In my experience, affiliate marketing is a truly awesome way of earning an income from promoting others’ products and services.

But only IF you get your hands on the right evergreen training and resources from the offset.

But sadly, it’s not the case with JQC.

Because you only get crappy and outdated PDF guidance that doesn’t paint the full picture when it comes to succeeding in the affiliate marketing arena.

In fact, you can do a quick YouTube search right now and find MUCH better fresh training that what JQC offers for “FREE”.

Unfortunately, the only real intention of the JQC creator is for him (or her) to get their grubby mitts on more of your cash via their junkie upsells.

So overall, this so-called money-making product really is nothing to shout home about, I’m afraid.


Final Conclusion: Is The Job Quitter Club a Scam?

Big Cartoon Thumbs DownA resounding YES is my answer to you!

Yes, ClickBank offers you a refund. And yes, there’s SOME form of product behind the scenes.

But that’s really not the point.

Because whoever created this Job Quitter Club crap is only in the game for THEIR own interests.

Why do you think the sales page is hyped-up to the max and riddled with nothing but lies, lies, and more LIES?

And also why have they just quickly thrown some sub-par product together below the surface instead of delivering something that ACTUALLY works?

So at the end of the day, JQC is nothing but hogwash.


Sick of The Filthy Ratbags Online, But Want Something Legit?…

Fortunately, the online marketplace offers ANYONE and EVERYONE the opportunity to earn a full-time income via affiliate marketing.

Providing they’re willing to do plenty of legwork for many months, of course.

Because the notion of “get-rich-quick” is nothing but some mythical fairy-tale story invented by scam artists, I’m afraid.

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Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or thoughts to share on JQC? Please chime in to the conversation below…


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